Best Exercises For Hip Flexor Pain – From a Physical Therapist

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A collection of the best stretches for tight hip flexors and best exercises for hip weakness. Includes tests so you can tell which exercises will be the best for your pain and step-by-step instructions on how to perform them properly. All demonstrated by a doctor of physical therapy. Keep reading for more!








Pain in the front of your hip can be a common condition. Most people think pain in this area is due to hip flexor tightness. While this is true in many instances, it’s not true ALL the time.

Many of us have tight hip flexors. This is often a result of spending so much time in positions with our hips bent (sitting, sleeping in a fetal position, etc). With our hip flexors in this position, over time they can undergo what we call an “adaptive shortening”.

This is where the muscles actually tighten up in this shortened position making movement very painful.

The recommended treatment for tight hip flexors is obviously stretching.

But what if the pain in your hip isn’t due to hip flexor tightness?

Believe it or not, some people can actually have weakness in their hip flexors that manifests itself as anterior hip pain.

If that’s the case, you absolutely don’t want to be stretching them! In fact – just the opposite. If your hip flexors are weak and if that’s what’s causing your anterior hip pain, then the recommended treatment would be strengthening them.

This is best done via specific exercises that are going to work the muscles in this area in the best way possible to help alleviate your pain and discomfort.

In this video, I demonstrate some simple tests that you can do at home to assess whether your hip flexors are tight or weak.

You can then follow along with 2-3 simple exercises and stretches based on your condition to see what exactly are the best exercises for your specific condition.

Lay flat on your back on the edge of a table or counter (this can be done on your bed, but if it’s too soft the test won’t be as accurate).
Hug both knees to your chest.
Slowly lower one leg down towards the table.
The lowered leg should lay flat (or almost touch) the table. If not, this is an indication of hip flexor tightness and you need to stretch it out.

Put your foot up on a chair – your knee should be at the level of your hip.
Raise your foot off the chair and then lower it back down.
Repeat this ten times.
Repeat on the other side.
They should feel the same on both sides. If one side is weaker or if performing this test is difficult, that would be an indication that your hip flexor is weak and DOES NOT need to stretch but rather needs strengthening.

The stretches demonstrated in this video are as follows:




If you have hip flexor weakness, these are the best exercises for you:




I hope those help you out of some of the pain or discomfort you might be experiencing in your anterior hip! If you did find some relief from this video, do me a favor and hit that “thumbs up” button! Also, if you know anyone this might help please share with them by pushing the “share” button above.

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  1. Were your hip flexors tight or were they weak? I’m curious to see which is more prevalent! Leave me a comment below and thanks for watching on Tone and Tighten!

    1. @Lorna J Bartlett hey I’ve been injured for a year now and couldn’t go to the hospital because of COVID I went to my family doctor and he said there is nothing but I’m still having lots of pain he said just stretch and rest for 4-6 weeks what do you recommend please answer

    2. Great video! I assumed my hip flexors were tight since I take dance classes (jazz & ballet) and compare my level of flexibility to the professional dancers in class. But after doing your test realize my hip flexors have gotten extremely weak from not dancing for over a year due to the shutdown. I also had breast cancer last year and am now on Letrozole (estrogen blocker) so my oncologist thought it must be the drugs causing some arthritis. I’m thrilled to find out it’s a strength issue. Dancers do lots of grand battements (kicks with a straight leg) and the repeated movement after not dancing for so long has caused pain in my right hip. These are the perfect exercises to slowly get the strength back I need to successfully and pain free go back to kicking up a storm! I’m subscribing now!

    3. @Raylen Fa’ield same here . Left side is tight and a little bit weak in the hip flexor. Right side is just weak. Side note . I had quad tendon surgery on both legs 2 years apart. Also my left side has arthritis already. I need to find balance and it’s frustrating

  2. I can’t lift my leg no matter how hard I try. I had ladder surgery about 5 years ago. When I woke up I was in the worst pain in my hip and couldn’t lift it. The iliopsoas is atrophied and I was told it was caused by nerve damage. I didn’t go to a neurologist until about 2 years after. Of course it atrophied because I couldn’t use it. I was told just to live with it. I can’t do it any more. The pain is excruciating every time I try to lift it. PLEASE HELP😔😔😔

  3. I’m finding your videos really helpful. Judging from this one my left thigh is tight and my right one is weak. Is this a common issue? Looks like I’ll have to treat each side differently.

  4. Nightmare was meant to hit some heavy front squats but was a no go, I get this every now and then I just need to rack my brains of what I’m doing the day before, definitely going to start these stretches

  5. Thankyou so much! Now I know that I need to strengthen my hips. I was stretching which wasn’t helping. My back feels better already!

    1. You’re so welcome, Laura Cain! I am glad you found this video helpful and thanks for commenting!

  6. 10/10 video!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I’m a personal trainer and i implement about half of these with my clients! The test is a great tool 🙏🏼

  7. Hi there. I found your video very helpful. Question, I’m a 71 year old woman with painful hip flexors made worse from spring gardening. I did your test and yes the hip flexors are in fact very week and it was painful to lift my legs in the chair exercise. Should I start slow and reduce the number of reps to strengthen? Thank

  8. Can someone tell me if hip flexor soreness can come from being in active? My hip flexors were rather sore today after running. I ran back to back (running Monday and then running Tuesday) for the first time in a while. Causing me to walk more than I ran on the second day. I preformed these tests, and my hip flexor were not tight nor did they seem weak on both sides as I was able to do the knee raises no problem for 10 reps each. My pain starts when I start running I instantly feel a soreness at the front of my hips. Can anyone help? Should I do anything he suggested?

  9. Hi Jared, I am negative for both of these test. I do however have pain while doing Reverse Crunches or Standing knee raises. It also does make a “snapping” sound. I’ve been to multiple doctors and all of them couldn’t figure out what it is.

  10. Have a stabbing pain in the hip flexor. Injured it a long time ago…Used to be a runner…Now at 62 I feel like I am falling apart!

    1. @Tone and Tighten Thank you! I have been doing them and I think they are helping somewhat! Thank you for posting them and thank you for your kind reply.

  11. I having been doing skipping and other exercises when ever I try to do mountain climber exercises or I raise my leg…my socket joint tends to make noise but there is no pain. Will this exercise be helpful and can I continue with my normal exercise such as skipping?

  12. My hip flexors have become weak,I retired from Fedex 3 yrs ago and of course everything has loosened up ,at this time I am battling sciatic nerve pain which is going into my groin and to the front of my thigh any suggestions on type of exercises to help me would be greatly appreciated

  13. This is a bit of an awkward question but I would appreciate a response . I have a injury in my Psoas which I have had for a long time but it increases in pain after having masturbated? I try do it as little as possible but as a teenager it becomes difficult. Do you know any why that might be

  14. Educational and so great! Learning so much. Just discovered your channel and sharing it w friends. Thank you Jared ….

    1. Awesome, thank you so much! I am glad you are finding my content valuable and thanks for sharing!

  15. Bro THANK YOU!!!!! Too tight. Way too tight. For years and years and years. Just discovered your channel and it will surely be getting much more of my attention and time. I really can not thank you enough. 🍻🍻🤘🏻

  16. If it’s bursitis that’s infected it may require the same rest and injections and you’ll have to learn to live with the pain, it’ll be ongoing it’ll turn into chronic injury.

  17. Best video after watching a lot of them. I am super flexible so I need more exercises for people like me please. Thanks

  18. Thank you so much it’s a big help for me coz right now I’m suffering hip pain ..God bless you

  19. This is very interesting video, I have piriformis syndrome for 3 years now, I have seen few therapists and all say my muscles are weak.. are they really weak? or are there tight? I do a lot of running and cycling which caused my piriformis pain.. now.. questions.. do you have a video to check if my piriformis it tight or weak?

  20. I tought the flexors were tight, but with the test you mentioned, I came to discover they are weak, and so weak that I could barely do 10 rep of the first strengthtening exercise with 1 sec hold and felt pain; I will keep trying, thank you! Very clear!

  21. My hip flexors really only hurt when I go backpacking with lots of weight and I’m walking for miles. Does that mean they’re weaker than the load I’m carrying? Or does that mean they became tight with the constant walking?

    I want to learn yoga and be flexible… but does this mean that I need to balance this with contraction exercises? I thought the tendons were the parts that were being stretched out, akin to a rubber band being stretched, so that less force is generated when muscles contract?

    Sorry for all the questions! I would so appreciate your reply though because biomechanics are super fascinating and I want to make sure I take care of my body to the best of my ability!

  22. My left hip was feeling off so I did this and found out that my left hip is wayyy more weak than my right. The exercise on the chair, I could barely do 5 on my left hip but could easily do10 on my right

  23. Typical physical therapist. What if you have other problems in your back that stops you from being able to do this? Like not even being able to lift your leg up to put your foot on the chair. Other areas need to be addressed before you can do this. Until then you have to live with the hip pain.

  24. What could it mean if I do the standing knee raises and the glutes on the other side of the raised knee is feeling a little bit uncomfortable/painful?

  25. I’m only 14 and I’ve had pain in my left hip for about 3 months and we didn’t know if it was because my hip was weak or if it was just hurt. so I stopped playing soccer so let it heal so thx for helping me figure out which one it actually was. :)))

  26. I found out mine were weak when I was doing heavy squats as I was getting a lot of lower back pain even though my back was perfectly neutral during the squat. As I was coming up out of the hole I was getting a lot of forward tilt and my glutes weren’t activating. Started doing the hip flexor strengthing exercises and the pain slowly went away and I felt my hammys and glutes activating. I use to always stretch them at first which wasn’t the issue.

    1. @Tone and Tighten Thank you. Me too. I am 72 and started doing these and those from “It works, how to treat hip pain at home.” Twice a day. I am just doing one set of each with ten reps at this time and when I get to the three reps of twenty I will move to once a day. All winter I worked on Training Tall rowing, much modified and my exercise bike. Thus it isnt that I am just starting to exercise. You dont have to respond. I just wanted you to know I really appreciate what you offer here on You Tube, I have needed this for two decades but didnt know what to do. Thank you. (PS I will probably used more of your videos as time goes by because as a former teacher I can say your teaching is spot on.)

    1. You’re welcome, Samudrajit Roy! I hope these exercises help you and thanks for commenting!

  27. Hi, I seem to be weak and tight, also just in my right side. Should i performed the exercises for both, and should I just do right side, or also left?

  28. Enjoyed this v much. Thank you! Do you an exercise to prevent tail bone pain during sitting?

  29. My right psoas is very thight causing pain and sensory problems down my front thigh. Ive been told that my glutes are compensating for this, as a result I also have pain in my but. Ive been streching for 2 Weeks and found some relief, but it seems to vary a lot, some days are bad, some are less, but the thight feeling and pain, though slight is constant. My core is very good, but om wondering if my inability to train hamstrings and glutes at the gym, could be a source factor? What are your thoughts? Thanks 🤗

  30. so i’m 18 n just had a hip replacement done my left leg is by far weaker and shorter than my right leg prolly an inch so would i have to stretch and strengthen or like

  31. Mine are tight. I actually injured it and tore muscle off the bone in 2019 and reinsured it. From your test it appears to be tight. And so painful.

  32. I did stretches along with you and right hip flexor was hurting during the whole movements. My question/concern is that when I cycle, they feel good. Its when I’m done, I can’t left my led on and over the bike and I can’t bare wait on it if I try to swing the other leg to dismount my bike. Is the hip flexor tight or torn?? Thanks

  33. This is the most informative video I have ever seen!!! All this time I thought I had tight hip flexors and in reality, I have a VERY weak right hip flexor! I am doing your exercises and will follow up with you in a month!! Where is your PT practice?

  34. I think your video is a bit misleading as you didn’t mention that pain in the hipflexers can also be caused by a muscle strain, which might happen if you workout too hard. In your video it sounds like the solution to hipflexer pain is to either stretch the muscles if they are too tight or excercise them if they are weak. But a third scenario is that the muscles are strained and therefore can’t correctly do the excercise with the chair, not that they are weak. In this case, excercising more will probably lead to even more damage to the muscles and resting should be recommended. If you agree with me please mention this in the video (or remember it for future videos) so you don’t accidentally make people with strains hurt themselves more by excercising.

  35. Hey this is great .question: I have really sore hips and Hamstrings esp under each butt cheek( that stretching is not helping) I’ve heard that my hip flexors are probably what is causing hamstring pain and limited mobility esp when exercising – are sore Hamstrings a good indication of this ? Thanks – appreciate the help. Mel

  36. i have anterior hip flexor pain but pass both tests, both legs go all the way to the table in the first test and i can easily do 10 lifts on both sides in the second test. but i experience pain in my hip and leg in the first test and got charlie horse cramps in my hips on the second test. so i don’t know if my pain is from being tight or weak or something else.

  37. What are some good exercises to keep my hips in good condition. My brother has to have both of his replaced, I don’t want that. What can I do to avoid this

  38. Thanks so much for making the distinction. I wasn’t able to do even one of the standing knee raises with my left leg! Do you know if this has something to do with the fact that my left hip has been replaced? It was the anterior approach. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  39. Could i have a weakness in one of my glute muscles as well? I have been doing muay thai and bjj for 4 months, left hip flexor started hurting 3 weeks ago. i started at 40 year old. I have 3 kids.

  40. Thanks for the tips on diagnosing either tight or loose hip flexors. Now I know what to do for my tight hip flexors.

  41. Only one leg is weak and been weak for almost 2 years. I wasn’t getting any help with the chiropractor

    1. You are welcome, josh 5000! I hope these exercises provide some relief for you and thanks for commenting!

  42. Would sitting criss cross for hours (over months) and then curling up at night create issues in the hip flexor? I think that has caused half my issues lately.

  43. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to determine whether tightness or weakness was my issue. My leg almost touched down on the surface when I tested for tightness. When doing the strength test I can do 15 reps no problem. I’m going to try stretching first for a few weeks to see if that alleviates the asymmetrical issue with my left hip flexor.

  44. Can I have right weak and tight flexors? Play lots of tennis and continue to have right hip flexor pain.

  45. Hope this works. My squats were always done with no problem. I took a 3 month break and when I tried the squats again I experienced the pain

    1. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing pain, Jaco H! I hope these exercises help you and thanks for commenting!

  46. i am dancer and we do kick line for dance team. my right hip flexor gets over used every year. by the end of the season it is almost unbearable. i know it is bad but i just keep pushing through it because i need to dance. i think it is only my right hip because we do more right kicks than left. no stretches seem to work because i am so flexible. from the test i don’t have a tight hip flexor but i can do a bunch of reps for the weak test. it is very uncomfortable but i think i just have a high pain tolerance. is there anything that i can do to relieve the pain in a few days for a competition?

  47. Thanks, your video was shared to me and being an avid runner/cyclist and having post hip/back stimulator inserted, these added strengthening movements will further increase my mobility and stamina in these areas of by body.

  48. I’m wondering- Why are hip flexors weak after running on a daily bases? Does running strengthen some muscles while forgetting about other important ones, thus causing the pain? Thanks!

    1. When I was running in high school my hips never hurt then I quit running so much and my hip started hurting

  49. Hi Jared.
    Yes my hip flexors was tight i did your kneeling stretch and it worked in 2 days feel much better now.
    I was doing the exercise the wrong way as you mentioned, its all about body mechanics and your explanation corrected me. I am also going to do the strength exercise you stated now to prevent future problems in my weekly exercise workouts.
    Thank you so much for your videos excellent clear and to the point communication skills to help others also.

  50. I never have lower back pain. However my hips hurt when I do floor ab exercises that require me to lift my legs while in an upright position

    1. oh gosh, me too!! I have friends that do the same exercise but they seem fine. I thought I was the only one! when I do daily exercises of lifting legs for abs, I end up with what seems to be tight flexors.

  51. Hi Jared. I have the flexor pain in the front of my hip as you describe but my flexors test out at neither tight nor weak? I’ve tried the stretches but hasn’t made a difference. It feels solid in that area when I bring my leg up as well.
    I’ve tried strengthening also but I really caused more harm than good! Can you advise please?
    Many thanks for you informative and helpful videos.

  52. This is one of the most informative, detail orientated videos about this topic I have found. Genuinely, thank you!

  53. I’m investigating relieving hip flexors pain naturally and discovered a fantastic resource at Fergs Pain Ease (look it up on google)

  54. I’ve been having hip flexor pain for a couple of weeks, I only figured out, from watching your video yesterday that my left hip flexor is week. I practiced the strengthening movements and my lord it hurts. May I ask should I do the strength movements daily? Or every other day. Thank you so much for your video and time.

  55. I had a torn labrium in my groin and the surgeon fixed it by going through the right side of my hip and now my right hip flexor is constantly in pain would these help ?

  56. I’ve never had trouble with my Hip Flexors until I had an ischemic stroke that left my left side weak. Any thoughts?

  57. This guy literally has self treatment videos for such specific pains. Ive been to physical therapists, thai massages(original, mucle crushing ones) and even feet therapist/specialists. None of them helped. I even f,ing tried yoga poses and even those would help. But this guy made me take a rubber band put it on my feet and release my back. You are a legend❤👊

  58. If my left hip flexor is tight and the right is weak should I strengthen just the right and stretch just the left?

  59. This is great info! When doing the exercises to strengthening the hip flexor, it cramps up my quad muscles. How do I keep from using the quad muscle so I can activate and strengthen the hip flexor?

  60. You didn’t say how you know if they are tight. Will you be able to get the leg on the table? How high off the table determines whether the flexor is tight or not?

  61. I just left another video saying I should rub or massage instead of stretch or strengthen. If I do have a hip flexor strain would you say my flexors are weak and avoid massaging? Or can I massage and strengthen? Thanks

  62. Thisthis one helped so much I stopped circumducting my weak leg after doing 3 sets of 15 daily .thanks much 🇯🇲

  63. my left front hip socket suddenly felt a lot of pain. like a nerve is pinched in my thigh. putting weight on my leg cause pain with limited movement. the tall single leg kneel, i’m not able to do. just not enough flex seems like in my thigh. otherwise i’m very healthy

  64. Weak. Should have known, I am usually really flexible. I also have a recurring piriformis syndrome, I assume that impacts on the hipflexors too

  65. Everytime I play football my right hip flexor starts to pain . Never happened to me before 2020

  66. Sir , I started Sprint a few weeks ago , and after the 3rd day , I had a huge pain after halfway sprinting and after I tried to run again it’s still paining, as I checked ur video I realised that I had a tight hip , can sprinting suddenly cause this , should I sprint with this problem?? Should I take rest

    1. If sprinting is making the pain worse, I would take a break from it until you start to feel better. Good luck!

  67. Thank you! It’s the first time I hear someone explain the difference so clearly. I’ve had 2 total hip replacement surgeries (anterior approach) on my right hip (had the first in 2016 and a revision in 2018 because it got loose). And the pain sometimes is even worse than before the surgery. I got nerve damage and meralgia paresthetica from the first surgery. I can’t lift my right leg when lying down (can’t do leg raise). Muscle atrophy, etc. The problem is that I haven’t found a strengthening and/or stretching routine or treatment that doesn’t cause a lot of pain and when I try squats or leg raises etc. and then stretch even if I do it with help of a strap I can’t walk for 2 days after. Because I had anterior approach hip replacement there are no restrictions on the movement, no risks of dislocating when flexing or extending.  
    Please advise!

  68. Hi, very good video. It helped free me of some of my pain! Is is possible to stretch and strengthen?

  69. so my hip flexors pop somyimes when i dun and walk, how can i fix this, id really apprecitae the help

  70. Please help!: So my right hip is the one that has pain, and it tested very tight, and it also had pain while doing the weakness test, but actually doing the test was easy (concluded that my right hip is tight, but asking if this means it is also weak). For my left hip, it tested slightly tight, but it was much harder to do the weakness test in comparison to the right hip, and I’ve found that my left hip and right glute became quite sore after the weakness test (concluded that my left hip is weak, but asking if I should still stretch because It also tested tight. Should I stretch and strengthen for both hips? Or should I stretch right, and strengthen left, because the tightness in left and weakness in right in testing were only pretty minor?

  71. My issue was tightness, and your tests were very helpful in determining that. The third stretch you showed hit the jackpot for me. I noticed a decrease in pain immediately, after only three 20-second stretches! I’m absolutely thrilled! And based on what you said, I imagine I’ll experience a decrease in lower-back spasms, too. Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome, Drew! I am glad you found these exercises helpful and thanks for sharing!

  72. Can’t even get my leg up to the chair never mind lift it higher than the seat I guess they’re weak flexes

  73. I have a stabbing pain in my right hip? Dr. gave me exercise for ILiotibial band syndrome. Does that sound about right?

  74. ever considered a video on a program for lower extremities to get ready to start running? I have calf pain, tight hip flexors, glutes that don’t seem to fire……etc

  75. Question, test for tightness, seemed pretty good just about fully touching table. As for strength, i can do 10, but very painful (not feeling weak just hurts!!) i think the strength exercises would be very painful as well, irritating it more. Lost for solution 🙁

    1. Maybe its an inflammation, like mild tendonitis, you could take some analgesics for a few days or apply arnica cream and massage it in and it should feel better in a few fays

  76. Great video, thanks a bunch!! Very informative, well explained and edited, all to the point. Thanks again!

  77. Pls help me when I run or kick a soccer ball I hear a popping sound in my left hip and then I can’t move my leg for like 30 sec and then after for like 2-3 weeks my hip flexor hurts and I can’t do my sprints PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS IS. Btw this happens a lot

  78. What are your thoughts on not being able to even lift the leg when attempting a straight leg raise? Would really appreciate your insight. Good video

  79. Mine are nor tight n not weak. Still I have pain from back to front. But I am not able to do weak hip flexor exercise easily. So will do some strengthening. Thanks doc.

  80. Question: is it normal to hear a popping sound when you raise and lower either leg when laying flat. Popping sound feels like it’s coming from lower back

    1. Tried hip flexors test…but I couldn’t fold my knee for 3seconds..right knee bent for a little space..what’s your opinion

    2. Yep I feel it in my neck when I stretch my neck. The popping is your tight muscles releasing tension in small bursts. It means what yohr doing is working really well.

  81. What about when you have a bone spur keeping you from opening your legs wide. Not doing a replacement that’s out of the question too young. What can I do to get more range of motion without the excruciating pain. My flexors are tight as well. 😬😯😵 can’t sit Indian style but could years ago

  82. Can you diagnose this? If I’m standing and I raise my right leg and bring my knee to my chest I’m ok. If I I’m standing and I bring my left knee to my chest, I hear a clicking/clunking sound in my lower back/back hip area, every time! It’s irritating because I don’t know why it’s happening or how to correct it.

  83. when you’re doing the lunge stretch for hip flexors, do you like the idea of a slight lean to the side (and also slightly back) for more of a targeted psoas stretch?

  84. I have done both tesets for the weakness and tightness. I’m chocked because I found that my hips are not tight and not weak! Then why I have pain in front of right hip?

    1. Hey, I have the same thing, but I also suffer from back pain in the right side mostly, and the pain in the leg is also in my right side crutch

  85. I am totally stoked to have found this particular video. Very helpful to figure out that I am tight and not weak. Here is a question: right now the pain in the front is really quite unpleasant when I lift my knee towards my chest. But I really do not not feel pain at all after a minute or two when trail running (my main exercise apart from weights). So I would hope I can just keep on running and ignore the brief initial period of discomfort and incorporate your stretching routines a few time during the day. Do you think that would be cool?

  86. i ended up with super weak hip flexors after my pregnancy… how long does it take to tighten back up? I have been doing PT for over 4 months now. I can finally walk without pain, but to climb stairs or run with my other children I am just put into tears.

  87. Hi, thanks a lot. I was pretty sure that my flexors were tight and the test itself helped me to get rid of the discomfort in the front pelvic area.

  88. thanks for great video! My hip flexor on the right side is REALY weak and I’m having lots pain even to to the exercises you showed. Do you recommend any other one else for the pain please? Thanks

  89. I thought I have a tight hip flexor but now I realize I have a weak hip flexor thank you so much I wish I could subscribe to you million times thank you so much

    1. You are so welcome, Abel! Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you found this video helpful!

  90. Good information thanks. I’m a 72 year old cyclist who puts in 100-125 miles per week on my bike. I’ve been experiencing moderate to severe pain in my right hip and outer right quad for the past several months whenever I’m riding my bike. I’m going to take your advice on both stretching and strengthening and see if I can get some relief. The odd thing is the discomfort/pain only occurs when I’m riding my bike.

    1. You are welcome, Dick! I hope these exercises help you and you are able to get back to riding!

  91. Have tight hips. Just tried the Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch and holy moly that felt good! Have known about it a while but didn’t have the right form when doing so, thank you very much!

    1. @Tone and Tighten Thanks for the reply! I imagine if one side is tighter than the other you would do more reps – what would you suggest is the most amount of reps to do that keeps good form on that side?

  92. I think my left one is the weakest and it’s the one that hurts whenever I walk. Then after I’ve walked for a while it just goes away for a while and then it will start after another while XD.
    I think it’s due to a position I unwillingly keep during the times I follow lessons. I tend to bend my legs to the outside like if I’m crossing my legs but with just one XD. Anyway I’m feeling relief!!!

  93. I LOVE this! Thanks for providing all the details and nuances for the beginner in understanding all this! I can’t wait to try it out. Good stuff!

  94. Thank you so much for this video. Great explanation of the difference between tight and weak. I honestly couldn’t tell from the tests if mine are tight or weak. However, after doing the strength exercises my pain went away which doesn’t happen when I stretch them so they must be weak. I also have pain in my glute region that I beleive is related, and for a long time I thought I had a hernia – numerous Dr’s have told me that was my issue.

    1. You’re so welcome, Jimbo Jones! I am glad this has helped you and thanks for commenting!

  95. Based on the tests in this video, my hip flexors seem to be neither short nor weak. I started having pain after I got into downhill longboarding which requires quite a bit of hip flexibility and also hip strength. In this case what should I do? Do I both stretch and strengthen?

  96. I was surprised to learn my hip flexors are actually weak, probably from sitting at a desk all day….now I know exactly how to combat this problem. Thank you!

  97. Isn’t it possible for one’s hip flexors to be both tight AND weak? What would you do then? I believe this is the case for me.. they are definitely tight.. but two days ago I did 100 in-and-out ab exercises and I think I did them in bad form and used my hip flexors way too much and today I can barely stand straight or lift my legs at all and am in so much pain.. which I think indicates that on top of being very tight, my hip flexors are also very weak

  98. I have intermittent sudden pain behind my knee lasts about 5-10 seconds. I believe it is a nerve. My chiropractor says my SI joint is weak. My hip flexors are weak. I don’t have hip or back pain. Do you think this sounds like a SI joint problem. Is there any other exercises that I could do to isolate this area?

  99. Hey, thank you for sharing. I wanted to ask you question about pelvic. I have seen some videos do and don’t while stretches and exercises. How to find a neutral pelvic position before starting stretches and exercises?

  100. I did both tests and the results were perfect. I still have pain in my left hip flexor and that is after landing in a volleyball game. I’m 48. It lasts What do you recommend?

  101. Thank you for clarifying…I’ve learned that I have a weak hip flexor. I have pain in my hip area when trying to wash my toes in the shower. I don’t have any back pain though. And I sleep with my knees (child pose) or one knee up and bent. I know I need to exercise, like asap!

  102. I can’t tell if mine are strong or weak, I just started getting this bad pain after a workout the other day and it’s more severe today, figuring out if it was too weak there was pain but I was able to do all 10 on both legs, and figuring out if too tight both my legs went all the way down so I’m lost

  103. ive had this problem for 4 years now sir, i cant even bend my leg up onto a chair, please help me.

  104. Thanks. I know this is 1yr old but I think I have weak hips. Going to try this 3xs week. See if I notice a difference.

  105. If I’m in pain because its too loose should I wait until it doesn’t hurt anymore b4 strengthening?

  106. Not sure!!
    I did the tightness check and I have no problem lifting my leg up past the level of my hip many many times! Although, at this point doing that is sore because my lower back has spasmd.

    I’m doing this test to determine if I need to strengthen or lengthen the muscles. I am a yoga instructor, however have not practiced much in the last two months.

    I did the weakness check and my leg lies completely flat on the counter

  107. Based on your tests I think my hip flexors are week. But when I do the strengthening exercises my right hip flexor (which always gives me trouble) hurts. Is that okay? Or should I not do them if it hurts?

  108. Thank you I was playing soccer and I think I pulled my hip flexor and now when I run my lower back hurts is this the reason pls let me know

    1. Same and yes the hip flexor and lower back are connected so usually yes but you might wanna get it checked out!

    1. @Tone and Tighten I’ve been doing the stretches and It’s really helping! Thank you so much for this great video.

  109. Any videos for glute pain? You have so many great videos, however looking for something to correct my glute pain but am having trouble finding anything in your collection.

  110. Hi. I have very loose or flexible hip flexors. But i do have chronic hip pain. Do you think loose hip correlate with osteoarthritis? Both my mother and grandmother has it. I wish i learned this sooner. I have been stretching my hip for too long without any improvement:/ And also, how often should you do the weak hip exercises? Thanks so much.

  111. My right hip flexor has been hurting after running . When I performed the tests my left was actually weaker than my right but when I try to perform the strengthening exercises I cannot lift my right leg. Is this normal? Is my left hip flexor being weaker causing the pain in the right?

  112. it’s been a few months my hip hurts the pain often occurs when I flex the hips with a slight internal rotation. i want to know if i my muscle hip flexor weak or tight but if i flex my hip to much is always provokes the pain, what should I do, doc? Thanks

  113. Hello, and thank you for sharing your knowledge! You made the weakness vs. tightness hip flexor comparison very easy to understand. I am 53 and about 3 1/2 months out from a L. total knee replacement and have 1 more p.t. session until they release me to do my own program. I followed your tests and found that I have much tightness on both sides and also some weakness on the left (same side as my replacement). How do you suggest I go about working that left side-stretching for tightening or working for weakness? Thank you

  114. If my hip flexors are weak and tight which do you prioritize? Or can you do all exercises in that instance?

  115. I’m unsure if the pain I have in front of my thigh after an active day, when I get up from sitting, is hip flexor related. It works itself out some after being up and walking some, but in the beginning I can barely put any weight on that leg. Not really wanting to visit a doc right now with covid going on. I don’t have bench like surface to do all of your tests, any suggestions?

  116. I had an ACL Reconstruction on my knee so my leg muscles got weak overall, but the hip flexor gave me the most problems and I’ve been stretching it for about a month and it didn’t help at all. So do you recommend I stop stretching it and try and start strengthening it?

  117. What should I focus on 1st if my hip flexors are both tight and weak. Over the last 6 years I have had 2 hip replacements (right & left) and like to add this to the IT band regimen you suggested.

  118. You didn’t post the link to the green stretching strap like you said you would. I’d like one but don’t know how to order it.

  119. Omg, thank you! My hip flexor is weak, but I have definitely been stretching. Stretching wrong at that. 😬

    1. A general rule is that if you have numbness, there’s a nerve being pinched somewhere, probably in the lumbar area. I had a disc herniation at L5/S1. My entire left leg hurt. My left calf went numb.

  120. This is really great -my one compliant: you never mention which muscle you are talking about! Ugh! I wish you would talk more anatomy. That being said, thanks for this info!

    1. On a technical level there is no such muscle as hip flexor. The term refers to a set of different muscles, but the exact names of each likely dont really matter.

  121. Jared,
    ThX,this exercises is spot on!
    Had a double hip replacement 14 years ago due to a accident on age 39. Went through hell and back for 14 years being at doctors, specialist,chyro`s and physios.Were on the brink of buying electric scooter and wheelchair cause of the intense pain.Could hardly walk. Mri`s kept on showing nothing wrong.
    Till I end up by the right physio with a heated hydrotherapy pool…. 8 sessions later and it feel as I where
    Moved to a small town where there are no physio`s….very fortunate to stumble across your videos.
    Absolute good work,
    Big ThX for helping others.

  122. Thanks doc. Very informative as always. Teaching a correct lunges for hip
    flexor is an emphasis in my practice too.

  123. Thanks for this video. Using your test my hip flexors are a little tight. I play tennis and don’t do enough mobility excercises or other exercises between playing and I play 2 to 4 hours a couple times a week. Liked the stretching exercises.

  124. I was playing soccer and I kicked with my left foot(I’m a right footed kicker) and my thigh popped and it hurt really bad. At the time of writing this that injury was about 5 hours ago. I have been doing some research but haven’t gotten a good answer if it is a hip flexor injury. I think it is, because the test showed I did. I can’t lift my leg much but it might be because my body is scared it will hurt. If you need additional info u can just ask.

    1. this is exactly what happened to me. I hurt it during my tryouts in like September but it got better and just in my game yesterday it started to really hurt again. It hurts when I lift my knee. Let me know what you did to get better.

  125. I love the video but got a few questions…
    What if your hip flexors have been tight for so long that they can’t stretch because of trigger points, or knots in the muscle itself? I’ve tried some myofascial release techniques like rolling around on a ball on my stomach, but its tricky.
    Also, can a hip flexor be both tight and weak?
    Much thanks

  126. Thanks to this video, I’ve discovered that I have weak hip flexors (R side specifically). There is a CLEAR difference between my hips when doing these exercises. I’m a dancer and I noticed that I was doing a lot of very slight compensations during class (anything involving lifting my leg to the front I would hike my hip first to use lateral hip muscles). Even to do the analysis that you’ve demonstrated I had to check these compensations- when I brought my knees to my chest the right knee went out towards my shoulder first then I used my arm to bring it back in, and the standing chair knee raise I hiked my hip just to bring my foot onto the chair. The isolated movement to bring my knee up from the chair was incredibly telling, each lift was painful and although I made it through all 10 each one was a real struggle to control it and to get the same range of motion that I had on the left. All this time I’ve been stretching and wondering why it wasn’t helping. Thank you so much!

  127. After two back to back right hip FAI repair surgeries I completed Physical Therapy and felt pretty good. 2nd surgery was August 2019, which left a very short time for me to resume training at the fitness center before Covid-19 and the gym shutdown here in Michigan, which is still in effect. That time off not being able to continue my strengthening training weakened my hip flexors and I have had terrible psoas related hip and lower back pain. Watching your video has made me understand that I was trying to stretch an already severely weakened muscle group, of course leading to increased lower back pain. Thank you for clarifying and demonstrating the important difference between tight hip flexors and weak hip flexors. I am looking forward to using your exercises to bring my hip flexors back to normal and functional strength levels. I will continue to follow Tone and Tighten since I have had 5 major orthopedic surgeries in the last 9 years. There is only so much the VA can do with so many disabled veterans like me in need of proper care. Thank you for all that you do!
    David Saunders
    USAF, 100% service-connected DAV

  128. This video and your instruction is terrific. It’s clear and easy to follow and understand. I was able to determine that my right hip Flexors are very weak and will begin doing strengthening exercises. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. In this most crazy year of 2020, having a certified person online to learn from surely reduced my risk of trying to go to PT.

  129. Hi! This is fab advice, thankyou! A quick question please: I use a leg press most days – but after watching your video, is the leg press machine a good idea? Thankyou 🙂

    1. @Kobus Grove Hi Kobus, THANKYOU so much for your message! That was such useful info for me. I’m thinking about taking up swimming again, until the muscles strengthen up (until I can visit a physio with hydro). Do you strap your hip flexors? I’m resorting to doing so, just to add that ‘tightness’, but don’t want to rely on it forever. I hope and pray that your hips heal perfectly, so that you can resume exercise again. Many thanks, again, Kobus. All the best, Jan

    2. Jan, Just my experience on this one : after a bilateral hip replacement,(about 12 months after the op, my hip muscles became “weak” which I did not know at that time. I slowly started doing leg presses though the”pain” persist…..I then saw a biokineologist who gave me more or less same exercises as above and more, which helped much more than the leg press. Unfortunate she pushed me to hard to fast and I quit at that time.Take it very easy even with above exercises, your body will tell you when and where to stop.Good idea to see a physiotherapist and if you want to experience a miracle, get a physio with a hydrotherapy pool……

  130. Wow Jared, that was above and beyond the call of duty! … Thank you so much all this amazing info. I recently started doing HIIT sprinting, this was the bit that “went” the 2nd time I did it and has niggled me ever since.. Now instead of it being a “Groin Strain” I know exactly what it is and how to fix it …. Thank you so much Doc.

    1. You are so welcome, Dub Siren! I am glad they were helpful for you and thanks for commenting!

  131. Great content. I have a question tho if struggle to fully lift my knee up to a high position, after playing football for a few hours is that my hip flexor also is it tight or weak?

    1. @Carlos Garcia Cuesta Yeah I completely got rid of it theirs an exercise where you lie on your side and raise you leg up diagonally backwards did wonders

    2. Hi I have had a similar issue after and during football but much worse when skateboarding even for 15 mins, did you manage to reduce or completely get rid of the pain and what moves did you use? Strengthening? Thanks

  132. Ugh, so i was able to do the stretching and the strength test easily but my hips are constantly tight! I sit on the floor a lot, so that probably has something to do with it.

  133. Question for you…if hip flexors are tight do you recommend doing anything to strengthen or stretch the posterior part of the hip?

  134. Thanks for the video. I was somewhat aware of it, but this video and taking the test confirmed that I have one tight hip flexor and one weak one. I can relate to much of your overall program as I taught and coached gymnastics. Still today, many people comment on my flexibility, but I’m finding that I was flexible in some joints and tight in others and had mixed strength in my muscles. I wish I’d come across your program when I was younger. I was blaming much of my problem on spinal stenosis and the scoliosis that was created when they did surgery for it 20 years ago. While I’m sure the spinal stenosis & scoliosis are part of the problem, I think that by working on stretching my tight side hip flexors and strengthening my weak side flexors, I may be able to stand straighter. I’ve been working with a trainer & have pretty good overall strength, but it’s easy to miss something that could help. When I walk for exercise, I’ve been using walking poles, which help me walk straighter and faster without pain.

    I also love some of your basic skills program using animal movement, which I have used with children when teaching movement type gymnastics for elementary physical education. Since I’m retired and no longer teaching the classes, I had quit doing some of them, but have started again as I think they can be helpful for general movement, even for us old people. I know this isn’t the place for a recommendation for your programing, but I would like to see something offered for older people, which may be similar to your other programs, but with modifications. I just make up my own modifications, but some would watch the programs and decide they couldn’t do it. For example, the animal moves might be done by putting one’s hands on something that is elevated so they don’t have to reach all the way to the floor.(a block or bench) I think these moves could be very helpful to older people with modifications. I realize that you got more of a comment than you asked for, but thought you might be interested.

  135. Thanks for this video! I have hip flexor pain and now I know how to fix it. I had always thought it was because my hip flexor were tight because I sit a lot. It turns out that they’re weak. I’ll definitely be doing the exercises.

  136. Where should I feel the pain when they r weak?
    Doing the stretching feels good, strengthening them when sitting doing the raises, right leg is fine.
    Left leg I get to about 16-18 top of my thigh start getting really painful and my leg shakes at the top, is this normal ?

    1. Bryan, Of course it’s possible that one side is much weaker than the other side. Perhaps you sustained an injury on the weak, painful side. And of course, it doesn’t sound normal. But…

      Did you do the tests? Test for tight hip flexors starts at 3:47. The test for weak hip flexors starts at 5:30. At 6:19 he asks the question, “Are you tight or weak?”, and invites you to say so in these remarks. Perhaps your opening question is your answer but it’s not clear that you did the tests at all.

      My advice is this: When an expert gives you advice (such as this video), you take his advice and try it for a while – especially if it’s not harmful. If, after a while you still need help, come back to the expert with the data from your trial and let him know what you found. Even if the advice you’re given doesn’t get you to the solution, trying it out may get you much closer to solving the problem.

      Stretching exercises start at 6:31 and strength exercises start at 11:55. The summary with links to related videos starts at 14:29. I hope your pain resolves. Just don’t try to shortcut the process. Some people think it’s un-American to follow instructions. 🙂

  137. Great stuff! I didn’t know what hip flexors were, I thought they were in the groin area. I am tight, and I was able to make a helper out of piece of soft rope we had in the basement. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait to look at your other videos because at 62 I am aging rapidly due to lack of self care.

  138. like your video, My doctor said my hip pain was tight hip flexors, turns out just weak, both legs lay flat on table, thanks

  139. Can you have tight flexors and weak at the same time. Im 68 years old and all of a sudden one day I had excruciating pain from hip down through my groin. Burning and stabbing pains. Also pain in lower right side of my back, like they are connected. I have not gone to the doctor because they closed due to covid. I tried your stretches and they did help with pain but i can not do the chair one without extreme pain. So it seems they are weak and tight both. Any advice?

  140. Please can you help me. When I lift my right leg up to my chest, I hear a “clunk” sound come from around my hip area as opposed to a snap/pop sound. If I move my leg outwards and lift the leg again, I don’t hear the sound. There is no pain, but do you know what this might be? I also have patellar maltracking which is not resolving itself by strengthening the VMO and glutes and I think this may be linked. I also sit during the day more than most people. Thanks!

    1. I think it might be tight hip flexors causing this whole problem, especially a tight iliopsoas muscle as I have lower back aches as well, but like some confirmation on the probability of this. Thanks.

  141. gotta say the ending was confusing. clenching my ass will make the stretch better? i dont see how as i definelty hce a tight hip flexor and the way you tell me to do it does absolutely nothing.

  142. Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve have tons of expensive tests, xrays, and now I’m seeing a chiropractor. Not a single person has offered this advice. I appreciate you offering assessments and exercises for both loose and tight muscles. I’m going to give this a try to see if I can find some pain relief. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Just like in any other profession, there are good AND bad docs. Unfortunately, the good ones are in short supply. It took me many years of seeing numerous docs to find the cause of all of my pain. So frustrating.

  143. Hi there, I have osteoarthritis in my left hip and struggle with the range. I also have problems with my back, the lower discs give me pain, which could be associated with the hip joint. I would like to get more range in my hips, are these exercises safe for me to do with osteoarthritis ? My hip flexors feel very tight too.

  144. Indeed , Excellent stretches

    For all pains of buttocks

    thighs legs etc thanks

    for Sharing your tips tricks

    techniques n thoughts !

    Stay Blessed Inspired n Connected!

  145. Tight, Tight and soooo Tight. Jared, the kneeling hip flexor stretch is excellent. I have been doing it wrong for so long and wondered why it wasn’t improving. This posture change makes such a difference and its much more comfortable to do to.

  146. Whenever I rotate my hips 90 degrees outwards (left/right sides), it tends to pop and before it happens I feel a horrible stretch but according to your video my hip needs strengthening since I somewhat struggle lifting my knee up 10 times. So would it really be that my muscles need strengthening even though I felt them popping as they pass through my bone?

  147. My right hip flexor is weak and it’s causing me pain daily. I love your video and thanks for sharing it.♥️

  148. My hip flexors still feel tight even though they appear to be loose and strong after doing these tests. What do I do?

  149. My flexor hinders me from putting on my right sock. I have a hard time flexing my right leg up like to a extra high step such as in my box van. Hurts. For a long time I wondered if it was actually a lymph node.
    What can I do? Putting on my socks is a big deal more that I can’t do it.
    Yes I’m considering a sock slider.

  150. Actually I developed tight hip flexors only after doing a straight leg rotation while lying on the floor. It’s been almost 10 years now and they are still tight.

  151. Hey please answer me if you can!! I did the first test and my leg was all the way down to the table, both legs. I also did strenght test and i can lift my leg up for a long period of time with no problem.

    However, i feel pain in the sides of the hip flexor, if i touch it i can feel a “pinchy” sensation, what do i do?

  152. Thank you for the tips. I have discovered that I have a weak hip flexor. I look forward to exercising and strengthening

    1. @Tone and Tighten I am having difficulty doing the leg lift, and weak hip flexor is on right leg. Suggestions? Skip the exercise together? Or just don’t lift the leg as high and only do as many reps as can tolerate (3-5) until hf strengthens?

  153. SO HELPFUL! I thought i had tight hip flexors and ive been stretching them out and nothings been helping but after watching this I realized they are weak! thank you so much !

  154. Much better 🥳🥳 just try it 5-6 minutes and its goin well, i had this pain like almost 6 month..

  155. Thank you so much. I am a high endurance athlete and I am so grateful for the stretch advice. It is literally helping me this second that I watched and followed the stretch. Seriously. Thank you

  156. question for the knee pulls on your back.. does it work the same if the knees are pulled more up to the side? (around a belly)

    1. Tone and Tighten it helped me but also my dad, your explanation was very professional and soothing to watch! i wish you the best and may God bless you! keep up the good work 🙏🏽

  157. Thank you. Helpful to find out my hip flexors are weak. After walking 12 miles the other day I had lower back ache and aching hips, also the same when sitting in the car for a long time. So I’m going to do your exercises to help. Thank you.

  158. Funny enough I thought I had tight hip flexor problems, after watching your video I realize that it’s weak! Thank you !!

  159. after i finished the test if my hip flexer was strong i had a lot of pain. i did not have any difficulties completing the ten reps though do you have any suggestions?

  160. I took a kickboxing class, and threw my hip out of alignment. Pain started on lateral edge of the hip when I was lying down (I read it could be bursitis) and also I had severe pain inside my left butt cheek. Moreover yesterday I bought two large watermelons and carried them to my car. Big mistake! Immediately electroshock went through my left hip (inside the butt cheek) and felt like a 1000 volt was being pushed through. I sat down in my car for 10 minutes and didn’t move! But the pain – needles kept going though me, over and over. This is over in 10 minutes and I drove myself home. I left the watermelons in the car. Going upstairs caused a breaking sensation in the hip. I have schedule a dr appointment. All morning I did stretches. I’m never gonna kick box again, I swear on my life, if God just has mercy and helps me HEAL this. I think all the kicking caused my hip to go out of alignment.

  161. Mine hurts from running a lot at full speed at football practice. Would I need to strengthen my hip flexor or stretch it?

    1. Graham Kunz I started doing the strengthening excercises and my hip flexor has gotten a lot better

    1. @Tone and Tighten bro thank you! They really helped and I probably will be able to play

  162. Thank you Jared! I will try this out and upload a video tomorrow. Keep up the good work 🙂

  163. Can you still get back pain from weakness in hip flexors? I get hip flexor pain in my left leg after a squat coming out of the hole not at the bottom like an impingement. I also get back pain a day or 2 after deadlifts

  164. Mine are super tight after being in a wheelchair for 6 months. The issue I have is that I can only do 1 of these stretches because I have one below knee and one above knee amputation so no feet and only 1 knee! Do you have any advice on how to stretch my hips out?

  165. Can the pain from hip flexors be mistaken for a hernia? Inguinal or sports hernia? Can hip flexor pain travel into the scrotum?

  166. What can I do for pain? I get involuntary muscle contractions which are horribly painful?

  167. I believe I have weak hip flexor. What exercise do you suggest since I cannot lift my leg more than an inch!

  168. According to your tests, my bad hip is not tight and stronger than my good hip. I think I need more info, lol

  169. Thank you for this video! Explaining how to check for weak hip flexor is making me feel a difference after one exercise.

  170. What if 1st ans 2nd one is easy to perform but tight flexors are in pain and lower back too. Now I don’t understand is it weak or not 😬?

  171. What do you recommend for exercise, I have my legs so heavy I can’t walk, when I walk I lift up the hold legs!!!

    1. If walking is tough, you should probably start with addressing your diet and adding some upper body exercises.

  172. Mine were weak and I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst sharp pain ever! This really helps. Thank you

  173. a weak hip flexor can be tight though, because its weak. so because its weak i need to strengthen it to get out of the cycle, right? I have an anterior pelvic tilt and my hip flexor is really tight and feels uncomfortable, but I am pretty sure it is pretty weak and from sitting alone it wont get any stronger, just tighter..

  174. Excellent video! Some months ago I watched this video in my search to find relief from my unilateral lower back pain, which was debilitating. I found the stretches and exercises gave me that relief. Thank you.

  175. The instruction you provide is truly helpful. As I follow your instruction and feel discomfort I would like to pin point what exercises would help that area. So if you were to feel discomfort in an certain area as you preformed the task you could figure out what needed attention. Sort of a flow chart of that part of the anatomy that firers up when you perform the task in the discussion.

  176. Subbed, this has helped me so much this morning. Having played tennis for over 30 yrs with pretty much zero stretching regime this had me howling like a werewolf but feel great now 👍👍

  177. My hips are weak and was barely able to lift the feet above the chair .I felt something pulled while doing seated in-outs ,feeling tightness started with the hip and it affects my groin as well but it extended just as my other leg.
    Should I perform the strengthening exercises , please help I’m confused

    1. @Victor Ghosh you know what I do. I foam roll the hip flexors and IT band and then do this. It does pain, bt the intensity is less

    2. @gokul narayanan is it better now ? Because i think loosening would make it worse I have to strengthen it

    3. I got the same pinching and pulling sensation on the hip flexors when lifted and holding for a while.

  178. Thank you v v v much I had problame with hip very pain full but I beleave if I can find person like you give me exercise I don’t need new hip. Thank you very much

  179. My pain is in my foot is the problem. I have out-toeing and chronic pain in one and sometimes both feet, I have very limited flexibility in my hips so I am assuming tight hip flexors are the problem but I am not sure?

  180. Mine were tight! Four knee surgeries and now waiting for a new knee! Loved this video, it really helped me! 🤩

  181. Hi. I’m a senior with my share of general stiffness. I have lots of pain when I try to get my leg over the bike saddle – I have to struggle it over the cross bar instead. General stretching isn’t helping. From your hip flexor video I see I have tight flexors and I’m thinking your exercises will help. They will improve my hip area for sure but am I right in thinking it will help with the bike?

  182. I have never heard anyone talk about weak hip flexors. I believe mine are weak. I am experiencing right hip pain, lower back pain, and IT band pain on the right side. I am hoping the hip flexor strengthening exercises help.

  183. Hi, would love your advice. I believe from doing your exercises I have a weak hip (whereas I was doing stretching) which makes sense why it didn’t help much. Mine occurred after running a half marathon (which I think I rushed into a bit too much) would you suggest doing the strengthening exercises on both hips as It’s my right hip that I get pain in, or should I just strengthen one side as their is an imbalance? I hope this makes sense!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I went through a similar situation and decided to strengthen both sides. I figured one can’t over-strengthen. I am certainly pain free and am finally in control.

      I am curious what you ended up doing?

  184. I’ve been stretching and strengthening my hips for awhile now. Problem is only in the right side where all of my issues are. I’m pretty sure that it is bursitis that’s causing the pain. Any tips?

  185. My sacrum hurts when I sit w6legs straight to help my weak hip flexors. What else can be done?

  186. No fluff get right to the lesson. Excellent explanation and demonstration. The one advise is to go a little slower. Thanks

    1. Sorry! It’s a lot of information and I want to help as many people as much as possible! You can click on the video “settings” (the gear icon on the video) and slow down the playback speed so it’s easier to understand. I hope that helps you!

  187. Great exercises. However during the Inverted L exercise I could hear and feel a clicking sensation in the hip flexors area. My left hip gives me trouble.

  188. Thank you sooooo much. It feels great afterwards. I’ll do it everyday and hopefully this pain go away. I work seating for 8 hrs and I sleep on my right side in seating position. So I don’t know if is the weight and the seating that cause the tightness on the right hip that is killing me. Also I have Scoliosis. Fancing Tango helped a lot because I have to disassociate the top of the body from the bottom and the lifting on the legs to do the embellishments work those muscles out. Thanks again for this very informative video.

  189. Great video..recovering from pelvic fracture and now I know about tilting forward..I always have pain in left hip around piriformis and my leg seems shorter..I’m 65 doing great using walking sticks outside..that left side leg would crossover sometimes in front of right leg since that side was weaker..still working on all it

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    1. You may want to check with a doctor. I had the same issues and it ended up being torn cartilage. If you pull your leg into a figure four stretch and find that it really hurts or is difficult to do I would seek medical advice. This is worst-case but you do not want it to get bad… believe me.

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    The thing is I do lots of parkour and flips so I often use my legs.

    Do you have any clue to if your exercises could be helpful here? 🙂

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  203. According to your tests I don’t have neither weakness nor tightness in my HF but I still experience a lot of pain and discomfort in the front of my right hip while running or swimming freestyle with strong kick. This includes crunchy sounds and reduced ROM compared to the left hip. What would you suggest? Thank you!

    1. I have the same situation! I mostly have pain when I am doing squat-type exercises. Could you find an answer to your question?

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    1. @Tone and Tighten Hello. I’ve been having bad pain in my quad while performing the exercise when you step on the chair. This pain only occurs in my right leg. Any ideas why? Thanks!

    2. I am glad you found out what is causing your pain, Saber Assailant! I hope this video helps you!

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  217. I did the test for tight and both my legs were on the table, but when I do the kneeling hip flexor stretch it feels super tight and my muscles start to shake. is it possible to be both weak in some and strong in others? currently my left hip(TFL?) is so tight and feels like someone is stabbing me with knives… the kneeling stretch has seemed to help some, so was just wondering. When I do the strengthening exercise I can barely raise my leg off the floor(maybe 6 inches both sides) and the muscles begin to feel like might cramp or spasm, so i think that means they are weak correct?

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    1. I’d be interested in this answer! When I exercise, I get a pop in my left hip when I’m lying on my back and raise my left leg. Like you, I don’t have any pain, just the noise?

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    2. I am sorry to hear about your hip strain, Joel! I hope these exercises help you and thanks for commenting!

  229. For anyone interested, this is what i’ve tried and i’ve basically removed hip pain and lower back pain. I have 10 pound ankle weights i use. I get on the leg lift ab thing and let my feet dangle. This tugs on the hip and groin muscles. Also, basic stretching coupled with single leg and double leg bridges help a ton. Particularly the single leg bridges. For that, i stabilize one leg on a bench and push my hips upward with the opposite foot (that’s on the ground). Then i switch legs.