Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors, Here is Why!

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors, Here is Why!

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  1. I have learned so much from watching your videos I have opened my own practice. I have no medical training whatsover. Thank you guys!

    1. We have 60 second versions of our shows on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok if you want a shorter version 🙂

  2. So I can touch my thumb on the forearm so should I not stretch my hip flexor? Cos I do have the anterior pelvic tilt

  3. What’s sad is people are going to not sttetch bc of you two. Loose hip flexors? Lol that doesn’t exist. Everyone can benefit from hip flexor stretching. FOH

  4. Are people who don’t suffer from the likes of anterior pelvic tilt stretching their hip flexors? If so, why? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As long as the pelvis is in balance you probably don’t need to stretch your flexors, right? I do it because my pelvis is tilted forwards, and I do so in combination with hamstring/quad/glute/lower ab work. I wouldn’t if my pelvis was in balance.

  5. here’s several tips for ways to exercise back muscles
    Gradually start walking further per day
    Try an anti-inflammatory diet
    Think about starting yoga lessons
    Lookup some online guides
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Fergs Pain Ease site )

  6. Dudes you just solved a big thing for me. I’m creating my own problems with stretching my already very loose hip flexors.

  7. Very clear. Thanks. Having trouble since doing some intense runs. Before I did all sorts of excess stretching…just made it worse. I made it a point to come back to this video as testimonial. My flexors were fine, I had more if a weakness issue based on these guys tests.
    So I stop excess stretching of the flexors. Improved in a day, Also the sleep position with pillow between legs improved everything another 50%. Just need some flexor strength training which AthleanX goes over.

  8. From an Auto Accident I developed TMJ, and the Tens Unit was a life saver. I still needed braces, but the Tens Unit was an immense pain stopper. And I’ve dance Ballet since the age of six. It was the Russian Method, it’s the best method due it’s low injury percentage. The exercise in the video is ideal.

    1. Yes, you are right.i do confirm that .they provide us with contradictory , confusing information.they are getting us mad!!!!!

  9. I think these guys have really good info but I find them so annoying I get extremely irritated for some reason hearing them banter back and forth for only seconds .

  10. Q: I EXCELLED at strait leg off the bench, but TIGHT at bent leg off bench – BUT I can excel at the rectus femoris lying stretch . WHY ? this doesnt make sense per your video – any insights appreciated. thanks and PS WOW you guys are in great mobility ! Thanks for this !

  11. As far as the really loose flexible people, some people have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Also known as EDS, there is a test that can be done the thumb to forearm is one, but another is for checking how loose the skin is.

  12. Hello … There is a practical called the 10 Key Moves you need to loosen your hip flexors and unlock the hidden power in your body. if you want know about it and see the video for the practical Email me : healthhip1@@t

  13. If I put my left foot in the handle of a (dog) leash to lift up this (straight) leg further then 45 degrees my quadriceps start to spasm ( right leg lieg lies down) . Have you any idea, why?

  14. 06:12 that’s exactly what l get. A hip flexor pain and lower back after jogging. What do l stretch?

  15. 6:05 listen carefully because i have same problem sleeping like this and have pain in my tfl muscle…..

  16. The points these guys raise in most of their videos are valid and valuable, but it’s hard to take these clowns seriously, especially if the subject matter is of high importance.

  17. What do you do if you feel tightness in the area of the hip flexors while walking…that is they become tight after walking some distance? But you are one of the stretchy people with loose joints and the test says your hip flexors are not tight at all? I can put my palms flat on floor with straight legs. So what is the tightness I feel then while walking? And then my lower back gets achy too. Any ideas? I also have natural hyperextended knees. Is it caused by weak core muscles?

  18. Should I stretch my hip flexors after a specific training where they were highly involved (L sit, etc) even if they are not very tight?

  19. Misleading title. One minute about why some people shouldn’t stretch and then 9 minutes of stretching. WTF?

  20. Any input about how to adjust in yoga which, in my experience, has a lot of hip flexor stretching built into it, but is considered (and I’ve seen) to be positive for the body? I am also wanting to increase strength and flexibility (as in being very limber overall for dance and fitness purposes) and classes all have you stretch the hip flexor, for example in back bends, etc. When I do these exercises you show, I know I am not tight, yet, in classes like the ones I mentioned above, I’m not necessarily considered “super flexible” or able to do all the moves. Could the issue be strength in accompanying muscles and not tightness in the hip flexor? Or something else? Any thoughts? I don’t want to hurt myself. Much appreciated, love your channel!

  21. So, say that your hip flexors and the other muscles you mentioned ARENT the problem? Well I ask this because the patient is trying those stretches for reason..that is, they have tightness!
    So, if the patient is feeling some kind of hip pain and it’s not addressed through those muscles, what are some other muscles they can stretch or strengthen? Also, is it possible to tighten up those loose morals–I mean, Joints?

  22. This is confusing. Next time just show the test… then say if X happens, stretch muscle #1 with exercises ABC, if Y happens strengthen muscle #2 with exercises DEF, if both happen do exercises GH to achieve whatever, and if none happen do exercises IJK to achieve whatever other goal.

  23. I’m sorry but Athleanx Made a video about a year before you with the exact same tilte and exact same cover photo. I follow you both , but this feels like a copy

    1. Jeff”s background is in physical therapy. He was the baseball team, the Mets physical therapist. They’re all in the same field(no pun intended).

  24. Halfway through I gave up! Useful information embedded here somewhere but…
    1. Keep it short. Time is limited.
    2. Into of 4 mins is ridiculous. Ridiculous!!!
    3. Using technical names for irrelevant muscles is confusing.
    4. Get to the point!
    5. Instructions are vague, rambling, full of digressions, stuffed with corny jokes, and the mind cannot latch on to the relevant facts. This is not Happy Hour at a bar with guys exchanging fish stories. It is a demo. Cut to the chase and cut out everything else. So we comprehend the heart of the matter.

  25. Just go on 1:30 and thank me later. These old farts talk too much about themself being most famous bla bla bla..

  26. I really enjoy your videos and I am a fairly new subscriber. I appreciate how you both respect the body and are tough and gentle with it all at once. There is a lot of love in your stretches and exercise for the body. I enjoy that you don’t force things and you encourage the importance of each movement while educating your viewers in a comical way. My beautiful grandmother was a 6ft tall runway model and is now in her 70’s- she is about 5’9 now due to lack of knowledge and years of not exercising/stretching. She suffers from various back and hip issues and it all could have been fixed if she had simply stretched and worked out. I know times were different then but she encourages me to not be like her in that way. To educate myself and keep my own body strong. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and suffer a lot of pain due to them. I listened to her and got my body healthy. I stretch and exercise daily and eat clean. I educate myself on a daily basis on health and fitness. I’m 27 now and almost pain free. It’s taken me years to get to this point but here I am. The more I learn, the more amazed I become, the body needs the gentle but tough love that you two show and I genuinely enjoy the information and experiences you bring with each video. Thank you!!!

  27. I love the videos, but there should be a clear distinction in what you guys are promoting to normal people who are not athletes. Athletes have to train their body in a different way than people are not conditioned.

  28. In general is yoga bad? I have seen many of your videos say not to do moves that are common in yoga.

    1. Do what is good for you. Chances are that you are not going to ruin your body by doing yoga. The worst thing you can do for your body is to not use it and be sedentary.

  29. The oldest fittest people that I’ve seen in my life is all they do is work hard all day climb trees to pick their food grow and ho the fields build their own house and that’s it, they’re never sick they never have muscle skeletal issues and they never run… obviously growing all your own food and picking ripe fruit from trees is obviously a big component….there you have it what works for everything…the last one I talked to was 96 working the field…his brother is 104….yep you guess it working the field and able to work bent over….lol….I know people 40 that can’t bend over…lol…

  30. I wanted to do the splits. As a 40+ individual, is this bad or have i misunderstood the video?

  31. Im glad i never stick with anything. If I did I would have injured myself all over!! The best thing i ever did was to give ip yoga. The worst thing I ever did was to DO yoga. Injured my back badly doing yoga!

  32. I have leg muscle collapse to where I have to work on standing up straight. This is kind of like walking around like Groucho Marx with my knees bent.  I started having stability issues maybe six years ago.  I’m a 60 year old house painter and do okay during the warmer months and if I am not recovering from work related muscle stress.  I would like to know if I can exercise my way out of this.  I still climb ladders and do okay on  I get to the gym for walking and basketball and swimming.  I also do walking outdoors for half a mile.

  33. If I didn’t already know what you were talking about, this video would be confusing as hell. For those confused in the comments you can stretch it if there is a tightness meaning your leg doesn’t drop when you do the test they showed, the leg stays up in the air. You shouldn’t stretch it if the leg drops completely in both cases at the thigh and hip level tests because that just may mean that you hip flexor is weak and needs to be strengthened. Stretching a weak muscle does not do any good for you because you are pulling a part an already loose and underworked muscle and can cause more injury. The answer to whether or not you should stretch the hip flexors lies in if you find a tightness or a weakness in the test they showed, depending on the results of the test, you address your hip flexors accordingly. These two just kind of circled each other aimlessly. The video was very all over the place.

    1. ​@Nifac71A Agreed. I understood perfectly. I think some people don’t like their ‘chatty presentation style.” I enjoy it. Stern faced doom merchants are a dime a dozen on YouTube. Two guys who could be your favorite uncles, are not as common. Plus, they are actual real physical therapists..and not some guy who has read a book or done a weekend course.

    2. @Sunny Lim yes, Guerilla Zen Fitness has a YouTube video Dangers of stretching the Hip Flexors… which I think you will find helpful. I sure did

  34. You guys are a great team, but why should I “stop stretching my hip flexors”? I’m a runner. Pretty sure it’s beneficial

    1. It’s only beneficial if you’re tight. Your mobility work should address whatever ability and positions are lacking.

    1. mmm yeah. I may be in the same situation. Not sure the either answer. I would say though, that I think hamstring STRENGTHENING would be something to look into. May also help pull your pelvis back.

  35. The content may be helpful but the title could lead people to think no one should ever stretch their hip flexors. Isn’t that what the title says. I know the point was to try and get clicks but perhaps there is a better and more accurate way to do that?

    1. @Andrew Evans yes start with personal attacks and boast how correct you are then try to start a productive conversation. You are indeed a child atleast mentally

    2. Actually no this is a great video because so many people don’t have this problem compared to all their other subjects

  36. Leave out excess info that’s obvious. Time is limited (what you need to wear). Get to the point. Thanks.

  37. So I play football, and I got injured and the doctor said I have a sprained hip. what can i do to help it heal, it’s been two months already, but I didn’t let it heal but now I regret not taking care of it . What can I do?.

  38. I know you say you can’t do it on the ground but I cannot keep my straight leg on the ground with a bent knee toward my chest.

  39. Do you have any hip flexor stretch recommendations for seniors? So many of my patients spend the most of the day seated and are constantly in a flexed hip position, but they have very limited balance and range of motion to facilitate stretching.

    1. Not a physical therpist, but maybe the method of laying on your side (on a bed) with knees bent, and taking one leg (by grabbing the heel) and gently pulling it back towards your back is a easy method.

  40. I m speechless,.. you seem to be very nice people, but are you really passing on this kind of advice to such a broad audience? Please hit the books again, do some real research about the Myofascial system and it’s underlying principals., Integrate them into your body and mind, and then come back to teach. Maybe right after you overcame Impatience while stretching. The way you present the excercises are fundamentally flawed on so many levels,.. please, please you have a very broad audience that seem to believe you are actually professionals,..

  41. I stretch them because my muscles were pulling my hip out of place. I am interested in this though. I’m never sure if I’m overdoing it

  42. People want to know what your saying, cut back on the self promotion, get to the point. 2:41 wasted time

  43. Just in time for the Fall/Winter Season, so
    Thankful to have found Ya’s Vides @Bob & Brad !
    Very Helpful & Motivating
    Thank You 😊

  44. Is it just me, or anyone not able to stretch with the one knee on the ground pose to save his life? Tight as vice, but still can’t stretch it. Frustrating.

  45. Funny, smart, and helpful – If that doesn’t spell sexy I don’t know what does. This was great!

  46. Please respond Bob and Brad, Patrick Gallant stated that you (contrary to what you’re warning about here) gave advice in past videos to stretching these. I’m a relative new subscriber and this info confuses me because of the same reason. You’re my go-to guides, so please don’t let us hanging…

  47. So I have pain in the hip flexor area when I lift the leg up and also hear a small snap. But I’m also loose. It’s muscles according to my physical therapist ( also confirmed by ultrasound). He told me to stretch the hipflexor. The question is: Should I keep stretching even tho I’m loose, or not?

  48. Super interesting. I was training for a 5k and later a 10k. I was always stretching my hip flexers because a runner friend of mine said I should. I developed really bad pain in my right hip flexor after all my running and and wondered why and now this may explain why.

  49. “Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors” – says two stiffs, and the gymnasts, ballet dancers, martial artists etc. keep on stretching the hip flexors, like they have always done.

  50. So these exercises in your opinion are NOT recommended. Right? If you could do video end recaps that be very appreciated. Thanks!

    Also, I don’t think most of us need to know the names of every muscle. That info. Is distracting to the main purpose of your videos.

  51. Thank u so much ,may i have a question??i do stretching and day after day i got better to do middle split but one day during stretches i feel pain in my hip flexors because i forced powerfully to get to the ground for splits ,,what could it be ??and my pain is continuing for three days till now..

    1. No, why? I guess you also stretch in nearly all other directions. I wouldn’t stop if I were you.

  52. Can one just lay on the left side: Then, curl the left foot up to waist level. Bent right leg, and pull right foot with right hand at the back.

  53. Where in Minnesota or Wisconsin are you guys based? I’d like an appointment and I’m in the area!

  54. The worst pain I’ve ever felt was when . One or all of those muscles cramping, at the same time. Heaps intense and frightening. I could almost feel myself wanting to pass out .Was unable stretch coz i was driving at the time doing 60mph on a packed highway.

  55. Hallo … Great video by the way – very useful. I’m stopping that stretch :_)) But, what’s going on with the other hip (of the leg pulled towards the chest), if in doing this movement there is discomfort or pain inside *that* leg’s flexor? (((O)_(O))) !!

  56. I’m not hypermobile or anything but for some reason my hip flexors are craaaazy loose. I used to stretch them still and was wondering why I never felt a stretch no matter how far I tried to go…now I know why! I won’t be doing that anymore. Thanks!

    1. Hey Adam, Check out our instagram page for 60 summary videos! Our username is @OfficialBobandBrad

  57. absolutely not. om a gymnast and i have to stretch my hip flexors in order to maintain a oversplit in my leaps and jumps. i have been doing i for 5 years and im fine

    1. @AnHeC exactly! you have to stretch and be inhumanly flexible to be a gymnast/dancer, other wise you get deductions and stuff

  58. I’ve done 7:12 too much and ended up with pain. Now it hurts. And more when I squat. What must have happened and what should I do?

  59. i hope the quote in the beginning some day says “if you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it” – Unknown wiseman

  60. What about if you’re practising splits, they tell you to do them before that? Don’t tell me, splits are a bad idea too…

  61. Guys, there is too much pointless chatting on your videos. Please just get to it without the silliness.

    1. That is part of their appeal! There are lots of other PT videos online if you just want a few minutes of no-nonsense, get-right-down-to-business information.

  62. I watch for the sake of Bob and Brad. somehow I miss the information they give. anybody know why that could be? Lol…

  63. If after the test I am very loose but I do have snapping hip and chronic pain in my hip should I not stretch the flexor at all?

  64. I don’t understand why you guys wear positive heel shoes when you do phisiotherapy videos… ever read Katy Bowman’s books?

  65. And I’ve been doing the stretches you showed us on 3 different videos having us stretch our hip flexors, and now we maybe shouldn’t. Too late.

    1. They’re not saying no one should ever stretch their hip flexors. They’re saying SOME people should not stretch them because their flexors are loose to begin with and so stretching them could introduce problems.

    2. @getmefixed getyourselffixed go see a physio, unless you know 100% what to do.. and see a GOOD physio not one to grab your money and run

    3. If this is true, then I would appreciate a response from Bob and Brad. I’m a relative new subscriber and this info confuses me.

  66. For months I had pain in my hip flexors and I figured they must be stiff or something. When I went to the rheutmatologist, they told me I have very hypermobile hips! These stretches are the WORST

  67. but what about competitive athletes…they stretch to increase range of movement? while you are saying not to stretch if you are “normal”

    1. @Da Matser Because they all want to be like jeff. Jeff is original and puts out great co tent, these two along with others just copy instead of putting time into new ideas and content. Jeff is a pioneer

    2. @daniel yeah to notice and call them out. Are a see no evil, hear no evil kinda guy? Shame on you for calling them out! Haha

    1. “Together we are the most Physical Therapists on the internet, In our opinion of course” LOL
      He is a great guy however.

  68. I have a question, i practice karate and there are kicks that we need to be flexible on the hips, and i have been doing hip stretches for 4 years, and the forward lunge stretches we do that too we even parallel our legs so that we form a right triangle shape, is that bad though?

    1. If your an athlete or do martial arts it’s not bad for you at all because you developed legs and hips. A regular should not do it.

  69. I really need to stretch my hip flexors and psoas alot since I have Spastic Diplegia. Now when I’m 36 years old I miss my time in physical therapy as a kid (although I didn’t enjoy it back then). I do the stretch that Brad does at 7:01 but I can’t keep my buttock in line with my back like he does (hell, I can’t even do that when I’m standing upright). It always sticks back because how stiff I am. Then, after a while, I will lift my back foot up and grab with my hand and then the stretch gets really intense.

  70. To be able to do front splits, I need to stretch my hip flexors along with my quads and hamstrings. Also when I sit for too long, my hips lock and it hurts my lower back but only on the right side where my hips flexors are the most flexible ( where I am few inches from the floor while doing splits). My glutes are not inactive, if anything they are the strongest muscles I have after my quads thanks to weighted hip thrusts. My hamstrings are the most flexible muscles I have . I can touch my head to my shins while standing with straight legs.

    1. I have same problem during stretching for middlle split ,do you find out why that pain occur after stretching in hip flexors ??

  71. What if i always feel pain in my knee it feela like its going to pop out the skin while doing these stretching for my quads?

    Hi guys I’m asking as I can’t find the answer elsewhere and the body position in this video triggered what I’m talking about. I’m sure you know what’s going on. Basically often I notice that when the knees bent and brought closer to the chest (for whatever purpose) a sudden fairly sharp tightness / discomfort at the top of my leg. I mainly notice it when I’m stretching. I think it’s the TFL of the hip. Do you have any explanation as to what’s going on. I’m unsure whether to strengthen or stretch

    1. If I move the leg out away from the other leg towards the side of the body the pressure is reduced significantly

    1. Check out our instagram channel if you want to see 60 second summaries of our youtube channel 🙂 our username is @OfficialBobandBrad

  73. Actually I am still confused after the video. The title told us not to do the stretching but the video is teaching us how to do stretching.

    1. Do the test first
      – If your leg reach down as shown then do not stretch
      – If your leg doesn’t reach that far then you have a tight group of muscle and you should do these stretches

  74. Very good explanation. What I do not like they keep shoes always on touching it putting on the bed. All dressed up during adjustment. Don’t like it.

  75. I have a question for you guys….my right jaw, (I mean from my perspective, not looking at me but on my right) is lower than the left, slanting my face side-ways in photos and speaking. But my tail-bone is also lower than the left! My right shoulder and breast and slightly lower than the right. You have to be perceptive to see it but it is there. I have virtually no pain, just a little irritation now and then in my left leg (the sciatic nerve). Flattened lumbar on the right, 4-5 disc bulge. I’m in good shape though. What’s the best exercise to ge rid of the drop, make the right side of my face even with the left and shoulder too? Is it the one where I put my arm against the wall in a sidewards posture standing and swing my right hips into the wall and back again?

  76. Misleading title. Many people have anterior hip tightness that needs stretching but of course if ANY joint is already at full ROM then persistent stretching of that joint can cause overstretching and possible joint instability. Title gives the impression that you should never stretch ant hip

    1. ​@Sabakev Yeah, except Jeff made his video on January 7th 2018 and called it… *Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors! (HERE’S WHY)*
      Bob & Brad come exactly 9 months later with a video called… *Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors, Here is Why!*
      That’s corny, no matter how you want to spin it

    2. I subscribe to both channels and like the fact that Bob, Brad and Jeff are all legit PTs. It stands to reason that they have similar knowledge. But the context of each channel is completely different.

  77. There’s something about these two guys that makes me have a hard time having a lot of confidence in them. Maybe it’s the clown act at the starting.

  78. So pretty much nothing in this video you can do with a trained physio. Kind of useless for the regular person. And guys, waaaaaay too much blabbing before you get to the point. Your wives may like it but the average YouTube viewer wants you to get to the point.

  79. I’ve just discovered the channel and I’m enjoying the content. Thanks. Have a question, tho:
    I practice martial arts, train daily and get strenuous activity in the hip flexors area particularly when kicking; I’m also etremely flexible in the hips in all directions. As Bob mentioned it can get painful, but actually stretching the flexors for 30” after every session didn’t only help but eliminated all pain within a week, and that seems to have worked for me for the last 3 years.
    I’ve seen several videos on this issue but I’m still not convinced this could be bad for me in the long term, specifically because exceptions are not covered. Should I not stretch the flexors even tho it seems to help?

    1. Interesting to see a martial artist’s perspective. Thanks for your comment!
      Although I am neither the owner of the channel or a physical therapist, my take on your question is that every advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Your mileage may vary, sort of kinda deal.

      These guys are good at what they do, but everybody’s body is somewhat different. An office employee’s hips will be different from a martial artist who practices regularly.

      My guess (and it is exactly that. Just an educated guess =P) is for you to just do what has worked for you for the past three years, AND KEEP static STRETCHING AFTER your workouts. And if it hurts to do it, back off the activity and contact your doctor/ specialist.

  80. I’m assuming, though, that if my goal is to do the splits both ways, then i can continue to push through?

    1. You misunderstood. ‘If your body can already naturally stretch like this(and they demonstrate) then you don’t need to do those stretches regularly because it could cause issues to push it.’

  81. should i not streach muscles unles they are tight. Is this true for all muscles or only the hip flexers? If I perform general stretches for a few muscles in the body without checking there tightnes, am i doing something wrong?

    1. allthesevids ?? They literally got to the point instantly by saying it can cause joint damage stretching it unnecessarily.. They then showed the test to see if you need to do stretches and what ones to do based on the test you impatient ignorant fuck.

  82. “Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors! (HERE’S WHY)

    Uploaded by Athlean-X 3 months earlier

  83. You titled your video: “don’t stretch your hip flexors, here is why.” Terrible if not inappropriate title.

  84. In fairness, didn’t Athlean-X make this same video 8 months before this and isn’t he a PT with 8x more subscribers? Did you copy AthleanX video?

  85. So your tag line is click bait. You’re not REALLY saying that NO ONE should stretch their hip flexors. You’re really saying that people with TIGHT hip flexors SHOULD. Only people whose hip flexors aren’t tight should avoid it. I’m a runner and I can tell you that I had ‘low back’ (aka the hip flexor where it attaches to the spine) tightness/stiffness for YEARS. Learning some great hip flexor stretches, along with overall strengthening of my core, has greatly reduced the issues I had.

  86. Guys, the cabinet on the left needs a bit of adjustment on one the doors. Imagine if you did a video on pelvic tilt and how to correct it, while having a tilted cabinet door in the background. Would be a catastrophe!

    You’re welcome 😀

  87. I always wondered why stretching my hip flexor never felt like a normal stretch– it always felt slightly numb and forced, but I just assumed it was a normal sensation. Thank you for making this video– hopefully I can stop adding unnecessary pressure to my joints now!

    1. Yes this! I’ve always gotten weird tingling and not really anything ‘muscular’ happening with these stretches. Think I may have just been slamming against the end of my range for no reason.

  88. I wish I could get an adjustment by these guys. My spine is in an S, and between my wings it’s caved in putting pressure on my heart. The pain goes all the way from head to heal. Pain pills are a joke, I threw them all out.

    1. Prisca Nemger I have trouble finding someone who actually knows what they’re doing too. I’m pretty sure I have a pinched nerve on my lower back. It’s been years have that pain already.

  89. Contracting the glutes + posterior pelvic tilt while doing the stretch = inhibits and lengthens the hip flexors (i.e., iliopsoas).

    1. KT Kee You know that you should actually go knees over toes when doing deep lunges or deep squats? Time to reassess your knowledge

    1. fvb7
      My physical therapist did too….but then, mine really WERE tight. Perhaps yours were also?

    1. Your comment took 2.4 seconds to read. I don’t think I missed any key plot points. You said: “They even did the same test except they did a slightly different version.” So, I let you know EVERYONE does that test. So if they copied or didn’t copy someone’s video format/title, everyone would still use that test, so they wouldn’t be “copying” that. But I would hope you know what the Thomas Test is after watching someone demonstrate it lol. Kudos. @Marisa Jane

    2. littlethuggie Lol omg if you actually took the time to see why I said this then you would know that they copied the exact title of the video as well as set up the framing for the video in exactly the same way. It’s clear they copied it. I’m aware of what the Thomas test is though. Thanks

    3. LOL omg, the Thomas Test is extremely common. Every PT, DC, ortho, etc. uses it all the time. @Marisa Jane

    4. I was wondering the same thing. They even did the same test except they did a slightly different version.

  90. Since you helped me, I’ll help you guys. No one is on Facebook anymore. You might as well have a page on MySpace.

  91. I can go all the way down with knee bent. Not very far straight but the problem isn’t my hip flexors. It’s the same area that is always my problem, the groin/upper inner leg right near the pubic bone.

  92. Great video. I am a flexible person and glad you pointed out the overstretching. Just because I can doesnt mean I should. Helpful.

    1. The pic on the Athenix video is the stretch my Ortho Doc had me doing but in a chair. That was ten years ago. 😀

  93. Hello my mid lower back starts pop on my left side during knee highs and leg lifts. I dont think I have tight hip flexors but weak ones after I did a heavy deadlift months ago. How do I strength weak hip flexors without scretching them?

  94. You guys are awesome, but I was wondering if you could alternate between using layman’s terms for parts of the body as well as anatomical terms. That way we could understand a bit more as well as learn these terms. Thanks!

  95. Good video. I performed the test, and my hip flexors are really, really weak. To the point where I am often tripping because I am unable to lift my leg up.

    It seems my rectis femoris muscle is tight. If I stretch that, I definitely feel it.

    Could hip flexors be the cause of my leg length discrepancy?

    1. I sit a lot and currently have undiagnosed pain in pelvic area, outside edge of right thigh to top of knee. I have a orthopaedic appt next week. I’ve been in pain for 5 weeks now. Don’t know how I hurt my self but am side sleeper like he demonstrated. Oh boy……

  96. I appreciate your videos. Such great teachers!! Thanks so much for helping people with health information!

  97. What if I have a anterior pelvic tilt I thought I was supposed to stretch my hip flexors and strengthen my glutes so I can make it even again

    1. CryTec you are. The reason they said not to is if the person doesn’t actually have tight hip flexors and isn’t really in anterior pelvic tilt. If you do that test and your leg is up in the air, straighten the knee joint and see if that makes your leg fall down. If it doesn’t and your thigh is still up above the bench, then you have tight hip flexors and should keep doing what you are doing.

  98. Hello Bob and Brad, I am 34, male. My problem is anterior pelvic tilt since I was a teenager. It was not giving me problem for years but I started feeling tightness in lower back after waking and and while standing for long time. I cant generate proper thrust while doing squat and dead lift may be due to glutes max is not firing.propey. is there any permanent treatment for this problem?? Plz advise. I faced problem like chondromalacia pattelae and planter facilities in last 3, 4 years. I am sure all these problems are inter related. Correcting the pelvis will solve all my problem. Plz suggest what should be done.

    1. If your lower back is slightly curved inward like me, then the hip flexor is a problem.. Look at your side profile in the mirror and you should notice immediately if the back is not straight

  99. I am a massage therapist and creator of YogAlign and FitAlign posture training. Bob and Brad are right that many people have pain in the groin hip area because the muscles are weak and short. Oftentimes the real problem is that the butt and back extensors are long and weak and the hip flexors are overworking causing pain too. If people do stretch the hip area without using the butt and back muscles at the same time, damage can occur. Because we sit in chairs so so much the psoas muscles become short and weak as well and the back body is also weak but long.The chair acts as a brace and does all the work of the back muscles. ( posterior chain). So people cannot maintain upright posture when walking and there is an extreme amount of torque and pressure in the hip joint. We need do not just stretch the hip flexors, we need to strengthen them. To test to see if the hip flexors are strong and short or weak and short, you can do this. If you stand on on leg, you should be able to hold one knee up to hip level for 5- 6 seconds. If you cannot hold your knee up, you do have weak and short hip flexors. So what is needed is to lengthen and strengthen them. However when I teach YogAlign I do movements and body positions that lengthen and strengthen the hip flexors but we do this by engaging the gluteals and the deep stabilizers of the spine and pelvis at the same time. I think its a good idea to avoid any kind of passive stretching. Any body position should recruit stabilizing forces that keep the pelvis neutral and the spine in its natural curves. I work with many people injured from yoga because people are not engaging their muscles to do these stretches and this creates muscle imbalance and also can lead to laxity in the ligaments of the sacral pelvic region and also the ligaments of the hip joint itself that have a necessary tension that keeps the head of the femur in the acetabulum. see

    1. Michaelle Edwards I have no idea what’s causing my problem. I can do the test in the video no problem, I can also hold a knee up to hip level for a long period of time. But if I try to touch my toes with my knees straight I feel it on the opposite side of my kneecap and I’m only able to touch the lower side of my kneecaps. Same problem if I try to sit with my legs and back straight.

  100. Hello Sirs. I am a regular viewer of your channel. Thanks for the valuable time. I have very deep lumbar arch due to anterior pelvic tilt. When i do the hip flexors stretch , I feel pressure and tightness in lumbar region may be due to the increase in lumbar arch due to stretch. What should i do??

    1. I had the same problem bro . I saw various exercise videos in youtube like athleanx , Jeremy ethier . Both are good .I had a very bad posture with rounded back , anterior pelvic tilt , rounded shoulders , nerd neck. The problem is our body is a kinetic chain , all four problems are interrelated . So in April I just started out by removing my shirt in front of a glass n my body posture was in a bad shape. So I just adjusted my body posture to a perfect body posture shape . The shape lasted one min . Then I constantly adjusted to the perfect body shape for an hour . There was more tension on my back . Then when I released half the curve got vanished . Then I sat on a chair and was working in front of the glass was constantly adjusting my posture . The problem is the nly first hour, u hav to sacrifice full first hour . After that u will be used to it . When u keep the perfect body posture , ur body will try to go back but u won’t let it so there will be increased tension in the muscles . At time intervals like half an hour or 15 mins go back to ur free body position n relax for one min n go to perfect body posture. After three four hrs it will be like sore but don’t let ur body posture free for one hour. After five hrs u will be surprised seeing ur results . Do it daily without shirt nly first day it will take ur time . From next day u won’t hav to wry minute to minute but on a half an hour basis check ur posture . For perfect body posture , just tuck back ur glutes n lower back such that it forms a posterior tilt , tuck back ur middle abs or middle back , keep ur chest in front (tuck front) , raise ur rounded shoulders up and tuck back . Bro u will be in a perfect shape in a month or less . i didnt do any exercise. If u follow any exercises u won’t get result as this . But if u want to follow , see athleanx . I performed athlean x exercises for nerd neck .that’s all. Trust me it will work . I too had a weak hip flexor , all bad shapes in body tats y I m helping you ❤️

  101. What about when learning the front splits in gymnastics / acro? The hip flexors must stretch 90 degrees back…

    1. It’s a family show, not a training video for professionals or athletes. Their advice is for regular people, mostly sedentary.

  102. I’d really like to see a video on increasing knee ROM and strength and on stretching the hamstrings. I have a bit of hyper extension in my knees but with limited range in flexion. Wanting to prevent arthritis and knee complications.

    1. Servers are slow on all alternatives because they’re ungood and underfunded. It’s awesome to hear other people say that. I’ve been trying to replace Facebook and YouTube for 5 years

    2. @nvan guy There is. But same as Facebook alternatives, there’s just a lack of content and users.

  103. First watching this, I wasn’t sure (needing two people, a special bed, etc…) … but those last stretches – wow! (t-i-g-h-t-n-e-s-s!) Thank you!

  104. Hi Bob, Brad, great video. I believe you make a small deduction error: When your straight leg is not coming down below the horizontal plane, it not necessarily means both hip-flexors and rectus femoris/sartorius aren’t flexible enough. Only when bending the leg gives even less flexibility, then you know it’s both muscle groups causing the stiffness, otherwise the only certainty is that the hip-flexors are the culprit, and improving those combined with new testing should point out whether the sartorius/rectus femoris need some stretching as well. Besides that, I love this test, I already use it a lot in my gymnastics classes to determine which muscles need attention to improve the splits. I wonder what your thoughts are regarding the actual effect of stretching: does it really lengthen the muscle, or only delay the neurological safety stop when applying stress. The latter theory gains more support lately I believe. However, if you are only interested in the end result, does it matter? if the latter theory where true, does that require more care in the stretching process or limit the maximum elongation? I really love watching your videos and already learned a lot from your advice.

  105. Most of my muscles are really flexible from doing Ballet. No wonder I have awful joints. When I went to physical therapy for my Pars Defect, my (very wonderful) Physical therapist said that I have big problems with having both really strong and flexible muscles, and that I end up underestimating my strength, making my joints shift and grind when working out. I’d love a video on how to correct these sorts of problems.

    1. Just do the damn oversplits and kung fu horse positions already and don’t listen to PTs whose entire experience is in treating old half-crippled people like themselves.

    2. I’m just going to keep training for the splits for one simple reason: there’s Shaolin monks that can do it all their lives that live a very long life.

    3. I am thinking that as long as you don’t overstretch the muscles and keep proper alignment, it’s okay.

    4. @KT Kee That’s my question too is getting to the splits (and you don’t have any hip flexor issues) a problem?

  106. Should you only stretch the hips when you feel them being tight? Mines were really tight a month ago and then I watched your hip stretching video and have been doing those exercises ever sense. My hips aren’t tight anymore. I have degenerative disc disease. I also have decent flexibility

    1. They aren’t saying it’s bad. They’re saying if you’re too “loose” it be becomes counter productive.Not if you inflexible or “too tight”

  107. If you can touch your thumb to your wrist its called hypermobility and often indicative of Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome

  108. Pretty sure you made this video for me. I’d never stretched them until after a massage once and she really had me believing it was good… then while walking into Walmart one day I had to grab onto my husband and have him brace me until my hip popped back into place. It was painful. Once I stopped stretching that, it stopped.

  109. Thank you SO much for briefly addressing joint hypermobility (or, “looseness”). I have Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS… formerly known as EDS Type 3) and immediately recognized the test you did with the thumb reaching the inside of your wrist… I think a video on the Beighton Score and the signs, risks, etc associated with hypermobility would be extremely useful for many viewers. I have always been known as the the girl who was circus-freak-flexible and I’ve had a long and varied history of joint dislocations, yet the widespread ignorance among doctors about joint hypermobility syndrome and hEDS resulted in me not receiving a diagnosis until I was 30 and nearly disabled from pain. Even after getting diagnosed (that thumb test in your video was one of the factors in my diagnosis!), moving to Houston to be near the “top” genetic connective tissue team in the country, and seeing PM&R docs twice weekly, my condition continued to deteriorate. It wasn’t until I finally found a physical therapist willing to educate himself on my uniquely floppy body (… and a Rolfing practitioner…and a Pilates instructor who also happened to have hEDS but was treated properly at an early age in life… and spending a year becoming a CPT/ an expert on hEDS) that I started to see improvements. I think a video on hypermobility could be really eye opening for a lot of parents, doctors, and maybe even some achy-stretchy people out there. Please feel free to DM me with any questions!

    1. I instantly thought of EDS, especially with the thumb-to-arm test. I don’t have it but I’ve read up on it and watched some videos on here.

    2. Have you run into any paricularly good books or other resources on hypermobility? So far Ive just found that strength training with perfect form every time and ultra conscious of how I move keeps things manageable… moving perfectly all the time is pretty tough though, so. Just last year finally had a doctor say yup, that is WAY too much movement, and it’s probably genetic. Fun times.

  110. Can overstretching hip flexors cause a recurrence of a herniated disc?????

    I had started doing a new hip flexor stretch in yoga when my disc popped out again. Just wondering if the two were related. My disc is better now after a year of healing, but I don’t want to do that yoga pose again if it’s bad for my back!!

    1. Yoga hip openers can cause laxity in the hip joint and lead to many issues like labral tears and arthritis. What you need is to strengthen the stabilizers of the hip joint. See for information on doing yoga in a way that stabilizes rather than stretches the hip joint.

  111. I’ve been doing that hip flexor stretch @7:00 for ages. I have a lot of pain in the left side and it has gotten worse. I feel that pain shoot up into the abdominals and chest.

    1. Rick Bauer try targeting the glute muscles. Check out athleanx search for things like rounded shoulders, glutes, and low back. These are good for targeting general joints but athleanx will show you which positions to hit those really small muscles that could get overlooked in this video. Like the glute muscles that bend the knee that they mentioned

  112. hey Bob and Brad do you know any exercises to make your knee muscles stronger? can you make a vid on It?

  113. The hospital. In uk Birmingham. City hospital they gave me a appointment I went all was fine they wanted to send me to therapy and to a knee specialist. And then they never called me back so I called. And they said I missed a “appointment” that hospital. Is ridiculous they ain’t in pain but I am

  114. Thanks for reminding me how to do the Thomas test properly!! It is those dang hip flexors that are causing me problems.

  115. These videos are the best I’ve ever seen around physical therapy. No overconfident guarantees with a lack of hard science and experience. Good work guys! Thank you!

    1. Athlean-X has a good channel too. He’s a professional sports trainer and physical therapist.

  116. I don’t know where to ask this but can you guys do a video on ulnar impaction syndrome exercises and/or good braces for it if there are no exercises?

  117. the loose all over is called elhas danlos syndrome of which there are many variants causing a range of physical symptoms. It underpins all my spine problems despite having been a gymnast as a kid and a gym junkie all my adult life (and stretching after all activity). Being able to over stretch is not good for the spine never mind the hips. There is genetic testing for it but obviously that costs.

  118. Guys it’s 2018 soon to be 2019. Wtf do you keep up with modern times? And do you have your kid film these videos

    1. i kinda enjoy the nostalgia of this style of low budget videos reminds me of when i was a kid… sort of comforting ☺️

  119. Can you talk about what is tight when you can’t sit cross legged? Thanks you guys are awesome 👏🏻

    1. I am able to cross left leg while i cany do the same with my right leg while sitting cross legged.

  120. I love stretching but I have loose joints and so what’s the best way to strengthen my muscles so as to compensate for the additional flexibility?

    1. Hi. Do you know about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? You might wanna check out and see if it speaks to you. It’s very important you know if you are concerned or not. Have a good day.

    2. I have found Pilates good for increasing muscles around joints and thus helping to stabilise them, but you need to work with a Pilates instructor not just use YouTube .

    3. J Riley, same here. I find working with weights in good form and within the normal range of motion to be helpful. Stretch bands also within the range of normal motion.

    4. Thanks, I have tried different types of yoga for years but for someone who is hyper mobile it tends to aggravate the joints rather than strengthening them.

  121. I have grade 1 anterolisthesis on my l5s1. What is the treatment? What are my opcionts? My lower back hurt a lot.

  122. This one is me I think
    I was sure I had tight hip flexors but I don’t think so now. Probably why stretching didn’t help so great video thanks ! Funny too

  123. Happy world physiotherapy day bob and brad…you are best physios and help me alot in my plan of managememt…thank you for sharing your knowledge..😁

  124. Don’t worry about the complainers… they probably complain about most anything. Your very informative. Love you guys

  125. I am disabled with severe CRPS in my left lower leg/foot and RSD (stage 1 of CRPS) in my arm/hand. I can no longer use my leg or foot, it is not connecting with my brain but the pain is intense and the bones are fusing and disolving only in my my lower leg and foot, I now live in a wheelchair. Question, What exercise do you recommend for me to reduce the weight gain, other than diet. I want to improve my muscle definition in my left gluteus (above my left knee, i have no pain but there is signs of muscle waste in my glutes). My calf has lost muscle waste but at this moment in time I can’t do anything about that due to my CRPS/BONE/BRAIN problem. I have one option before amputation below the knee, I’m booked on a intense physio/chiropractic residential course but waiting for confirmed dates, if this doesn’t work then the chop. I suffer with ADHD and have always exercised, my other bones in my body have great bone density and calcium because of the years of exercise, so as you can imagine I’m stir crazy and missing it. Now I’m in the low ebb. I work 4 days a week that takes all my strength and energy and I end up needing the rest of the week to recover so I can start working again on Monday. Please, have you any suggestions?

    1. RSD is not stage 1 of CRPS. RSD is what CRPS used to be called before the name change a few years ago.

  126. Brad, you mentioned pressure on, pressure off. I know you’ve addressed this before but I can’t remember; what is the advice about bouncing like they used to teach us? And is there a difference between bouncing and pressure on and off?

  127. I love you guys! I recommend you to everyone. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to helping others!

  128. Oweeee, getting Charlie 🏇’s in back of thighs just thinking about doing these & watching you guys… is that nomal? 😥
    OTBS, audio is back on par! yay

  129. Great tips, and thanks so much for improved audio. I’m sharing with my trainer. My hips are really tight.

    1. stretching alone is stupid. Stretching your tight illiopsoas before performing hip extension movements however, will help your body adapt to a better range of motion. If your hip flexors are really tight stretch them out then do some glute bridges, hip thrusts, deadlifts e.t.c

    2. @78 pink I asked that. They make it sound like a bad idea. I’ve heard that being to flexible can be bad for arthritis etc, but I’ve no idea if that’s a myth,

    3. @Ashley Taylor Ok thanks. Yea i have read stretching before lifting weakens the muscles. I follow a strongman and powerlifter on youtube and they do mobility work.

  130. Hi I have a problem on my knee can you do a video on dislocating patella my one is always dislocating I dislocated it fist time 2 years ago and I played. Football in July this year I twisted my ankle I went to the hospital. And the done a xray they told me to were the brace and now its always dislocating and they discharged me but its. Still really hurts I have the brace now since start of July I realy need help please

    1. You need a real life physical therapist and possibly an orthopedic consultation if physical therapy doesn’t help. No amount of simple advice is going to help you…btw who discharged you? Hope to god it wasn’t a physical therapist.

    1. From my experience you need to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings as well as stretch your hip flexors and quads. Results never stayed until I started doing this. Lower back should feel tight after you’ve stretched your quads too. I found a nice long forward bend whilst maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt stretched this nicely. Foam roller should be your best friend as well.

      Back pain is no joke. Be well

  131. Great video. Unfortunately I have to stretch the hip flexors in order to do the front splits (gymnastics).

    1. Thanks.. but I need to be able to do full splits… so it’s very difficult to avoid stretching the hip flexors.. I’ll try to see if I can avoid it. Thanks again. I do have lots of lower back issues

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