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The hip flexors are one of the first areas we rush to stretch since they tend to feel tight more often than any other muscle group. The problem is, tightness can often be confused for weakness and when you stretch a weak muscle you are only making the problem worse. In this video, I’m going to show you how to determine if your hip flexors are tight or weak and the appropriate approach depending on those findings.

First we need to talk a little bit about anatomy however. If you have ever had low back pain while doing ab exercises, then you know why the hip flexors are so important. They originate on the lumbar vertebrae and can pull on your lower back when they get tight. They can also wreak havoc elsewhere when weak. Determining whether or not you are dealing with a tight or a weak hip flexor is crucial.

To start however, you have to understand that the hip flexors are not a single muscle group. Instead, there are 5 muscles that contribute to the act of lifting the hip into flexion. Three of these (TFL, rectus femoris, and sartorius) originate at the level of the hip and the iliac crest which means that they are at a mechanical advantage to lift the knee to the level of the hip but are at a disadvantage to lift them any higher. Two other muscles however (the psoas and iliac) are found at a higher origin and are capable of lifting the hip past ninety degrees.

Knowing the difference between these muscles is a crucial step in determining the right course of action once you do your tests. Speaking of the tests, the first thing you want to do is see if you have a true tightness caused by muscle shortening. To do this, you are going to perform what is called a Thomas Test. Start by sitting at the edge of a bench or box with your legs halfway over the edge. Lean back and pull both legs into your chest and be sure to flatten the lower back against the surface.

From here, slowly drop one leg while tightly hugging the other to your chest. You want to observe two things about the down leg. First, is the thigh capable of making contact with the bench and second is the knee able to bend and hang freely at 80 or 90 degrees of flexion. If you find that either of these is not happening then you will want to straighten your knee and see what happens. If upon straightening you find that the thigh goes down to the surface, then your tight rectus femoris was what was keeping the leg up and you’d want to stretch that. If the leg didn’t drop down even after straightening the leg then you are dealing with a tight psoas or iliacus that could benefit from stretching.

The key is however, many times the Thomas Test is normal but the hip still feels as if it should be stretched. This is usually due to fatigue caused by having a weak hip flexor. In this case, you want to proceed to testing your strength. You can do this by either hugging one knee to your chest while standing tall and then releasing it. If you can hold it above 90 degrees but feel a cramp in the outer hip, then you likely have a high hip flexor weakness in the iliacus or psoas. If you can’t hold it there and the first place you can gain control of the thigh is at 90 degrees or lower, then once again you likely have a weakness.

Alternatively you can place your foot on a flat surface high enough to place your knee at a starting level above the hip. From here, lift the foot while standing upright and see if you can hold it off the box for at least 15 seconds without the cramping discussed earlier. If weak, you can use this as the exercise to strengthen it and can add resistance by placing a band around your foot or ankle.

Bottom line is, it is not smart to randomly stretch a muscle if you are not sure if it is actually tight in the first place. Instead, take a couple minutes and do a few tests to see what you are really dealing with. If you want a complete step by step program for getting in the best shape of your life without overlooking anything important that other programs often do, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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    1. I’ve been researching relieving back muscles pain naturally and discovered a fantastic resource at Fergs pain ease (look it up on google)

    2. There are several suggestions for treating pain from hip flexor muscles naturally
      Gradually start walking further per day
      Start an anti-inflammatory diet
      Consider starting yoga classes
      Lookup some online courses
      (I read these and the reasons they work from Fergs pain ease site )

  1. Holy sh*t, thank god i found your video, like two days ago i became convinced that i have tight hipflexors and started planning how i am going to do stretches every evening and morning from now on.. done it twice and it is like you says, better for a while but then it gets worse… also did the test, it is weakness for sure. Thank you so much, you just prevented a health problem i could get. Also thank god youtube for this suggestion, golden for sure 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤️

  2. This is an excellent video. I have had pain or discomfort in one of my hips and the flexors stretch never helped me on long term. I am definitely adding this exercise to my list. Thanks Jeff

  3. I cant stand for so long with one leg up.I topple and lose my balance does anyone know whats the problem?

  4. Would weak muscles in this area also cause pain when raising legs upto side or having them wider than hip width?

  5. I literally just watched another of his videos today saying to stretch the hip flexors to eliminate anterior pelvic tilt.

  6. I’m 70, Jeff, and still recovering from a ripped cartilage in my hip and two ruptured discs (courtesy of a masseur, who tried to be a chiropractor) This was a BIG help. Thank you!

  7. I have a booty from the side and I hate the way it sticks out .. I try and walk with better posture but can’t seem to do a better exercise to straighten out my lower back /butt ??? Help

  8. Everything you explain is applicable to me. Everything in the hips is worse in women. How about, alright ladies?

  9. I like that Jeff acknowledges that not all joint problems are the same. Too many internet bro channels go “I had back, ankle or knee problems too and fixed it doing this.” because a one size fits all approach works for all problems according to “experts” no matter what problems you have.

  10. Since it is the ONLY way, I get instant relief, In that area, will keep on doing it.
    And that does I can train it.

  11. Almost teared up when you mentioned the cause of cramping in the hip during flexion. Thank you so much bro

  12. I have a bad pelvic tilt and doing these test I realized my hips aren’t even tight OR weak I can do all test perfectly fine. Yet I have a super bad pelvic tilt. So what do I need to do ?

    1. Same, I have anterior pelvic tilt I for sure it was my hip flexors since I have never stretched them. Now it’s time to do the other things which is stretch lower back, strengthen flutes, strengthen abs

  13. I can release the elevated leg and hold it 15 sec, but as soon as I release the elevated hold, I feel mid level pain in the hip flexor region on each side…. I think that means more stretching?

  14. there is not full exercise training video for APT on the internet…plz sir give a complete training with time duration n rest u do with chest n biceps

  15. I really like your videos. However, please either remove the subtitles or place them where they do not block the very things that need to be seen. Thank you.

  16. Thank you so much for this. It helps explain so much for me. I finally have answers. 🙌🏽❤️❤️

  17. My hips are tight as fudge but I passed all these tests with ease. I know I have muscles compensating for other muscles but no one can figure out what’s compensating for what.

  18. Thanks Jeff ! Hey motorcycle riders and dirt bike guys, I hope you watched this. Been there.

  19. That’s absolutely wrong. lol

    My flexors are neither tight or weak but still I have anterior pelvic tilt.

  20. Hello, this is a very informative vid however I tried both the tricks n performed both the exercises/test u showed in this vid w/o any pain or discomfort. Now I m confused I hv weak hip flexor or tight quads. I hv a very bad anterior pelvic tilt n lamber lordosis too. Bt after watching this vid n trying out the methods u explained i m really confused.🙄 Plz reply. Pretty plz.

  21. Me stretching my hip flexors after exercise:
    Athlean-X: NO DONT
    Me: drops everything and clicks on the video to find out why

  22. God loves you and Remember that when God is Silent He is testing your faith He hears your prayer and His timing is perfect. You just have to trust in His plan and His timing. He loves you wholeheartedly. Not every day is promised and He could return at any moment.God bless you and your family

  23. I am confused now. I tested both and did not have too much of a problem with both. Still i got lower back pain.

  24. So amazing!!! You just changed my life with this video!!!!!💕💕💕💕forever!! Thank you !!!

  25. Dang it, I thought I had found the answer to my problem. I do stretch my hip flexor, get temporary relief, and then it hurts again. I did the knee hug laying down test and both my legs went down easy so I thought for sure it meant I have weakness. But I do the test for the weakness and that’s not it either :/ I’m able to hold my legs up for 15 seconds each, no soreness in the muscle below. I hug it to my chest and it stays pretty much in the same spot when I let go. Maybe something else is causing my lower back pain 🙁

  26. What about when u sit back and u drop a leg and as you drop a leg ur lower back makes a popping sound ????

  27. I’m not dealing with tightness or weakness, but my left (and only my left) TFL feels incredibly tight and painful when in its fully contracted position (90°+ in a squat, weighted or unweighted). Can anyone help me?

  28. Jeff, this has been one of the most helpful videos ive found for this issue. been dealing with hip flexor “tightness” and a friend suggested the pso-rite for psoas release. I would love to hear your opinion on this device because im guessing its dangerous considering the organs and structures in front of the psoas. dont wanna jam a hard piece of plastic into your intestine wall i imagine! would appreciate a video on this to clear things up

  29. Mine just have a cracking/popping sound when I lift my knee upwards and outwards. Didn’t feel much for neither of these exercise, now I don’t know whats wrong

  30. I generally am a natural born jumper and I have always found it useful to stretch my hip flexors, increased flexibility = more mobility, which is best for fast twitch muscle fibers, this is more on the strength side of stretching which hip flexors might not need as much stretching, but for explosive movements like sprinting and jumping require some flexibility fore longer strides and more effective penultimate steps for jumper’s

  31. Literally just watched your psoas video showing me how to stretch my hip flexors??? Now you are telling me not to?

  32. Everyone is telling different things, they all claim they are right. I suppose you have to try them all and see what works best for you.

  33. I know this is an old video but hoping you or someone could answer a question for me. For years I’ve struggled with hip pain especially in the groin area when I’m doing ab exercises. Could weak hip flexors cause this or is it something I would need to go to a chiropractor for

  34. I have interior snapping hip syndrome. All the videos I watched are telling me to stretch the way in the thumbnail, except tucking the buttocks underneath and not leaning forward or back.

  35. What if I don’t have a tightness or a weakness, but my hip flexors hurt like hell either way with ab exercises that also use the hip flexor?

  36. You can have both tight and weak hip flexors…. which is usually the case with people who sit all the time.

  37. Stretching my hip flexors literally allowed me to squat and use my legs again. Not saying Jeff is bad. Saying do what works for you.

  38. Thank you so much I was thinking that I had a tightness and it turns out I have a weakness when I did your last exercise trying to hold my knee up to my chest and release … it turns out it’s just on the one side but I will work at those strengthening exercises

  39. I’ve been watching a couple of videos on hip snapping, and the combination of videos Athlean X has helped me diagnose an abductor weakness. I’m going to address it and if I get better I Stg I’m going to become an Paladin in the Oath of the Swole

  40. Ok, so, my hip flexors bother me, but I passed both tests…does that mean I just have to deal with it?

  41. Partial solution: For reasonable combination of strength & flex., always include painless high knee lifts (90-115deg) while running in-place for warm-up. (no higher)

  42. Thank you for this. I thought I had tight hip flexors and I’ve been stretching them constantly. Come to find out they’re weak, not tight, so I’m going to start doing the leg lifts. Thank you!

  43. I have been trying to fix my hip problem for a while, and I think its because of weakness like he shows in the video, but I cant do the exercice because it hurts so much when I raise my right leg. Anyone has an idea.

  44. I was under the impression that hip extension was chronically weak in our society. Does working on hip extension mean stretching the hip flexors? Or are they different?

  45. Some say the interior flexors are the ones that are tight. It’s causing the exterior ones to be tight. And to stretch interior flexors that will relieve the exterior flexors. A few dr.s advised this to me. Check out dr. Joe’s videos. It’s been helping me too.

  46. I stopped stretching my hip flexors. Instead i trained my core and butt muscles to fix my anterior tilt.

  47. Now I’m confused, Jeff. I can do all those moves but I still have a pelvic tilt. Weak abs maybe?

  48. Years of kickboxing strengthened and stretched those, cause u have to take your legs high enough to kick. But my back still hurts tho(

  49. Omg I’ve been stretching my weak hip flexors for a decade 😳😳😳 more hip flexor beginner strengthening! The inside are and top hurt painfully all the time esp when I exercise

  50. Thank you, I learned something. Hopefully I can strengthen my hip flexors and get to the bottom of this nagging pain I deal with every day.

  51. For me, in these videos it was never stressed enough to make sure your hips were in thr right position for any test and how to get there. Too easy to test in the wrong position

  52. thanks alot for this i was gonna start doing hip flexor streches until i watched this and realized that my left hip is actually weak. gotta put the work in now to correct myself.

  53. Hey Jeff, I passed both tests but I have an anterior pelvic tilt and I can only do around 12 double leg raises before my hip flexors flare up with pain. Hope you can help me out

  54. omg i am SO grateful i found your video!! i was totally doing the wrong thing by stretching and i’ve noticed improvement by doing your recommended hip flexor exercise

  55. I had to re watch the part with the test like 10 times to understand what your conclusion was. Please be a bit more clear…

  56. I’ve been having hip flexor pain for a few weeks now, but after performing the exercises in this video I found I have neither tight nor weak hip flexors. So what do I do? I think I pulled it while running on the treadmill.

  57. When holding the leg up off the box to check for weakness in the hip flexor, what does it mean if the leg that is bearing weight gets a cramp in the hip flexor area?

  58. Huh. So i dont seem to fail at either of these tests, but i cant sit cross legged (from tightness in the hips)…that just leaves me confused.

  59. Someone get Jeff the lifetime achievement award for awesomeness… I’ve been watching for almost a decade, haven’t learned more from any other channel than Jeff’s.

  60. JEFF!! THANK YOU. I thought my hip flexors were tight just utilized this video and now I understand that they’re weak

  61. I fink dat 2geda ve can oll bcum better humans and dat von day ve can oll eat chikan and fish 2geda.. who agrees vid me?

  62. So I did both the test and it seems like my hip flexors are fine but I have this pain around the dimples of my back only on one side. I do have a lateral pelvic tilt. So my quads are tight and most likely my rectus formal muscle. So how do we stretch this ?

  63. Thank you!!! I’ve been experiencing some lower back pain on my right side only and felt like it was due to not stretching enough after exercises. Well, after doing your tests, I discovered its my quads that are tight, not my hips! In fact, I can hold either leg above 90 degree for a surprisingly long time (I wonder what exercises helped with that, because I sure wasn’t aiming for it, haha). Time to look for a vid addressing that problem now hahah.

  64. I stretch everything, whether it’s tight or not. That’s how I avoid feeling tight in the first place.

  65. Every time I see a title like this I get scared because I think I was doing something very wrong. Rest assured I do have hip tightness

  66. Do you address balance as how to stand in that one foot?
    Also, in the elderly when they start a wobbly walk .

  67. I could easily do both exercises in the vid but i stil have really bad anterior pelvic tilt, anyone know what i should do?

  68. I have been in pain for 7 months. Had a leg race with my son, is where the pain started. MRI showed L4, L5 bulging disc, and annual fisher on S1. Had major sciatic nerve pain for the first 3 months. Pain is less now no sciatic nerve pain, so do you think this would help me, or be a good idea for me to try?

    1. Just trying to be helpful, I’m a physio as well, and this is not going to fix your problem if you have a bulging disc and sciatica. That is an entirely different treatment approach.

  69. Ummm, why not both? Flexibility is not the opposite of strength. Yes, most of us probably need a good dose of hip flexor strength AND we also need flexibility/mobility there.

  70. thank you. my hip flexors suck. So would. RDL’s make this worse? name some exercises I. SHOULD NOT be doing. note. I do have kyphosis and scoliosis. I believe I have a high tolerance for pain. I just work through it. but this hip flexor soreness is pretty debilitating. painful to get up from a sitting position. Please help. Thanks. (anyone). I am 62 but I feel i look pretty good. I am not a crazy workout addict but I do what I can. cardio and free weights. haven’t been to a gym since March. Just at home.

  71. There’s a lot of ‘personal trainers’ on YT. Very few are trained in the science of exercise. This gentleman seems to be the exception.

  72. For those confused by the clickbait title : this is not about stating that the stretch is pointless, but rather about making sure that you really need the stretch _in your particular case_

    I Ihave done both test. My leg stayed in the air in the first one, even when straightening the knee. For the second, no problem, I was able to do the movement and the effort was not felt in the place noted by the video.

    So in my case, it seem I willI keep on stretching my hip flexors with wild abandon.

    1. thats not true, if you have lengethened weak hip flexors and tight glutes, and you stretch the hip flexors, then ure setting yourself up for hip impingement

  73. So I have a severe Anterior Pelvic tilt but had no problems with the tests does anybody have an idea what I did wrong?

  74. i get pain in my hip/lower back on one side but i passed all the tests so now i have no clue wtf is going on coz i thought it just needed stretching

  75. I wonder if there’s a case for doing BOTH stretching and strengthening? Assuming there’s no weakness or tightness.
    My Tae Kwon Do instructor is able to hold his leg in the elevated frontal position (leg straight) to about chin height for a good 30 seconds and i am not, i am flexible but lacking in strength, gonna do this test!!!
    This bloke certainly knows his onions!
    Many thanks.

  76. I swear every athlean x video just makes me feel like I have a new set of homework that I really don’t feel like doing

  77. The elated spear accordingly reproduce because canada clearly obey abaft a shaggy backbone. drab, wide half-brother

  78. Thank you. I’ve been told for years that the problem with my psoas was tightness. I did your tests and found the truth is the opposite! I will now give up the stretching, and replace it with strength work. Marvelous!

  79. What a fabulous video. Thank you! No WONDER my hip got screwed up with that yoga sun salutation pose … I needed strengthening not stretching.

  80. I have an accentuated but and experience tightness in my hamstrings when I deadlift and often aching in my lower back the day after (though not in a bad way). By these tests my hip flexors are neither tight nor weak. I’m guessing I might have weak glutes and/or abs.

  81. I dobt understand.. When u rıse up ur leg , ıf ıt fall Down ıt means u dont have tıght quadrıcep.. Bıt u saıd oppozıte that ıf ıt fall Down ıt has tıghtness quad. No it means weak quad.. Cause leg flexor not strong… Pls fıx me ı dont understand what u Explaıned?

  82. i don’t have tight hips or weak hips but i still feel a snapping when i do some leg raises etc etc. i don’t have lower back pain and i can’t reach my toes i also find it hard to move my hips and i’ve got a anterior pelvic tilt idk what to do or what this is can anyone help?

  83. Hello Jeff. Thanks for your great content. I’ve had arthroscopic femoral acetabular osteoplasty, acetabular/rim trimming, and labral reconstruction surgery (in 2012) and have been having anterior hip pain with increasing frequency in the past year w/climbing stairs, at times after long walks, and with doing squats. Doing the leg lifts can also flare up that pain. Any recommendations for safe ways to build and recover? For now, I’m focusing on strengthening abductors and glutes, which don’t trigger the anterior pain when working them. Glad to have found your videos!

  84. Ok so my upper leg layed flat to the bench but my lower leg didn’t hang at 90 degrees. Does that mean I have a tight quad but my hip flexors ok??

  85. I can do both with ease. But i habe crippling backpain in my lower back/isg. I can deadlift 400lbs and more, but i cant stand still, because my back cramps and screams and gets tight. What can I do now? Espicialy on my right side

  86. Holy shit! My hip flexor has been sore for months and I’ve just been stretching it the whole time. Who knew it was just weak the whole time! Jeff is a life saver! This was the exact video I needed I’m saved

  87. I really do have weak hip flexors! I just did 2 lifts for 15 sec and my hip muscles are like: wtf is going on. I could lift it but it was done with a lot of effort and i couldnt hold it much higher than 90°. For someone that can lift heavy things, that is alarming.

  88. When you ask a muscle to do a movement and it cramps that does not equal weakness… the muscle is just not functioning properly, big difference in these two.

  89. Amazing. Ive had a horrible pain in my right hip and the strengthening has worked tremendously in relieving the pain. Thank you

  90. I have anterior pelvic tilt and a tightness on my hip flexors. Would it also be appropriate to do this exercise to strengthen the hip them at the same time?

  91. This video is awesome. I have pain in my lower back and suffer from APT anterior pelvic tilt. Do I automatically just focus strengthening my glutes, abs, and stretch hip flexors?

  92. What if the tests seem to say you are neither tight nor weak yet still deal with lots of pain in this area?

  93. Did a search for “Box Hip Openers wrong” and this popped up. Hearing trainers tell clients to open their hips every time they have tense muscles I want to chew through a pillow like Scooby. Even worse when they stretch clients with improper alignment and tell them to accept the sensation and not back out, which is how people snap their ish up in studios across the world. It amazes me how many trainers spew novel length explanations and act as if the kinetic chain doesn’t exist.

    1. Prateek Dawar I’m not professional but I can say that pain could be any number of things. It can be a spinal issue and it manifest in your hip or it can even be that your calves are tight and that’s pulling your lumbar up. You probably already know the best way to find a solution to that is to have it checked by a doctor.

    2. Edward can you help me out? So i did the 2 tests in the video and i was able to do them both,i could even hold my leg and it didn’t drop down.So what should i do?
      The thing is i have to sit in a weird spot because of my chair,and i thought that my hip flexors must be getting tight and weak so i was doing streches and excercises for around a week,so should i keep doing that?

  94. Jeff you just exploded my view in a million pieces. Ive been stretching my hip flexors incorrectly and unnecessarily for years whereas I had the opposite problem ( weakness iasue)

  95. He knows everything about sports do much better than anyone I hope this helps me getting my broken pelvis back

  96. This is really informative! As a masaage therapist I come across many people complaining about tight hip flexors and I’ve never thought it could the weakness actually. Thank you!

  97. but…… i started stretching my hip flexors right when you told me to for vertical jump

  98. So in the end what you need to do is training AND stretching. Like with every muscle… Anyways interesting insights

  99. Extension after strenghten the muscle makes sense to me anyway, so would u recommend both ways at the same time?

  100. This freakin saves my life, been doin a ton stretches variations thinking that my flexors are tight and got frustated cause the pain keeps coming back and it turns out my flexor was damn weak.

    God bless you Jeff for this, you saved thousands of people and explained every details that we need to understand, your works are revolutionary , I can’t thank you enough

  101. Nice demonstration. I am 3 years post operative THR patient. After 3 years still I have muscle weakness. I can’t bring my knee to my chest. It’s limited to 90 degree. In a standing Position i can’t bring my knee hip level, i feel tightness. What should i do?

  102. I do physical therapy at home. Athletico physical therapy in iowa was where I started I believe I have this problem along with arthritis and hip bursitis. Any advice on hip bursitis

  103. I don’t even need to try this to know for a fact my lower back will not lay flat in those positions.even laying normally I couldn’t get my lower back to touch the ground unless I really strain my lower abs and ass

  104. I’ve been stretching my hip flexors for 3 months now and my ham strings are still really tight when should I start stretching my hamstrings

  105. Thanks always Dr. Jeff.
    I call you doctor because every question about our muscles you have a tons of right answers and exer cises.
    So you are a doctor!
    I was wondering about hip joint and you explained very good.
    Thanks Dr. Jeff.

  106. Would have been a great video if it were not for the disgusting Joe hidin propaganda commercial…. There is not another round of covid-19 and President Trump is the best president in our lifetimes

  107. so according to the video I have neither hip tightness or weak hips, yet every day I feel pain and feel like i need to stretch them both out…. now what

  108. I definitely have a weak side on the right – I had a diskectomy in June for a lumbar herniation and I still have hip pain while walking. I have 2 degenerative discs in the same area and that part hurts even more now. Stretching doesn’t really help. I will try this and see how it goes!

  109. I did both tests and both confirm that I do indeed have very tight hip flexors. So now that I know, how do I work on them?

  110. Jeff, I tried these exercises. The first one you showed I could do pretty good. The knee did not go down when I straightened leg. The one with the knee above 90 degrees on box I could not do. I couldn’t even lift the foot off the box. The third one with the knee up to the chest and letting it drop I couldn’t hold it up, would drop below 90 degrees. I have an inversion problem on my right foot and get back pains on the right side on the glute muscle. Don’t know if that has something to do with the flexors. I’ve even had trouble walking now, my hips just feel tight. When I cut my yard and pull back on the mower it feels like my legs want to give out on me. I don’t know how to fix it. Can you recommend a program where I can fix those problem areas?

  111. The second I enlisted in the army I leave in a month and my hip flexors start hurting no back pain though so annoying I stop my running just in pain and weakness

  112. Thanks for this – did the tests and I believe this is me to a T – i hope it helps my low back issues

  113. This video recommendation came up while I was watching Bob and Brad the Physicians on YouTube explain poas and they left out a lot compared to what you offered here in this video and you actually helped me find out what my issue is better than those other two doctors.

  114. Love all your clips. You are the best instructor I’ve ever seen. Vert very knowledgeable. Thanks for helping us.

  115. Jeff, If you find that you have a weakness on one side how often would you do the leg lift above 90 degrees? Daily? How many reps and sets? Thanks!

  116. Good info. I’ve had low back issues on and off for years. I use to stretch the hamstrings , which helped but it would return. So I’ll try this and see how it does.

  117. My balance is bad I was struggling to not fall on the ground while I was doing the test

  118. In doing the strength test/exercise, I’m getting a painful pinching sensation in my right hip. What would cause that and how might I fix it?

  119. Someone go tell David Goggins to stop stretching his hip flexors. I dare you.

  120. Jeff — is the complaint of “sciatica” in older folks likely do to this weakness most often… and strengthening is likely the solution vs stretching… eh?

  121. Going to look through more of your videos. I tried this standing and one leg I could stand on and the other I could not! I know I have an issue I just have to figure out what it is.

  122. Looks like my one hip is weak and another is tight .🙂 Also I have interior pelvic tilt where you said to stretch hip flexor. What should I do?

  123. Apparently my flexibility is okay and my leg is strong enough but I still get pain running fast or doing long runs. Also get a pinching feeling when doing heavier bench press

  124. I can get through both tests with no problem but i have ATP. In the first test i can bent my knee up to 80 degrees but there’s a slight tightness (is it normal?). In the second test i can hold my legs up to one minute without feeling cramps at all. I’m terribly confused about what exercise i should do, i don’t want to injure myself but i need to exercise everyday 🙁

  125. In the first test…. what if your leg is flat against the bench but your knee doesn’t bend to the 80degree mentioned. Does this still mean tight RFemoris? If I straighten my leg it doesn’t change that me leg is already flat on the bench 🤔

  126. When I do this, and allot of ab exercises where my legs are straight something pops in my hips with no pain, but it makes it hard to control the motion of my legs especially when I’m hanging.

  127. So helpful! I was stretching when in fact I should have been strengthening!!
    Hopefully the pain will now go away and I can run again 🏃‍♀️

    1. @Seven V Well if they want real advice, strengthen all of your muscle groups, especially your core, leg lifts/scissor kicks will strengthen your hip flexors, abductors, quads, everthing. And after that there is NOTHING wrong with stretching them out, its beneficial to say the LEAST lol. I just hate how hes giving people misleading advice its not the way to get a point across, at all.. Getting stronger in those end ranges of motion in your joints will get rid of that “tightness” trust me

  128. everything is okay except the first part. When I was going lay back and pulled both knees up and dropped one my leg cannot touch the ground and my knees went close to 75 degrees not 90. The rest of them I can done acceptable. So what should I do?

    1. if you straighten your leg on the bench (just like at 3:10) and your leg doesn’t get on the level of the bench, then your quads are not the weak point and you have to work on your hip flexors. If the quads are too weak, they fall on to the bench when straightening the leg. So you should work on your hip flexors if i understand you right

  129. Question, I can hold my leg up, but I can feel it cramp a bit, and I can feel literal knots in my hip flexors, that means they’re tight, right?

    1. Whether your hip flexor is tight or not depends upon where you are having a cramp.

      Short answer: if the muscle near your glutes gets cramps you have weak hip flexor. If it doesn’t then your hip flexor isn’t weak.

  130. I’m half way through and I just want to say, this is the best muscle and tendon information I’ve ever seen on the internet. This is outstanding information, and presented better than anyone ever has.

  131. The number of videos that say Stop DOING THIS! Most of us end up doing nothing, just to play it safe.

  132. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else
    nts to learn about aching hip flexorsbest workout for hips try Nevolly Hip Relief Nerd (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  133. You are awesome bro….
    Thanks for doing this.
    I think i got both!!! One side need stretching and the other need to be tighten..
    Any ideas?? The heavy side effects my shoulder duo to the extra wight

  134. Tried lifting the left leg off of a chair above 90 and something was pulling me sideways. Any idea what that would be?

  135. Can anyone help me? I was able to keep my leg suspended above 90 degrees for 15 seconds and I was also able to pull my knee up and keep the other leg flat against the bench but when I do sit-ups my lower back hurts at 10 sit-ups

    1. Weak abs, and because of that a lack of propper form 🙂 Look it up, Jeff has a video about that issue!

  136. Just started adding Sprint workouts to my post HIIT routine and my God my hip flexors ached but before stretching I had a vague memory of Jeff saying something about this very thing and sure enough. Glad my memory held on to that last tidbit of this video otherwise I’d be needlessly stretching right now

  137. Hey I am still not sure what to do, there is a weakness but the front of my hips feel so tight and painful I use to not be able to stand up straight, I kept having to push myself up, as if my muscles had atrophied in a sitting position, I also had a lot of weakness in the core muscles . 9 years ago I was paralyzed when 2 fungi attacked my upper spine. I hv3 been slowly getting stronger but that tight feeling remains. I feel the stretching helps but there is weakness. I feel I need both but from what your saying it is one or the other …..

  138. Searching home workout guide in youtube is funny…when we started to follow some video, another video pop ups just to tell us what we’ve already done was wrong and danger…..😆😆😆😆😆

  139. Jeff kind of looked like a marionette puppet lifting his knee up real high like that. Haha no idea where that came from but it made me laugh

  140. I’m trying to jump higher, I don’t think I have tightness but that cramp you were talking about for weak hips. Will these exercises help my vertical? Thanks for response.

  141. When I lift my left leg I feel a lot of effort from my right glute. I feel like I’m compensating but I haven’t been able to narrow down if its glutes, hip flexors or abs

  142. Thanks for making this video! I’ve been trying to track down the source of some back pain that started out of the blue and I’ve been making progress via stretching for a couple of days now. The check for psoas weakness was something that I’ve been looking for!

  143. Somebody help I keep looking for exercises to fix pelvic tilt but I think I am doing something wrong because when I do the exercises I can’t feel myself going back into normal posture.

  144. Thanks for this video. I watched one that suggested I stretch my hip flexors but then saw your video and found out I just have weak hips. Now i know how to get those babys worked out without damaging them. Thanks again ✌🏼

  145. I sure would like to see more. First time I see something that I feel is accurate and WELL EXPLAINED. My problem is weakness and tightness CENTER front right in the crease of the front of my right leg, a little closer to the groin. I have never been able to get the back of my thigh flat on the bench since my first hip replacement on the right side. this problem comes and goes. A few minutes ago the first time I lifted my leg and place my foot on a chair in front of me, I felt like I had to pick it up manually and place up there. Just from doing those tests I can now pick it up to 90 degree angle? I had one total replacement on that side, about 27 years ago, and a partial re-replacement with two screws about a little over a dozen years ago. I am soon to be 83 years old and still teaching ballet. Where can I see more on this subject?

  146. OK – so what happens if I do the test, I don’t have tightness in either the quad or the hip flexors, but when I do the strength test, I don’t feel the side of my hip getting sore – I feel the same spot that’s sore/tight. – right at the front of the hip (where the top of the crease formed by my thigh and torso ends). It feels like there’s a few cables that are running through there. I can’t fire my glute fully either on that side. Also – I do have a lot of pain in my lumbar area on the same side as the hip flexor soreness. Help!

  147. Im super tired of stretching with a vid and then finding another that says “don’t do it that way” and AFTER that, found ANOTHER ONE that says “don’t do it THAT way” 😫😫

  148. Alright… But what if I have fine hip flexibility, and I can catch my knee above 90 degrees, yet still I find my self debilitated from hip flexor pain/tightness?

  149. Thnx my hip kills me to, I’m going to try the hip weakness exercise 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  150. When I lift my leg a muscle towards the inside of my leg hurts. What does that mean? Which move should I do?

    1. Same here. That inner thigh muscle is tighter than a guitar string and it HURTS. Physical therapist once worked on it and it was amazing. I forgot what he said and did, and now it has come back. HELP!

    2. Same here, and that joint generally feels unstable (and will occasionally twinge if I lift it too high in a bent position). Would be interested to hear if anyone knows what might be causing it

  151. I have to do hip flexor stretches for my knee rehab, it was given by a physiotherapist.

  152. Fuck dude I’ve had back pain but always was super flexible in the hips, and stretching all the hip flexors and stuff always felt amazing now I realize it’s just my weak ass ass that’s failing me.

  153. in the first test my leg didnt go down until i straightened it which means i have a quad tightness right? how do i fix this

  154. I don’t think I have either, I have a snapping hip on my right hip. It clicks when I drop my leg down sometimes

  155. I’d say that the stretch you are discouraging if your hip flexors are too weak are fine as long as they stretch your rectus femoris (aka when you have weak psioas and tight quads).

  156. Hi Jeff,
    What if I don’t have tight hip flexor and when I test if my hip flexor is weak, when I lift my leg from the box, I feel pain?
    What’s the cause and what should I do? Should I keep practice hip flexor or no?

  157. My hip flexors are weak, my glutes are weak, my chest is weak, my quads are weak, my arms are weak…. 6 months of working out and mostly I’ve just got injured

  158. When I attempted to do the standing test of holding my knee and releasing it, I feel a sharp pain in the groin area… no bueno! What should I do?

  159. Ok I fail to pass the first test, my leg wont drop to the bench. I have tight flexors. Which are the best exercises to do?

  160. Guy made so clear
    Yes guys I was doing this and which unknowingly doing this with hip flexure weakness and got muscle cramps

  161. I am uncertain what I should be doing. My hip flexors are sharp and tight, especially after I run, and get progressively worse if I don’t stretch them. Once I do stretch them, the pain goes away. However, I have lower back pain whenever I do core exercises, and the ‘try to hold your leg up past 90 degrees’, makes the outside of my support leg feel sharp and crampy. So, should I stretch or are those muscles just weak? Should I stretch AND those muscles are weak?

  162. Duuuuuuuuude. I have A HUGE hip flexor weakness and I never would’ve adressed it correctly. THANK YOU. Next thing, I’ll look for info on hip rotators.

  163. If you have weak hips and you sit down alot, shouldn’t you stretch them since they get tight?

  164. What does it mean when I am doing the dynamic test and my leg goes all the way down to the floor; so not up or 90? I have pain on the quad where it hinges to lift the leg up.

  165. i love this channel so much but i dont agree with this video. i have been stretching my hip flexors for the fast couple months and i definitley think my hips are way looser than they were before and my patellar tendonitis is almost 100% gone. Not saying that stretching is better than strengthening by any means but i do think its very very important to stretch a lot

  166. i dont think that if you have weak hip flexors you need to stop stretching them. on the contrary, strengthen them at the end range of motion in flexion and extention, thats the only true balance and joint health

  167. Holy crap!! I can not believe how much this helps after just a few days. Been stretching these like crazy and the second I would hop on my skateboard I could feel my hipflexors getting so tight. Issue completely gone, I still have ptsd from my hips being so tight though.

  168. This video’s great! I was worried – a student shared the video and the title concerned me – as we do dance and circus arts and often have strong but tight hip flexors, stretching appropriately is important. I know a catchy title is good for getting views, but it was misleading for the great content in the video 😀 Just a thought.

  169. Ok stop telling lies. I’m a gymnast and stretch my hip flexors every day and I’m perfectly fine

  170. Hey Jeff, trainer here. What if it causes pain on the outside of the hip like you mentioned. Do you have the client still do the test as the exercise even though it’s causing them pain? Explain to them it’s like poking the bear, etc?

  171. I have this problem and was concerned why it did not get better with stretching. Thank you Athlean X!

  172. Is it possible to have a tightness is the muscles that bring the knee to hip height but simultaneously have a weakness I the muscles that bring the knee above hip height?

  173. Nice movie. However you can learn about workouts more. Just google for Unflexal instructions.

  174. how did i miss this video ??? I watched every other one when his voice went out, but not this one….been having these hip issues forever..time to figure out which one.

  175. 4:28 lift off hold for 15 sec — cramp outside of hip = muscle weakness
    OR hold above 90 and dynamically let go — catches at 90 = muscle weakness

  176. I’ve been feeling tight in my hip flexor and I’ve been stretching etc and it isn’t gett any better. Do I need to strengthen it ??

  177. Ok so I put my foot on a table that made my knee go up well past 90 degrees towards my chest. I was able to hold it there (with great difficulty) for 15 seconds. Then, when I set my foot on my ground, my whole upper leg started cramping/getting painful for about 10 seconds. This is probably a weakness issue?

  178. i pass the two tests….yet i still have a lower back pain, and a hip blink when i squat,, but recently i have watched a japanese show that says if you cant jump to 1 meter ahead from a leg fold sitting position, literally just jump out of the position with your upper body straight, you cant do that you have weak lliopsoas, ,,, can anyone tell me if thats true.

  179. Isn’t it good to fix APT tho ? I Just saw a video of a guy saying this execice is good at fixing it (among others)

  180. Hi Jeff. I like your knowledge, but you are losing your voice because you are breathing with your upper chest. This is inefficient and creates a lot of excessive tension in your neck and your vocal cords. You have to change this, otherwise, you’ll lose your voice with the amount of talking you are doing. Contact me if you want to talk about

  181. I was so excited to find your women’s channel, after watching this video. Until I saw the video titles, and topics. Kardashian butt. Winter party dress goal. A quick scroll showed short workouts and single muscle or area (usually the “stomach” or “tummy”) No educational and informational videos speaking to women expertly about their bodies. It’s a shame this brand has totally missed the mark on women’s TRAINING.

  182. Jeff, you have helped more athletes than any other personal trainer or physical therapist. The comment section seems to agree.

  183. How far back should one bend his leg
    Should the knee point to your head or can it be less of an angle

  184. so i figured out i have weak hip flexors when it comes to endurance (as i can catch it straight away when it falls) but i actually have pain in the front of my hip groin area… is this purely weakness ? it started when i began running a lot

  185. I have a question, when i walk on flat ground i start to feel(not pain lets say its like i would like to stretch it) my hip flexors (groin) after lets say 2 h of walk. When going uphill i have no problems with that. I m also a horse rider, so i m about 2h per day in that half seat position where those muscle suffer i think, lets not forget i also sit a lot =). I have some lower back issues as well. I did the tests and i almost touch the bottom with hamstring when the leg is stright, when bending the knee it gets a bit off the ground, i have to mention that when i hold my knees to the belly with force (child pose also if i force it)i feel a pain in my groin. When doing the strength test, i can hold it lets say almost normal. Sooooo i wonder do i have to stretch or strengthen them, or both =)?

  186. So if I have an anterior pelvic hip wtf do I do bc in another video he said stretch that bitch

  187. I’ve been stretching my hip flexors off and on for almost a year… I just now discovered they’re weak… thanks Jeff!!

  188. Hi! I know this video is old but I am watching through all of them. Would like to know if the free program is still available ? Thanks alot for all the info. Eben from South Africa

  189. Hi Jeff, love all of your tutorials. Question, in this video I passed all of the tests. My flexor isn’t tight or week but I’m still getting an intense shooting pain in that area that stops me from lifting my left leg at sporadic times. Wondering if there is another option for a diagnosis of shooting pain in the front hip flexor area?

  190. That skeleton has a scoliosis.
    And a lost arm due to a violent sword fighting.
    Four centuries ago

  191. I pulled my groin years ago and it continues to annoy me. I did the two tests and neither really seemed to fit. When I did the second one of lifting my knee above 90 the inside of my thigh started to cramp (on my none pulled groin side it did too but much more mild). So my questions is, do I continue to try and stretch or more bulid strength?

  192. I happily passed the test that you hold your knee and let go. Both side of my body are ok. But WHY can’t I do TREE POSE standing in my left foot? I feel a weakness on my right groin. HELP, please!!!!

  193. Trigger point lumbar area is killing me. Dry needling technique useless. Massaging didn’t work. What can I do?

  194. Wow, I almost teared when you said “getting temporary relief after stretching. And then getting worse an hr later” that’s been me for years. Thanks man. Really.

    1. How many other channels did you watch where an “expert” (because it worked on him) claims a one solution to all your back, knee shoulder problems no matter what they are? What may help for one kind of problem may not work for another and actually make it worse.

    2. @Minh Bui As a guy who went to numerous doctors because of a back injury, I can safely say, doctors are absolutely useless for stuff like this. They have zero idea of how to get to the root-cause of the problem, so all they do is prescribe medicine for the pain symptoms, give sometimes-mildly-useful tips for dealing with the pain, or send you to another doctor who usually isn’t any better.

      Doctors may know a lot of things, but getting down to the root-causes of certain muscle, joint, or skeletal-related pain, is apparently not one of them.

  195. Hi! I did your test and my hip flexors are not tight or weak but I get this pain in my left hip. I know my hips are out of balance because of my spine. I have been keeping away from squats and stuff like that but now gyms are closed so I have started to add them in and my hip pain has returned and I don’t know what to do about it. So how to get rid of hip pain if I have no weakness or tightness in my hip ? Thanks

  196. Holding 15 seconds is easy peasy, could hold a full minute. I guess my hip flexors are strong from running sprints, not just gym always

  197. Thanks man. This video proved the opposite of the title and I thank you for these ways to help figure out for yourself what’s going on.

  198. what does it mean if during the first test where I raise the right knee to my chest I get pain in my left hip flexor after the test, does it mean its a weak hip flexor?

    1. @finn lacy ok buddy, cya later Karen. You call me a little geek, when you are literally a distance runner. Sprinters are the complete opposite.

    2. Jello Jello yeah i run 12k every other day you don’t have to chat to me about “i’m a runner” i don’t care anymore what you have to say your boring me mr deadbeat and no i don’t think i’m gonna even read it all you sad little geek you should have entertained me before lost interest now

    3. @finn lacy Okay, I’ll entertain your ideas a bit. First of all, he isn’t running sprint like paces in long distance runs. I’m a short and mid-distance sprinter myself. He couldn’t have been running at a sprint pace during his race where he went from 70th place to top 10. Sprint pace would be like 90%-100% effort in running, you’d go a lot faster, but obviously you couldn’t maintain that speed for that long. And in case you disagree with me David Goggins has said himself that he stretches his hip flexors for two hours everyday, and that hes only missed 3 days in the last couple years of stretching. Its essential to his routine. So my initial comment was just humorous towards the title of the video that said to “Stop stretching your hip flexors”. You clearly didn’t get the point. But that’s okay, some of us are slow. lmao.

    4. Jello Jello that’s it, insult me on something you have no idea about that is completely unrelated because you can’t give a decent arguement but you was giving it big uns earlier😂

    5. @finn lacy Its just a fucking joke comment Finn, you must be a deadbeat at parties. Jesus Christ.

  199. These videos are killing me. I search for “stretches for people who sit all day”, and I get three stretches from Bowflex, one being this stretch. Then, YouTube recommends this. Come on already.

  200. I swear Jeff posts a lot of videos like stop this or don’t do this, and yet other health and fitness professionals will tell you plank is good, stretching hip flexors is great to improve this and that…WHO DO WE BELIEVE

  201. I was doubting weather i have hip flexor tightness or not
    And by trying your test I’ve seen a clear difference between my tight leg and the other one !!

  202. So I have anterior pelvic tilt, and YOU told me to stretch my hip flexors. WHICH IS IT JEFF?

  203. What if you have trouble getting your knee over 90? I can hold it where I can get it to but can’t get it a lot higher than 90.

  204. So i have APT but I can do all of these exercises without problem, and can raise my knee far beyond 90 degrees. That means that in my case the hip flexors are the problem right? and that I shouldnt stop stretching them to fix my APT? anyway do not appreciate the misleading title

  205. Thanks so much, after watching two of your hip mobility related videos, I found that that I need to work on strength

  206. What to do if u have a snapping hip ( the pop sound that comes when you lift ur leg 90° or more than 90° and drop ur leg to the ground)? Which sometimes causes pain.

    1. Literally everything pops for me…I don’t think that’s good…I’m 16 😂 and like, if I’m leaning on my arm too long, I’ll get up and when I extend my arm it’ll make a cracking sound…dunno what it means but I don’t think it’s good…..

    2. same with me when I do side knee crunch I have that popping sounding n that really irritates me

  207. Is it plausible to have a weak AND tight hip flexor? It seems that’s the case for me, so do I stretch AND do the second test? But from Jeffs advice it seems that’s counter intuitive?

    1. Ben Payne I was lying down trying to diagnose it and I think I have the same problem. I definitely have tight quads but straightening out my leg didn’t make much of a difference

  208. I seem to have a combination of both, my pain is more anterior….I had an MRI not too long ago that stated my TFL was slightly hypertrophic on my right side…..what can I do to relieve the pain and strengthen that area?

  209. Hello, I would like to thank you straight from the heart for this video. With your advice I was able to diagnose my problem and starting to work out, to fix my lower back pain, which lasted over 1,5 year’s. I’m incredibly thankful for helping me and taking my pain away. ❤️❤️❤️

  210. Can I do some stretch after all of those exercises to trenghten the hip flexor ? becouse I got cramp and serious pain during and after.

  211. At first I thought Jeff was whispering because he knows I’m watching this at 01:36 in the morning

  212. It’s the pain factor you didn’t cover Sir. My right adductor area and lower back causing forward bending and leaning due to painful sudden cramp. It’s the front hip flexor area. I got it after jogging, sitting or sleeping on a bad bed.

  213. Goggins just told me not to stretch my hip flexors. and now you show me this. I’m done. I’m just gonna get fat and go to sleep.

    1. @Tony Dondada I never said don’t stretch your hip flexors. Did you watch the video?? The whole point is to identify if you have weak, or tight hip flexors and go from there.

    2. @Sam Croff But your still “tearing” those fibres when your stretching and expanding them. They dont stay torn or expanded they rebuild just just a workout but to a lesser extent. Why are we telling people not ti stretch their hip flexors ffs

    3. @Rose How do you differentiate between muscle tightness and muscle weakness? Is there any physical indicator? I constantly have this dull, searing pain on the back on my shoulder since forever (from years of school no doubt) and always have to massage it to make it go away for a little bit.

  214. Athlean-X = real sports medicine for lifting and fitness!!!Your the real deal man!!!Keep up the good work!!!Lifting and geting in shape safely should be easy!!!!!

  215. Is this advice helpful if you are trying to stretch for flexibility rather than just daily function or comfort? I want to get more flexible for dance but it has been very hard finding advice that relates to both muscle building and flexibility. There seems to be a big disconnect between these 2 things.

  216. Thank you, I think I can solve my problem now finally after years!!! Embarrassingly I’m a physio too. Watch this space!

  217. OK, well I had a hip replacement after 5 years of delay. I walked and worked on it no matter. My hip flexers grew increasinly tight over time. Today, even after my hip replacement and 3 months of stretching and exercising, I still have a situation with jammed muscles atop the hip joint. It actually makes my leg shorter than the other due to it being so tight. Should I really stop stretching? Seriously? Is this all it will ever be?

  218. So I have neither but I regularly get those cramps on the outside of the hip you mentioned. What’s up with that?

  219. Do you have any tips on how to avoid a groin pull/strain? I’ve had that for the third or fourth time now. Makes me take long breaks from working out.

  220. What if I cant even lift my leg higher when at the above hip position. Like it wont move. I’m so tight😩

  221. I was a massage therapist for 10 years, and this same thing exists with people coming in saying their low back is “tight” (I’d say 8/10 people would always say this)… in most cases, it’s not tight, it’s WEAK because the rest of your posture is bad (there are other weak areas), causing over-recruitment of your low back, which can’t handle even a normal load at that point. When muscles are either too long or too short due to under or over-recruitment, (“locked long” or “locked short”) they are actually WEAK. Stretching and massage always feels good, but SOMEWHERE, strength is lacking. It takes professionals like these to help you realize what you need to strengthen. Nice video.

  222. I don’t understand, I don’t have a tightness and my hip flexors aren’t weak, but still when I do leg raises, my inner tigh, groin and quads fatigue before my abs. They also hurt really bad

  223. great video, I have been told my quads are too tight and I keep stretching the TFL, will try this

  224. My God!! Every time i’m about to do something fix my body



  225. Tried this out and did the stretches fine so I’m not sure what the problem is. I always thought I had a problem with my hip flexors as I can’t squat properly (my upper body leans too forward and I can’t go ass to grass without holding onto something) and I can’t get low enough for sumo deadlifts either 😔

  226. Hahaah this is fucked, I feel like there’s something evil in my hips but I can do the stretch with both legs and can hold both hips above 90 comfortably…. help?

  227. Thanks, I have definitely tightness, I passed the strength test. I also learned about anterior pelvic tilt from the other video. I have that, it makes sense bc I never done those stretches that target those muscles.

  228. Well, this was the first time I was disappointed that I don’t have a weakness. 🤣
    I hate stretching so I was looking forward to exercises instead. Still gonna do these, just in case.
    Amazing video though, thx!

  229. Strengthen and stretch everything, win win cause the weak and tight stuff will catch up eventually

  230. Ok so my hip hurts. According to this video it’s neither tight or weak. So what’s wrong and how do I fix it? I’m a runner if that helps anyone figure out what’s wrong with me. I’ve been doing hip mobility to try and fix this and I’ve also been rolling out and stretching. I’ve been taking many rest days and I want to get back out there as soon as possible. Should I continue what I’ve been doing or what?

  231. I don’t have a tightness in the flexor but also don’t have a weakness but I have consistent issues with my hips. What is my deal? 😭

  232. I’m praying this is the solution! I’ve had hip flexor pain for years now and all I could find were hip stretching exercises online which have only made things worse. Physio’s have given me the same advice. Going to try strengthening for a few weeks to see how I go!

  233. You shouldn’t stop stretching you hip flexors!!! You need to keep stretching them and simultaneously improve strength. Any gymnast and professional in the flexible world will tell you the same. I can lift my leg to my head and with weights and I stretch my hips to be able to do an over split.

    1. Then you probably don’t have any problems with pain in your lower back because of issues with your hip flexors, do you? He’s addressing people WITH pain/weakness in that area.

  234. yo tengo este puñetero problema.. y no puedo hacer abdominales. gracias por el video. por cierto, soy miembro de athleanx

    1. That’s what I’m saying lmao. Also what’s wrong with stretching a muscle that’s not tight?

  235. Do you think this would be appropriate for someone with hip impingement? I’ve already had an FAI surgery (3 years now), but since then hip doesn’t feel. I’m always getting a lot of pressure especially after sitting for a long day. My physio and yoga teacher have told me to just stretch my flexors, but whenever I do there is this slightly burning fiery sensation… Any view on this? Thanks!

  236. I’m starting to wonder if Jeff even works out, or if his muscles are so scared they are always tight 🤷‍♂️

  237. Was stretching trying to fix my lower back pain and damn I wish I had found this video earlier! Thank you!

  238. i dont understand all. Sorry. my english is to bad. Is it a training against Trendelenberg Sign? Thanks

  239. You make it sound like if a muscle is flexible is it is weak, if it is strong, it isn’t flexible.

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  241. Jeff i know this vidéo is old but What should i Do if i have injury in thé hip flexor and IT cause me back pain. I stop Working out for a month and nothing is better..

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