Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 11 – 1 7, 2021

Minor aggravations could blow up into the kinds of grievances you can’t ignore, Aquarius—but that might be a blessing in disguise. Wednesday, January 13 (late Tuesday in some places) brings 2021’s first new moon, this one in Capricorn and your twelfth house of transitions. The truth is these issues have been building for a while. But under the catalyzing beams of a new moon, you’ll be motivated to do something about it. What will reduce stress and increase serenity? With harmonious Venus trine your ruler, groundbreaking Uranus, the path to peace may involve a creative shift in your living situation or a healing conversation with a relative. If you’ve been crowded at home, explore the possibility of renting studio space (possibly bartered in exchange for one of your talents). The mindful new moon can bring a healthier awareness to every routine in your life from how you start your mornings (journaling and meditation, anyone?) to the food you put on your plate.  For some Aquarians, the next six months may be your window for tying up loose ends and bringing projects to completion so you can move on to the next big thing. No need to shock your system by racing away in the cloak of the night. Devise a gentle exit strategy so you can leave with loving connections intact.

Watch your emotional load on Wednesday though! The same day as the new moon, aggressive Mars in your fourth house of feelings will form a stressful square (90-degree angle) to Saturn in Aquarius. Although you’ll have your oven mitts in plenty of pots this week, you could easily overpromise and stress yourself out. You love to be helpful, Aquarius, but you hate when people get overly dependent on you. If you wind up in the caretaker role, make sure you are getting enough support for yourself, too.

This is definitely a week to get your relationships—and your home life—back on the track you want. On Thursday, game-changing Uranus resumes forward motion in your domestic fourth house after a five-month retrograde that could have shaken things up with your inner circle since August 15, and tensions might have crept into familial relationships as well. But now, with the energizing planet blasting ahead, you can get back to the job of setting up your space in a way that nurtures your 2021 lifestyle. Which, with Jupiter and Saturn in your sign since December 19, 2020, is starting to look VERY different than last year for many Water Bearers. If food became a drug since the summer, turn it into preventative medicine. Instead of stuffing down feelings with “comfort food,” nourish yourself with protein-rich and plant-based foods. It’s an optimal week for kicking a new eating plan into gear, one that revitalizes you AND fills you up (deprivation is the devil for Aquarius). It might simply be helpful to start a food journal to track the connection between your meals and your moods.

Do you need to assert healthier boundaries with your people? Even the ones you love most can drain your energy this Sunday as indie-spirited Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus for the first time since 2014. Forget giving till it hurts! You’ll just snap if you do that. And once you cross that line, Aquarius, your rarely seen (but infamous!) temper can do major damage. Before you say something you regret, just say “No, thank you” or “I can’t right now.” Then, once you’ve had a spot of restorative “me time,” strike up a conversation about your feelings, wants and needs—bearing in mind that people may have no idea that they’ve crossed a line with you.

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