10 Tips To Create Winning Shirt Designs That SELL 💸 (Designing T-Shirts)

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva.com or Placeit.net or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design, or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some products.

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I Come With Peace and Love Pullover Hoodie

Remember Safety – A campaign Safety Officers Slogan T-Shirt

Be Safe Always! – Safety Campaign Slogan Wear T-Shirt

Be Careful Carelessness Can Hurt You – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan Sweatshirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Safety First – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

I’m a Safety Champion – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Follow Proper Work Procedures Sweatshirt

Safety Is My Goal, What’s Yours? – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

No Racism, No Terrorism, No Islamophobia T-Shirt

Kiss me I’m Pretending To Be Holy Sweatshirt

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Womens Jumpsuit

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Women’s Jumpsuit

Simenual Women's Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Women's Casual Large Size Fashion Long sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

New Fashion Women's Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at https://t.me/T_ShirtsChannel


  1. Your videos are extremely helpful. I want to ask you when using a Print on Demand design website like canvas, can we copy the exact words or phrases? or we use the the design and change the words?

  2. “That is Zoey, to a ‘T’!” *Points pun fingers at the camera* . . . BECAUSE IT’S A TEE! LOL . This is why I love Sara (Or is it Sarah?). The puns are campy and hilarious at the same time. Keep it up Wholesale Ted! You are an inspiration.

  3. Sarah, is that site “spod” the same as Spotify which you are affiliated with? Just wondering, this is the first time I’ve heard you talk about SPOD.

  4. Seriously, I love listening to you because it keeps me on my toes learning to hear other accents and of course, you are SO smart! Off topic but do Americans accents challenge NZ ears? Is there something we say that just makes your ears go, “huh?” lol. Thank you for such awesome content, so glad I found you ^_^

  5. I love your blunt reviews, it makes me feel normal due to my lack of “fluff”; no time for the fluff kids! Harden up

  6. I have already purchased a one year Wix website. I don’t have the fund to switch to Shopify. Do you have any advice on print on demand companies? I feel that we are very limited with wix. Thank you

  7. It is valid to place famous phrases from movies or series, with a font created by yourself in the T-shirts?
    I would appreciate an answer. I don’t want to have copyright issues.

  8. Your advice is very very helpful, however, the amount of times you stop to promote yourself makes the video a little annoying. I haven’t yet watched your other videos, though I hope they don’t involve the same amount of self promotions in the middle of the video.

  9. Omg. I couldn’t help it; but I rolled with laughter when you brought up the second pug t-shirt example. Visual appeal in fashion is kind of the big idea.

  10. Should you open multiple stores if you want to cover multiple niches/categories so that the vibe and overall feel of your store doesn’t clash?

  11. Wholesale Ted, I have noticed that you keep looking to your left in your videos. I’m guessing there is a poster board or something with your topics/ideas on it. I humbly suggest that you place it behind your camera that way you never have to look toward the left. Just a suggetion. No insult intended. Appreciated your videos. I have learned so much.

  12. Sarah, can u find a website or a tool like redbubble that will also allow me to prin on the sleeves of a hoodie, bc i made some products but i would like to add some extra details

  13. I am thinking about setting up a on demand shop but I have a couple question:
    1: I saw you pulling a photo from shutterstock, is that free/ no copyright?
    2: Also can you do a video on good niches to target as a beginner?

  14. Im a paranormal investigator, you have inspired me to create a T-shirt for my paranormal team and the paranormal in general. Your videos are amazing and you have an amazing accent

  15. Sarah how do I start a online t-shirt business? I am a beginner and need the most cost effective place to make t-shirt designs I don’t want to make them myself at home I just want to design them and have them made to sale online? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Hi, Sarah! Thank you for all the information you share with us. I looked up best selling T-shirt designs on Redbubble and many if not most of them are famous logos and brand names. Is it legal to use them like this?

  17. ok so you like to give brutal reviews and I want your brutal review on this. page. atm, I have 2. but I’m trying to add at least 1 shirt a day on it. tell I get 25 designs then I’ll focus more on the look and layout of the storefront. just remember I can take the good or bad review. https://teespring.com/stores/nomadic-thinker

  18. If I want to make t-shirts based off anime shows, am I able to use pictures off of google and put them on my t-shirts? Or is that considered some form of copyright? Will I have to draw out the designs of the anime myself?

  19. I guess the mistake I made with mine is that I didn’t necessarily think of the audience? It’s supposed to just be cute and plant themed but I have no idea who the audience is so I tried to keep it open for everyone and as a result, have only sold 4 things in the last few months.
    Could someone whos been more successful with this please check out my shop and give me some pointers? https://teespring.com/stores/un-bee-leafable

  20. which is better, having a funny t-shirt store that generally appeals to one demographic or one where each t shirt appeals to a different demographic. For instance having a t-shirt store with dog joke shirts, or a store where each shirt makes fun of a different topic?

  21. At @10:54 I thought you was going to say “i love black T-shirts, almost as much as i love Blck men” lmfaoooooooooooo

  22. Hi Sarah!

    I’va edited some text on canva free (on PNG), and then made it transparent with the awesome PNGTOOLS, but it’s so pixeled now… 🙁 IS IT CAN BE OK?

  23. Well done!
    So, I have about 75 shirts designed now. I’ve been having a local print my first shirt for wearing as an ad.
    What I need is a vehicle to mass produce them, then market them online. Do you have a video about finding print on demand services?
    A different phrasing might be rogue, rebel, or super. Question: Since you’re from New Zealand, does that mean you’re a Hobbit?

    1. You say you ‘need is a vehicle to mass produce them’, and then ask about finding print on demand (POD) services! If you’re using POD there will be no mass production. They will be printed and sent as they’re sold. That’s what POD is… I suggest you get your designs up on Etsy, RedBubble, TeeSpring or whichever POD companies resonate with you. When you have a design/niche that sells make a Shopify store for that niche and scale. Good luck with your venture.

  24. I love your vids Sarah, thanks for so much great content! I’m just getting started on a range of tees and have commissioned someone on Fiverr to create a graphic for me and give me the commercial rights, then just saw you mention Shutterstock here to source images from – can I buy a subscription on shutterstock and use their images in shirts I sell? Is that allowed? Thanks!

  25. LMFAO I love your videos so much, but I’m too scared to have you review my store 😂 I’ll just watch all of your videos and buy all of your stuff ❤

  26. Hi Sarah, I’m all ready to to go but I’m I’m looking for where to get quality tshirts, I’m in the US, help please?

  27. Also wanted to say thank you for introducing me to drop shopping and T-shirt printing companies. I have been looking for ways to stay home with my two daughters who both have disabilities. Now with this new knowledge I am able to do that. I am just starting out but after watching all your tips I have a really good feeling about it!

  28. You are like a ray of sunshine 🌞 and you made me choke on my chai when you said pug owners are generally effluent. 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️

  29. I avoid dark or black T-shirt’s. So when you say they sell best I was like well imagine that? I’m weird lmao They are hot and I live in the desert hehehe

  30. The free app Krita is what I use to make transparent backgrounds: Open your file and click Filter > Colors > Color to alpha. Transparent.

  31. Hey you guys. I have a question. Is it allowed to sell the same t shirt design on two platform or more? For example on fiverr and teespring?

    1. They’re your designs, you can sell them on as many platforms as you like. Each platform has different products too, so it’s a good idea to check a few out for ideas. Good luck!

  32. The primary mistake “Nate” is doing with your store is: there isn’t any useful information at first “page” (the part of the site that user see without any scroll).

    And why it happened? Because he pick a website template that is not for e-commerce at all.

    When someone want to buy something, want a website that… Show things to buy! Up front!

  33. Great advice Sarah ! If I was 40 years younger I’d propose to you. When I become a dropship millionaire you can propose to me.

  34. Hi Sarah, please I need your help.
    I’m brand new to POD so excuse my question. I am currently linking my printful store to my shopify account but I am also trying to use platforms like placeit however, my worry is that if I find a product or colour of a product on placeit but isn’t on printful, how can I get the mockups I find on placeit on to my shopify website? Because I can see that placeit mainly provides mock up designs but don’t actually sell products so can I only use placeit designs on printful or other POD websites when the colours I find are also available on those POD websites?


  35. Hey Sarah do you have to fill out the W8-BEN tax form if you aren’t from the USA for Spreadshirt? Thank you 😊

  36. Hi wholesale Ted I would LOVE it if you could check out my new Redbubble store and tell eye what you think. My store name is JosephineDL14. Thanks!

  37. Ok Sarah okay I subscribed this time sorry I didn’t do that at the first video I saw even though you said to subscribe

  38. Redbubble …..(What happens to my profile while suspended? If you are suspended, you will still be able to login to your account, however your work will not be available for sale or show in search results for the duration of your suspension).Three accounts have been closed and I cannot access them ….They steal money in this way and think that they will get away with it. I will charge them with a million dollars ,You think I violated the privacy policy .. all I do is use anime material ,They say if your account is suspended, you can log in and handle things. I say they are thieves. They stole my money and I try to contact them and I can not find an answer.I ask you to raise my comment so that everyone knows their truth

    1. One of my best friends is an incredibly talented and semi famous anime artist, who hates it when people steal her work and use it illegally on products. That is illegal and copyright infringement. RedBubble would break the law, if they didn’t shut your account down and didn’t freeze your money. They can’t pay you money that was made illegally. If they did that, then the police would shut them down for breaking the law! Please don’t steal art from people like my friend! I know that copyright laws can be confusing, especially for younger viewers getting started who may not have encountered them before. It’s a really good idea to watch some videos on copyright laws before you get started. I have a whole playlist on copyrights and “legal stuff” – I hope it can help you 🙏🌞https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjNYIrpZp6Bguz_uwcn5CS0TJZ_5PoOTw

  39. Are there any limits you can sell on redbubble? Can I carry or 1000 items and keep adding them? I was thinking of selling the same designs on redbubble and etsy is that ok to do. I like the mobile apps that you have so will do them as well.

    1. I can’t tell you that, every country is different, you will need to do your own research 🌞 most countries are absolutely fine as a sole proprietor but again, it is going to be up to you, to do a little Googling & find out the information for yourself, based on where in the world you live, not every country has the same laws 🌞

  40. Hey Sarah im looking forward to start selling products online but wanted to know how much should my t-shirts cost averagely as beginner , thank you so much

  41. is the free version of canva still useful when they limit the size of the file you download? is there a way around this?

  42. Hi sara, urgent question
    About tip 9, when you copied the snoring motorcycle joke – how does it fit with copyright rules??

  43. all seem very simple.. however, wehn i upload something to Cafe Press.. i don’t know if is posted or not.. how can I tell if my design is being offered?

  44. I’ve been watching alot of your videos lately and i have to say there really inspiring :). Iv’e learned a ton about print on demand and that really excites me so thank you so much! your really humorous and fun to watch too :)! i’m gonna be building my own brand and buisness soon, most likely on redbubble and shopify, and what helps is my dad works with coding so he could build my website for store inventory. my cosuin debbie does graphic design and works in my dads company graphic and promtoion department. both my godmother and mom have had an online design buisness in the past and are building another one now. and my cousin anais has an online photography buisness 🙂 which i can model the products i make for her! my cousin Jackson and Brianna are also amazing artist 🙂 I may end up getting your course soon for more tips and tricks. i do door-dash right now so ill defenetly be listing to your audio book while i do that! once my website is made ill dm you so you can tell me what you think :).

  45. My husband(Robert) and I are FINALLY going to start our tee shirt print-on-demand business TODAY. Not tomorrow. We plan to use your $20 a month plan since that is all we have. We do NOT believe we are gambling our $20! We will keep failing our plan until it WORKS. Our biggest fear is finding ourselves in the same situation 1 year from now. To hell with CORONAVIRUS. Motto: one tee shirt sale at a time. Just 1.

  46. Need your help!! I’ve started a store and didn’t take it serious but after finding your channel, I’m taking your advice. I got Canva , printify and placeit. I know how to make designs etc and how to make mock ups on placeit. However I can not figure out how to get the mockups from placeit onto my printify pictures on Etsy ?? Can you help??

  47. Hi Sarah
    Thank you for creating an amazing video and for stepping up to help people make money. Couldn’t have done my T shirt business without you.
    I have just one question, Can we make T-Shirts design based on different TV shows like ” Game of Thrones” and upload it on different print-on-demand platforms?
    Does it violates copyrights or trademarks rights?

  48. How to make sure you don’t make your t shirt to specific but specific enough because coffee and pets seems really over done and unoriginal

  49. What to do about the currency on Etsy? Should you change your currency to US dollars or keep the currency of your bank?

  50. Hi Sarah, love your videos, now thinking of T-shirts myself, I do have a boating camping fishing site, thinking of T-shirts for that or model railways? by the way I can never get your free book, never turns up, have tried many times.

    1. You can email ted@wholesaleted.com the automatic email reply contains an alternative way to download the ebook if the traditional method is not working for you! Just make sure to email ted@wholesaleted.com with an email address that has great deliverability, like a gmail email. People try to contact us from extra addresses (like xtra.co.nz) which have terrible deliverability rates.

  51. Print on demand of course it sd accompany the quality selection materials of the fabrics also!!!,?(up to avery high quality) do u know…!more designs advanced,excellent logos selections process….etc..etc…r required to get sales,did u get thiese excellent improving ideas?!

  52. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this very valuable content. I have a shop on Redbubble, and I would love if you’d take a look at it, and tell me what you think of my designs. bit.ly/balssredbubbleshop thank you again for everything that you do.

  53. When pulling images from say Shutterstock should I have the enhanced license so I can follow their guidelines for using their content for merchandising?

    1. Hi there, I have had this debate with many 🙂 and even messaged someone on Shutterstock… apparently you do need an enhanced license for anything print on demand even if you edit something a lot… but the frustrating thing from my point of view is that it seems like so many people do it from there and Envato etc. Did you get an answer from anyone?

  54. I’ve created a logo artwork and I think it looks great but I don’t know where to place it to print. I don’t have money to go and get it printed. I heard about teespring and wonder how will direct people to that site to look for my art and they can pick their color shirt and size.

  55. i can supply original or replica product from malaysia , price starting from 1usd -10usd market price sale 5-30usd . shipping can choose air or sea , by ems or dhl qurier . if interested pls leave you email or phone no here 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  56. I think the greatest mistake is to think you don´t need to learn about design to get start with a business like that.

  57. Wow I’m learning so much TTwTT thank you!!! I really like that u’re really honest and straight to the point ♥️

    1. Never used them. My advice would be to work with a proven company, to ensure your customers will get good quality products.

  58. Hey this is jasmin from india i really appreciate the contents you share ….i will start my bussiness by your motivation thank you ..all the love from india😘keep going.. Soo.you will get millions subscriber 😉

  59. Hello. I’m on Teespring and trying to design some good t-shirts for selling. But I have two major problems. 1. Which is the windows software and android app for Creating The Best Designs. 2. How do I delete/remove background after making my design?

  60. Am a tshirt designer and will love to design tshirt for Any Print on demand owner.
    Already make 400$ just in a month.

  61. Chrisp, thanks a ton for your content. I recall specific points in your videos and then when I see someone who needs your help I go back and find the video to share with them. Keep up the great work providing value.

  62. I cannot figure how people are using Canvas for t-shirts? Most of the POD companies give me a warning about the low image resolution when I try to upload. I want crisp designs, too.

  63. Sarah, I don’t use canva and the like, I prefer to use my old faithful; Photoshop. What size measurements would you recommend for the designs (for tee shirts, mugs, etc)??

  64. Girl, I have been watching your videos since yesterday. I spent my day today watching you and opening a store😅

  65. Sarah, you mean that we can use the same popular viral in etsy but make it in our own design? or just have it as inspiration for creating our own wording?

  66. Hello, I love your videos! They’re really inspirational. I just wanted to know how you get your designs on canva? I have tried using canva for cafe press and for some reason I can’t change the size of my designs on t shirts. I’m not sure if this is because of canva or cafe press. Basically, all of my t-shirts have extremely small print and I’m not sure how to make it larger.

  67. Hi Sarah, I always love your content, so thanks for these wonderful videos. I have been adding the name of my brand on my shirts, so I’m wondering if its worth it or if its just a waist of money considering it costs more? Thanks!

    1. I honestly don’t think it has any impact on conversions/repeat buyers & it is expensive. My advice to anyone doing this who wants to remove the cost of custom tags is to try removing them for a period of time (~2-4 weeks of sales?) and then track if those customers come back less.

  68. Right when I thought you had an Australian accent you popped out of nowhere and said this is a New Zealand accent lol

  69. I watch those all movies about print on demand and I opened my 2 shop. Previously at society6 and now at redbuble. I love redbuble statistics. I see that I had only 2 visitors in my shop since I opened it. What am I doing wrong? Tags? ewaolszewska on redbuble

  70. I have recently started with POD , but I have recently seen a few video’s that talk about Printify been very slow and not really that reliable ……. How does it work for you ?

    1. Well I mean they could have been! DGT2GO has been having issues (not due to their own fault, merely covid issues) and they are one of Printify’s suppliers. But if someone just used the blanket phrase “Printify” and didn’t specify which supplier, then they probably don’t know what they are doing honestly!

    2. @Wholesale Ted great. Thanks for your quick reply. I was just asking because I have seen videos made in the last 10 days about this. I know you don’t always believe everything you hear. Most likely to believe another Kiwi

    3. Ahhhh honestly you probably haven’t seen many of those videos, because it’s just simply not true? 😜
      During covid, all providers got hit by slow times. That was to be expected. But that’s old news. Everyone has adjusted now.
      Monster Digital at Printify ship out my orders in less than a week.
      Printful are also shipping out my orders in a week or less, with a max of 10 business days, with times getting faster.
      You also can’t say “Printify’s been very slow” – what do you mean by that? Printify don’t produce anything in-house. They are simply an app that connects you to different Print On Demand factories (unlike Printful that print in-house). It’s up to you to do your due diligence on each before you choose to order with them via Printify. Printify have many providers they choose to work with that each have varying quality. It actually spreads misinformation & confuses people when comments are left saying “Printify been very slow” and don’t actually mention which supplier they have been using: https://printify.com/app/print-providers it’s only helpful if people specify which provider they used. That is why I always say “Monster Digital from Printify” when discussing my experiences 🌞
      But yes: there were definitely teething problems during covid, but Printify’s suppliers (especially Monster Digital) have returned to fast 2-10 business day turnaround times, with most orders being made & shipped in less than a week 🌞

  71. Sarah do you think you can create a video on how to gain money through drop shipping if you don’t live in the US ( to be more precise if you live in the middle east)

  72. I can´t use Paypal to have people pay on my website as they don´t provide business account in my country, can you recommend a payment service that I can use to accept payments and an easy way to access that money?

  73. Sarah, hello from Brazil. Great tips about the POD business! I have a question of mine: If I upload designs to Teespring or Redbubble if I don´t make any sale, can these market places charged me for listing created? Cause I sell printable in Etsy, and there, I have to pay for all listings (with or without sales). Thanks if you could answer. <3

  74. woo Love it, awesome video, you are really courageous so nice as always carry on, you know a single rose can be my garden single friend my world, a friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are, the more we help others to succeed, the more we succeed, get started forever, Let’s fly together and win together

  75. Where do you go or use to to style a text and design or if you have an image in mind that you wanna put on a shirt?

  76. Also, canva only exports at 96 dpi and you need 300 dpi for your images for sites like Merch by Amazon.

    1. It might not be suitable depending on the Print size of your products. A trick is to get the 30 free trial. This will allow you to increase the size of the canvas by 3x easily putting you in that 300dpi range and also save as a transparent background without having to use any external apps or tricks 🌞 try the 30 free trial and make as many designs as you can 🙏 problem solving on a limited startup budget 😉🙏 otherwise there are other free design apps you can try, just Google them and see if they meet Merch By Amazon’s requirements 🌞 where there is a will there is a way, 99% of the time there are always workarounds with free tools and apps or free trials to achieve what you need to achieve 🌞

  77. If you make white lettering in canva and export to that png site you mentioned it can’t translate it because canva puts your white design on a white background. You have to make the background a different color.

    1. You can instead just put it on a black background and get the tool to make black backgrounds transparent. Starting on a budget problem solving 😉🙏😁

  78. Thank you for these Video’s but please stop putting actual DESIGNERS out of work with these ‘templates’ (regardless, still no sub for an actual Designer’s work as they look ‘stock’)! Oh but for the life of me I could not understand when you said ‘competitors’ & I’m usually quite good with (most) accents.

    1. I think soap, hygiene and wellness related clothing, mugs, canvas or phone cases would suit a soap shop pretty well…

  79. sarah, for tshirts w/ a watercolor print, how to select the best POD company, or does it not matter for watercolor vs another design style? thank you, LOVE your videos and teaching!!

  80. Any chance you could tell me where you get your video stock (lady wearing the t-shirt, etc.)? Thank you in advance!

  81. Do we have to focus on just one style design or can we do a mixture of various designs and various themes so that we can get sales ??

  82. hey Sarah, i just started putting out designs on redbubble and teepublic, but i ‘ve been watching your videos since 2017, i love your content, i’ve been in the business for about a week, 40 something designs and no sells, i would love it if you could take a look at my store, i would appreciate it so much. also i tried to download the book twice and i dont receive the email, i wonder why.

  83. let me know, is it necessary to make storefront in teespring for better sale? or should I create the design directly?

  84. These videos are great for helping me get into stable income and financial freedom, but at the same time they consistently further and further drive home my eternal disappointment in consumer America. Help, I can’t sigh any harder, I’m going hoarse.

  85. Sarah: “No fancy artwork, it’s just text.”
    What I heard: “No offense to yard work, it’s just ticks!” 🤣😅

  86. Subscribed! You’re a brilliant young lady with panache, style and chutzpah— love that 🙂 I haven’t designed yet, but am thinking about a T-shirt for my YouTube channel, and perhaps even expanding a bit more that I originally thought. You’ve given inspiration, thanks!

  87. Hey, I’m from asian country, Malaysia, and I wonder if this print on demand business is working around asia, I mean, is the shipping time most likely to be long ? or is there anything else you can share with someone from asian country tryna explore in overseas major online business ( i dont see a lot asians do this type of business so im curious ) ? Please excuse my grammar, hopefully get some opinions from u guys, thanks !

  88. Ha sido muy educativo ver tu video, habían cosas que no había considerado ahora que estoy iniciando el tema de las camisetas por Impresión por Demanda. Lo de la personalización me parece una excelente idea y la de la comparativa de precios me dio realmente una perspectiva adecuada sobre eso. Muchas gracias por tu video. Veo que nunca has hecho un video de Spreadshirt, siendo para mi la mejor opción de plataforma. Exitos. Saludos desde el Perú.

  89. I critique everything I do especially my YouTube videos. I even ask others to be brutally honest about them😂🤣🤣🤣

  90. sarah, for tshirts w/ a watercolor print, how to select the best POD company, or does it not matter for watercolor vs another design style? thank you, LOVE your videos and teaching!!
    any one on this channel have experience w/ watercolor prints on tshirts and POD? would love to hear your suggestions. thank you!!

  91. I wonder if it’s better to have a lot of different product (same print for tee shirt, mug, phone case, dress etc..) or to focus on one product type (just doing t-shirt or just doing phone case for example)

  92. Nooooo your video are like 3 minutes to say how to solve the problem and then you say the same solution over and over again

  93. I have loads of great ideas for designs, anyone recommended some good graphic design software to use that ya don’t need 9 PHDs to use it????

    Thanks guys! 👍🇬🇧

    1. Emylie Scarisbrick

      I’ve never used photo shop, Ive loads of great ideas in my head but they need putting on shirts to sell.
      Can’t do it yet though as we Brits can’t travel to the states …..no use trying to do it in England …..this place is useless when it comes to T shirt printing Etc, 50 years behind the Americans!

  94. Can i put teenage language on it? Most of it is kinda rude and offensive but i feel like so many people my age would find them hilarious. But i also feel like people of these sites arnt those type of people so i dont want to disturd and turn away customers. Idk man im struggling with trying to come up with t shirts that arnt overly rude and foul mouthed. The moms on these sites scare me, i feel like ill get a email saying how mean i am :,)

  95. Hi, LOVE LOVE LOVE your Channel. I found a great Templte on Canva. Can I use the exact (Changing a word) Template or are these Patented? Thanks. Vic from Dublin (Ireland)

  96. I looooooooooooooooooooove you thank you sooooo much for these amaaaaazingly unbelievably helpful videos and I love your accent too! You deserve wayyyyy more subs ❤❤

  97. I need some help. I have tried to sell my t shirts on red bubble and viral style and they are not selling. I have even made social media accounts and everything, I cant afford ads because I am bankrupt, what should I do?

  98. 😁👍 Another PERFECT video!
    Seriously, if you’re creating all the content, that’s amazing. You’re funny, smart, honest, and ridiculously cute. Thank you again for a video that provides artistic and creative people with easy and efficient business basics! 🙂

  99. I am not sure how etsy works. i just opened an account with teespring, but i am not sure it is as popular as etsy. my main issue is, will i have to provide my own merch, like buy shirts and print on them? or do i just design and esty takes care of the rest? because i am just starting a business, i dont want to bite off more than i can chew.

  100. @13:37 But I always hear that pretty doesn’t sell. That if you have the product or service people are looking for, people will buy it. When I go online to look for something, and I find exactly what I’m looking for, the last thing on my mind is the visual appeal of the website. Admittedly though, if it’s an unknown website that looks too generic, I would ask myself if it’s a scam site to separate me from my money?

    If it’s the only site I can find that’s selling exactly what I’m looking for, I will buy ONLY IF PAYPAL IS AN OPTION. I’ve been using paypal since 2002, and they’ve settled disputes for me on the rare occasion one came up. I heard that Paypal usually sides with the buyer 99.9% of the time. So maybe the lesson here is; If you have an ugly, generic looking ecommerce website, MAKE SURE YOU OFFER PAYPAL AS AN OPTION for people to use when purchasing merchandise from you!

  101. i like honest and blunt because people near me to nice to tell what is wrong or say we are not experienced. after setting things up ill ask for your review

  102. I love your videos Sarah. Thank you for all your work What do you do if you are not funny, or can’t think of too many funny things. It sounds like to really succeed, you should be funny???

  103. There is no “reviews for this item” there is only “reviews for this shop”.. what happened to the item reviews?

  104. I just joined this channel you are amazing Wholesale Ted! Your motivation on starting a a t-shirt business is excellent. 10:50 is the best part imho. As a small Youtuber I’m sending u all my LIKES 👍👍👍

  105. Hi Sarah, Glad to see you’re doing well after your surgery. So, I signed up for the Ecomm Clubhouse and about half way through Step 2 I began to realize that AliExpress, even though you can have things shipped from the USA, don”t have an option for USA anymore when trying to setup a seller account. I assumed that we needed a seller account but maybe not? I think China is probably prohibited now from doing business/trade with USA and perhaps that’s why?

    So I guess I’m asking if the AliExpress stuff should just be skipped? I’ll finish the course but I thought I’d ask in case I get into anything sticky.

    Thanks a million and hope you’re having a fabulous day! Love your channel!

  106. 14:23 mins the way a store looks or something looks is not the ultimate decider if it is successful or not. More people fail focusing on looks than substance. The problem with the store is lack of substance

  107. “It’s difficult to criticize the things we create”

    Oh dear, all I do is criticize my things to the point of analysis paralysis. Oof.

  108. Hi Sarah!

    I love watching all your videos and have been for years! I want to start making money and selling online but I am DEATHLY terrified of technology and can truly say I am a new born with no computer skills and zero knowledge of even basic abilities to create online stores and everything inbetween. How can start when it’s so overwhelming?

  109. Hey Sarah! I love your videos so much and they gave me hope to begin being financially independent!! I do have a question, since I’m new to this print on demand business, what do you think about uploading the same designs on different websites, like for example RedBubble and Teespring? Or should I diversify the designs? ❤️❤️

  110. Hey, I’m a current a 20 year old university student. I’m very burnout. I struggle with mental health and chronic fatigue. Because of all these things it’s very difficult for me to get a job outside. I stumbled on ur channel and want to start making money from home. I want to start a business on etsy but am super overwhelmed. I am from a poorish family so the pressure is too intense. I feel like I’ll never be good enough for anything. And that if I don’t finish school and fail in etsy too then I will be poor forever like my family too. I’m really scared. I know you say that more positive mindset is better for business. But I don’t know what I’m doing. It would be great if you could help me out a little bit with anything at all. Thanks. Sending lots of love

  111. Video recap:
    1)spy on the super popular t-shirts designs, good place is etsy and ebay.
    free print on demand apps: printfire, spreadshirt.
    viral t shirts have reviews spread over years on etsy
    2) cross niche. good typography, taget multiple people interests that are connected.
    3) research your tshirt before you dsign your tshirt
    4) choose a style that match your customer
    pick niche appropriately
    5)black sells best, then dark heather, navy, brown.
    dont mix niches
    6)steal popular t shirt designs from other niches
    7) get an honest family member to look over your tshirt
    8) humour and wit sells
    free canva to transparent background: onlinepngtools
    9) use canva pre-text design
    10) use personalization to create a viral design
    enter own name and charge more for it

    Post Conscriptum: this is a snapshot from my notebook and not a spelling bee entry. Just press f to pay respect and move along grammar nazis, this ain’t your fight.
    P.S: Nate and his site got wrecked.
    P.S 2: Sara have you met fellow new zealander entrepreneur franklin hatchett irl?
    Consider doing a video with him.

  112. Sarah I have questions for you I am just 18 years old and I want to start my own business I really like your video I have watched them all ..but my question is I don’t have finance to do my business my parents force to me to do 9-5 job ..Sarah what can I do I am literally confused.please reply .. please

  113. Hi everyone, I have a request for Sarah, I hope she finds this comment, it would mean a lot 🙂
    I have been following your lessons for a few months now, and even though I know you won’t expect much of it now (like you mentioned in this video),
    but I challenge you to have a look at my store – and point me towards what I’m doing wrong because I’ve really tried a lot and just won’t get my sales started.
    Any tips would be appreciated. Website: CONSEPT.Store

    Thanks in advance from the whole team!

  114. Ok, usually I just watch her and look at how cute she is and how the accent is making her even better, but today she made me laugh so much going roast mode on Nate website I’d literally be destroyed if I were Nate. Nate mate (it rhymes) Nate mate where ever you are keep it up buddy you got it you just need to put up with the difficulties

  115. Hello. I have a question. Will people order in my shopify store if I use only paypal as my payment system? Does it effect on conversion?

  116. i have a store live, i am making designs, i am trying to keep it as clean as possible by having white t-shirts show up when you first land on the page. Do I just market the black t-shirt design on channels or do i just have the option for a black t-shirt?

  117. When you are new on redbubble and didn’t sell anything yet do people still see your designs? Can you monitor how many people clicked on it?

  118. Sara,plz help me.i m from Pakistan.teespring is not accepting my home address for making account.what should I do?

  119. Hi Sarah, I’m a comic/anime artist and I run a print on demand site with teespring. I make a few sales here and there making a sale every few months. Unfortunately I know from your teachings that my niche is WAY TOO small but it seems like people that do go to my site are interested but never hit the buy button. Is it the designs, is it the price, or is it because my work is too niche that is relatively unknown characters featured on the shirts? People tend to see my shirts and say “hey that’s cool, I’d wear that” but never buy. Could you take a look at my site and let me know some things I could do to make it better and make more sales? I’d understand if you’re busy I’m just curious what I could do to make more sales, should I build a bigger fan base here on youtube first or make my comics and publish them to the public like on a Webtoon site? I’d really appreciate your opinion on the matter. Site below:


    1. Hi, I know you wanted Sarah to take a look…… but I asked my sister and her friends who are into comics/anime. The prices and drawings are good👍. Its the unknown characters, you could try more popular characters and promote your merch elsewhere as well. Good luck

  120. Hi, Sarah – Thank you for all of your videos! They have been very helpful. I have spent the past week putting in 15 hour days getting my Teespring account up and running and have not generated any sales yet. My Facebook ads are generating a ton of Website Clicks but without any conversions. My Teespring and Instagram account are looking very good and maybe even better than other stores I’ve visited with tons of traffic. I know this is not a get rich quick scheme but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I just created a Redbubble Collection but I am lost on how to organize it so I don’t plan on promoting it and am just hoping for Redbubble users to find it.

    –Feel free to message me if you would like to take a look at how far you and another Youtube account have got me–
    –You have my permission to use my concerns in a video–

  121. i could not stop laughing at your review on Nate!!! You Shine Girl, I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  122. DEAREST SARAH, You are just so sweet and amazing! I loved watching this video. I love your enthusiasm your excitement and your absolute HONESTY! Shout out to you New Zealander Sister

  123. Sarah you’re a huge inspiration, but I have a big doubt, does It matter where to start selling If you’re not selling in shopify?, I mean, what it would be a good website to sell t-shirt as a beginner and don’t have a niche? Redbubble, Cafepress, society6, amazon merch?, is it a good idea to choose only one website or upload your work in all of them?

  124. Why does it sound like crabs in a bucket reaching for the top.If you get a winning product, what is the average life cycle to jump on trend or be viral; at least before the copycats? Life of a creative entrepreneur I guess.

  125. Sarah, First off I love your channel mostly because I love listening to you speak. But I do have a question that I don’t hear anyone on-line talking about. You talk a lot about making text design t-shirts to sell POD. What about the licensing of the font you use? What kind of headache can that produce? Thanks.

  126. Sarah, how would you recommend setting prices for products in countries where national currency prices include 2-3 digits?

  127. Also Amazon merch takes a month to deliver, in your opinion what the best stores in every aspect including faster shipping

  128. Hello, I would like to ask which platform is the best to choose for print on demand service ? I have registered on teespring and created a shop with my designs but Teespring doesn’t show my shop because of seller trust score which I need to gain, it’s so gross!

  129. Hi Sarah. Your videos are so enlightening. I’m starting a POD tshirt business. Is there an updated course you’re offering that doesn’t focus on AliExpress drop shipping?

  130. Which site is the best to use to design text only shirts? I use placeit and have looked all over canva. Help?

  131. Thanks, Nate. For taking one for the team. I probably would have come up with the same sh*t looking store myself.
    Now I know better what to look out for.
    Can you do a training on how you use SPOD? Im not seeing how a person would integrate that with a POD site like TeeSpring or RB.
    Thanks, Sarah.

  132. Great channel and great videos I have followed your advice and made great progress. but now I need your HELP!!!
    So teespring has disabled my account on the bases that I had violated their trademark rules. I do not understand why this happened, I have uploaded more than a 100 design to the site and none of them has any mark or logo that belongs to someone else. Please what should I Do?
    Do you have any consultant page where I can reach you directly for advice? I would of course pay for this service.
    Thank you for your cooperation and keep up the good work.
    I love your accent by the way Kiwis are very nice people!

  133. miss`s sarah I`m nice to write to you &I`m happy from your perfect and extra content which you make it and I would like to take some tips from you.
    1-Is the Teespring site reliable and safe, and the profit from it is real and reliable for the purpose of earning and profiting from it as a source of income for individuals?
    2-Are on-demand printing websites secure, highly reliable, and can be taken as a primary source of income?
    3-Does all of the above – really give money and payments to designers and send them to their different e-wallets, whether it is Paypal or Pioneer …. Do they really send money and profits to the wallets?
    Please respond quickly because I`m want to work in this site but still worry from print on demand sites&thank you miss`s Sarah for your content.

  134. Hey Sarah, I have some ideas for videos. 1) What is this DTG I hear of? I hear that it’s an alternative to screenprinting, allows many colors and photo-like reproduction. Do the usual POD’s offer it, what are the pros and cons? 2) Would love to see a breakdown of how you spend your day and/or your week. Whether you list your activities or do a sped-up video, to see that you spend x time making video, y time managing a particular store, z time paying bills, etc. Of course not a week when you’re flying to Bali or St Barts. 🙂

  135. great content , my pod business also look like its failed i dont know what to do . i operate with teespring and have an instagram account lyfclothing_ where i use to post my design , i got likes but no body buy it . please help me

  136. Thanks a million for the great content. I’ve seen a bunch of your youtube videos but still have a few questions.
    1) Someone sent me a design (actually a meme) on WhatsApp. They did not create this design and the design itself does not indicate who did. May I use the design (as is) in my products or is there a copyright concern? What do you think?

    2) Am I free to use images or designs from the internet (e.g. Pixabay) that are marked “Free to use commercially” in my products? I am concerned there could be copyright issues if a few people use this same design in their products.

    3) I did not hear you speak about other P.O.D. platforms such as Teepublic, Spreadshirt, Zazzle, Threadless and Sunfrog. In particular, I’ve heard good things about Printful. What is your opinion about these?

  137. I started watching all of her videos to the point where I’m starting to fall in love with her.
    And also, she looks like Marzia (pewdiepie’s wife)

  138. How do you design good t shirts? I can’t draw and I don’t have a tablet or something to draw on. I also don’t know how to photoshop T.T

  139. I hope you see this and reply . So what Pay pal account should I use to receive money from red bubble when I get paid and what about the designs do I print them or do they print them for me can’t understand

  140. i’m learning a lot from you, great videos, but can you make us a video about how to have a fully automated private domain print on demand but linked to teespring or other platform ?please <3

  141. Do you typically buy the Enhanced license from Shutterstock when you make t-shirt designs? I usually get a little confused about the licensing on these stock photo sites.

  142. Thanks for your excellent content. Love your channel! Great information, the best sense of humour and awesome to watch. Thanks Sarah.

  143. Can you make a video on websites with no PayPal nor credit card and ones that pay in checks like CafePress and Zazzles

  144. I’m interested in selling through Teespring. I looked into purchasing your Ecommerce Course but I didn’t see anything specific to Teespring like there is Shopify and Printful, (I think). Is there any specific training for Teespring at all or is there a way to merge Teespring desings and Shopify?

    1. Teespring is a beast of its own. Check pricing options compared to others like Printful – which connects to ThriveCart plugin for easy website sales.

  145. Hello! Thank you for all your hard work and as usual the best info around! I totally love your content and you are amazing ❤️

  146. Hey Sarah, love your vids 🙂 Quick feedback on the audio: I feel like the audio gain is unusually high, some audio clipping happening at the top (you know, the red overpowered sound), if done on purpose then cool, if not then I hope it’s helpful, keep up the great work, have a good time 🙂

    1. example: 4:32 free Etsy “TRAFFIC”, that word was in the red zone :p, 4:35: “BUT”, just examples 🙂

  147. Canva does not give permission to use their product even if you just use their tools and not their designs. They have a video out with a lawyer explaining that very thoroughly. Yeah bummer🙁 edit? There is one that gives merch permissions but it is limited to text and the designs are limited too—Typorama

    1. No, you are welcome to use their open source fonts & images, which is the majority of their free fonts & images. That is why they are “free” and Canva is allowed to use them, period – because Canva took them from the open source web. It’s their premium images & fonts, that you cannot use on commercial products 🌞 Canva didn’t create these, they took them from open source libraries. That’s why I’m very careful to state they have lots of “free” licensed products & don’t encourage anyone to purchase the premium plan, because the premium fonts & images are strictly off-limits unless you purchase an extended license.

  148. Sarah, thank you so much for all of your videos, I enjoyed your personality and accent a lot!, so much that you encoreged me to open a T-shirt store . I am a baptist pastor near Barcelona, if you visit Barcelona some time let us know, our family will be glad to have you. Thank you again

  149. Saraaaaaaaa!!!!! I wish I had the guts for you to review stores! I am pretty confident but could use your input!

  150. Hi Sarah, is it possible at all running a print on demand business using google ads instead of Facebook ads or is it because using FB ads in this business is more effective?

  151. Honestly I went for all this big time during lockdown but can’t get sales, my t shirts aren’t getting any views. It’s like the ones that are in there top viewed gets all the sales.

    1. You know what you now need to focus on then: watching videos about why they are 1-3 and you are not, and then take actions to change that 🌞

  152. The burn on Nate 🔥🔥🔥 😂 no effort whatsoever I’m surprised she even gave her time reviewing that mess 😂

  153. Hello Sarah how are you? Could you please clarify me on the following? My Print On Demand store is setup and I use PayPal as my payment gateway. Once the customer buys an item on my store, will I be able to reuse this money he’s just paid to place his order from supplier or will I have to have a credit card (side money) for placing orders? Thanks in advance.

  154. Hey Sarah! I’m a huge fan of your channel and I draw so much inspiration from you and your success. I’ve been running my print on demand store for a few months now, and I’ve managed to rack up a few sales through my instagram page, but have been unsuccessful with facebook ads. I really want to get to the point of scaling my website, but I don’t know if its my designs or product pages or entire website thats causing me to not make sales on facebook because I can drive a good amount of traffic to my store. Heres the link to my store: https://golfteedesigns.com/ and if you wanted to review it that would be amazing! Thank you for your time 🙂

  155. Hmm I was going to subscribe but then I went for a walk and when I walked past Starbucks there was a bluddy pug drinking a milkshake. It was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘F-bomb mom with thunder thighs and loves velociraptors’

  156. U could just do a store review series here on YouTube, I am sure many people will watch it! Nate’s store seem pretty simple & empty..the images & fonts remind miie of the 90s!!

  157. Hey guys can someone explain to me how to sell t-shirts on Esty with print on demand when it is impossible to compete with other sellers? I mean some sell t-shirts A LOT cheaper than it is possible to do using printify? O.o

  158. You are awesome!! I’m inspired to start a business! After 30 years of working with the elderly, I’m looking forward to sleeping in and selling online with my dressing gown on!🤪 Keep up the great work. Already have a few domains, I have many strengths in marketing but weakness in creating websites. I’m tuning in to your instructions and I believe in you. Thank you….

  159. Hey Sarah, I know you asked us not to ask us to review our website but I am having a tough time trying to get sales in my shopify store. I ran Facebook ads, influencer marketing but none if them worked. My store has ssl secure and it is properly designed but I still get no sales. Please help

  160. Sarah!! I love your videos. Honestly, around the 15min mark…you are hilarious. Your videos are packed with valuable information but also very entertaining. For someone who is not very « business » minded but eager to learn, you make learning about e-commerce not only exciting but fun too. Thank you for your channel.

  161. Hi Sarah, I got rejected 1 design because of ‘content issues’ in Teespring but I just uploaded one of my designs with different colour! Do you know what happened?

  162. One of the advantages of marrying a New Zealander is that when they get mad and speak fast, their accent makes them nearly incomprehensible. LOL. Sorry, Sarah, I just had to get that one off.

  163. Love your content. Could you let me know where you got your wrist brace? I would like to prevent carpal tunnel issues while home working

  164. Question about Etsy reviews:
    At about 3:17 I can see you Sarah showing Etsy reviews for the Grandpa t-shirt. And I can clearly see two separate tabs for the reviews, one for the item and one for the whole shop. But when I go to Etsy, I can only see reviews for the whole shop. I logged in to see if it makes a difference but it didn’t.
    —> So my question is: how do I access the item reviews? Do I have to be an established seller on Etsy?
    Thanks for everything you share, Sarah! Your videos are so clear and so full of valuable information. I’m only just starting with print on demand and I’ve binge watched your videos for days 🙂

  165. I am from Algeria. I wait for your videos daily. I ask you to adjust the settings in your videos and add Arabic language for the benefit.

  166. Hi Sarah! I love your videos! Thank you for taking the time to make it! Do you recommend any Free Shopify Theme?

  167. Its such a tease to see your store backend but not be able to know the actual store name 😅 I totally understand why you don’t share it! But my curiosity is too high. Haha. Great video Sarah! Hope you’re doing well. 😊

  168. Hey I have a question. I am also based in New Zealand like you. I am just setting up my shoplift store. Do I need to register for GST or should I wait until I start makings sales? I am asking because shopify asks if I am GST registered or not

  169. Sorry to see your hand is hurt odd thing is that I ordered ankle braces and have hand and finger brace next to order. Love your videos and have learn so much

    1. Actually I’m kind of surprised she didn’t like that idea… I mean maybe I have a different experience but in my world thatd be popular… I tattooed professionally for a decade and some of my most popular designs were weird cute combos like that… at a convention I had people fighting over a cat cream cone…. literally an ice cream cone where the ice cream part was a cats head 🤷🏻‍♀️

  170. Etsy seems to have a relaxed view of handmade. I see many products that get a personal monogram, the thing itself is the same as in many stores there. That paddleboard store, what do forests, mountains and yoga to do with water sports?

  171. I started an Etsy shop 2 months ago but I got only 8 sales so far:( I don’t know how to improve my sales. I tried Facebook, Instagram and Etsy ads but they didn’t help too much.

  172. Thanks for the info. You’ve given some good advice. I don’t want to over fish the pond, but I am closer to finding my niche.

  173. Hi Sara, hope you are doing well. I have seen t-shirts on Etsy with Chanel or Gucci sign, is that okay to design smth like that and sell on your store? copyright issues? Thnx for the videos xoxo

  174. Do I need to have license to print celebrities, sportsmen or fictional characters related to some movies on my t-shirts?

  175. Gday Sarah, my luttle kiwi cousin. What heppened to your hand? What dud you do to yer funger? Hev you bin fuddling wuth yer mouse too much? I love how you are such a cute luttle angel who blushes at saying the word badass (and so glad you clarified it wuth ‘badarse’), but then hemmer Nate wuth some choice badarsery of yer own. Sarah, you are rully swush! Do you like my attempt et speaking wuth a kiwi eccent? 🤣

  176. Hey Sarah, I’ve been taking a LOT of notes from your videos so I don’t miss things when I finally launch my first niche ecommerce store – so thank you. Hopefully I’ll have ticked all the boxes you mention by then! I look forward to asking for a review in a few months time once I’ve trialled your advice on ad spending and growing.🙂

    P.S. I see you’re wearing a hand brace – Hope you haven’t hurt it.


  177. Made my first sale on Redbubble in May (1,50). In June i sold 9 items and made 23 euro. This has token 6 months without promotion. I wonder what July is going to bring me.. Thanks Sarah!
    (edit: one item sold on the first of July, total is now 32,50!)

  178. Dear Princess (Sarah). I love your videos. They are packed with quality information and you don’t BS around filling them with fluff information. I am subscribed to over 100 Youtube channels (I lived in mountain area that had no tv signal) YOU are 1 of only 2 channels that I watch every video to the end. The other is the Disney Food Blog guide DFG with AJ wolf. For the past 3 years I worked part time for Disney( a dream job) and started and now run 6 online businesses (4 completely passive income). Soon thanks to you, it will be 7. Thanks. PS – I was an American Soldier who served overseas twice. I learned the language of the country I was in, so I could go into town and better experience THEIR CULTURE. If an American viewing your free videos wants to better understand what you say, they need to learn your language not the other way around.

  179. Just exactly when I’m starting my first print on demand store 😂❤️👍. I’m not new to Dropshipping thou 😉

  180. Ah the puns are real, to a Tee, 👏 well played Sarah, well played, also serious note great inspiration thank you as always

  181. I have id in red bubble .Com but I can’t open my red bubble id can you help me and also creat a spred shirt .Com but this can’t open this id plz help me

  182. I got my super design idea, I got my print on demand service, now what? Where should I list my t-shirt and start selling it like hotdogs?! 😁
    Thanks Sarah!

  183. Hi Sarah, just came by to say you are looking gorgeous! It’s always pleasant to learn with such a beautiful teacher. All the best to you!

  184. Your beautiful, beautiful accent is your smile that gives the channel a glow, thanks for all the information

  185. Thanks a lot for the great Video, Sarah 🙂

    @Wholesale Ted: Let’s say I want to give a present to my best friend. In contrast to me he is an enthusiastic motorcyclist and dog dad. A t-shirt ad that targets his preferences would not reach me. So I could not buy the shirt to surprise him.

    Just targeting people whose friends have birthdays soon doesn’t seem to be the best solution either.

    How do you target the person who buys the gift instead of the person who should receive it?

  186. Hey Sarah, first off I just want to say thank you for all the effort that you put into your videos and trying to help people!! I have been watching a ton of them lately.
    Now, as someone doing a lot of research before I even try to start this, I have a few questions:
    1. When you start out, do you need to register your business or can you do that at a later stage?
    2. How do I know if my business name is registered already?
    3. How would I know if someone hasn’t already picked a name for their website that I intend to use?
    4. Is it easy to change your business / website name at a later stage?
    (If someone else can help answering, I would also greatly appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks in advance!)

  187. Thanks to you Sarah, after months and months of watching your content and designing things, I’m taking the plunge to start POD with etsy. I’m very broke and haven’t had a job in months. I just have to risk it now and try! I’ve got a few niche ideas, although I have to choose which to go for now. I just hope without paid traffic I can get a few sales. How many etsy listings do you reckon is good to start with? Should I try multiple stores and test all my niches or focus on one? Thanks for all you do Sarah xxx

    1. @Deniz Okten I’ve designed about 60-70 designs, plugged them into Shopify and am about to launch my store on Etsy soon. I haven’t actually started selling yet, sorry! X

  188. If you have premium canva can you use these images for t-shirts or would you get sued? :O where can you buy designa from designers that include licence for merchandaising?

  189. Hey sarah! You are probably gonna hate me for this. But i got my family and friends to check out my etsy store but they haven’t given me any constructive feedback. Would you please kindly take a look? I think my main problem is that i only have 15 designs so it doesn’t contribute to my sales that well. I am also lacking mockup photos on some of my products which i will fix straight away. Apart from that anything else that could be changed?!

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    1. Hi Andrea. I have been chatting about it in my Instagram lives a lot as its a fluid situation! I have stopped using Printful and am using Printify 🌞 it is why I use it in my videos right now and not Printful. I’ll switch back when Printfuls fulfillment times are fast again which is probably 1-2 months away.

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    1. I have been recommending for months people switch to Printify for t-shirts if you previously were using Printful. They have paused the ability to add products from their high demand product line and that includes t-shirts. They have had huge demand due to covid-19 so switch it up and use Printify 🙏 you can switch back when Printful have finished expanding their capacity in the next 1-2 months 🌞

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    1. I remember on one of Sarah’s videos she said to use the largest text, I think Sarah used 4500 by 5500 px , if your doing a design of something other than text you might have to get someone to photo design it although I used this with a design and made it big as the pixel can take and some company already printed and shipped my design and company didn’t say anything about the resolution quality

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    How do you add scarcity tactics to POD? Quantity is unlimited. Sounding too salsey will lose the trust and hurt the brand. I’d love to add “order by 4pm to receive by this date,” but Covid 19 has made any such guarantee impossible.

    Can you optimize the checkout process and still use upsell popup like smar7? The popups all require add to cart then check out, but I really like having a buy now button on product pages to skip the cart. Ive written a few app developers, and wonder why I can’t have a popup when they go straight to checkout.

    1. @Wholesale Ted Thanks Sarah. Do you mean if a buy now button goes straight to check out, there would be legal issues showing an upsell popup over it?

    2. Those are very specific questions that will be ad specific 🌞🙏 I would have to look at yours ads (and I don’t do 1-1 coaching sorry) to give you any meaningful advice.

      I do indeed do scarcity: limited time sales 🌞 you have a limited quantity at that price, there is nothing false or misleading about that! I see new sellers look down on scarcity & see it as “salesy” but every single big brand/box store does the exact same thing. It’s literally just retail 🌞

      You can’t optimize Shopify’s checkout. You can update the cart page, not the checkout page. Its a legal issue.

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    1. Printful has removed the ability to add products that have long delays due to covid. Switch to another app like Printify!