100,000 YouTube Subscribers In 1 Year Using A Phone – This Is How He Did It

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Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at https://t.me/T_ShirtsChannel


  1. Awesome to read all the comments about your YouTube journeys! Best of luck to everyone!!!

    1. @Retired Working For You Thanks for letting Me know, very intresting locations and looks lovely up on that roof. I think living roofs with trees is far better then just having it blank.

    2. @LEGO Brick a Brac usually on my own, but for this video i needed help from a friend to show the ‘camera’ in my bag. so a friend with another phone for that scene.

  2. Hey nick, my channel is almost a year old (granted more then half is inactivity). Is there anything im doing wrong that I should improve? Also good video!

  3. It’s true. Just press record and go!!!
    I wish you all the best.
    Sup, Nick?
    Thanks for all the information.

  4. @Chris: Good to have some friends and Nick isn’t the only one. I remember in Chiang Mai there was also a camera man. Never the less congratulations you are surly doing something right! Keep doing it. smile. And it’s true it’s not the gear – it’s the guy! Keep recording. Chris can I talk to you? I really need some advice.

  5. I finally started using TubeBuddy. The thing I’m using it for is keyword intel. First, I can use my own original language but I can also see what YouTube would call it and add that in too. Secondly, I can see what keywords the top searched video on, say, a particular poem, used and see if there’s anything I should be adding to mine. It’s too soon to measure any results, but we shall see 🙂

  6. Thumbs up to you, Chris and thanks, Nick for sharing his story. I can see why Chris has so many subscribers. Not only is his niche interesting, he worked really hard. In the one year, he had published more than 200 videos and they are not #shorts video. So kudos to Chris. I must really put more effort into uploading more videos. Thanks again, Chris and Nick.

  7. if he did it,, we can make it…! Just hit Record… Niche dont even think about it… the niche is Record press the record… and upload to YT. someday your videos will be aligned with the North Star..whatever..hahahaha Lets Record.. Im recording now…😃😃😃

  8. Hi Nick I’m still doing my best to gain subs but also viewers but off topic I’m making videos about what people wanna watch like genshin impact because many love that game. I made a video about it because many people like to watch this stuff. Am I doing good?

  9. hey Nick, getting ready to launch my channel this week but it appears that i cannot unselect for ads on my channel. I do Not want ads at all, at any time. I wish to bring content in its purest form, no bullshit. However when i unselect the adds in the settings it tells me that viewers will see ads no matter what…Is there a way around this? Love your work

    1. No, per the terms of service update last November, YouTube reserves the right to show ads on un monetised channels. To turn them off, you need to get into the YouTube Partner Program where you are then given some control over the frequency and types of ads that appear on your channel.

  10. Just wanna let you know, some one is using your thumbnail illegally.. his channel is “Mobazilla”

  11. I had someone unsubscribe to me for the first time the other day. I used my school account to subscribe and bump the number back up 😂

  12. Great to see someone that relatively just started and has grown so big. Motivational and remember to keep things fun and informative! Thanks again!

  13. Do you think 3 topics: dog tips, dog product reviews, and funny dog videos – is still too broad? Should I niche down even further and just pick one?

    1. They are related, so I’d stick with testing all 3 buckets of content to get data on each. Down the road, you might want to narrow down.

  14. Well I liked this video!!! Good advise- I need to bump up my subscribers- I do watch your videos a lot. I’m in the beauty sector trying to expand to all things beauty ( that’s everything really ) but we are growing in personality- we just need to grow in subscribers 🤣

  15. Amazing stuff! Just would say as now, especially 2020-2021 even you just have iphone 11/12 is much much better then any camera 500-1000$ with tons of accessories and fancy mics, just get the phone and do it! That’s was my mistake at the beginning and after just 2 weeks of making vids using just iphone results are sky rocketed 🚀 Good Luck! Welcome to Jumanji!

  16. I started vlogging in May 2019 using my iPhone 8 Plus. My growth has been very slow, but steady. I just reached 3K last week, and I still use the same smartphone.

  17. Whoaaa, just a phone?!?!
    That all i have also…
    I hope if i can get my new series of content up and out that i can see some sucess, once God spares me life 🙂

  18. This is super amazing. I took out my phone and started recording a few days ago. It’d kinda fun!

  19. Hey nick, I somehow got a viral video on my channel really fast!! But I’m struggling to keep my channel going on the same rate!!any tips to help me stay on the right path and get more viral videos?

  20. That was what I needed to see. I am tired of people looking down on my gear and expecting to see huge clunky “pro” equipment.👍

  21. He says he films himself but in most of his videos he has ”2 free hands” which means he has someone that is filming him.

  22. I did hours and hours for 31 days straight. Hit 5k, did what they all told me to do, now I run a channel that died.

  23. Hey Nick, I just noticed my analytics how reports new viewers and returning viewers in my “audience” tab. Do you have a video discussing how we should interpret that analytics? For example, what’s considered a healthy ratio of new to returning viewers? For example, if I am getting 5x as many new viewers every day as I am getting returning viewers, is that good for channel growth? If not, what ratio should I realistically (as opposed to idealistically) aim for?

  24. This was a really relatable video as I’m a Mobile channel atm, I plan to become a normal channel in future but the tips are really great

  25. IMPORTANT QUESTION!! Nick I Did all the Methods I learned from you and experience and my Channel was Growing Fast for me but then I went to bootcamp for 3months and now My channel isnt growing the Same but Im still doing everything the same & even posting more frequently!! what should I do?

  26. I respect his advice but I think the reasons his channel grow so fast is due to the location, American man vlogging in am amazing Chinese city is going to attract attention in its self.

    1. @Nick Nimmin Its a far more attractive place and a place most Americans or Brits don’t get to see. Just look at the stunning locations start and Finnish. 😀

    2. Its Bangkok 😉 (in Thailand) – I don’t think location is the primary driver of subscribers here.

  27. Very inspirational. #3 is where I’m at now, and gives me more confidence hearing it, that experimenting outside of the niche you thought you were making the channel about can be a game-changer.

  28. i feel like im going through a period on my youtube journey of when my videos may not get a lot of traction, once when that period is over I should start getting more traction than usual😖

  29. hi sir im in the philippines, and im a new in vlogger. your video is very inspiring. thank you for sharing your video. can i ask some question, what do you think is the good content for me as a child? thank you.

  30. when he grab his gears i really expect to see expensive camera and high end brands of microphone..lol

  31. WoW 100k congrats maybe on day we will hit that.We are just starting back on youtube. Hopefully we will grow and stay consistent .That is the key to anything in life you want to succeed at.

  32. I get a decent amount of views considering that i just started, but not many subscribers any tips on making people want to stick around would be appreciated! 🙂

  33. I am manifesting 100.000 subscribers as well since I’m using my iPhone 11 Pro Max to shoot my videos 🥰

  34. Thank you for this great content of yours sir i really love it and stick the whole video so that i can gain some ideas and it never fails me.i wish i can have that too someday and success same as yours because i do informative and tutorials content too….thanks a lot

  35. I have been doing Gaming for a Pokemon Nuzlocke should I stay with 1 game or do multiple I have heard both?

  36. “I have a million weaknesses.”
    Couldn’t agree more! I believe I at least was able to find some strengths in me: I’ve got lots of creative ideas and quite resourceful with what I have (I also use a phone to record and edit). The downside though is that my strengths are not yet strong enough to withstand a million of my weaknesses. However, the upside is that I’m working on it little by little on my own tolerable pace and this video helps a lot to push me more.☺️

  37. Hi guys please help me I want change my old YouTube account to new and the Google want to I enter my current pin
    How I find my current pin

    1. Is that for 2 factor authentication? That’s usually a number they either text to you or use Google Authenticator for.

  38. Sorry Nick, this was one of the most useless things you posted. Nothing concrete in this video at all, just fluff.

    1. @Nick Nimmin nick, I’m a new youtuber working really hard at my channel. Really admire, respect and appreciate you for some of your older content which was really helpful. 🙏🏻

    2. This was primarily for inspiration but there are some good tips as well. Not every video is going to speak to every person.

  39. Thanks Nick and Chris – I love the KISS principle – simple and really great advice. Really enjoyed and valued this video.

  40. I use my channel to sharpen my own sword. Accountability for reselling on Ebay and playing guitar and mandolin.

  41. I just don’t get it 🤷‍♀️🤣 YouTube remains a mystery to me. I’m not even getting many impressions. 200 impressions. Thanks YouTube. 🤔 I don’t know what to do with that…

  42. I think I have too many videos and I need to let them hit the algorithm instead of uploading too often

  43. It’s the best words of wisdom in you tube world that I’ve heard, i hope i’m walking on the right path..it really boost my inspiration.! Thanks so much.


  45. This is a fantastic video and could be made into a series showcasing youtubers that have had success. As a wanna be youtuber it’s good to see all the theory put into practice.
    I do have a question though out of your 765k subscribers you only have 7121 views on this video. Why do you think that is?

    1. 1. Because it’s a new video 2. Due to the nature of my content the churn rate of my viewers is pretty high.

  46. Honestly phones are so underappreciated for YouTube, i use a phone for 100% of everything in my videos rn

    1. I’m only teasin’ lol. Your channel looks very interesting. Travel vlogs are always neat to check out 👍

  47. After 8 month im just at 600+. My videos are informative and fun too so what do I wrong? Guess my karma is wrong? Or my Feng Shui?

  48. Hey Nick, So I Put Of Different Things For My Viewer’s, So Do You Think I Should Make My Content About One Thing Or Should I Stay The Way I Am, See My Channel Is Called Jayden Gaming, But I Upload Different Things,

  49. I am on 398 and I have been on YouTube for 4months 9k on 1 video you have helped me change people’s life’s 💯🙌🏻🙌🏻👊🏻

  50. Congratulation Chris what a mile stone that shows us it can be done..thank you so much for sharing your story

  51. Cool. I subscribed to his channel. Thanks for introducing us to another great YouTuber. This was a nice change of pace for YOUR channel as well.

  52. This is amazing. Yesterday, I told my husband that I need a camera but he said I don’t need a camera. This confirms it. Thanks Nick for sharing.

  53. I love this! All of my videos have been filmed with my iPhone X because I just didn’t (and still don’t) have the means to buy nice camera equipment. Thanks for posting this video…will take and use these nuggets of wisdom.

  54. 0:00 – Hi Nick! 👋
    7:59 – U r welcome for watching! ❤️ 778th like from me! 👍 Cheers!

  55. I’m at over 3K after chipping away at this for a while. I’m really proud of what my channel has become over the last year and can see the growth curve starting to get steeper! Super exciting when you’re on the threshold like this 🚀

    Best of luck to you all out there.

  56. I’m a currently a mobile creator my phone isn’t a flagship with high end specs not even close but I do the best I can until I can upgrade my equipment. thanks Nick appreciate it.


  58. Great video and some fab advice 😊👍🎬
    Two words come to mind in what I try to do weekly .
    * Weekly Value 👍😊

  59. I need your help! I was doing do good and lost everything 😪 I don’t know who to turn to I can’t get anything but automated messages back from youtube

    My YouTube account was falsely reported and terminated I’ve been waiting on a response to fix this issue due to someone making multiple accounts and filing false reports I have screen shots of him taunting and gloating about doing it in a chat from one of my live streams. He did it in response to me muting him on my channel do to sending in appropriate photos to minors wich had to be cleaned up and removed. When I wouldn’t reinstate him on my channel he did this to destroy all my memories and work. I HAVE YEARS OF MEMORIES AND TIME INVESTED.
    I would atleast like to get back memories if not my whole channel reinstated.

    Thank you

    Kyle Minx
    channel: minxracing58

  60. Quick Tutorials & Affordable Tech best describes my channel. Awesome tips Chris! And thanks Nick for organizing this!

  61. I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max, too, and I used to use that same little tripod. 🙂 These were great tips, thank you! This video totally made me Thailand.

  62. Yesss that’s exactly what I needed to hear this week, WAO I can totally relate too with having a former background with editing but the rest need to unfold!! Smart man Mr Thailand 😂 inspirational channel with no sugar coating 💪

  63. This is very informative, I have been following you. As he said work hard that is what , I have been doing. Thank you, checkout ‘ The Sweet Life Of Nyha and LaLa ‘

  64. Here’s a question for you to consider. How do you feel about buying views and likes to boost your channel a little bit?

    1. Bad idea – YouTube forbid it in their Community Guidelines which could ultimately result in the termination of your channel.

  65. Nice one. Keep it up. You,re advise and other youtuber that guide me on youtubing has make my youtube channel growing positively and just need some work to do such as editing.

  66. WOW! AMAZING! I have a rule to not quite for a year. Thank you for the North Star wisdom ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  67. Before begining with your channel make sure you pick a profitable niche! Also remember to pick a niche that is Ad-friendly!

  68. Thank you so much for sharing this informative and motivational video Nick Nimmin and many Congrats to Chris on hit the target in one year

  69. iphone 11 price = Canon M50 price in India. Both are way out of my budget. But still filming with my Redmi 5 note for my cooking channel

  70. Love this guy’s videos! Great tours of Thailand life! I subscribed to him about 2 weeks ago! Thought you might know him Nick! Congrats on the 100K subscribers!

    1. When he’s got it on the short Manfrotto tripod as a selfie stick, its literally an arm’s length away.

  71. Sol awesome to see this!! I have to just get to it!! Very inspiring 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😎

  72. Wow. We know the likes of Mr Beast, PewDiePie etc.. made it work & to a gargantuan extent & I have watched many videos that give me lots of great advice but this video in particular, really shows the evidence of that in the early stages. The result of someone who paid attention & made it work. Excellent job, Thanks for introducing us to Chris, Nick. I’m gonna head over to his channel now & give him a sub.

  73. wait a minute Nick just be honest that you are the person behind the algorithm because each time I watch a video from you and take notes i see growth. Keep up the good work Nick

  74. Great advice. My words are lore and theories with silliness. People know that they’ll get silliness from me even in my more serious videos. 😊

  75. legends say that Nick is behind the youtube algorithm thats why his video’s help people grow. Change my mind

  76. Very informative and i like his tips. I am happy for him and I learned that we cannot do the same thing and expect different results or perhaps we can with different approach👍🏻to you both

  77. If you watch Chris you will see he is very obsessive compulsive personality type. He is a perfectionist. He will do anything to be the best.

  78. Wow I didn’t expect he use an IPhone for camera and Mic, thanks for the tip now I don’t have to worry about it buying a Mic for awhile now

  79. Many good points made by Chris, I shouldn’t think that just because I’m taking longer than everyone else does not mean I’ll never succeed, It will just take me longer to do so. Now then, I need to get out of bed and get my channel back on its non-existing feet, without self promotion as usual.

  80. Spectacular achievement earning that many subscribers, and at the same time I’m struggling to understand how because he just blathers on and on without getting to the point. I mean, even after he says the point he just goes on and on without any information that adds to his point. this is one of the videos that I really wish I would not have stayed to watch the whole thing. I stayed on hoping that there would be some Grand informative thing, however it was just lathering on of endless stuff that really didn’t drive home any of the points that he made.

  81. YouTube is not easy, I have 270 subs and have like 8 months left for the 1k goal. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us .

  82. All I have right now is my iPhone 11, a tripod and iMovie. I have found that the sound quality is very good. I edit all my videos with my iPhone 11. Thanks so much Nick.

  83. I put like 30 ads in a 30 minute videos and I still have an rpm of $0.06😣😔☹️ Why is it so? Please tell me the solution 🙏
    I know it depends on the niche but is there anything else for me to improve?

    1. One viewer won’t see all of those ads. And for some of the people who do you’re probably causing them to leave the video.

  84. Chris said comment what my channel is about. So here it is. my channel is about fishing cooking , unboxing and random content.

  85. Wow,some good advice from Chris there,I loved it…Thanks Nick,I feel like you guys just refilled my YouTuber gas.Ready to go all in💯

  86. Chris’ channel is fantastic, I have been a subscriber from the onset. It is interesting what tips he provides, but ultimately his channel is primarily successful because of his personality.

    1. He has an amazing personality without question. But, an amazing personality without some kind of focus doesn’t work out. His videos are also well targeted.

  87. This is like the best video EVER!!! I totally agree with everything he said 💯! I use my phone to record my videos as well and they are still great quality 🤗! It’ll be a year for me on YouTube next month! So happy that I overcame my fears and finally started🙌🏿! Good luck to everyone else ❤️!

  88. This was helpful ,I do all my editing on my phone ,really inspiring to see him do this with little to no gear ,time to go just hit record !

  89. Great channel for youtubers to learn off I like watching your videos I learn so much off then. Thank u

  90. I almost stop watching your video for the first time! Thank God I continue because I learnt a lot today. Thanks😊 to both of you.

  91. Hey nick I have a question, how can I grow my gaming channel and to make more people be interested in it.

  92. To be fair, he’s been in the film industry to begin with, so he got on a higher level than people like me who had never bother to selfie before trying youtube.
    Just want to remind people who’s a bit discouraged by youtube, you have a different starting point and different set of skills.

  93. So much to learn. Thanks for sharing, Nick! We use my iPhone 11 in filming, but I realized my fiance’s phone ( google pixel) films better indoors. iPhone seems to film better with natural lighting.

  94. PERFECT timing as always! As a dedicated Samsung A11 mobile YouTube creator it’s so amazing, to find out how ALL of us unique mobile creators can grow no matter what. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  95. I use my phone too it has 4k resolution for me is more tha enough, now im going to experiment with 2 uploads a week to see if it make a difference, thanks a lot nick

  96. Omg! Congratulations!!! I will be so happy if I can just reach the magical number of 1,000 subscribers. 😊😊😊❤🙏🙏🙏

  97. This is so inspirational! Thank you so much for posting this Nick! You my friend are an inspiration. 👍

  98. 😎Super cool guy and only on a smartphone? I love this and helps me out a lot 😇Grazie! ❤

  99. I think gear matters to a point. I need to get myself a mic because the wind is awful for audio in wyoming.

  100. I’ve been a friend of Chris for over 25 years now and what he’s doing on YouTube doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s is 1 of the hardest working guys I know.

  101. I like how laid back he sounds. Great stuff Nick.

    HUGE THANKS for you reviewing my channel this week. Means the world to me!

  102. My videos are informative I need to bring the fun and editing. I have no previous editing experience whatsoever. So many ideas but putting it together is my weakness.

  103. This is great advice. I have a cooking channel and there’s a TON of them out there. I’m trying to be different by “teaching”the how, the what, the why…etc. I enjoy teaching people how to cook, not just sharing a recipe. I can see why he is successful. Well spoken and talks with confidence, good use of transitions. Cheers and good luck to everyone!

  104. I use my phone when I shoot my fishing videos.
    These are good tips to think about on and off the water.

  105. Awesome accomplishment. I make videos on my iPhone also. I’ll use this for motivation.

  106. Realy insane that Chris his channel is growing this fast, because his video’s are always crazy edited, funny and informative. Loving that guy with what he is doing for the Thai community in the pay it forwards 🙂

    1. Not at all. It’s a great tool and it has one thing I use from time to time. For everything else I use TubeBuddy.

  107. That’s crazy. It’s nice to see somebody else using a phone though. It’s encouraging. We’ve been using the front camera of an IPhone XR and that provides 4K resolution. Only issues are with audio though, not as crisp as using an actual microphone.

  108. Law of attraction: All small youtubers who like this will get succesful..PS of course make informative contents like sir nick! 💞

  109. Words that can describe my channel
    personable, definitely informative and positivity. ✨ I use my phone as well to record my videos, so everything he said resonated with me.
    As always a great video and congrats to your friend.

  110. Wow Chris! Such an inspiration👏🏽 I’m an American living in France and am creating content on life abroad. I’ve been on YouTube for almost a year now and almost at 1k. I really look forward to watching your life in Thailand.

  111. Wow, I thought I was using minimal equipment with just my phone and a lav mic but this guy takes the cake! Great tips.

  112. I’m using my phone and all my work has been done off my phone but I am still struggling with getting new subs. I dunno if it’s my content and perhaps it is . I try to do a little something for everyone . I also don’t narrate and maybe I should. I have also went on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook trying to get my name out . No luck .

  113. Hey phone squad! We too can rock using our phones. Time to thank Nick and let’s shine✅💯 Ready?

  114. Oh wow that’s impressive. I fell off from posting for about 2 months and now that I’m back to posting my channel has been at a plateau. Working on growing it again

  115. Whoo hoo!! That’s the phone I have !! (Sean is the bomb too!!) Incredible!! Way to go Chris!!

  116. Thanks for the great tips and advice buddy, Now i started recording. loved it. watching from Singapore.

  117. I started with my broken android and my daughters lamp.🙏💪

    Can’t run? walk! can’t walk? crawl! can’t crawl? drag yourself!!!! NO EXCUSES!💪🙏👍

    I’ve learn so much from you. Thank you. Forever grateful!🙏

  118. Haha this was awesome Nick 😊 i found you and Chris at the same time and i love watching you both 😊🙌🏻 and thanx for tubebuddy tipi absolutly love using it 😊🙌🏻 had my first 100 subs a week ago and now im at 122 and i hope i goes like this for a long time. Having a blast and learn learn learn 😊 im using iphone 12 pro and a dji osmo 3 😊🙌🏻 thats it.

  119. I was very nervous to hit that record button but I did and started getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera as I keep making videos

  120. I found Chris’s channel months ago and it’s amazing how fast he has grown. I watched a lot of his condo videos and on a chiang mai video Nick appeared 🙂 Great tips Chris.

  121. Nice 👍 congrats, I started 10 months ago and i have 20673 subscribers 😺

  122. 😌 Don’t be afraid to break the rules! THAT RIGHT THERE. This is the way. 🤍✨

    By the way, I use my iPhone for all my videos too. I think it’s better, in some ways than a fancy camera because it’s always with us.

  123. What a refreshing video! Nothing fancy but simple instructions and no fancy equipment. Nice!
    By the way my son lives in Bangkok.
    Thank you!

  124. That’s crazy 110k in just less than 1 year is nothing short of spectacular. Great tips too, I wish you all the best in your channel and future content 👍😀😊

  125. Great results, Chris & Nick thanks for sharing the tips with us, this was really helpful. Nick, can you ask you something?! Is helping other YouTubers a separate niche category on YouTube?!

  126. This is one of the very few times I would disagree with Nick although I think he is exceptional in this field

  127. It shows you only have 1 view beside the date but you already have plenty of Likes and comments. Thanks for sharing it gives us hope to grow and inspired us, congrats!

  128. How about 500K in 3 Months using my phone 🙂 Shorts
    Great Advice 👍
    Fun & Informative Very true
    Entertainment & Educational

  129. Shouldn’t this kind of video be on dee’s channel?!

  130. This was so interesting. My only issue is that I have hardly any memory on my phone. In going to do a clean out.

  131. Ever since I found this channel, I ended up making some small adjustments to my channel and now I get a little more subscribers compared to before. Im almost at 200, but keep on grindinggg if you want to achieve your goals. 🤘🏽

  132. I actually thought about doing a 60 second video on my main channel to see if I could get interaction on my first YouTube channel. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll get out of the 📦 that I’m stuck in. 👍🏾

  133. I really gets happy when nick hearts my comment he’s so cool and kind
    may he reach 1million soon

  134. Very inspiring 🙂 I use my phone and have been a bit deflated thinking I need so much equipment to succeed. So thanks for this video

    1. Exactly! People say you must get a camera and a ton of equipment but you really don’t.
      At the end of the day it’s what CONTENT we share. That determines how many subs we get. If people don’t enjoy what we talk about, they’re not subbing.

  135. Nick Nimmin do you think that samsung s10 plus is good for filming videos for my youtube channel? im thinking of upgrading to that phone. only what i can afford

    1. It should be fine. If you’re upgrading to it I would watch a bunch of YouTube reviews with video and audio tests to make sure it suits your needs.

  136. Things I needed to hear. I should make my videos fun and informative.
    My growth is slow…self doubt is my biggest killer

    1. You got this! Don’t overthink it, it’s a process. Embrace the process, keep uploading and try to learn with each upload.

  137. I have 194 subscribers so far and I’m aiming to get to 1000 subscribers by May 1st. Should I upload videos more often?

  138. Hey Nick! So I had 400 subscribers, all brazilians and then from nowhere I changed my videos to english and changed the niche of the channel. Now, mostly of those 400 subscribers don’t watch my videos and I think this is really affecting my channel 🙁 What should I do?

  139. I have tried everything but its still a struggle for me to get noticed, but i luckily reached 200 subscribers atleast…its something i guess😅

  140. Wow . I’m slowly getting to 1,000 doing NBA content. I already have 90,000 views. Trying to get better and watching videos like this motivate me.

  141. I got 10k subscribers in 1 year
    An over 6 million views just off using my phone so I know it’s doable
    I will be that one person that gets 100K subscribers off just doing it from my phone!
    At the end of the day if you have a good phone it basically is a computer!

    1. @Joni G
      My Channel All About Gaming ?
      Gaming Might not be for every one but some people like to game or watch gamers. But I try to be entertaining in my vids

      YouTube is my passion to grow big like others and pass that 1k subs 4k watch hr. And succeed on this platform

      When I see viewers in my comment when live streaming I comment and interact with them more that my game lol.. same goes for my comment section

      My viewers comes first to make them my Subscribers then turns it into my community

    2. @Joni G cool I don’t have an iPhone Samsung for me but I do have a nice tripod

    3. @Joni G

      Yes TubeBuddy Helps with Finding Excellent Tags to use it also tests your videos also to help in search

  142. Nick can you teach us how to record In game audio with Headphones with your voice in Laptop and Phone Nick. Please i’ll really Appreciate it Because i don’t like Background noise and Congrats to your friend too!

    1. I agree too that even me, can create good too using phone only.hope to keep in touch you too soon.keep safe friend

    2. @Mellisa & melina’s world Do you like the results Melisa? I’m really happy with mine. Wouldn’t want to faf with a camera agin.

    1. That’s awesome!! I’m a smalll channel! I’m a lego YouTuber I do everything and anything lego from reviews to Mocs!! so ur channel definitely helps me. I’m at 52 subscribers rn. My channel has been open up for 1 year already.

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