1. i was just thinking that Art Text (x should have a ‘Random’ Button, that you could press and then define how many iterations you’d like to apply to your text, and so if you chose like [ 6 ] The Random Function would apply 6 random things to your text ! ( ? ) And then if you came across something fun, after applying this 20 times ! you could fine tune each layer or function that was applied ( ? )

    1. Hi Chrstphre, thanks for your comment! Currently, the app is not the generator of images, it is the app that provides you freedom in creation of one-of-a-kind graphics. If you want a selection of ready templates, you can have a look at Letters app, though it is not an image generator as well: https://text.design/letters/

  2. Trying out the application right now. Can not find a way to import a logo from Illustrator, make it 3d, apply textures, and give it bevels and extrude. Also do not see a way to bring in custom reflection maps.Nor can I figure out how to give the face, the bevel, and the extrude different textures. So far it seems pretty limited.

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