1. Hello, being mostly Mac developers, we always start with the Mac version of the product. If we have extra resources, Windows OS may be released in the future.

  1. Loved the “long shadow” effect around 0:35. Downloaded the trial and found …. only a classic “drop shadow”.
    Where is the long shadow gone?

    1. Hi Andrew, thnks four your answer. I just found the point. Shadows differ from Basic (Drop Shadow) to 3D (somewhat realistic long shadow). In the promo the handling of Shadows for 3D Text is shown and it irritates me a bit that the selector and the left bar shows “Basic” texts.

    2. Hi Rafael, you can drop shadow from Effects tab, then simply adjust shadow properties (Attenuation, Blur, Color and Position) to achieve shadow effect you desire.

  2. Hello Guys – While I’m somewhat new to Resolve, my editing days go way back to 1” tape with mechanical editing. Years later, being one of the first Mac users, I migrated to Final Cut.

    My work differs from most guys since my main line of work is design of drone aircraft and aerial photography. One of my contributions includes developing the world’s first aerial drone platform in the early 80’s for front line military surveillance and civilian motion picture work.

    Recently, I updated my “ground & editing” equipment to include the outstanding; Panasonic GH5 – Black Magic’s Resolve Studio and their Micro Editor which leads to the scope of this post.

    Along with my line of drone work, video character generation, design and publication is also included. Many years ago, I found a little known program called “Art Text” which I used exclusively for publication which also doubled for my video production.

    While DaVinci Resolve is nothing short of amazing for it quick and easy work flow, where it slows down is character and logo generation. While I’m familiar with Fusion, for myself, its time prohibitive to even consider using the program.

    With this in mind, my old faithful “Go To” software of Art Text which is now updated to Art text 3, to include full 2D / 3D with layers and templates to die for, has again become one of my best assets to working “hand in hand” with Resolve.

    I have included a YouTube link below where I added some Art Text 3 characters keyed over some GH5 footage recorded in Atomos in Pro-Res, so you can see the quality of the character generation as it goes through Resolve 14. Let’s hope that Black Magic will incorporate a program such as Art Text as part of their system.

    Anyhow – thanks BlackMagic for such a great program, and thanks to Art Text as well. If anyone is interested in trying Art Text 3 with Resolve, they offer a free download.

    Using Art Text In Resolve YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/c2BWO1xk7dY

    Enjoy – Mike Mas http://www.rotory.com

  3. Why is this not on Windows?
    Sorry but your Windows version is a complete joke and insult.

    If this version was on Windows (10), then I (and millions of others) would be buying it. Even if it did cost more then the Apple version. You’re missing a huge opportunity here. Especially since it’d means I could stop using Photoshop for the same thing.

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot for your feedback! Unfortunately, currently we don’t have plans to develop Art Text 3 for Windows.

  4. I bought Art Text 3 about a month ago and cant open the app now i tried everything!! any suggestions *i tried restarting computer reinstalling,Force quiting what do i do

  5. Great software! Is there a way I don’t know to animate text, or third party plugin? It’s the only thing I miss from this app.
    If there’s no way to animate text other than step-by-step animation with produced images, I hope you’ll consider to add this feature.
    Even just a bunch of frames allowed to be animated and exported as a movie, should be a winning move.

  6. Another question, if im going to put in images from the internet is their a way to edit them like get rid of a white backround like photoshop or are they just there for a backround? in other words if their is a gaming controler on a white imag and wnt to include it with just showing the controler and not the backround of it. Is that possible?

    1. No, you will need image editing app for that, or an app that removes backgrounds. Once background is removed, you can obviously use the edited pic in Art Text

    1. @BeLight Software Wow, thank you hope you keep updating it making it better very interested, and will reccommend!!

    2. Hi Brian, sure, you can. Adding an object automatically means adding a layer, since the program allows only one object per layer. There is a list of layers in the Content panel where you can select layers and change their order.

  7. Looks interesting… no info on resolution though. Can you save files at 300 dpi and what are the formats you can save as? How big can you make your image? Can you do poster (18in x24 in), banner or Billboard sized projects?… Is this truly for “professionals”?

    1. The Close button might be hidden under your Dock. Please right-click on your Dock and select ‘Turn Hiding On’ option.

  8. i’m Big Fun of Art text,. “BIG LOVE”
    it’s great,amazing,and so creative
    my immagination fly really with this softawe

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