Canva: Licenses & Legal Stuff

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. Thanks for the video, wish I knew this information earlier. I have created my branding using canva and used an element to create my social media “logo” – a term used loosely for this scenario, which is a free element. Am I correct in inferring that this is okay to use for the brand of my website/blog/ social platforms as long as I don’t attempt to trademark as I cannot since I have used canva.

  2. Hello! Thanks for sharing this information, it’s kind of confusing. If I understood, if I have the Canva Pro account I can create EBooks using Free or Pro elements to share (For free) with my audience? Or I also get the 2000k distribution etc?

  3. Hey ! Was wondering if you could help , I want to create digital products for commercial use and was wondering if I could use the fonts , icons and photos on Canva to design these products as a Canva Pro User.

  4. Hey when I make a design with the pro-version, download it and use it for my social media. Then after some months I decide to cancel the subscription, can I still use it??

    1. What’s uploaded to your social media will not change. If you’ve downloaded your work, it’s fine.

  5. You might have answered this. So if we create a little info graphic and put our @ Instagram name on it. Is that allowed? *And no business $$ is done on the Instagram account ( no profit off this)

  6. can I use the music from canva on youtube?? The sound that loaded in with the banner I made is sick but I want to be sure that I can use it for my youtube intro

    1. Yes, you can. Make sure to connect your Canva account with YouTube to let YouTube know the videos come from Canva.
      In the editor, left hand panel > 3 little dot menu > YouTube

  7. Are Pro Elements for Pro users also only limited to one-time use? As a premium user you will not be informed of this during the download. Unfortunately, the information is very hidden.

  8. how about i create a video presentation for my product in canva and I upload it in youtube and Instagram, is it ok?

  9. Thanks for this great video. Can you help me with my question? I am a social media manager of several local businesses. I bought Canva pro so I can make social media posts for my clients. I also use canva videos for Facebook ads. Is this ok? I have read Canva’s licensing agreement carefully but I do not find the answer I am looking for. I hope you can help me a little with this, many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kim,
      yes I believe this is OK and you should be fine for any commercial use if you use Canva Pro.

    2. Could you find out something about it in the meantime? I have the same problem and can’t find an answer.

  10. If I subscribe to Canva Pro – can I use the Premium images and videos for making youtube videos ? Any additional steps needed to make sure there are no copyright issues before I can publish that video on youtube platform ?

    1. Yes you will be OK for that use.
      And yes, you should connect your Canva account with YouTube. You can do that by finding the youtube integration in Canva, go to the three little dot menu in the editor > YouTube. Connect your accounts so that if you get flagged on YouTube for a song from Canva, YouTube will know it comes from Canva and you therefore have the right to use it.

  11. If I have Canva pro, am I able to use a certain font and make it my logo and sell it for commercial use?

  12. Sir can we use canva videos which are already present in it…. in our you tube videos….
    Are those videos like aeriel shots etc are copyright free

    1. @Design with Canva sir are photos in canva are copyright free can we also them in our you tube videos …..
      Is there any requirement to give disclaimer in description of our video

  13. Can I use pro elements to create a logo and use it as my thumbnail and a watermark on my videos for a monetized channel if I’m not selling my youtube videos? Seems like if I’m not selling the video with the elements itself on it, I should still be able to monetize my channel with ad revenue since the videos are free.

  14. Hello sir, I really want to Start with digital printing using this app,is it possible to start or is it illegal?

  15. ok..once again:) can I use Canva elements to put on my tshirt?) for tshirt design to sell on etsy. I have Canva pro… can I use pro elements or free elements or any elements?

  16. Hey, I want to make custom cards in canva using their free illustrations and fonts and sell them later. Is it permissible? Every card will be uniquely made and I will change a lot of things in those illustrations.

  17. Instead of some users being overwhelmed with all this legal language that is so confusing, why not provide software that is totally free to use for the user, especially those that pay for the pro version and not having to worry all the time about legal troubles. I “assumed” I was covered for all legalities under the paid pro version. According to this video, I’m not covered. This makes your paid version undesirable for me. This is just “splitting” hairs for your customers and making it confusing. The way I see it, this can be achieved by making it black and white up front in the beginning. I believe if I pay you for a subscription, then I should be allowed to use my creations any way I want. If this is not the case, I will cancel my membership right away.

    1. @Design with Canva I appreciate your honesty with your clarification, but when I see “Design with Canva”, it is easy to assume you represent Canva as if you are the company. You were clear in your video, I was disagreeing with how things are setup. Canva should be strait up with its customers about this in the beginning but they are not. I found out about this through YouTube. It should be clearly stated at the time you pay for a premium membership in bold letters.

    2. Hey there,

      I understand your frustration. The fact is that right now, it is what it is. And with this video I tried my best to bring some clarity with the resources I could find.
      You’d understand that we have little to no say in what Canva decides to do in terms of licensing agreement.

      We are only trying to help.

    3. Also, if this is the case, then Canva should be making it much more clearer up front in black and white terms to ALL users.

  18. I have pro subscription, n free Pro elements, can I use that free pro element for printing on my mask or t-shirt? Pls answer

  19. Hi! I have Canva Pro and I’m trying to get clarification on license agreements and how that applies to Canva Pro. I’m able to use everything available on Canva, but it doesn’t ever give me the option to buy a license. Does this mean it’s included? This is so confusing! Thank you for your help!

    1. Yes, but you’ll still have to comply with the number of reproductions.
      If in doubt, feel free to reach out to Canva via this link to ask your question:

  20. If I make a channel banner for YouTube and thumbnails using the free assets on canva, would that be allowed?

    1. So the answer to that question is: it depends. It depends on the number of reproduction I believe. But I’m NOT a lawyer and you shouldn’t take my advise for granted.
      Feel free to reach out to Canva if you have any doubt about the licensing agreements:

  21. Thank you for the video! Just to make sure, i use canva free for making educational videos that i will eventually post on youtube. So am i safe to use it even if i use free elements that are not only canva but by sketchify and icony as well?

    1. You’re not the only one. Licenses are not an easy thing to wrap your head around. Unfortunately we are not lawyers, this is our humble attempt at bringing more clarity.

  22. Does Canva charge the customer an extra fee when they download and use a Canva file that I created in Canva (with a Pro account) when they buy a digital download in Etsy?

    1. It depends if your template uses Pro elements (elements from the library that have a crown).

  23. I know this is a difficult or complex subject to cover, so thank you for taking the time to do it. I have researched a lot and I really like the resources you choose to provide! I think your “summary breakdown” of the different uses at the end of the video was the best explanation I have heard so far. Thanks again!!

    1. Glad it was helpful! And yes, this topic is soooo complex. I wish Canva would make it easier 🤔

  24. Hello, I wanted to know if the free fonts can be used for designing t-shirts. I did watch the video where you have mentioned about it, butni just want to be sure again ? 😁😁 And if I get the pro version, will it be fine to use the fonts in pro version for selling t-shirts?

  25. Hi there ,can i use the free clip art not images on canva free as prints for my products.

    .e.g on a coffee mug ,i want to start a print on demand business

    1. It depends, we are not in a position to give you legal advice, but if you have a burning question about Canva’s licensing agreement I suggest you use this form and our experts will get back to you:

  26. This was honestly so confusing 😭 for me, I just wanna know if I can use the free photos that canva has on a shirt?! To sell of course, however they would have like words on them and what not.

    1. For all questions related to Canva’s Licensing Agreements, we suggest you use this form and their experts will get back to you:

    2. the answer to that question is simply: because it’s not black or white. It depends on how you do it.

  27. Hi, thank you for making the video. If I find an image on Canva (free or pro version), draw a cartoon version and print on t-shirts to sell. Does it against Canva license agreement?

    1. We don’t want to get you into trouble so for all questions related to Canva’s Licensing Agreements, we suggest you use this form and their experts will get back to you:

  28. can i use my design made from canva with free elements, and selling it in Print On demand ???? im confused

    1. @Design with Canva Hi Canva, Please let us know with yes or no answer for this case. Thank you!

    2. Hi @Billy Mailloy, have you get the answer? Cause I have the same case here. Please let me know if you get the answer. Thank you!

  29. So I purchased the pro version of canva. Does that mean I’m able to use the icons on the t shirts I sell? I’m so confused. I don’t see an option to purchase the icon so use for commercial use.

    1. Hello, I just asked Canva about the same thing and this is their answer in full…I hope this helps everyone

      Hi there, Estera! All content (photos, graphics, illustrations, stickers, fonts, videos) available for our Canva Pro subscription is licensed under One Design Use License.

      This license allows you to:
      – Download designs without paying for images
      – Use your design in promotional campaigns
      – Print your design for personal purposes
      – Print your design for promotional purposes or use media in printed items for selling without limits
      – Use media in a design and publish on your website or blog
      – Use media in your website without any alterations (only up to 600×800 or 800×600 pixels)
      – Print design on products for selling

      Just take note of these restrictions as well:
      – Use of identifiable people in your design
      – Resale of unaltered stock media
      – Wrong implication of product endorsement

      For more information, please check this article: Cheers! ^ap

    2. So from my understanding is you can create a design with 3 to 5 different elements, change elements colours and make it unique ans it’s fine. If someone who uses canva can recognize that each element and font you used is from canva you didn’t make your design unique enough. I hope this helps.

      For example the font pack where the top word is pink and bottom is orange with an after glow, you should change the colours and add some other elements to it like a square in the back then some icons and that would be considered a unique design. But if you used the fonts exactly the way they looked in canva with the same colours and just slapped an icon below it that’s not unique at all.

  30. Hi, Ronny! Greetings from Mexico! I have a few questions that I would love if you could clarify the fear in me.
    1.-If I use CANVA’S elements, fonts, images and videos to create a design of my own for promoting small social media local bussineses can I get sued?
    2.-If I create a logo using only the elements and fonts from CANVA PRO can I get into legal trouble?
    3.-Sometimes people pay me a few bucks to create designs for them in CANVA butI never use the predesigned templates, I like to start in a white sheet and then just mix elements, colors and fonts to create characters, promo and logos but I was reading a lot lately that this may be somewhat illegal.
    Like im not selling the stockphoto alone or the element alone, or the music alone, Im just charging for a design that I made using Canva elements and I have a Canva Pro account. I have never used predesigned templates to sell.
    All my worries are because I feel that it’s not worth to pay for a software that tells you that everything you use may be illegal to physically reproduce for your own bussiness. Like why add the option in CANVA to “create your logo” if you cant really do nothing with it legally.
    I’m sorry if this sounds stupid I’m really just trying to learn how to proceed or if I should just stop helping people designing.
    Thanks in advance. Have a lovely day

    1. Hello Luis Angel,

      let me start by saying out front that I am not a lawyer. I work in the community team at Canva.
      Also, we do have a customer support that has received guidance to deal with questions like the ones you had in your comment. The best way to reach our support team is by using this messenger link:

      That being said, the answers to your questions are not black or white. There are some legal subtleties to take into account when you try to interpret Canva’s licensing agreements (, and since I’m not a lawyer, I shouldn’t be the one helping you with legal advise.

      I know you’d love some simple and direct answers to your questions but I’m unable to provide that to you.

  31. Hi, I wanted to ask about the commercial use of my canva designs.. If I created a design from scratch using canva elements (fonts, icons, and backgrounds) but did not use any stock picture. can I use my design for commercial use and for client work?

    1. @BTS destroyed my ugly LIFE I asked Canva the same question on twitter and they said it is fine for me to use their elements to build a design from scratch for a client.. you can DM them on twitter if u have any questions. Hope this helps

  32. Thanks for the amazing info! I have been looking into this a lot, but I still have a question…
    When using the graphics available to me in the pro version, I was not prompted with any “remove watermark” option prompting for the 1 or 10 dollar options . Maybe they dont ask you for that when using the pro version. But now my question is, if I am using their graphic on a t shirt that I will be selling, do I have to get the extended use version of the license? I am so confused…

    1. Hey there,

      I understand you are confused. Licensing agreement are not easy to understand.
      I’m not a lawyer and therefore not the best person to give you legal advice. IF in doubt, you should try to contact Canva directly via their support.

  33. Hello
    i have a clothing brand(
    not official
    I just want to use for the label),i make some designs from canva site. I use a pro..
    Can I use your designs for my clothing brand with pro packet.Because you have a special section for t-shirt designs.Do i need to change the elements ? for example
    adding a post or color or can i use two elements together ? Thank you.

    1. Hey there,

      For all questions related to Canva’s Licensing Agreements, we suggest you use this form and Canva support team will get back to you:

  34. In the past you had a 250,000 reproduction limit for Premium elements (free under PRO) because they fell under the Royalty free license. However, now (May 2020) that Canva combined the paid elements with the pro elements, suddenly, all images link back to “One Design Use License Agreement” which limits the reproductions to 2,000. Is this an error?

    1. @Ciência Desenhada thankgod i saw your comment! i was so confused about one design use license! thankss <3

    2. ​@Design with Canva Thanks for your reply. I checked again today, and Canva has posted an updated “One design” license as of 14/5/2020. Under this updated license there’s no reference to a reproduction limit. This is great news! From what I understand, every time a paying Pro user makes use of a Pro image on its design, Canva automatically issues a “One design” license upon exporting that design. This is done an infinite number of times if you use the same image in an infinite number of designs. So, in practical terms, it works just as the multi-use license. The only difference is that, without a full multi-use license, you can’t export the image as-is and load it in another graphics program – i.e. a Canva competitor – and use it to make your design there. Whereas with an actual multi-use license you can do that. Otherwise, I don’t really see any difference between the licenses from the perspective of a Pro user. This is how I’m understanding it, but I’m no lawyer, so your input will be greatly appreciated.

    3. Hi, I know that Canva is reworking its licensing agreement. I’ll update the video once I receive the new guidelines.

  35. May I use a cover that I made on a similar Canva app in order to pubblish a paperback book? I think its fine for ebooks but i have no idea about paperback. I’ve used only free tools of course

    1. I’m wondering the same now… I watched a bunch of videos about creating a cover in Canva but none mentioned legality. How I’m concerned

  36. I contacted Canva rep regarding the legality of using the free elements (graphics/icons) in a T-Shirt design as a Canva Pro subscriber and they have absolutely no idea what are their own legal requirements. The rep said that for images, I need to purchase an extended license. I tried to explain to him that I’m not using images but graphics/icons from the Canva library in my own designs which are free for Canva Pro subscribers. There’s no option for Canva Pro subscribers to buy a license on elements only on premium photographs. The rep never replied back to me regarding the elements/graphics/vectors he was always referring to the Canva Photos library which I didn’t asked about. I went rigorously through the licensing agreements again and I found that free elements are free to use for commercial purposes as long as you add value to it. So my understanding is that if you use the free elements/graphics/vectors from the Canva library and add a value to it (color, text, shape) you should be fine to use it on a t shirt design for resale. In the free elements licensing agreement it says “for unlimited number of prints” and for “commercial or non-commercial” purposes. See here

    1. @Spacedog 80 So does this mean: If I am creating a book using Canva photos, and I am a Canva Pro subscriber, I can use the photos without having to purchase additional licenses? This whole licenses agreements are confusing! 🙁

    2. hello, sorry for bothering, i was wondering, you said it’s okay to use free elements/graphics/vectors for commercial as long as we add value in it, does the same thing apply on free fonts? thankyou

  37. If you altered let’s say canva free elements, and you use it in any illustration stock market is it prohibited? The elements doesn’t even look the same anymore and if so how can canva could find out about it?

    1. I’m not 100% sure about this. Have you tried to get in touch with Canva’s support to get an answser to that?

  38. just to make sure if you pick a image or anything on canva that have FREE on it , it’s okay to use it on T-shirt designs? just to make sure xD

    1. Then there’s no reason to pay for the pro. I want to use some of the fonts that are not in the free version, to create print on demand products & book covers. I’ve barely sold anything with POD & couldn’t risk paying 100 when I’m not sure I’ll ever make a dollar back.

  39. Great video, I want to start a business selling logos made from canvas/tailor brands then editing them then selling them to business. If I pay for the logos on these websites can I sell them for a higher amount?

    1. This is a tricky one. You should definitely read Canva’s licensing agreement carefully and if in doubt, reach out to Canva support via this link:

    1. If they are free photos in Canva, then refer to the licensing agree for free elements. I believe you’ll still be limited by the number of copies you are selling.

  40. I had a good laugh at 600 x 800 pixels limit. Instagram posts are 1080 x 1080 pixels. So I guess everyone selling Instagram Canva templates are “criminals.” I’m a Certified Canva Creative and the file size has never been mentioned. Everyone sells templates THEY created. Not the ones already in Canva.

    1. Hi both, i too asked them on twitter whether I can use there free elements, icons and fonts to create Blog images for my blog(which will be a commercial blog because it has affiliate links). They said I can use them on my blog but it shouldn’t exceed 48000px or (600X800px) if I’m using elements unedited.

      So I think this implies if I edit those elements (I am not sure what would count editing those elements, like changing colors, adding with other elements etc?) then I can use for greater than 600*800px. For this I have also asked them. Will reply on this once they confirm. But for the first part I think I am clear.

      If either of you has a clear understanding on the second part of this answer then (unedited elements can exceed 600*800px )then please respond.


    2. Not sure what to answer to your comment. Maybe you can bring that up in the CCC group (which I am an admin of as well), and we can pick up this discussion there.

  41. Hi there, if I am using Canva for a university project (i.e. not for commercial use) am I able to use the free, premium and paid elements? If so, am I required to attribute them differently? Thanks heaps!

    1. Hey Abe, yes, if you are not intending to sell your project that should be fine. You don’t have to attribute them I believe. But I’m no lawyer 🙂

  42. I’m totally new on this logo stuff and this help so much knowing I can get copyright if I using the images now I know how to do the right thing thanx

  43. So, when using the free elements I can use the graphics/animations on my monetized youtube channel?

  44. Hi, thank you for ur video! I had one question. If I buy multi use license for premium elements does that mean I can sell up to 250k print books or do I have to purchase extended license right away? I talked to a canva associate and they said always under extended use license to sell anything. I think the video with the woman and lawyer, they mentioned in the middle of the interview u can sell under one time and multi use as long as u stay in those quota limits under the licenses mentioned but I believe that is not correct according to Canva. A little gray area I’m not understanding.

    1. Hey Summer,
      I’m not the best person to go really deep on legal stuff, so if you don’t find an answer to your question after watching this video or ready the Canva’s licencing agreements, I suggest you contact Canva via

  45. I made an educational printable in Canva that I think I could sell on Etsy– I’d love to start a shop and do more. My big question is, if I used some of their free minor elements (i.e. clip art of a shoe, paw print, world, music note, various backgrounds, fonts, etc… all free) do I need to worry about licensing? I’d want to make sure I’m not breaking any laws. I would only use the free elements for my future designs.

    1. Hey Miriam,
      I’m not the best person to go really deep on legal stuff, so if you don’t find an answer to your question after watching this video or ready the Canva’s licencing agreements, I suggest you contact Canva via

  46. Thanks Alot !
    I have a doubt , Canva offers :- 1. Free elements , 2 . Premium elements (Which are free for pro subscribers) and 3. elements that we need to buy before downloading/using ($1…).
    So, if i use the free and premium(pro) elements , then am i good to go?
    I Have read the terms and conditions, but still this doubt persists .

    1. @Design with Canva By good to go i mean, can i sell the designs i make using the pro and free elements(such that the cliparts aren’t on the standalone basis) ? Can i sell cards,posters etc if i design (not using the templates) but the pro and free elements? I read the terms and conditions it said free license for free elements and one design use license for pro elements , in one time use license, can i sell the designs (like freelancing)?

    2. You are correct about the 3 types of elements.
      And it depends what you mean by “I’m good to go”.
      The Canva licencing agreement mention a certain number of reproductions for your designs, you have to pay attention that number.

  47. Good video my friend,only a doubt. If you bought a photo of multi use licence, you can take out this photo, modificate this photo and put this photo in canva, and use this new photo in your design?

    1. Hey Jos,

      It’s a good question! I guess it depends on how much you modify the original photo. If it’s completely different from the original, I’d belive the answer is yes: you can use it. If it’s very close to the original, I’d say no.

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