Canva Video: everything you should know (THE ESSENTIALS)

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. 📢 Is there anything else you’d like to know about videos in Canva that we haven’t covered in this tutorial? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help out! 🤓👇

    1. Hello Canva team, is it possible to have a tuto about : how to make a Nice post on linkedin in order to write an article With video (carrousel, or diaporama) something that automaticly move. Thank you. Keep your good job !!

    2. Great info ! What if you design this in canva and save has video/mp 4 but would like to use as a lead magnet to send to leads via email ?

  2. This is truly excellent… Thank you so much for this tutorial… Blessings to you… Looking forward to Canva’s new features…

  3. Can I time the appearance of a text to appear during my video? If I want a word to flash after 1:20 minutes, how do I do this? BTW – love CANVA! Am just figuring out now the video parts…

    1. Hi Uri,
      Canva is currently working on improving the animation features to add more timing control like you mention.
      Right now you could do it, but you’ll need to use workarounds like duplicating your video on several pages. Then use the “trim” button with your video selected to trim the video to 1:20 then on the second page again trim your video starting at 1:21 then on this page add your text, duplicate a last time and repeat the process of trimming.
      Not great, but this should do the trick for now.
      Let’s hope we receive some improved animation features from Canva soon 🤞

  4. I have a question about commercial use – not sure if you can answer it. I have the PRO plan – and it states that I can use pro images and clipart for commercial use because I have the pro version. Is this true? Are there limits to how many items can be sold using this clipart? I use them for greeting cards and planners.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      yes if you are Pro, you have the right to use the elements for commercial use.
      I’m not sure if there are any limits as per how many times the items can be sold.

  5. love the video! Thank you! How do you make the image on the top corner of your video with you in it? Can that be done in canva??

  6. This is an excellent tutorial. However, I’ve made a video presentation (present and record) and I want to embed it into my Hubspot blogpost – but I just can’t make it happen. Can I get my video presentation to embed in the blog post and show as an image (similar to a YouTube video)?

    1. Have you tried creating an image of the first slide for example, upload that to your blog post, and add the Canva link to your talking presentation to that image?
      I believe the Canva link will alway redirect to Canva.

    1. This is not normal. If this keeps happening, you should get in touch with Canva’s support via this messenger link:

  7. I’ve been having a problem uploading for 6 days now on a tablet. Should I try uploading on a computer instead because I can’t figure out what the problem?

  8. @Design with Canva Hi guys. I have a suggestion. Facebook video covers show differently on different devices. Only really big monitors see the full frame. So, using your frames, there could be big video in full screen. But smaller frames to enable a video to be seen in the banner as displayed on smaller screens and phones. Maybe you have such a frame already. I haven’t scrolled through since the idea occurred to me.

    But such frames would be cool.

  9. so nice Canva is actually doing this and talking to us. I found it a week ago and absolutely LOVE IT I have been able to do things so easy I never thought possible I could easily make a business from it already I do have a question and looked everywhere for info but now realize you just started doing video so your only one that can help I have a U tube video that is a manufacturers video I am a distributor for and i want to use it however it has their name in it and it says their name a few times. I think i can cut small sections out HOWEVER I cant seem to use any editing tools after downloading a u tube video Can I impose texts on a u tube video or edit it ? If so how ? I got the u tube video downloaded in canva but cant edit ?
    FYI I have permission of course to use the video

  10. Hello. I have the canva premium. Wanted to know if there was a way to get rid of the play button when using video clips. so they just appear automatically and then disappear when you click the next slide. thanks

    1. @Design with Canva thank you. But I meant Video templates making longer than they are. I wannamake a little movie from 2 minutes. So you said you dont know how to do it. Thank you muchly

  11. Let’s say I wanna use canva to edit my 5 minutes video assignment, can Canva do that too? Will there be any problem when I export a 5 minutes video or is it too heavy for canva?

  12. De quelle longeur peut être au maximum une vidéo sur Canva ? Few seconds, few mns? An hour? Tanks for the answer

    1. As I mention in another comment, you should start by reading Canva’s licensing agreements here:

      Then, if you still have questions about what you can/cannot do, I suggest you reach out to Canva’s support team and ask them your questions directly via this link:

    1. Absolutely ❤️
      We will soon add a few series on this channel about how to use Canva from your mobile phone!
      Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss them: ✨

    1. you can insert one into Canva if you have such videos, yes. But you can’t export it from Canva with a transparent BG.

  13. Can you teach also about transitions for VIDEO. Since I’m trying it and it doesn’t look good, especially the exit part

  14. Thank you – I am new to canva looking forward to using more and more, learning and am on trial right now love canva glad I found it

    1. Hey there,
      you will have to duplicate your page with the same video on it, then use the “trim” button to cut parts of the video. The final project will span over several pages.
      Consider each page as a “scene” of your final video.

  15. Hey Ronny, would love to have a more in depth tutorial on video please e.g. if you’re wanting to do a longer presentation with different clips from the same video, with different text/animations/music at different points during the presentation (rather than the same all the way through). Thanks 😸

    1. Noted!
      Also I gave a bit more of an explanation of where we stand with Canva video on your other comment, make sure you find it!

  16. Hi, I’ve been mesmerised by your various videos and have learnt loads so thanks 🙏 but there’s still a few things on video that I can’t work out – so a suggestion of a more in-depth video tutorial here maybe? Specifically, I can’t work out how to trim my uploaded video to less than 18.7 seconds (that’s the minimum it allows me!). Also I have a long video (30 mins) and I want to overlay copy/gifs to different sections, so do I have to create new slides for each section and add the elements, and adjust the video length accordingly for each section, and these then get spliced together when you download? Thank you

  17. Thank you it is a very useful tutorial!
    Q1: How we can set the time when a text or illustration will appear and when disappear during the video plays?
    Q2: Is it possible that during our first video playing (eg. some tutorial for mob application), at one moment will appear the second video in iPhone shape in presentation, then both playing together and in one moment the second video will disappear, the first one will continue only? That audience can watch me while I am typing on a mobile phone and at the same time watching my screen from a mobile phone. Thank you for your answers.

    1. 1) You cannot set the time for specific illustration to show up as of now. That will come to Canva in the future I believe.

      2) This would not be easy to create with Canva at this stage, because it has not timeline. The video part of Canva is still relatively new (1 year) and will get better over time.

    1. For now, the easiest way is to use multiple pages in your doc and add your separate clips on each page. Then export in MP4 format (all pages) to attach all the clips together.

    1. This issue has been commented many times over in the comments. It’s probably due to the resolution of the video clips, or the size of your doc. Make sure you use a large enough document.

  18. I wish u guys could add a full platform of explainer video animation template where we can create animated videos with more options to choose, to make ads, for classroom and much more

  19. How I can add a music or recorded voice to selected part of my video or a limit time, for example from 1:30 to 2.30
    Thank you

  20. Awesome! I am very satisfied with Canva, and now you can schedule posts too! I hope scheduling will be available for Instagram as well? 😃

  21. the video i made in canva is not uploading on my social media accounts, even if i downloaded it as mp4. what might be the problem? it says that the file format is not supported

    1. Not sure what could be the problem, maybe if you ask Canva they could help you out with this one?
      You can message them here:

  22. Thanks for the video 🙂 I have a question, I want to upload my video and simply add subtitles to it, is that possible ?

    1. Hey, Canva doens’t have an easy solution for subtitles at the moment, but let’s hope this is a feature in the future!

    1. @Design with Canva Le contenu de vos vidéos est excellent mais vous perdez beaucoup de temps à vous répéter et à trop élaborer sur des choses évidentes et faciles à comprendre. Continuez votre bon travail. Je me suis abonné à votre chaîne. Faites quelque chose au sujet de votre voix agaçante.😜😖

  23. Thanks for the tutorial. Could you please tell us how to regulate the time duration of a text in videos.

  24. What about templates that uses multiple videos? There is no option there to replace videos or option to edit the whole template. Just the first part only and not the whole video template.

  25. I’m on the free version and I can not find how to add my own audio mp3 track into a canva design—searched and search and can only add your audio tracks–I want to add my own song that I create.

    1. When you upload your video to FB, it should be on autoplay in the newsfeed by default, unless you turn off autoplay in your FB settings.

  26. This video function is so awesome! I just finished creating a wonderful audio visual drama activity for teaching my class. I found great video footage here in canva. The kids absolutely love it and want to do the drama activity every week.

    1. Canva video is still very young (about a year old). We can expect the team to add more editing features in the future.

  27. I have added a pic in video slide.. but i want to set the timer in pic.. basically i want to show it for couple of seconds more … how to do it ??

  28. I agree with all the comments below. Awesome tutorial! I do have a question about the text addition to video. When you add the text is there a way to fade in and out text in a clip of the video?

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the video.
      So as of now, you can only use the effects available under the “animate” button.
      There’s only one effect for text which is: Block.

      I also hope Canva will add more control over how the text appears/disappears in the future. It’s probably coming with the transitions that are highly expected as well!

  29. My uploaded videos keep getting auto-trimmed to 2-2.5 seconds when I place them in the frame. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  30. Why videos/gif I created in canva is not blurry but when uploaded in Facebook it’s blurry. How to fix this?

  31. Can u help me how to upload music mp3 in canva? Only video and image are allowable to upload. I really need to know hope u can help me. Thank you

  32. Is there a way to create animation for YouTube on a blank page with a transparent background so that it can then be saved and uploaded into an editing tool (iMovie or final cut) and go over a video in final cut. Does that make sense? Like can you create an animation on here with a transparent background?

    1. Not with a transparent BG, no. But you can add a green BG and get rid of it later in your editing software (green keying).

  33. 10,000 rounds of applause. I just started using the video of canva last month and i am hooked. This video was incredibly helpful. Thank you.

    1. This could be due to different factors:
      – the size of your document (go for presentation or large size doc types)
      – the video clips you use in your project (you import videos that are not high res enough).

      Let us know if this helps you fix the problem?

  34. Thanks for the lesson, I also just
    learned to pay more attention to Canva e-mails.. hugs jim

    1. if you click on your video clip a button that says “Trim” should appear on top of your screen. That’s how you control the length of the clips.

  35. Is there also a way to have Multiple Videos in One Screen… that you can freeze the other video’s and let them play one by one in the same screen

    1. You can add multiple videos in on page yes. The frames or Grids will help you do that. But they will all play at the same time I believe.

  36. Is there a way we can make our full videos fit into a grid? Sometimes, parts of the video are cut off when you put it in a grid.

  37. No wasn’t surprised about the new feature. However, I was surprised when the credit bureau sent me notice about my email address being on the dark web which was linked to Canva.

    1. Not at the moment. All videos are downloaded in mp4 format which has a background.
      A hack around this would be to add a green background behind your animation and get rid of it with another video editing software using the green keying effects.

  38. Thank you so much for this video! Quick question! Is there a way to add elements into a certain time? Example: A hello bubble at 0:07 and then a goodbye bubble at 1:01 etc. ? Thx!

    1. Design with Canva Thanks! I’d like to tell you that I was able to edit it this way by creating many pages🤗

    2. At the moment the timing functionalities are still a bit limited. Hopefully Canva comes up with some improvement in this regard in the near future.

    1. @Design with Canva If you have two pictures and you want to fuse them into one. Stitch them together into one.

  39. I just signed up and your system is not great. I have downloaded a video and cannot get it to save so I can use it on social media. There is no useful help on your app and no chat option. Very frustrating and this video that I watched goes over everything that is easy to do and does not go through the process of saving the files and how to paste them into social media.

  40. Hi – great video! I’m hoping you can help? If you want to create a video, but not actually using video footage, how do you edit the length each page plays for? For example if on page 1 I drop a photo and attached some text, how do you adjust how long that page plays for before it moves to page 2? 🤔

    1. At the moment Canva doesn’t have that option to control length.
      There is a hack around it that we will show in our next tutorials here on this channel. Stay tuned.

    1. Hey Noor,
      Canva doesn’t have such functionality at the moment. We will be soon showing you guys a hack on how to do that in a future tutorial. Stay tuned.

  41. Dude, this is a really BORING review….you talk for 3 min before spending a full minute to browse the video library. Please cut the time of you videos and get to the point…show us key functionality….as far as I can see (a CANVA Pro user for years) this functionality is WEAK and I continue to use I movie etc. Diappointed in your review and the functionality.

  42. I can’t seem to get the embed feature to work. If I embed a video from Youtube into a Canva post, it works in the program but as soon as I download it, the video won’t play.

    1. Hey Allison,
      yes the embed feature allows you to reproduce media while using the present mode in Canva, it doesn’t work when you download your design.

  43. On the user homepage, when you scroll down you see a video section like Your Design, Instagram Post, Logos, Poster, etc. How to change the time length of a particular slide and complete video?

    1. At the moment you cannot control the length of each page of your design. The only way to do it is to add video of different length on each page.

    1. Hey Mustafa,
      at this moment you cannot upload your own tracks to Canva. You’ll have to pick existing tracks in the library.

  44. YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL will this video thing work to create a you tube thumbnail ? since we’re saving it as a video and not an mp4 instead of png will it work??

  45. Hi! Thanks for the great explanation! I’m a teacher and learning how to create videos is going to be very useful. I don’t know how to trim the duration of an image in a video. For what I want to do, 5 seconds is just too long. Can someone help me out?

    1. Hey Pablo,

      you can trim your videos by using the trim button on top of your screen when you have a video clip selected.

  46. Wow! Love what frames and grids can do for vids! So many ideas!
    Thank you… every one of your videos opens a new world.. Can’t wait for the Bootcamp!

  47. this is PERFECT thanks for Sharing Tutorials. I just noticed ‘ADDING MUSIC BACKROUNDs for Videos’ is not included? do you have other tutorials for this? Please refer me. Thank you!

  48. Loving the new video section. Looking forward to more video editing features in the next update. Thank you for sharing this with us. ❤️

  49. Thanks for the great tutorial. When you are downloading several slides in MP4 can you change how long a slide will stay up before going to the next one?

    1. Unfortunately Canva doesn’t let you do that for now. We will show a hack in a future video. Stay tuned.

  50. Hello! Thank you for your video! I have created a series of webinars in Canva, and want to record my voice talking through each slide, then send it as a file to clients. How do i do this? From what i can see, it looks like i have to present the webinar through Zoom or Webex to myself or someone, record it, then use that file? Is that right?

    1. Hello there,

      Canva is rolling out a new feature that would allow you to do just that: record your voice (and face) talking over a presentation. You can then put everything together and export as a video. You should start seeing this feature soon in your account.

  51. Thank you! This is so helpful! What is the Video Collage? I’ve been searching and can’t find any info.

    1. Video collage is when you use more than one video on your page. You can use grids and add several videos on a specific page.

  52. This is so awesome… thankyou… just wondering if I add a video that is over 15 seconds to a story slide…. what happens when I upload to Insta stories? does it just play the 15 seconds or do I need to cut it?

    1. I believe it will be put on a second page. So you’ll have 15 sec on the first page of your story and then the rest on page 2, etc.

  53. Can the sound be muted out of a video? And/or music be put in to cover original sound?

    1. So far you cannot import your own sound/music, only select from the library. And there is a sound on/off feature next to the trim button with the video selected.

  54. Very cool tutorial. One thing I’m struggling with is how to mute video audio on android?! For example, I’m making a post for an Instagram story, which has 2 video clips simultaneously playing, but I also have the audio for both. I cannot figure out how to mute audio from one video. Any ideas on this?!

    1. I know on desktop you have an option to turn sound on/off, have you tried to use canva from your phone browser Vs from the app? Maybe you’ll see that option to turn off sound with your video selected.

  55. Thanks a bunch- AWESOME CONTENT. I’m 3 days in w/Canva and super excited like OMG I’m exploding with excitement because my content is going to be so BOMB with all the extra Canva offers…. I already signed up for Pro last night and now I’m ready to make some creations. I also subscribed to your channel and I’m looking forward to more “how to”

    1. Annette, I would give you more than 1 heart if I could. I’m so happy to read your comment and hear that you are already loving Canva so much!

  56. When i dowload this from the video beta option and when i see the downloaded file it is very blury why is that ? CAN SOMEONE HELP?

    1. @Design with Canva no my problem was solved thank you
      actually i was using 1280 x 720 so when i dowloaded it and watched in full screen it was blury so i made the canvas big enough of dim 3840 x 2160 then prob was solved

    2. I would make sure the document is big enough (what resolution are you using?), it shouldn’t be blurry.

  57. thank you very much, but after i download I can not up on my channel banner. it showed the picture is too small. why will I do, please help. thank you

    1. Are you talking about Facebook banners? If you do, I’ll just make sure to create a document that is a FB banner.

  58. Can i make a edit using a mix of canva video, elemnts and texts for my shutterstock account ? Plz tell me am veryyy exicted 😁

    1. I believe so yes. If you are planning on selling that video make sure you comply with Canva licensing agreements.

  59. I’m using Canva Mobile, and when i downloaded a video that i have edited on Canva the results is no good. The video and all the editings was just blurry, can’t even read anything. Can you help me?

    1. I would make sure I use a big enough document like the stories. Then you need to ensure the videos you upload from your camera roll are of high enough resolution as well.

  60. I’m a “Canver”; and now that we have the video section my love increases more to this beautiful & majestic tool… ! 😻👏

  61. I love canva since I started using it. As a teacher, this will be awesome since I have a free tutorial site where to share videos. Thank you canvas. You are awesome.


  63. I found your video to be very useful. It is very clear and presented at a good pace and flow. Thank you for your dedication!

    1. Thank you Randy, both Diana and I put a lot of effort into creating our videos. Your feedback makes us really happy and give us more motivation to continue 🙂

  64. Great video. I was wondering if the feature for ANIMATED text will be available. I would like to make a video with photos and video clips mixed and add animated text throughout. Thank You!

    1. I believe a new set of animations is making its way to Canva very soon. This should allow you to animate your text.

  65. Please how can I get the animated human characters I need. Like a young man holding a document. I am finding it difficult to find such illustrations. Please help. I can mail you a sample picture

    1. Hey David, if by stitching video you mean cutting and putting videos back to back, yes you can do that with Canva. Though it’s not made for that purpose. There are tons of free and paid video editing softwares out there, I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro (paid).

  66. The video was very detail and useful. Mentioned advice will be implemented.

  67. Hello, I want to add a logo to a video which appears and then disappears. Is this possible? I’d also like to add some instructional text which changes for different parts of the video. Is this possible? thanks in advance.

    1. You can add different elements to your videos, for example the stickers (under the elements tab). To add text, simply use the text functionality. The challenge is to have these add ons show at the right time in your video, for that, you’ll have to trim the video and use different pages of your canva project to pace the animations (hope this makes sense).

  68. I’m new to canva. This is the second day for me using canva. I’m still very new and I do not know how can I use it. Is there any video you can guide me through to help me. I need very beginning video to know some. Thanks a million

    1. Design with Canva thanks a lot for your help. I want to focus also on how can I make professional video. Things I need to marketing the videos I’ll make. Is there any course with that. I can buy both, pls let me know

  69. I really love canva, but i need to know if in the pro version can a i create videos with text transitions and not only a fixed text in the whole video.

  70. I am trying to embed a YouTube video. How do I do it correctly? I tried embedding it into Presentation but then get stuck when I want to download it? Please help.

    1. Jenny you can either use the Youtube integration under the … (three dots) menu at the bottom of the menu on the left in the editor, or by using the embed functionality.
      So I guess you already knew that, you are doing it right, it’s just that you can’t have the video playing if you download the presentation. It’s going to play if you are connected to the Internet in presentation mode though.

      Hope this helps!

  71. thank you .i have drag a video of about minute and it is not playing,
    what should i do?

    1. Make sure you are using one of the supported formats for your video. If you are and still not playing you should try to contact our support via Messenger:

  72. I’ve been trying to find clear information on how to share Canva Templates with people outside my account, and honestly it is extremely frustrating to make sense. Maybe somebody here can help me?
    My tam has an account (not Pro), and have templates with our brand. Other people in the institution with their own account want to get those templates to use on their own:
    1. Can we share those without having to give them access to our account?
    2. Do they need a pro account?
    3. If we are able to give them those templates, can we still lock down some of the option for them not to change, so they keep on brand? (define typography, defined color palette, and defined logo).

    I really hope somebody can point me on the right direction to understand this.


    1. Hi there,

      Canva Pro gives you the option to share your designs as templates with anyone (via email or via a direct link).
      Other people don’t need to have Canva Pro to open the templates and use them BUT:
      – all Pro images will appear with a watermark if the end user of the template is not PRO
      – you can lock items in the design before sharing it, it will appear locked for the user, but they will have the option to unlock it on their end I think.

      If you want to be able to lock things that cannot be unlocked, I believe you have to look into Enterprise accounts.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  73. Most foreigners’ stomach don’t agree with Indian food. This feature is not available in the ipad app?!

  74. Great video! I wonder how can I create longer videos using Canva to upload it to YouTube and for video tutorials?

  75. Hello, Very interesting video..thank you for sharing. Is there any way how to download music in existing videos that don’t have a music

    1. Thanks,
      You should be able to use the “Music” tab and add one track per slide in Canva.
      Is that what you are asking?
      I’m not 100% sure I understood your question 😐

  76. Fantastic tutorial. My question is: Does Canva allow videos to download as animation WITH MUSIC? I download my video as an animation and it is silent. The music doesn’t save.

    1. Michelle,
      Yes! Normally you should be able to download your video with music/sound on.
      I suggest you try with different clips and if the problem is recurrent, I suggest you contact Canva via this link:

  77. I already love canva now i am in love can’t wait to try it out…looking forward to things coming as well…thnx for taking the time

    1. That’s a good question. I just checked and you are right, I don’t see an option to delete an uploaded video in Canva.
      I’ve asked someone from the video team. I’ll update you when I hear back from her 🙂

  78. I absolutely love Canva. Its amazing and to have video is SO AWESOME. Im so excited to use it to create!

    I am having trouble with my instagram video posts working. It shows the video everywhere until I get it to Instagram. Anyone having this issue? Anything I am doing wrong?

    1. Hey Lindy,

      if this issue keeps happening, I’d suggest you reach out to Canva via our messenger support:

  79. Oh man! Video now?! That’s amazeballs. I’ve going going crazy combining Canva thumbnails with Youtube videos. Perfect timing.

  80. Thanks for the video, awesome tutorial, Canva is great. I’ve sent several requests on how to publish a website in canva and host the site using a custom domain. Kindly respond as this is urgent. In the future I hope Canva will introduce a feature where users can publish and host a site directly from Canva within the app. Third party hosting platforms including hostgator etc can be introduced onto the platform to make our live more beautiful- keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Eddie,
      thanks for your feedback. At the moment we cannot host Canva website on a private URL/domain.
      This is certainly a feature we hope to see coming to Canva in the future.

      On the other hand, here is a tutorial from this channel that talks about creating Canva websites:

  81. AWESOME! Thanks, Ronny for this amazing update in Canva, hope to see more tutorials on how to manoeuvre/create designs idea and to master this tool as I am very much excited to learn from you! I have no knowledge at all on how to create a design using video. Can’t wait!

  82. SO exciting! Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, Ronnie! This is great news!… Question: Do you know if Pinterest & Instagram (post feed) are compatible with posts including this new video feature? And looking forward to the December conference event. Open to the public?! Super-duper…✨😎✨

    1. @Design with Canva Thanks so much! Will definitely be integrating the Canva video feature ASAP! And if the Season Opener is going to be available online to the public (?), I will certainly be signing up… ✨😎✨

    2. When you export as video, the file you get is a .MP4 format. Which means you should be able to upload on IG & Pinterest.
      Are you planning on coming to the Season Opener on Dec. 6th?

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