1. Thank You a lot, I loved your Channel and I Subscribed it, I hope for you all the best, Thank you again ❤😍

  2. I’m not able to download… after clicking download it’s taking me to the new tab and there also nothing is working out

  3. this video is a lie, NOTHING is FREE. The sites claim its free but you can only download the files by subscribing to some fraudulent sites. STAY AWAY !!!

  4. I am tired and I am looking for the right site for me but thank you my dear brother

  5. i’m unable to find the download link as you described in the video. All are paid links. Do i need to have a account?

    1. I thought you are downloading upto 400 Mb that’s why asking for Sign up

      You download just within 400 Mb files

    2. @Virengraphix Yes, after going to the aedownload still i don’t get option for free download. Asking for signup.

  6. Most of the videos have some kind of branding on it. Can the watermark from the videos be removed? How and which software does the trick? Can AE files be edited using other video editing software??

  7. hey dude i cant download from it and when i click to download it directs to vfxfile site and when i generate download link and it shows direct link will send to your ip adress in 8 hours??? please help me

  8. Hey i tried it but it says to upgrade i have no money right now.
    I don’t know what to do and i need a transition pack so badly , how can i contact you?

    1. Sorry Buddy You can not download Without upgrade You Account
      I thought You will try within 400 Mb they have more good options

  9. Mate im trying to download a logo from Envato ,it says Business Cards by spacestudios , but when i search nothing comes up:( its the one with shanghai silhouette behind

    1. Cool Down Buddy You are the First One who Need Passcode Otherwise Don’t Asked Passcode to Others I don’t know the Issue

      I will Solve Soon
      Send me Your Mailing Address I will send The File
      Cool 😎

    2. @Virengraphix what do u mean by No? it is …I mean, Iam looking at my screen and its asking for a password.. :/

    1. @Virengraphix Thanks for Your permission Buddy But Where I can Download This song if you can just give me the name of this song or the link on youtube Thanks

  10. We can’t use any brand name in this , so we can’t replace Envato logo or what? ( Can you explain this more, please?)

    1. @Virengraphix YouTube channel name is also considered a brand name or not ? (sorry for bothering you again)

    1. ​@Virengraphix What I meant is – I want to use free stuff but there is also an option to buy and I want to use these without paying. So, is it safe to use for my clients as a video editor?

  11. Sorry for all the duplicates but each time I left a comment it did not post. I thought it was that I included my e-mail. Then they all showed up at the same time! Crazy.

  12. Hi Buddy, you made my day for sure I have been trying this so many times. you’re legend man!! thx a lot!!

  13. Yes sounds good. Please let me know how we can arrange it. I left my email weeks ago and just noticed that my comment was taken down. Thanks

  14. If you’re subscribed in Envato. You can download the seamless pack for premiere pro and others unlimited?

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  17. Hi Buddy,
    Is there Any way in which I can download file more than 400 mb ?
    I would be much more thankful to you
    Thank you ,
    Happy New Subscriber

    1. Hey Buddy You can download more then 400 Mb juts simple Click on Blue Download thn Sign up as 7 days trial

  18. I’m looking to get the Envato Oil Paint effect plug in for PS6 to use with my photos. Is there a way I can do this without a monthly payment (either free or one time payment for stand alone plug in)? I don’t need any of the graphic files or photos. Thanks for any guidance.

    1. @Virengraphix Thanks bud, I will wait. 🙂
      Btw, if you know any site for downloading templates from theme forest share that too.

  19. Can you please tell me, after editing the text and and use the project commercially, what are the places where we can get copywrite strike?, please guide.

  20. Do you want a Envato Elements shared account?
    I have it! You don’t need to see any ad!
    *** my.envatoclub.online ***
    What are you waiting?

  21. man please send me to my mail How To Download Shutterstock Images For Free 2020 | Just in 60 Second | No Sign-up pleasee

  22. Thank you so much for this video. I downloaded some templates yesterday, made a logo intro, everything worked perfectly. So, I again came here gave a thumbs up and subscribed. Hope you’ll make more of this kind of videos.🖤

    1. @Akib Javed its mean you cant use this for brand of your youtube channel or replace envato logo with ur logo/brand name/youtube channel.

    2. @Virengraphix Hi, Can I use these logo openers to a youtube video without purchasing the license. Will my video get a copyright strike?

  23. Hi !! dude thank u for sharing this website, but I ve a question : is true that we have to use the template in just 1 video on youtube because of the license ? or we can put everywhere and manytimes ?

    1. @Virengraphix this is not your hard work man. in the market there is much items which is already free. its not necessary to publish those items which is premium. if you are humble with those guys who need this and not going to afford. Then don’t apply ads on your site also. if we are not going to earn then why you are going to earn with those ads?…….

    2. I can Understand buddy we all are working so hard but Few designer seriously need to this who can’t afford any design templates and all

    3. @Virengraphix shame on you man we are going to hard work and you theft our items and going to distribute free in the market.

    4. First of all Thanks Buddy!!
      You can download and use anything any where any time don’t be panic

  24. I really enjoyed your video! We’re offering a similar solution called TOPOL.io – it’s a simple and intuitive drag & drop HTML email template editor where no coding skills are required! Check our website and try it for free!

  25. May You Please Help Us, By Making Videos On how To Download Adobe Products For Free like Photoshop, After Effect… with the Security of data…

    1. @Virengraphix May You Please Tell Me, When You will Make This Video. I’m Very Very Curious For This…

  26. bro please help it says”You can download files up to 400 Mb only.
    Upgrade your account to download bigger files.” i beg u please help great video by the way

    1. Hey! Buddy which file you want to download if you can download within 400 mb file so it’s free if you can download more then 400 mb its paid membership so suggest you please download within 400 mb

  27. Bro pls when i click the download it opens another page and says enter code below …. And under it , is create download link , pls what should i do to download

    1. If you click on download then new tap will be open and then show the Code section inter the code then download be automatically start within 6 second

    2. ElvisCo Arts hey buddy cool down you are right track, enter the code you will download the file within 10-20 seconds

  28. if i download Character Animation Explainer Toolkit from this website aedownload can i use that for my youtube channel will i have any copyright issue. please suggest will they i am using it for free. i read in envato og website that you can use their product only in 1 video. please reply me as soon as possible

  29. hey… em trying to download a project with size 3gb which is not downloading.. how could I download for free?

  30. Nice, do you know what could happen if you use templates from envato that you obv don’t “own” or have license for? (Lets say its for a client). Or is this just too rare to happen so u shouldn’t be worried?

  31. can i please ask you can i use these stock video footage downloaded from envato on youtube? is there any copyright strike if i use stock videos from envato? i cant see any specific license code for the content except music? can you please help me with this.

  32. Brother plz make a video that how to purchase audiojungle
    In 16 $ per mounth,

    I want only audio
    Not any vector,

    Am worrying that this website envato is not showing,

    That audio will be available after taking subscription or not

  33. bro this “Floating Memories Slideshow” type of templates are not available broo can u give another site to find out those ..

    1. Winner of a video, been searching for “what is portfolio in finance with example?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Peyictorier Imaginative Preeminence – (should be on google have a look ) ? It is a great one off guide for getting useful project management and business templates minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

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