Envato Licensing: What you can do (and what not)

Get more details about Envato Elelements for your projects. You can as well start your cool T-shirt design for free using Canva or Placeit. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design, or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some products.

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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at https://t.me/T_ShirtsChannel


  1. Two more things:
    1. Yes, a regular license is sufficient if your channel is monetised.
    2. No, you cannot redistribute our products (the packs themselves basically) with an extended license.

  2. Hi.. Grate work. Keep do.

    I am totally clumsy about envato elements.. Such as..

    1. Can I use envato elements for YouTube videos like logo intro, lower third, logo intro music or some another templates..??
    2. Can I use templates from freely downloaded elements for my YouTube channel..??
    3. Can I use at least any one element from the template..??
    4. If I use.. any copyright, strike, claim.. issues will rise..??
    5. If any copyrighted issue rise, is there chance to remove on that..??

    Due to some conditions I can’t afford to buy.

    So please replay to queries/doubts. That will makes a day for me.

    Waiting for your replay.
    Thank you.

    1. 1. Yes you can, that’s what exactly Elements is there for.
      2. As long as these are downloaded from Elements and you registered your video incl. URL with Elements.
      3. You can use as many elements from any template in whatever fashion you like, as long as your subscribed to Envato Elements.
      4. No or not that I ever heard of as long as you created your work WHILE subscribed.
      5. It won’t if you played by the rules (point 4).

  3. After complete this tutorial you can see my channel I have tutorials on converting Figma design to Webflow.

  4. Hi , if i subscribe to envato elements. Can i use it for different elements unlimited for many youtube videos

  5. hello. SOrry i just not clear enough. my english is not good. let me try my best.
    i want to buy the subscription for video footage. so i will choose the 16,5 dollar charge 1 time for 1 year. correct?
    and about the license, after i choose the video footage, i need to register first, than i can use it forever even if im monetized. right?
    and one more things, what is 52 that you said? im still dont get it. after 52 video footage i need to buy a new license?
    thank you

  6. hello 🙂

    if i am a subscriber of envato elements can i use videos (lets say a drone shots, beach shots etc) and use it for my travelling video and upload it for youtube without any problem?

    1. @Abdul Basit I guess they have some automated tools and APIs running content creator channels. But that’s just a guess.

    2. @DigitalProducts669 how do they know that we are using a previously downloaded product now with expired subscription??????

    3. @DigitalProducts669 and on the licence section under my downloaded videos I simply add travel videos?

  7. Hi. What about the photos? Do I have to put credit on every stock photo from envato that I will use on my blog or am I good to post the photos without stating the source of the stock images? Thanks! 🙂

  8. Hi, Im not sure I understand – Can I download a tamplate and then sell it to clients? (If I have subscription). I mean, can I make money out of selling tamplates? For example, I download an logo intro, chane the logo to my client logo and I can sell it to my client? Thanks!

    1. @Yoav Yahav You can only sell him the end-product, i.e. the logo or the logo-intro, not the template itself which you purchased from Envato.

    2. @DigitalProducts669 Ok Thanks. so If I’m making a logo intro for my client’s youtube channel I can’t sell it?

      And if for example, I take a Graphic photoshop template and make adjustments for my client (change colors, logos, text etc) I can sell it?

      Thanks for the first reply and this one!!!

    3. You cannot sell on a logo or template but only use it as part of an “end product” like a website or a video or a corporate identity.

  9. Hi, Nice Presentation, Thanks but I have a question.
    If I download a WP Plugin, like WZone from Envato Elements, from where I can see the purchase code to use this plugin on my Website. Envato Help sucks. Please help.

    1. Usually you get that from the developer, they either will ask you for your Envato purchase code and then generate it for you or got that automatically sent to you upon purchase. Best is to contact WZone in case you didn’t.

  10. Hello, I’m a freelancer that will be creating websites for paying customer, If one regular license is required per domain, how much will it cost to get another regular license for the new domain?

  11. so if I subscribe to – say – envato elements for one month, and download, say, 100 music tracks I like, and WITHIN this month I make, say 3, videos that use 3 tracks (that I’ve chosen out of the initial 100 downloads), then I can post these same 3 videos on different places eg my website, instagram, facebook etc, then I am “covered” for these tracks used on these videos forever (say they remain posted forever), even if I stop my subscription after the first month (as video making is not my profession I’m obviously not going to pay a subscription to a site for the rest of my life just so I can keep a video posted on my site and/or lol).
    It seems like the wording on these sites is purposely confusing and unclear – which is why, as you say, everyone tells you “I don’t understand the licensing” ;).

    1. @nounix 3 Just to wrap it up.. I did meet some folks from Envato at one of their road shows and we did have a chat about this very matter. All I can tell is: biting the hands that feed them is definitely not going to happen, ever. They only go after blatant rule breakers.

    2. @DigitalProducts669 Well the only problem that everyone has with these matters is (purposely) vague wording, such as “End Product”. To me, and to most people “End Product” seems like it would mean the finished video which contains the track. But this is not elucidated anywhere on their site, so the DEFINITION of “End Product” is therefore open to interpretation if not clearly defined in writing on the vendor’s site… For example Envato (or ANY other company) could very well claim, in the future, that they “consider” “End Product” to be “an X track, used on a Y video, posted on a Z platform/site”… So, in this scenario, by posting the same video that uses this same, licensed track, on a DIFFERENT platform/site, you could be then held liable for using an “unlicensed” track lol. Not saying/suggesting that the people at Envato are cheap swindlers that would do such ridiculous things lol – their reputation would be damaged very badly if people started posting about something like that. I’m just saying that I like things to be crystal clear when I engage in anything (purchase, sale, agreement etc), and I get very uneasy when the wording is vague. (Deal-breaker “uneasy” – better to be safe than sorry) 😉

      About the track style I’m looking for, well, that’s the problem – I don’t know what the correct keywords would be. Every keyword combination I’ve tried just returns results that are completely irrelevant to what I’m looking for. So I thought that maybe you had more experience with keywording to help me narrow down my results better. But thank you anyway for all your replies friend! They were a great help! <3

    3. @nounix 3 Oh, if you dont upload, then all good. And yes, the track would be absolutely identical in length and everything.

      I dont work with Envato but I read their terms and there is no stated rule that limits and endproduct to a specific publication channel or platform, so am I pretty confident that you will be fine uploading it to different places.

      In terms of Music.. I am not really good in recommending tracks.. best is to just put in the time and search using the right keywords.

    4. @DigitalProducts669 ok thanks but not sure how a watermarked audio file can “ruin the video” (since it WON’T be uploaded with the watermark) 😛 The point would be for me to be able to add different tracks I’ve downloaded to my fcpx timeline, and start throwing in some video clips on top of the track to get a “feel” of how it would look/sound in combination. If I tried, say 10, tracks that I’ve downloaded, and I decide on 1, then I would buy the license for that one and import the “clean”/high quality one in the former’s place and continue my project with that track.

      This is why I asked whether, apart from the watermark and the sound quality, the clean one would be identical to the “dirty” one (in length, timing and structure). If it is, then perfect: everything I would have done with my clips by that point would remain in perfect sync with the clean version that I would import after purchase. Right?

      BTW Do you work with Envato, so what you are saying with regards to uploading to a website & various social media channels after purchase from Market is the offical Envato reply? Or do you just know these things via your experience with their products?

      I just made an envato account btw to browse around the Music section, but there is SOOO much stuff there that it seems impossible to find the style I’m looking for. I actually don’t even know what criteria to check to narrow my search results correctly to get to what I had in mind… 🙁 🙁 🙁 
      **If I PM’ed you a cinematic track’s yt link (from a different site), do you think that you could point me in the right direction so that I can find similar music?

    5. @nounix 3 I don’t think it’s a good idea to do A/B testing using watermarked audio, if you want to experiment that way I would suggest getting the elements subscription. The watermark may actually ruin the video and not lead to a clear result.

      But yes, you can use the purchased track on the same video and publish it to different platforms. Whenever you want.

      I would say these days most tracks are available both on market and elements.

  12. Helpful Video Thanks!! I have an annual subscription to Envato Elements, it’s really great for everything I need.
    A question for you – I am looking to ‘livestream’ a DJ set to FB, Youtube etc using the music off Envato Elements I’m hoping my subscription will cover me for this??

  13. If I am just downloading any template and making stuff, and whatever I make isn’t going online anywhere. So technically I can use it forever, right ?

  14. Great video, thank you! So to be clear, when I use a song in my video on YT, and I download and keep the license certificate for that song, what is that certificate for? Also, in the description on my video, do I need to list the music and composer? Thank you in advance! -Derek

    1. The certificate is proof in case a copyright strike happens so you can show that you have the rights to use that song. You should list it, YouTube Studio has a feature under which you can add songs appearing in the video. But I don’t think it’s mandatory.

  15. 1) If I need create a website for my client, can I buy theme for the project customized that and sell the project with regular or extended?
    2) if I sell digital products or service directly on my website what type of licenses I need?

  16. I wanted to know if there are courses to teach how to incorporate the Envato elements content into my video content from scratch? I am having a hard time and it seems like my purchase was to no avail. 🙁

    1. As in: how to use items you downloaded from Elements or how to use Editing software in general? There is TONS of content for that on youtube.

  17. So can I no longer use it if my YouTube is monetized? Also I have the student subscription is there additional purchases that I will have to make

    1. If you’re referring to the Elements subscription then you can use it if your channel is monetised. Some authors don’t offer technical support to subscribers unless you purchase a regular license of the very item you need support for.

  18. Ok I am video editing for my girlfriend that is doing nails sort of like a promo on how she does em mainly of Facebook …. She is also selling a nail kit… Which license do I choose based on her selling her nail kit but mainly for her how to do nails tutorial

    1. @Fargo Dee One regular license covers you for 52 videos within one channel, regardless where you upload them to.

    2. Good last one if I were to upload the video to Facebook could I then upload it to YouTube and that count as one of my videos or would I have to buy a separate license for other social platforms?

    3. If these promo videos and tutorials are free any available to the Public a regular license is sufficient.

  19. I have yearly Envato Subscription. I used a music background from Envato on my clients video. Now it shows copyright claim and that the video cannot be monetized. I do have a copy of license. If i provide that to YouTube can the video be monetized?

  20. The tragedy is that buying on the Envato Market is not really buying, it’s more like renting. I’ve never experienced anything like that, all the others platforms like Pixelfilmstudios or fcpeffects, you can USE it forever on your Devices. Envato is very expensive in the long run imo!!! And that i have to keep a log on everything i do is also very annoying and a waste of time! First i thought it’s a good deal but now i’m disappointed! The subscripton model is better than the so called “Market”…

    1. @brownster Yeah please send it to me: help@dp669.com . So basically buyers only get to see the licensing terms AFTER they purchase? Not sure if this is common business sense..

    2. @DigitalProducts669 You’ll get the License when you buy a plugin. I cannot post it here, but i can send it to you if you want.

    3. @brownster I just went to pixel films and there are no terms or any legal info on usage or copyright. Unless the terms are clearly stated in the confirmation email or inside the product this page is sketchy to say the least. There are quite a lot of websites repackaging items from Envato and selling them as their own. But let me know if there are terms, paste me the link.

    4. @DigitalProducts669 “When you buy any digital item you ALWYAS only buy a right to use or consume it, the ownership remains with the creator or IP-holder” Yes of course, i never questioned that. Envato Market is like buying Microsoft Office and only have the right , to write one single letter (single use license), ridiculous. I only know that other companies like pixelfilmstudios and many others handle the license thing much better,cheaper,easier and i can work with the software FOREVER! I will NEVER ever “buy” on their market again. I mean who in the world is buying one of their big final cut packages for $49 to use it only for a maximum of 52 Videos (and no one really knows what a so called “series” is?) This makes NO SENSE for small Channels at all! Your opinion is very biased and perhaps thats one reason why you only have 700 Subscribers! Be more authentic in the future please.

    5. @brownster When you buy any digital item you ALWYAS only buy a right to use or consume it, the ownership remains with the creator or IP-holder. Your idea of suing Envato for using the term “buy“ only shows your lack of understanding how legalities work in digital space. The description contains sufficient information about how it all works with Envato. No one forced you to get your licenses from Envato, some authors also sell on other markets. Yet still Envato is the biggest player by miles with the largest choice of top quality items.

  21. I´m going to cancel my subscripton which i made last week for a discounted price! Their “Liscence Jungle” is way to complicated and i don`t want to keep record for their 52 Video BS! Envato Subs sucks imo!!!

    1. @brownster If this very pack is available on Elements as well then no, you don’t need to buy a new license after 52 videos. The added benefit now however owning a regular license is that you would receive full customer support in case you ran into problems with it. Elements Subscribers by default are not entitled to customer support.

    2. @DigitalProducts669 For example before i went over to the subscripton, i bought a titles Pack for Final Cut Pro on their Market for my Channel, does it mean that i can only use it for the 52 videos and then would have to buy it again???

    3. Hey, the 52 video limit has nothing to do with the Elements subscription, maybe my video didn’t make this clear enough. With elements you can create as many videos with as many items available on Envato as you want. The only limit is when ending your subscription you cannot publish new content. All fair and square.

  22. What if I just want to create a fun video for my portfolio? And if I were to create many “fun videos” for my portfolio does that mean I have to keep paying money to refresh my licence for each product?

    1. Just one regular license is needed to use any pack for your own portfolio. You don’t need to keep paying or purchasing more licenses to “refresh” any of your content. Once a video (or a series of 52) is made then no extra future licenses are needed to keep it online.

  23. I’m confused. If I buy a youtube pack with 148 items for example, Can I use all elements only in 52 videos on my youtube channel with a Regular License? After this, I need to buy another Regular License for 52 videos more? Thanks for you comments

    1. If I buy a single License for my YouTube intro video, then how many times I can use it? unlimited or only for single video?

    2. You can put out 52 videos with a single regular license, regardless how many of the elements you are using of that pack. So yes: once you reach 52 videos, from 53 onwards you would need a new regular license. For a pack that is 35$ it would cost 0.67$ per video/episode. Not too expensive since it safes you quite some time.

  24. If i plan to create websites for multiple clients, can i have one standars license and source themes and images for these clients?

  25. Question. What if you use 3 broll shots from envato that you’re including in a feature film that will be sold to a streaming platform ex Netflix?

    1. @MOTHMAN225 Hm good question, I’d suggest reading the terms of Elements. Safest bet is the extended license I’d say.

    2. @DigitalProducts669 how do I go about getting an extended License on envato? Can’t find a page for it on their website. And do you happen to know the price difference between standard and extended licenses?

  26. Hi. If I purchase a regular licence for a WordPress theme, can I use the theme to create multiple websites without paying any extra?

  27. Hi, If I plan to use envato elements subscription for a month and download images for my business social media channels.Do I have to delete them from my social media channels after my subscription end?

    1. Robert Gryska no, they can remain public for life time. When your subscription ends the only thing that is not permitted anymore is using/uploading images or materials from Elements, no matter if these were downloaded during your subscription period.

  28. This has been such a huge help. Even some authors from Videohive got it totally wrong. They pushed me to buy the extended license if I was working for my clients. Glad to know I can work with my clients on regular license basis.

    Also can my clients use the end user video/logo string/showcase on any place unlimited number of times (EXCEPT TV cuz someone on forums told me that requires extended)?

    1. Gwynbleidd I can’t speak for the other authors but I think there is no point long term trying to coerce costumers into paying more than they should as they wouldn’t become repeating business.

      If the logo animation is created once in theory this might fall under the “allowed variation” clause which would require one license per 52 videos. But then again I don’t think anyone has ever bothered to count and check so far.

  29. So confused. If I buy a pack of 1000 individual fx is the single use license good for each item in there? Or if i use 50 out of 1000 fx am I no longer allowed to use the pack??

    1. krystle miles It doesn’t matter how many of these items from the pack you use but it matters how many videos you put out in which 1 or more if it’s items appear in. So if it is a standalone video for a client you need a single regular license, but if it is for your channel and all videos are somewhat related then 1 regular license covers you for 52 videos.

  30. if I buy 1 onth license and I download everything I like, at the end of subscription I still have the file installed so I can continue to use it, Or there is a key that could be invalidated?

    1. Nasty Cherry You can keep all previous work on your channel. Only if you want to create NEW content with Templates from elements you need to be subscribed. So: no, you don’t need to remove anything.

    2. ​@DigitalProducts669 if I use sound ,Pictures and after effect templates on several videos on a already monetized channel and start earning from them .. will I have to take the videos down from my YouTube channel after I cancel Envato elements .,cuz u said that the licensee is only valid until I am subscribe to envato elements…sorry for my English …i hope u under stand my question

    3. @DigitalProducts669 ok, but i still use it for myself or my friends without publish or sell it right?

  31. im a freelancer and i do animations on music videos with paint & stick 2 in AE, for new / old clients.
    What license do i need if i buy RTFX generator to make animations on my clients music video?
    when it later gets uploaded to social media / youtube?

    1. @DigitalProducts669 thanks you for the information ! I just needed to ask for the details. It’s a bit complicated ish when I read it 😂

    2. @j a y × c r e a t i v e s okay, so if these videos are all somewhat related and “under your flag” or could be seen as a series highlighting your work and service offerings then the single regular license per 52 videos should be sufficient, however, read up on those terms yourself, links in the description above.

    3. @DigitalProducts669 is there any difference if i make videos for personal use, from my own personal projects and upload it to social media / YouTube? To show off and show what can be created.
      I’m also an music artist / producer.

    4. You would definitely need 1 single regular license per video you create since music videos do not fall under the definition of a “series”. But given that music videos mostly have budgets I think a regular license per video is almost negligible in terms of cost.

  32. I’m editing videos for an unpaid internship for a nonprofit organization, mainly for them to use for social media. I thought it would be nice and a little easier to buy some presets for premier off of video hive to make the production value look a little nicer. I’m not exactly sure if that would be considered then end product. I’m prepared to buy a regular license, but it’s not going to make a lot of sense for me to buy multiple if it’s all for an unpaid internship. Would one regular license be enough?

    1. Zack Eddy Okay, your case may be a bit trickier however, if it is just a single non profit organisation and the videos you are putting out are sort of related to each other and the organisation then a single regular license should cover you for 52 videos.

  33. Hi thank you so much for your video, i was wondering which license i would need to start a classified ad website?

    1. @DigitalProducts669 thx, and you know if I can ask to refund after install the wp? in case if it were ugly

    2. Sahand Kader If you are referring to Theme from Themeforeft then a regular license is sufficient.

    1. The Dude 3000 No, only as long as you are subscribed to Elements you are allowed to use the packs. That’s why it may be cheaper on some cases to get a regular license from Envato instead of subscribing.

  34. My client wants to sell furniture products, we looked for e-commerce templates. Which means the items will be sold more than once.
    Envato wrote back: “I understand you would like to get assistance as to what specific license should you purchase for your project. Please note that Envato practices one license per each customized end product which means you’ll need to purchase another license if you’re going to use the same item for another end product.”

    It does mean that we should go for “Extended License”, right?

    1. Regarding the license type: your client is not charging for the use of the website but for the purchase of his furnitures hence a regular license is sufficient.

    2. Ceren Bettemir The “end product” in your case is your client’s website. Only if you use the same theme for another client / a different website you would need another license.

  35. So if I buy a “lower thirds” package, can I use them in multiple YouTube videos on my channel with the single use license? Thanks!

    1. Jay Dub Customs Yes, these would be “allowed variations” for up to 52 videos you are good with a single license.

  36. In envato elements we have to name the project name as my youtube channel name or youtube title name of that particular video??

    1. @DigitalProducts669 thanks for instant replay… 😊 And one more thing, what about social media post? Can we just enter the page username / page name as project name ??

    2. Good question! I’d suggest, to be on the safe side, name it in this format: “Youtube – “. This way you got all your tracks covered.

  37. im interested in envato for my youtube project , what license should i choose?,
    can i use element.envato license for multiple youtube videos.
    never knew digital(image /video) license is more complicated than software license

    1. 101dotnet Hi! Just a regular license is enough, and using it for multiple items on your channel watch from 1:28 to get the idea of an “allowed variation”. Hope that helps!

  38. I want to purchase a travel agency website theme on theme forest. I intend to just display my tour packages and not selling them via website. What license do I need? Regular or extended ?

  39. I’m a freelance video editor. If I buy the titles template for after effect, can I use it to edit multiple videos for my multiple clients? does the extended license cover it ?. Thank you

    1. You would need one regular license per client. So lets say you create 2 videos for 1 client then basically if the way you use the titles is not too different within these 2 videos then just 1 regular license per client is enough.

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