From Sketch to T-Shirt Design!

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design, or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some products.

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I Come With Peace and Love Pullover Hoodie

Remember Safety – A campaign Safety Officers Slogan T-Shirt

Be Safe Always! – Safety Campaign Slogan Wear T-Shirt

Be Careful Carelessness Can Hurt You – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan Sweatshirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Safety First – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

I’m a Safety Champion – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Follow Proper Work Procedures Sweatshirt

Safety Is My Goal, What’s Yours? – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

No Racism, No Terrorism, No Islamophobia T-Shirt

Kiss me I’m Pretending To Be Holy Sweatshirt

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Womens Jumpsuit

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Women’s Jumpsuit

Simenual Women's Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Women's Casual Large Size Fashion Long sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

New Fashion Women's Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


    1. Really nice design, incredible job as usual. But I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed 🙁 Unisex shirts aren’t really flattering on women, especially on me! Are you considering making some girl sized shirts or hoodies?

  1. loved the vid, need sum help on transferring my design on to a mockup template please. How did u keep all ur layers constant? This is sumn i strugglin wit

  2. What the hell is that song at 14:16 Ten Hundred uses in a lot of his videos? Need that in my playlist so bad

  3. “it would really suck to do your entire illustration at 72 DPI….” Yes….. Yes it does suck 🙁 16 hours of work making stickers wasted……..

  4. I love the T-shirt design bro! I have been screen printing for 7 years, it’s so much fun! I would love to print one of your designs.

  5. That’s a dope ass sketch. I’m gonna pick up one of your T shirts soon. I’m waiting for that right sketch that calls to me. I did just order the new skate deck you just designed.

  6. I was so disappointed that you moved away recently. I was hoping one day I’d meet you and get you to collab with me. You’re one of my favorite artists.

  7. Possibly stupid question….do u use a machine to put your art on the t shirts Or do u have a company do it for u? (I’m trying to figure out how someone can actually put their art on the fabric.)

  8. Wow this is amazing and so inspirational. Thank you for literally changing my life in this moment. I appreciate you. God Bless

  9. Dope videos. I have a MacBook Pro how do I get my artwork onto there and then size my picture so It can be the right size to be put onto a shirt and the only program I have four photos is the program that came with the MacBook

  10. I need to break in my Brain and myself. i can draw i can paint but my enimy is lock of confidence lock of ideas i had a lot of drawings, paintings and design but all of them is in the attic

  11. You are a Pro, I admire your work and I learn a lot watching your videos, by the way your office is so cool to work

  12. If anyone knows the answer to my question, I would appreciate it. In photoshop, ten hundred made the design in black and white, did u use black ink on photoshop? Or did u just make the ground blank and erased to make it look black. Like when u send it to jack prints, dhiw do they know not to print black

  13. your work is so inspiring to me man, im starting in illustration in a later age but all the energy in your draws and videos give me motivation to get ready for this new adventure

  14. Why can you not do you colour work in Procreate instead of taking it into PS? Could you also do the same stuff in Affinity Photo? Your work online is great. Cheers Mike

  15. Does anyone know what’s size iPad Pro Ten Hun uses? I’m thinking of buying one for artwork and not sure what size is best.

  16. Probably wont see this but where to you get the “mak-ups” or the shirt templates. Also, do you make your shirts yourself or have another way?

  17. Do you take a picture of your artwork with the Ipad Pro and then set it to 300 DPI or do you have to go out and buy a $1000 camera?

  18. Speechless watching this. I also can draw. But im luck of equipments. I hope i have the things that you use on your project so i can start one. Godbless man! Take careeee. Spread the art!!!

  19. Hi. I saw your video-rap also…..!!– You are an increadable artist. I make also art. But in selling my art i am terrible !!– Once , I also want a Karrier like you…..!- Dreams come true sometime !!– I HOPE SO !!— Good work, bro…

  20. Great work man very inspiring thank u for sharing it knowledge my friend E is the one showed me this both of u r great artists

  21. Yo Ten, if you turn on the GRID option in the camera it will tell you when your frame is perfectly horizontal to keep from distorting your drawings.

  22. Have you ever done an image where you see another image when you look at it from far away, I don’t mean magic eye, but they used to do images in mad magazine and once I saw it in a picasso. Like from a distance the darker areas form eye sockets of a skull and all the other parts, but you don’t see it unless you look at it from far away. I was kind of expecting this image to do that. Would be cooooollll….?

  23. Bro, these mockups look mad, loving the work mate. You low key inspired me to start my own t shirt printing business, collage looks mint

  24. Hey I don’t know if you’ll see this because this is kind of an old video lol! I’m a beginner at making t-shirt designs and I don’t know anything about digital art or photoshop. I was wondering if an ipad could be used for digital art instead of the ipad pro, or if I should just go for it and get the pro… like is a regular ipad unfit for digital art? idk. Again, I’m a beginner, so I don’t really need the best of the best. Thanks!!

  25. Thank you, thank you so much for this video…Awesome T-Shirts I’m so happy and I love the part about coffee…super awesome cartoony voice yay. This was a great video.

  26. 👋I found your YouTube a few days ago. I’ve been sketching for a short amount of time now on paper and I’m also hoping to dabble in digital art so that I can make my art into posters and maybe t-shirts as well . I’m happy to see that you draw the way you draw on paper first then transfer to digital, because that is my issue. I’m great at paper but I’m not too sure if I could do digital or not but you have definitely inspired me to go out and purchase and iPad Pro. So far your Channel has taught me so much and inpsired me at the same time. This video is exactly what I needed. For some reason artists tend to want to be secretive when it comes to their processes of creation and the way they get things made or done and it’s frustrating when I’m trying to find something out and no one wants to answer my questions. I’m happy I found you so far I’ve watched at least 10 of your videos already and they all have answered questions that I have had ignored by other artists. Thank you so much for this quality content and I hope you do not stop dropping these gems. You are really inspiring and teaching people at the same time and I hope you never change and become some sponsored robot like most of these people I see lying on YouTube. l thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity, I really appreciate it! 🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤💪

  27. AW man I just found your channel and found out this design was sold out in all the Large sizes. Will you ever re-stock them???

  28. Dope. Dope. Dope. BUT I would love to have the design at the front so I can see them myself and then a large 10hun on the back instead. I would totally splurge on a couple if tees, but I want to be able to see the design myself! *-* What brand what it that you used, I have scrolled through your vid and cant seem to find the Tshirt brand. Would you recommend for beginnes just trying out a couple of test drives for it? Got dope art, wanna try making dope t-shirt.. wait, a cool man said that once 😉 – Do you know a place where you can make front covers for sketchbook/notebooks?? Thanks 10! – Hope you see this ^^!

  29. Ik you don’t have your store anymore but try bella + canvas 3001 unisex shirts, they are super comfortable and lightweight when I used them

  30. Hey, I was always wondering if you send a design to a manufacturer, is there any way to stop them from stealing your design and selling it on their own? (They could tweak it a tiny bit to make it not the same?). Thanks

  31. that’s important, always reach out to the print store first ask them what type of file and max size of print they could do.
    i live in india, i have one friend’s place who print tshirt and merch for youtubers/companies but he prefer the files only in PSD and AI. where as other places use flattern images or EPS files. i had that trouble before.

  32. Hey 10hundy, you should paint COVID-19 as a character… maybe.. Just a thought. Thanks for the entertainment, from New Zealand. We just got out of quarantine kinda

  33. I just got to your channel and been binging for hours. Your content is top-tier!!! mad kudos to u, Sir! 🤟

  34. you are a genius dude. how can I learn art like you? I m a pro graphic designer. but my dream is to do character art like yous. what should call to this kind of art?

  35. I appreciate your videos and energy, stay positive, check out our family YouTube or gram. We are the Partridge family of art…

  36. Studio tour would be a great video to do while stuck inside…. ORRR.. A live video drawing that is based off the users comments. Just a thought. Cheers from Philly!

  37. I LOVE THE SHIRT BTW! 🤯🤯 anyways I gotta question when you are about to print the drawing, which file do you save the artwork as? Is it .eps or .png??.

  38. Love the illustrations man! Can you send me one of those shirts? Would really appreciate to have one of your tight artworks.

  39. how long in total do you work on it? (sketch, line art and color)
    i feel like i’m taking waaay to long on my drawings… ^^”

  40. bonjour super travail , bravo l artiste . pouvez-vous me donner la reference de cette tablette , merci a vous

  41. Such an amazing artpiece. Thumbs up from Germany. I will buy the hoodie for sure! I love the fact that the design is on the back and the color brush in the middle looks super dope! Keep up your great work!

  42. Yow! 10H Just recently scrolling to YouTube when I saw this, super dope!!!🙌🏼 I wish I have those equipments/materials of yours but sadly i can’t afford one.😔 Just a normal dude here in the Philippines almost a month now, still on quarantine, no work, no salary…fvckin hard…doing some arts too to avoid boredom, i manage to get work online reports 4$ per week well not enough though but our government here are trying to give relief goods, like rice and canned goods…keep safe men! 🙌🏼 Really have fun to your videos, hopefully I could grab 1 of your shirt! 😁 Hahaha joking… I know it’s a business, and arts are not for free spending all the time, energy and efforts to your works deserves a good amount. Really appreciate your art specially the 15mins drawing…🙌🏼 Cheers bro! Keepsafe!

  43. Is this basically your full time job? Youtube + T-shirts? Because I would love that to be a possibility for me c:

  44. The music on this video is pure fire! I like to watch your videos and having them playing when I’m drawing, and that bongo bass at @2.32 just grabbed me. Would love to know if it has a name, I need it in my life!!!

  45. Thank Satan I have your videos to watch during this self isolation. Your videos are so inspiring and was what kinda motivated me to start drawing again. So in between drawing or painting myself I’ve been watching videos I’ve already watched of yours. Hopefully I can snag a tshirt of yours sooon! 🙂

  46. Can you take your digital art drawing from your Android phone app ibis x and make t shirts… Can someone let me know ?

  47. other youtubers intro: wassup guys welcome to my channel

    this dude: this video is brought to you by squarespace

  48. Awesome, your stuff looks super JetSetRadio and I luv it, btw I’m an artist too, just need some instruction in photoshop my fault entirely one of my greater shames, good stuff. Also, reminds me of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure definitely some of my favorite art, now just need to add Final Fantasy or Dark Souls to that and that’s when you get a titanite statue

  49. idk much bout painting mural etc, but watching u help me A LOT! @tenhun specially ur personality man.. u r so patience working on the very detail, kinda refrain from rushing. what I learned from u, it’s like doing every second whole heartedly. (i think that’s key)

  50. When you do your procreate sketch, you should take the finished product into illustrator and image trace. Then you will have 100% vector quality. Great video man!

  51. I didn’t want to watch this video, cause I knew at the end, I would end up buying this. Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. So good!!!

  52. Hi Ten, thank you very much for the helpful videos. I’m an absolute beginner in T-shirt design. Would you please advise me, which software use for vector drawing t-shirt design: Illustration or photoshop? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  53. Hey you should make a puzzle with your art but very colorful so it’ll be hard to put together 😋😋😋😋😋 idk if you done this yet cause Im kinda new to your channel

  54. Hiya Ten Hun not sure if you have heard of before? You can upload designs to be made into fabric.. thought it would be an awesome project for you and give you an excuse to do something similar to this.. or maybe even MORE characters 😋❤️❤️

  55. So I have been binge-watching all of your videos. I was wondering if you are going to do another art class anytime soon. I really want to learn how to make better art from you. I saw in some older videos you were doing a class with Learn Monthly.

  56. It be cool if you did a video about how you make your videos/record paintings always wanted to make YouTube videos as well as yours are made

  57. @TenHun! You should do a music soundtrack video that showcases the music of your youtube vids. I gotta say I love them all and would love to see it!!!

  58. I really the colour of your ipad case. Could you tell me which model it is please? Is it a 2020 12.9 ipad?

  59. Your thumbnail was click bait because I saw I really cool design and then I saw the title of the video and I thought it’ll be cool. I loved the design so much i ended up buying a shirt. Keep up the great work and I hope to buy more in the future 😁😁😁

  60. hello Ten Hundred, I just wanna ask after you finish draw in procreate, are you using ipad again to edit it on Photoshop? Or you continue using Macbook Pro/ Laptop?

  61. How do you get your lines on your illustrations so well? I use the same programs and I feel like it never comes out good

  62. Hey Ten Hun. Can you make a video where you talk about all of your artistic influences. Like how you developed your style. Who you copied work from at the start and then eventually mixed a ton of artists to make your own style. Idk if you remember all the artists that inspired you in the beginning. Please please. Love your work. I am from Olympia Washington. You’re dope AF <3

  63. Yo! Do you think I could spit over some of the tracks you have up on Soundcloud? I’ve been looking for your style for a while and it would be an honor to use those beats

  64. Hey, what about an art prompt for this time. Everyone is stuck at home. I know I have all the time and would love to do one.

  65. I just started trying to sell tshirts myself but cant fi d a company to make any profit with. What company do you use? Any help would be much appreciated I’ve tried so many.

  66. 10Hun! I only found your channel a few weeks ago, and was devastated I couldn’t make it up to Hamilton to give you a shout & high five in person – you keep me inspired and I absolutely love your art and your vibe. Keep up the awesome vids and keep up the awesome and wholesome vibes. Much love!

  67. Hey ten hundred! I just started my first project! And I regret not recording it for everyone else to see my progress as a painter but you should do a coustom tumbler! I just did mine I would love to see what you come up with!

  68. woulda been sick if it wasn’t a backprint. why would i want to wear something i like on my back? i want it on my tummy.

  69. Your videos are a great inspiration. You’re one of the inspirations that has pushed me to pick up a pencil and draw again. So thank you and keep doing you.

  70. Ten Hundred what software do you use for making the tee shirt sketches on your iPad to up loading on the software to color ?

    1. The ipad is waaaaaaay more responsive than my xp-pen artist 16 pro graphics tablet, also it is somehow just so much more natural of a workflow and zooming with your fingers is like, so freeing

  71. Great video. Always fun seeing the process, but I really love how you give artists coming up practical guidance. Just the whole thing about 300 dpi probably just saved someone time, money and frustration. Very cool. Hope you, your wife, the fam and everyone in this community stays safe and well.

  72. Hey TenHun, awesome video! It’d be so immensely trill of you if you ever one day made a video about how you actually make the physical t-shirts, what resources you use to go from mock-up to actual t-shirt, etc. I feel like that’s a big hurdle for a lot of lil folks that are still getting up and running. Thanks fam!

    1. Check out the video where I collabed on Tees with 123Klan for a more in depth break down on the ordering process.

  73. Man you are such an inspiration. Your art is so dope. I’d def buy your merch if I could but I will once I can

  74. Absolutely sick design man! I was wondering, do you need money to buy the stock first or do you just make em to order?

  75. it would have been great to srr the t shirt / hoodie in hand as the final step of the video! it was awesome tho 🙂

  76. Thanks for such a positive video! You must have so much patience to draw such detailed designs and then ink them digitally all over again. Great end result!

  77. I dont think you really know how much you really inspire everyone – thankyou for sharing your skills and your openness and honesty is the best – always pumped when i see your new video post 🙂

    1. @Carly Gooding same cannot find it, I think he got it from but without an artist name or even knowing what the class the genre is I can’t find it

  78. Hey man just wanted some advice, because of the lockdown in the UK i’ve been wanting to get better at drawing do you have any tips when it comes to drawing? Like i’ve never been good at drawing at all but i always have plenty of ideas of stuff i want to draw, especially sometimes for stories i come up with in my head.

  79. Amazing! I love to watch your videos and I am a little jealous about how much time you can invest into creating 😏

  80. Quarantine Is if you have tested positive for covid…. have you tested positive ? Or are u like the rest of the other 16 states with lock down but u can go out observing the rules.

  81. Got me a hoody on pre order to come over to the UK! Thanks for all the awesome content, I can’t art but you’re my favourite youtuber ✌️ stay safe

  82. I’m a potter from Lewiston, ID and admire your work. I would love to send you something I made. Do you have a fan mailbox where I can send it to you? Thanks, Britnie (Off Kilter Clay)

  83. Dude I actually got a shot out!!! thanks ten hundred and please check out my youtube channel… it’s not a art channel it’s a gaming channel but I still do art!!!!!!

  84. Ten HUN!
    I really want to buy one of your shirts but.
    The only issue is you really love your back prints and
    being someone with high functioning autism I’m super iffy with sensory overloads and stuff like that.
    I struggle to wear any shirt that isn’t smooth on my skin.
    Generally I’m okay with heavier shirts and lighter shirts it all depends though, 100% cotton is usually the only thing I can wear.
    The problem is having a print on the back of a shirt is super weird because I can feel it and when I sweat it feels even more intense.
    Maybe you could bring an option in whether you would like the design on the front or back just because there are some really slick designs that are only a back print.
    I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business I’m just letting you know what I struggle with when it comes to choosing clothing.
    So I hope you can see my problem and maybe keep a look out for some of your followers with issues like that.

    1. ​@Ten Hundred I have checked out some of the front print ones. I guess it’s just that I really dig and prefer the designs that you end up making back prints.

    2. 95% of my shirts are front prints. I only have 3 shirts with back prints: This one, The “Don’t say it” Shirt (Collab with 123klan), and the “Only Time Will Tell” long sleeve. Also most of my hoodies are back prints becuase you cant print over the front pocket on hoodies. So i think there are a lot of options to choose from if you like front prints. Also, all my t shirts are 100% cotton (except stay away from grey ones cause they are heather fabric and heather fabric has a little polyester in it)

    1. oh and every week i watch your videos, i always think you look like logic the rapper at some point in the video… just sayin

  85. I love your art style! Came here from the Fiverr video and didn’t get used to it, but now I find it so unique and charming!

  86. I would love to get one but the problem is we all are being lock down here none of the delivery thing will work here for a month
    love from India 💗

  87. Noticed Jackprints makes bandanas, a facemask style bandana would be pretty sweet! Especially in these times where face masks and covers are a part of everyday life… Keep up the awesome work, Seattle has to let us out someday!

  88. Always love your videos and always makes me inspired to create.. Got my shirts going on Etsy at Tmartzco 🙂 Keep rockin

  89. Lol I use tee spring I also use infinity designer. I keep it at 350 digital pixels per inch. works great too.

  90. Love the design and attention to detail! Wasn’t feeling the orange color at the end but after re-adding white into the eye and mouth, oh yes! Completely changed for me! Much love

  91. Love your art, love your work flow! I’m thinking to get back to graffiti and maybe illustration, and you are one of the reasons!
    P. S. I want to buy something to draw digitally. What should I buy? IPad or Wacom/huion tablet?
    I already have Wacom intuos and want something with a display.

    Thanks again for awesome content!

    1. Any of those are good options as long as you put the time in and just make art. But I will say the Ipad is very versitile.

  92. That’s dope! Just bought another one of your sweaters recently and it’s the comfiest one I got, I wear it practically everyday
    Looking like I just might have to get this one to lol

  93. Great vid! Thanks for sharing, perfect for this lockdown… quick question, you briefly spoke about your process using pencil, procreate then photoshop. Has the integration of photoshop into your process sped up your workflow noticeably? I’m still new to it, and am trying to find the most intuitive way to incorporate it into my process… Thanks again, Stay safe and keep well in these crazy times.

  94. Omg this is so cool. Please do more videos like this 😍. Such a great relaxing video for this stressful time

  95. Hi ten i like your content inspired me,have you ever drawing artist or alternative rock band thank you

  96. Notification gang! It’s pleasing to have your videos in this time of isolation…..what is the beat at 2:34 it is fire!

  97. From one Seattle-ite to another: yes, being bored sucks.

    Seeing this has helped push me out of the creative slump I’ve been in. So it’s off to sewing things and doodling in Art Rage for me 😀

  98. Super dope design! Really! 🙂 Video idea: Drawing battle versus your wife and the doggo. But you have to draw blind or something like that to make it fair.

  99. Love the design man! Super sick!! Would definitely buy one if I wasn’t trying to save my money bc this virus got my job closed down 😩💀💀

  100. I went to Art Institutes in DC so I could start my own tshirt design and sell them……BOOOOOOOOYYYY I learned you don’t need to go to an art school for that! One day I’ll be making my own designs and slap it on some tshirts, hoodies, skateboards maybe snowboards and surf boards. You’re an inspiration my dude ✌🏼

  101. hey man love your work, could you please check out my instagram would cheer me up during the crisis Instagram is blu_haj 🙂

  102. Hey Ten Hun.. Any chance of you getting a European distributor
    ? The import tax and such is rough, and I would love to get some of your merch!

  103. I love this design and you have really inspired me to start taking a serious look at the iPad Pro…. I love your style and flow. I am really digging it.

  104. Dope video man! Love the way everything was so balanced. You threw me off with that splash of colour but it really drew my eye into the design more. Thanks for your content!

  105. Nice positive message 10$. I love working in screen printing. You are always learning new things and challenged. I do my best to make sure people’s logos/artwork look their best once printed. I learned screen printing in high school and 30 years later I still think it’s fun/cool 🙂

  106. balafon , you are a boneIFfied crackhead but i still love you . dont you think its time to marimba that perspective in overlook mode for variation ? im just nibbling . alright get at me . peace

  107. How did you input those dimensions? Mine always says “too large” if I try to create anything over 8”. Great work by the way!!!!

    1. Ten Hundred hmm maybe it’s because I don’t have an iPad Pro. Knew I should’ve upgraded to that lol

    2. Is storage on your ipad hella full? I dunno? Do you have a super old ipad, or an old version of procreate that needs an update?

  108. This Shirt is so awesome I would love to get myself one, but… Red, red is just…. Red….. Think about be able to change the spray and text color… That would be just awesome. But anyway awesome shit pls keep it going 🙂

  109. Awesome video mate. I love your drawing style. Im building up my page and hope one day I can do that amazing content like you 😁😁👌🏻🎉

  110. love this man, but i think (as a always high level work and output) if your artwork cover all the t-shirt it’s gonna be very good choice for me to buy. cheers.

  111. Keep it up dawg!
    Thx to your vids i was abke to get back and commit more to art and putting stuff out there! Digitalizing my art is also a new world for me but def so interesting
    Thx man!

  112. Wooooww that’s so cool! I hope I can do that some day lol. But for now I’m just making youtube vides 🙂

  113. My city is on quarantine but everyone still goes out and gets drunk and shit but it’s West Virginia so ya know that’s how it be down here 😂😂 I just stay home and draw cuz I’m an introvert!!

  114. what happened, art-wise, before reincarnated? ive been wondering about the journey there. also, one day i will tell u what uve done for me.

  115. I just discovered you and your art is amazing, normally I’m the guy who is interested in science and not so much in art. Thats why you just became my favourite artist. When quarantine is too boring next month is super 420 month maybe you can make use of it if you like the theme. Greetings from Germany

  116. You should do a t-shirt looking through a pair of glasses with everything through them at 300dpi, everything around them at like 50dpi.

  117. they are SO dope- love the simplistic coloring style of this one too – that color pops so hot- Love it man. Whats your PO-Box? I wanna send you some stickers I made up! Love your videos you are an inspiration to all creatives. Thanks so much for being so rad

  118. it turned out great!!! loved watching the whole process. i want that filming set up, it would make my life so much easier haha

  119. Wow, your video producing and editing skills get better every week. Keep up the good work bro! You are an inspiration for everyone who wants to succeed in life

  120. It blows my mind when ppl give a thumbs down. This man gives his heart and soul into art and sharing his tips and tricks. I guess it’s true.. “Misery doesn’t like to eat alone”
    You are inspiring to all.
    Love the new design. I hope they aren’t sold out already.
    Thank you for sharing you life.
    ATD Studios-

    1. As long as the thumbs up is bigger then no big deal. Maybe some people just hate squarespace? You never know. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. Who cares why people dislike it. Does it bother you? Just because someone hits the thumbs down doesn’t mean they are miserable. If you go through life without acknowledging the fact that you won’t please every single person, you are going to live a miserable, depressed life.

  121. hey 10hun! really enjoying your sick art and videos, i was considering to buy a tee or a hoodie since my bday is coming up. only thing, i live in italy, are there shipping problem? is the shipping fee not exagerate?
    (oh by the way that artwork has just become my lock screen. love it!)

    1. @Ten Hundred thanks, i’ll check. if i can’t now, i’m definitely going to order something when this crazy situation will be over. appreciate you man!

    2. We are able to ship to Italy, but I don’t know if your country has the postal service running as normal right now with Covid-19. The shipping fees on international orders are not exagerated. In fact I usually loose a few dollars on every order i send overseas. I am sorry about the international shipping costs, but that is what I am charged to ship the items.

  122. Been trying to create something every day and post it on my channel, you can call it a quarantine challenge if you want 😂Tshirt came out super dope, need to get my hand on one of those babies!!

  123. TEN HUN! Homie.

    Delivering that quality content in a time of need. As always inspiring artists like myself to take our art to higher places. Thanks for all you do.

    Keep pushing forward Bruh.

    Oh, Also Ten percenter here. :p

  124. Love how you added color, such a sick idea! These line art pieces are my favorite for sure, thanks for making one into a dope shirt!

  125. Hey guys, I need some help. So I am from germany and have to pay 13 dollars for shipping. Does anyone know if I have to pay even more at the costums? Thanks in edvance 😀

    1. There is a message at the top of my page warning international customers that there maybe be customs fees. We don’t know the laws in each country and how each country does import duties and customs fees. You may want to google your countries import laws. I know some places in Europe are strict.

  126. Dope so dope… you definitely are opening my mind to the possibility of my art and how easy it is to do vs what I think it is

  127. because you don’t make a coat, with a hood similar to the ones you make in your drawings (of animals, or dinosaur) and a print of yours …

  128. “Everything kinda spreads out from her”… So she’s patient zero?

    On a side note, some of the retarded comments below are mind boggling…

  129. My professional opinion on the design of your shirt is this: Its the Bomb diggy diggy da bomb da bomb diggy diggy!

  130. Thats amazing… I hope i somehow print my work on tshirt this year….and hope this corona shit ends soon and stay safe mahn.. 🙆‍♂️

  131. You could create a jig, that’ll help you level out you drawing, when you take a picture of it.

    Probably consist of a long straight piece of wood, with some dowels on the bottom that could fit into some holes drilled into your desk. I would suggest not drilling any holes in your work area of your desk tho.

    1. @Ten Hundred It’s really a non issue. Just giving a suggestion.

      Personally, I hate trying to straighten something out in software. Thankfully, Google has a solution, with the Google Photo scan app. Unfortunately that’ll be no help to you.

  132. I love your videos so much! I especially love the videos where you get into new art territory, maybe you could try a new medium for one of your quarantine videos? Like chalk or guache or even sculpting or something. Hope you’re keeping safe and sane!

  133. Honestly I hoped that you wouldn’t have splashed the color in the middle. It was beautiful as white personally. Dope T-shirt and video tho. Cheers man

  134. Yo man thanks for your vids g they teach me so much thanks man your arts amazing and so are your videos keep it up

  135. I love your channel. It is one of my favorites I would love to see you do a classical picture like a Di Vinci in your style. That would be crazy! Wishing you and your family the best! Be safe out here!

  136. This was dope and inspirational. I am fortunate enough to be able to continue working while the whole world is on lockdown but when I have free time, I’m going to take some sketches from my black book and drop them into Procreate to see how that all goes.

  137. Where did you get the mockup tops from?
    And again your a great motivator and amazing artist. Enjoying your videos

  138. LOVE this!! I love all your art, so dope!!
    I have a rando request or suggestion. You should incorporate a map design some how. Doesn’t have to be a real map of a real place. But a map maybe of where those crazy creatures you drew in a previous vid would live.

  139. I love binge watching your videos. I never noticed a Helmut zemo resemblance I see more of Johnny Knoxville
    Keep up the awesome art

  140. Man that’s awesome, I swear I’ll make my own one day, just for me hehe
    Keep up the good work dude, I’ve been following you for approximately 2 years, and wanna let you know how much I appreciate the quality / originality of your videos, cheers from France, stay safe y’all 👋

    1. well I guess hes uploading or sending it to jakprints (like said in the video) and pays and gets them back finished… right?

  141. That’s one hella dope design! I immediately would buy one if I weren’t broke all the time and if international shipping wouldn’t be so damn expensive all the time :'(

  142. YO ten hun! Wussup from France! Just found your channel the other day and have binge watched you since ( & subbed of course). GREAT WORK! KEEP IT UP!
    P.S. Your life is beautiful (also dont read my edit ;P)

    1. You can actually do it yourself at home pretty easily. You just need a vinyl cutter and the program it comes with. Vinyl cutters are no that expensive.

    2. Oh also for one offs could have a hand at embroidery… tshirt transfer iron on paper… or get “fabric paint medium” which when mixed with normal paints will make them fabric paint (way cheaper and better quality than buying actual fabric paints themselves.. plus more colour variety)… For embroidery you can get a “water soluble” type of interfacing? Can’t recall the exact type of material it is, but allows you to temporarily transfer sketch or tracing onto fabric ready for embroidery (may even work as sketch for actual painting but never tried it myself)… And carbon paper is a life saver ✌️

    3. Google ‘Merch By Amazon’. Find a tutorial on yt on how to properly set it up, and done. You’re welcome! 😎

  143. Great video Ten Hundred – Wearable art has a special place in my heart and this piece is sick! I love how you walk us through your entire design process and that there are so many characters on this. Can’t wait to add this shirt to my collection. Keep up the great work!

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