How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

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I Come With Peace and Love Pullover Hoodie

Remember Safety – A campaign Safety Officers Slogan T-Shirt

Be Safe Always! – Safety Campaign Slogan Wear T-Shirt

Be Careful Carelessness Can Hurt You – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan Sweatshirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Safety First – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

I’m a Safety Champion – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Follow Proper Work Procedures Sweatshirt

Safety Is My Goal, What’s Yours? – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

No Racism, No Terrorism, No Islamophobia T-Shirt

Kiss me I’m Pretending To Be Holy Sweatshirt

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Womens Jumpsuit

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Women’s Jumpsuit

Simenual Women's Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Women's Casual Large Size Fashion Long sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

New Fashion Women's Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. Hi Greg! Do you know if we can register copyrights for our designs that incorporate the images/font we use on Canva or PlaceIt? Not wanting to copyright the clip art, individual piece of image, but more the overall image that we created. So that others can’t copy the overall design we created? Thank you

    1. Thank you! It’s great to hear that, I appreciate it. If you have any questions just let me know!

  2. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous when a common phrase “Keep it simple.” can be owned by somebody?

    1. Since you uploaded it first, you get rights to it. You can send an email to the platform reporting the copy cat and they will take down the duplicate. I hope that helps!

  3. How can you prevent the graphics from Placeit to not be copyrighted? Say, if someone else designed a shirt on Placeit as well, different text but same graphic

    1. Great question! As long as the designs are slightly different, there is no issue for us. There’s a longer explanation to this, but in short, as long as you are customizing the designs and not just downloading the templates as-is you won’t have any issues with copyright. I hope that helps!

  4. This is the best print on demand video ever. Thank you very much for sharing this to beginners like me. Very easy and I am willing to try them.

  5. Great channel and very well structured! Quick question for you Greg; can you recommend any books or youtube channels that have helped you along your way? Thanks— The Jolly Roger

  6. Hi Greg, I was just wondering if the recent changes to Teespring (becoming Spring) change anything in the way that they market your product? I wasn’t around before on teespring so I’m not aware of how it was, whether there was a searchable marketplace etc as I’ve just started my POD journey thanks to your extremely helpful videos!

  7. Thank you so much. Other people talk about how to make money using print on demand but not this detailed step by step process. Thanks for this again!

    1. Glad it was helpful! I really appreciate hearing that because that is exactly what I wanted this video to be (no fluff, and straight to the point). Thank you Rishabh, and please let me know if you have any questions as you’re going along!

  8. Great advise. Thank you so much. Just wondering if using Merch Informer to check for trademarks if it would show if its trade marked in Canada as well. Thank you.

  9. What is a realistic expectation of income starting out doing something like this from scratch? Anyone have any experience?

  10. Greg,
    How do you know what niche to spend your time on. You mentioned putting the trend into Merch Informer, but what made you look at that niche in the first place? I would like to get some sales up and running in the next 5 to ten days. Everything is set according to your videos. the only thing i do not have is a selling niche, a trust score ( even thought I have sold 6 pieces last month), and SALES! So, what do I do?

  11. Hi Greg, thanks for all of your hard work on these great videos. Question: I’m on my free 3 day trial of Merchinformer and I’m seeing an “E” grade, I didn’t get E’s in school, what is it?

  12. Currently I am using a windows laptop and there is no “Add Text” feature in the place it design templates, what to do, any suggestions?

  13. I stocking illustrator in microstock agency before, and want to put in POD website, its allowed? And in POD can we put it in another POD website too? (Like in redbubble and teepublic available in same design?

  14. Thank you Greg very valuable information when I create my own print on demand design store would you go to my site and give me suggestions before I launch 🚀 it 👍👍🌹🌹

  15. What if I don’t sell online.But design tshrts with teespring and sell it locally.Woud that be good idea?

  16. Uploading my 17th design to Teesprinf and getting this Failed/composer/Vl/campaigns.json:500 any ideas what this is? No copyright infringement as far as I’ve checked and tried a few different times and changing title and url name?

  17. Bro how do you come up with these niches, where do you even find stuff like this? The niches is the hardest part of this business. Also, how many designs do you make in a niche before you stop? Do you have a lot of different niches, or do you still to less than ten

  18. I have a question. How do you start from a blank template on placeit? Part of why I want to do this is to make a transparent background and resize easily a design I created not using placeit.

  19. Hi Greg, thank you for the video. Would you please explain, do you recommend uploading different designs from different niches to our store, or will be better to create a separate store for each niche? Thank you

  20. Just came across this video today and man it’s amazing what you are sharing. Literally all the fundamentals to starting a print on demand business.

    1. Welcome to the channel Emanuel 🙂 I’m glad to hear that, thank you so much! It means a lot! If you have any questions as you go through the videos on the channel feel free to let me know!

  21. Hi Greg, i like your videos and you explain very well. I have started with Teespring some months ago and i have a store with 57 designs but until now i didn’t make any sale. Can you give me any suggestion what you think i did wrong?

    1. Great question! I think 50 different designs, all uploaded to Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon, is the minimum I’d aim for to start seeing some traction. I hope that helps!

  22. Checking for Trademarks is fine, how/where to check for design copyrighted? Do we have to upload our image to find out? Or how to check as such? Thanks

  23. In this case, we have the main keyword “van life” but tshirt says keep it simple right? So If we list that design how should we title it correctly should it be called keep it simple van life?

    1. I saw your other comment but just wanted to confirm here as well: Yes, that is exactly right. You want the keywords you find to be in the title and description.

  24. Hi Greg. So if I want to use a picture in a shirt design, can I use google images or not? Plus how can I make sure that my design is unique?

  25. How do you get your text to be straight? Mine are all curved, and I can’t figure out how to straighten it. All I can do is rotate it. I also don’t see an option to give the letters a border or accent.

  26. Hi Greg! When a phrase is shown to be fine to use on apparel, does this extend to things like cushions, clocks, stickers, etc that you can put your designs on, on Redbubble? Thank you for all the helpful information, as always!

  27. I’ve a question for you:D if you give all these informations about how to run a businness like this,don’t you find that in the future you’re going to have a lot of competitors?roberta

    1. @Greg Gottfried For have all these helpful informations I think you study a lot.If the pure personal fulfilment Is your main goal,Is All right.Thank you, also for the book you suggest.👋 Roberta

    2. Hey great question! Up until about 2 years ago, yes that is exactly what I thought. I was recommended to read the book “the go-giver” by bob burg, and it changed my mindset on it. The book explains how when you share the information with others, you get a level of fulfillment that far outweighs the fulfillment of not having any competitors in your space. In short, I get a lot more from the heartfelt comments from thousands of people across the globe expressing how these videos have helped them 🙂 I hope that makes sense and helps explain!

  28. Thank you for the awesome content, you made what was so hard into something so simple and enjoyable

  29. Hi greg , I heard that teespring has changed their business platform with new policies , please update me on this.

  30. Hi Greg,If i use only trade mark alert on Merch informer would that be enough for quotes, sayings, and phrases?

  31. Holy Guacamole this was a master class in print on demand! Dude I wanna throw you $$$ not just a like and subscribe.

    1. Haha, thank you so much Rob!! It means a lot to hear that! Thank you, I really appreciate your support! 👍👍

  32. As a community we can also help each promote each other stores and mock-ups and we can build as community

    1. Hi Rubendrie! You’re welcome, I’m glad you found it helpful! Thanks for asking! Yes, you can do this worldwide! Best of luck!

  33. Very informative video. great work. I would like to know if we can use let say a close by color of youtube logo which say Youstream without infringing on copyright or trademark?

  34. Is there a way to have tees with both black print and white print grouped together? The black print on some colors isn’t very noticeable.

  35. I have a question. In the stage of finding if the words or designs are protected by Trademarks, is the method that you show us (the Trademark website) in the US only? If we target International market, not just US market, can we skip this step? or what should we do about it?

  36. Hello,

    Thanks for the videos.

    I love movies and web series. Can you please let me know if there is any copyright issue because if I use pictures and diologues from them?

  37. Hi! I just started freelancing for t-shirt designs and I have a doubt.. can I use the placeit graphics or any other graphic designs that I buy from market for my clients project? Or should I create everything from scratch?

    1. Hey great question! Yes, you can use it for your projects. I’d look up Placeit’s terms of use to get the nitty gritty detail’s but I know they say you have full commercial use and you can use the designs and mockups for client projects.

    1. Great question! It’s per niche, rather than per design. Keep in mind the niche storefront is just to be used in the beginning phases for Teespring to get some of your own sales on your account, to get the Trust Score kickstarted, and all the free marketing started. Once you get a few sales on your Teespring account, you no longer need to use storefronts or Instagram at all and you can just upload all types of designs without niches in mind. Merch by Amazon and RedBubble start doing marketing for you from day 1, so you don’t need to drive your own traffic to get a trust score or anything with them. With that said, I think you really only need 1 niche storefront and 1 niche Instagram page to drive traffic to Teespring, but you can have multiple if you’d like. I hope that helps!

  38. Hi Greg,

    Excellent video. Thanks for the info. Do you recommend using shutterstock graphics on a standard license (not enhanced liscense) for tshirt design ? That’ll help.

  39. Hello Greg, first of all, my congratulations for the video and for the availability of teaching those who are now starting. In a first approach to this area, I was interested in making shirts of rock bands, music artists and maybe some comics. My question is, are bands logos and artist photos protected by copyright?
    Thank you again for everything..

  40. hello Greg I hope u are doing great, how can I know if the picture I want to use (picture from google maybe) have copyright?

  41. Nice Video, but when I upload my Placeit Designs on Teespring it doesn’t look good, because the resolution of font and images is very low. You can see the “pixels”. This is only the case for my designs, others do not have that problem seemingly…

  42. Thank you very much for all the teaching 🙏🏽. Can we use the prints from unsplash? I think are free copyright too!!!

  43. Hi Greg, thank you for all of the great videos! Is it possible to be too specific in a niche? i.e. I search “tacos” in merch informer and it receives an “F” however, I search “veggie tacos” and it receives an “A”. Another example, I search for “plants” it receives an “F”, I search for “houseplants” it receives an “A”. Am I doing my research correctly?

  44. I appreciate your webinars! You explain the information so thoroughly and with so much detail. You have a great communication style! I haven’t seen any other webinars quite like yours. Thank you.

    1. Wow, this means a lot to me to see this!! Thank you for the comment, Antoinette! You are very welcome! If you have any questions about any of the content, just let me know 🙂

  45. Hi Greg, I’m searching for reviews of Teespring’s Conscious Collection (quality and feel of tees, etc.). Have you done one? Do you have any leads you can share? Thanks!

  46. What if u cant find a suitable image on place it is there a site to get free images from that are not copyrighted or would you have to pay for a image for resale items please … been binge watching your videos for 2 weeks now and really want to try this for a passive income

  47. Does Redbubble allow you to start a new account for each niche? I can’t find a way to add a store to my current account like I can in Teaspring.

  48. Hey! Greg, so a couple of days ago, i posted my first design on teespring. And now when i opened the website, i saw my listing under the ‘recommendations for you’ section on the homepage. Is this a good sign? Like does this happen to everyone? And how long will it now take for me to get sales? Would highly appreciate your response!

  49. I just launched a RedBubble store today, my first small business! Thank you for providing so much knowledge in such a clear, understandable format.

  50. Hi Greg. Very informative, – thank you for advising us. I keep planning and planning, but I do not have any experience, also I am not digital-savvy. I need to keep learning and hoping someone might come along and let me watch, how it needs to be done. Good luck, stay safe.

  51. thank you , i am starting my own print on demand business, but as of now i watch your videos .

    1. Hi Roselin! You’re welcome 🙂 Thank you for watching, I wish you all the best in starting your own print on demand business!!

  52. Your video is the best POD tutorial ever. You taught me a lot and now I feel I’m ready to sell my design products. Thank you!

    1. Wow, this is great to hear!! Thank you so much! I’m glad it was helpful, and you feel that your ready to start!! You’re very welcome 🙂

  53. Hi greg, What does Total products online mean? Just now I searched for van life the number in online products field had drasticly lower down , what might be the reason?

  54. Hi Greg, great tool … I did try this and when I adjusted my image for Amazon I got a “download for web” 72dpi png but amazon requests a 300dpi png. I’m concerned the image will be degraded since I uploaded a high-res illustration. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

    1. @Greg Gottfried It does! I was worried about quality. I appreciate your videos, they really gave me a jump start on POD and understanding the promotional aspect. Thanks again!

    2. Great question! The 300dpi is actually just a recommendation by Amazon (and not required). I think they’ve had issues with people uploading very low quality files in the past. I’ve personally been using 72dpi designs for years and they print perfectly (I bought samples to confirm). I wouldn’t worry about trying to make them 300dpi. I hope that helps!

  55. If it is not copyright protected and you think it is a winner, you better trademark it or someone else will and force you the creator to take it down 🙁

  56. I’m actually excited Greg! I just got my first sale on Teespring!

    Would you mind if I shared the link to my Store here?

  57. Hey Greg, great video. Would this be something that a creative person could use?? I’m an illustrator and a photographer. I would do this just for fun even if I never get a sale.

  58. simply the best video of all time, straight to the point, clever and usefull. thank you a lot man !

    1. lol no worries! It bothered me like crazy too when I noticed that after posting the video hahaha

  59. On the merch informer website you referenced, are you able to search the keyword in the “newbie” subscription, or just the “professional”?

  60. Is ok to download the design from placeit and edit it on photoshop for a more personalized design?

    1. I guess there’s not much more you can do besides what you say, right? I mean something more artistic like enlarging some specific letters or fitting a word inside a certain letter, etc… Maybe that’s not the aim of this app….

    2. Hey Sergio, Great question! Yes there is. You can change the fonts, colors, size, and location of the text as well. I hope that helps!

  61. It’s insane I went to watch your video and your freaking niche “Van Life” is exactly my freaking Niche!! WINNING!! Hitting that subscribe button now!

  62. Q1. I don’t have to care the numbers came up in merchinformer, right?? Only the Alphabet.

    Q2. In placeit All I have to care is the sentences that are copyright alive or dead, right???

  63. Hi. This was interesting, but the information about copyright is not accurate for Australia. We get automatic international copyright on everything we create. Of course, design rights/trademarks are slightly different.

  64. How can we know that graphic components in pinterest are copyright free? bcoz the graphics and disign components I like very much them and also typography styles I would like use them in my POD designs , will I successful by doing this POD business.

  65. What is the reg. number in uspto?does it matter if it has reg. number or not?From another source i heard that it has to have re. number for it to be untoucheable but its good when it has none.Please kindly touch on this subject a little bit.Thanks

  66. Hi Buddy..I am Amjath from India.. Your videos are awesome and very useful..Appreciate it..Bro….👏👏👏👏

    1. Hi Amjath! Nice to meet you! This just put a big smile on my face 🙂 Thank you so much, I appreciate it!!

  67. I just used both of your links to get Merch Informer and Placeit. Thanks for the discounts. I look forward to building my POD business with your guidance.

  68. Greg I just did my store and I think I got too excited lol because I didn’t order samples first lol I didn’t see that suggested in any of your videos so do I need to close my store and order samples first? Thanks in advance

    1. Hey great question!! No you don’t need to order samples (that’s totally optional). I think you are off to a great start!

  69. Answered so many questions other videos could not. A VERY helpful video, now I feel more confident creating my tshirts. 😊

  70. Thank you for the vid it’s really helpful. but when i made a design on place it, it refused to download unless i purchase ! i thought you said it has free designs. please advice

  71. Thanks for sharing the valuable information Greg. Can you please upload a video on affiliate marketing through pinterest.

  72. Hi Greg, love the content, very inspirational! I’m thinking of going into the {famous person} niche but I realise this could bring about some copyright issues — any ideas on how to get around this? Could I use Shutterstock for instance?


  74. Extreme valuable information and in very detail
    This video should hit at least a million views 🤞🤞🤞

  75. Greg, i have different niches to design for but can i put them all in the same store? Or do i have to create a different store forv every single one? All with My same user?

    1. Separate stores for each niche so that viewers stay focused when they get to your store (rather than losing interest because they see too many different types of designs right away). You can have as many storefronts as you’d like on a single account.

  76. It’s an excellent video, thank you a lot for all this great information!
    question: why when I try to search in competition checker it says /500
    Server Error/? Did I do something wrong? And if you don’t know the reason, maybe you know some similar sites that I can use?

    1. I think they just had a server error (happened across the internet) they fix everything super quick so keep an eye on it 🙂

  77. Wow! Greg you are such an amazing Teacher.
    Question: What is the ideal Font Size for a simple info/written design? I just want words on my Designs but I have no idea how big I should make my fonts for T-shirts. 800 to 900?

  78. Thankyou so much Greg. Very few people genuinely guide you with the right content. Keep growing and also help others with useful videos like this. God bless you:)

  79. When use place it tool, is there any reason for some one else going to report our design that “mybe” has same format design with our design, which they also using place it tool, so we will gonna reported as plagiator from their design? Hope u’r answer

  80. man this video is priceless thx a lot
    but i have a question, is amazon merch still on? and do u recommend or u have another better choice

  81. I’m having issues with modes of payment

    -requested email address
    -reenter requested email address

    When i enter my email andress of paypal, it says..

    “confirmation must match new email address”

    I hope you have an idea on this issue I’m having, thanks in advanced.

    1. Hey Blair, Great question! Yes you absolutely can. Look for the small button on the POD sites to switch the view to the back of the shirt, and then add the graphic there. You can also put a pocket area graphic on the front of the shirt if you’d like. I hope that helps!

  82. Thank you very much for this simple course it is very helpful. However, can you please show us how to protect our ideas whether phrases or logos. Thanks again Greg.

  83. I liked how you showed a simple and clear path to creating a design. Cleared up a couple of things I was fuzzy on. Most helpful! Thanks.

  84. Thanks Greg, another amazing video, I have already signed up for MI and Place it and use both daily, but never even saw the trademark tab on the left, LOL. The pinterest explore button is at the bottom of the page now, thanks again

    1. @Greg Gottfried my pleasure, just wanted to add that Pinterest doesn’t allow you to explore too much until you sign up

    1. @Greg Gottfried Thank you so much dude. Also, is the bella canvas 3001 the best shirt to use for mba, ts, and rb? I havent seen too much videos explaining the best shirts to use.

    2. It’s not required, but if you do it first for MBA, then you can also upload them to TS and RB. Just saves you some time 🙂

  85. Greg, I have questions about understanding the Merch Informer results; some search terms may give an A rank but have <100 or even <10 products, is that because the concept is a dud (nobody wants it) or is it more of a "rich opportunity" situation? Is it valid to look for more specific sub-niches when broader terms have a poor rank?

  86. Hi Greg, I love your videos. Just a bit confused here. I am here in Canada, and if I want to use Merch on Amazon, does it mean I need to apply for both U.S. and Canada sites?

  87. I honestly can’t believe you’re giving us all of this *valuable* information for free! Thank you SO much!!!

    1. @Greg Gottfried I would love to pay for a basic course that walks you through step by step because it’s so much information in your getting started video it’s overwhelming for a beginner

  88. Can we use a same phrase(example- KEEP IT SIMPLE) on our t-shirts with a different font, colour, etc??
    Or will that too will be copyright claimed

    1. Right on! Thanks for considering me on the sign up and I hope the discount code was helpful! As always, if you have any questions just shoot them my way in a comment. Thanks Josh!

  89. Thank you so much!!! I’m trying to make my first sell on RB and have learned so much that I didn’t know by watching your video!! Thank you!!!!!!

  90. Hey Greg
    I’ve been following you on YouTube and I’ve learnt a lot of things from your videos regarding POD Business
    I’m really excited to start my own venture in POD and I’ve done my niche research, designed my first 10 designs
    I’m all set to start my first sales
    However, I encountered a problem in between and I would love to you regarding it
    Could you spare some time to clearing that? Please let me know
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  91. I love how he warms up starts his pitch and you’re just waiting for him to refer to his seminar or webinar or something and he’s just like” so go ahead and subscribe cuz it’s all here.”

  92. Thanks for the amazing video Greg, I want to ask how I can easily change my niche, do I need to create another storefront and another instagram account for the new niche?

  93. Could you make a tutorial about what are the sites that either pay you the best or give you the best chances of your designs being sold?

  94. Hey I keep seeing sites like treespring and Amazon merch saying that you can’t have an account. If you don’t have a business! So we can’t design without a business or create without a designing degree etc?

  95. Can someone please tell me which video Greg talks about consolidating listings?Like, when you have one design on multiple products but only want it to show up in your store as one listing

  96. Thanks for your super valuable videos Greg! Whenever you make a design, do you download 2 versions of the same design? One for Merch by Amazon and the other for Teespring/RedBubble? or can you use the 4,500×5,400 dimensions at Teespring/Redbubble?

  97. @ 3:36, (Van life) is has a total of 1183 products online when this video was made (11-2-2020?). Today there is only 1182. I figured that there would be a lot more. And since it went down, perhaps someone pulled some of their stuff or there were copyright or trademark issues??

    1. @PAPADEL Honestly I started my marketing to my friends and family. I had people tell me that they will support me no matter what and then I had some that liked my designs, and others I designed something custom for them (like my mother for example). I must have hit a threshold because now I am getting sales after I switched gears back to real estate,

    1. Great question! Nope 🙂 I’ve been using 72dpi for years and the print quality is top notch.

  98. Greg, how would you build a store around this niche? Would it be a general camping, hiking, outdoors store, or targeted to van life alone? Thanks!

    1. @Greg Gottfried Thank you Greg for addressing my question. I’m learning how to become an entrepreneur and your guidance is very important.

    2. Great question! Generally speaking, the more specific the niche the better. This is because it will ultimately depend on what hashtags you are using on Instagram to target people in that niche. If van life is your niche, then aim for only van life hashtags. If camping is you niche, then you can use camping related hashtags. I hope that makes sense and helps!

  99. Can I use images from the internet for parts of my t-shirt? Like take part of an image and put it in mine?

    1. Yes you can as long as they are copyright free and commercially usable. I recommend using sites like and

    1. There are websites that allow you to start a fully functioning t-shirt business, using “print on-demand”. Essentially: You upload your designs and create a virtual listing (it looks just like a listing on Amazon). Then customers can come purchase your t-shirts (pick their size and color) and these websites print the specific shirt on the spot, and ship it out to the customer. They also take care of all customer service and returns too! Oh and the best part, it’s completely free to start! I recommend Teespring, Merch by Amazon, and Redbubble. Teespring gets about 20 million visitors per month. Redbubble gets about 30 million visitors per month. Merch by Amazon gets about 2 billion visitors per month. They are all reputable, and best part is they are all non-exclusive. This means that you can upload the same designs to all 3, and get triple the exposure. Teespring will allow you to create a free storefront, which will act as a website that you can add your shirts and take orders. I’ve had a lot of success on these websites, and put everything I thought was important into YouTube videos. I hope they help you with the designing and marketing of your shirts, and lead you to success with Print On-Demand!

  100. Just starting out on POD and your videos are step by step brilliance, so helpful Greg, thank you. Just used your discount code for MI 🙏🏻 Keep it up!

    1. That’s awesome John- congrats! Also, thank you for your kind comment and for watching 👍🏼 I’m really glad you were able to get some value out of the videos 🙂

  101. ​Greg, I know not all colors are different when comparing RGB and CMYK. If I am not wrong, I think some colors that may print and look different are electrical blue, green, yellow etc. I have used green, yellow and other colors in my designs. So I am skeptical about it.

  102. Hi, Thanks for all the videos really like them all . Very Informative. I wanted to ask if we can use poster my wall for designing T-shirt as I am only using Canva for now. I am a beginner .

  103. Hi Greg, tanks for all the information! I have a question. Do you recommend creating a new exclusive email for POD and also a second paypal account just for that? Or there is no need?

  104. You cleared all my doubts…I was so excited to start print on demand business but was so worried about the copyright infringement part..thank u so much for sharing such a valuable information….lots of best wishes from India ❤️

  105. The best video I have ever watched on T-shirt design and everything connected to it. Simply superb. Thanks a lot.

    1. @Greg Gottfried Hi Gregg, I have a question about the Advanced Competition Checker. Anything I type in gets me an F – not a good niche.
      If I get an A, which I have never got so far, wouldn’t that point to a topic that nobody is interested in anyway?
      How can I find out whether an A niche is good or one that nobody cares about?

  106. Do you have tips for how to save shirts from Teespring in a high quality for Etsy? Also, once a sale is made from Etsy what is the best way to order through Teespring for the fulfillment- order a sample? Thanks

  107. I think learn design software is a must like illustrator, photoshop, gimp, etc. I have 1000 uploads from placeit and canva, text, graphic, etc, all sort of stuff from seasonal to ,patterns, to photos, to micro Tik Tok memes, yet I’m 4 months in it and 7 sales on RB and 3 sales on teespring. Also what I sold neither one design was from placeit. Will see how will procede. Till now Placeit was a waste of time for me. Neither Instagram worked with over 3000 followers accross 4 niches… In the end, I just aked my friends to help me out and buy some stickers from teespring and I got my trust score running…

  108. hi Greg, i was trying to start my print on demand business on Spreadshirt.
    i wanted to know if that platform is worth the time and effort. cus teespring is definitely easier.
    there are plenty of things you need to consider on Spreadshirt.

    1. Also, in your previous Videos, you mentioned about wordswag. Its a great App, but in many instances people are recommending Not to use it as it is Not yet usable for such commercial purposes. could you Tell please ,what are the Rules regarding that

    1. I thought the same thing until I bought samples of 72dpi. It’s plenty big actually. I’ve been using it for years 😉

  109. I am setting up my first TeeSpring account and was hoping to find a tutorial from you for that. I am creating shirts to sell for my restaurant first but after that I would like to also use the account for other ideas I have as well. I am assuming I create one main account to login with and then create storefronts to break things down from there? A simple, beginners tutorial on how to set this all up would be very helpful! Grateful for you!

    1. Thank you Greg! One more question. I’m almost positive I saw tie-dye shirts available for purchase while shopping on TeeSpring. As a creator, how do I get the option for having my designs available for purchase on tie-dye? Also, do you know if RedBubble and Merch by Amazon offer a tie-dye option?

  110. Hey everybody!! does anybody know what is the best website to have our designs printed on in terms of both quality and profit margins? Any help is appreciated, much love.

  111. I use Placeit for my designs but I am worried about how they would print. I am worried about the design colors specially. Would the design colors print the same as they appear on screen?

    1. I have made tee- shirts and ordered one the photo was way smaller than it seemed on the photo of my tee-shirt and moke-up. I later found out I should’ve used 5000 by 5000 but with using their moke-up it didn’t say that so now I have to start all over with my store.

    2. ​@Greg Gottfried I know not all colors are different when comparing RGB and CMYK. If I am not wrong, I think some colors that may print and look different are electrical blue, green, yellow etc. I have used green, yellow and other colors in my designs. So I am skeptical about it.

    3. @Greg Gottfried Thanks. But Greg, what about the RGB and CMYK? I want to know if I am creating my designs in CMYK or RGB on Placeit.

    4. Great question! They print very well. I’ve bought samples to confirm it, and they are top notch!

  112. I use Placeit. Which colors should I not use on my designs? I want my designs to print exactly the same as they appear on screen.

    1. Great question! All standard colors are perfectly fine, any custom made colors may not come out 100% exact.

  113. Great video Greg! I have one question about dpi? I’ve read in many places that the dpi needs to be 300 but placeit and canva don’t use 300dpi, more like 72 or 96 I think. Is it necessary to change the dpi to 300?

    1. Great question! In short, no 300 dpi is just a recommendation. I personally use 72 dpi after confirming the print quality on samples. I hope that helps!

  114. Greg I currently use amazon merch and teespring but can’t use redbubble. Do you have any other sites you would recommend?

  115. There were several times while watching this video that I was going to press the like button, but then realized I had already pressed it. Great video!!

  116. Would you recommend having ideas for several niches and making a few designs in each one, or focusing on one or two niches and making many designs in just those one or two?

    1. Great question Kelsey! Keep in mind the niche storefront is just to be used in the beginning phases for Teespring to get some of your own sales on your account, to get the Trust Score kickstarted, and all the free marketing started. Once you get a few sales on your Teespring account, you no longer need to use storefronts or Instagram at all and you can just upload all types of designs without niches in mind. Merch by Amazon and RedBubble start doing marketing for you from day 1, so you don’t need to drive your own traffic to get a trust score or anything with them. With that said, I think you really only need 1 niche storefront and 1 niche Instagram page to drive traffic to Teespring, but you can have multiple if you’d like.

  117. Gregg when you put up the picture of the van, if you used different sayings or quotes can you use the same picture?Thanks again for all your help.

    1. Hey Phyllis, Great question! Yes absolutely! My best advice on this is to make sure that you dont have too many similar designs in the same storefront. If you are making designs that are similar and just letting them float around the marketplace (rather than putting them all side by side in her same storefront) then it’s 100% fine. I hope that makes sense and helps!

  118. @Greg Gottfried Great video Greg, please do more videos on niche research, design elements matching, best title, and specially design tag???

  119. Greg, can you show us how to add a “Store” to our POD Instagram page if we’re using Teespring? Instagram/Facebook seems to need confirmation of domain ownership, and not sure how to do so on Teespring’s new storefronts. A tutorial would be great!

  120. Hey, I have sold 2 products in teespring and I have already got my trustscore.

    So if I don’t want to build a brand, do I still need the store of a certain niche or can I just upload random designs from now on?

    1. @Zarif Rahman I didn’t meant you’re just lucky, of course nothing can be achieved without sheer hard work, but it plays an important part.

    2. @Farrukh Hassan well the 2nd sale was by luck. But I had to work a lot for 5 months to grow my Instagram account for my 1st sale. So don’t just say I’m lucky. 🙂

  121. I started print on demand about 3 weeks ago and I got my very first sale today! Thank you, Greg. You’re such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you & Congratulations April- that’s awesome!!! I wish you n nothing but more and more success 🙂

  122. Hey Greg! Thanks for all this free information you are giving us. I have a question about Canva. Are the images you get to use with the pro subscription ok to sell on t-shirts, or are they only for promotional use? It’s pretty confusing, the ToS states you need an extended license agreement, is that included in the pro subscription or not? Thanks for your time!

  123. Can you please make a video about how to sell personalised custom product on shopify or any other site

  124. Quick question: I notice the files are downloading at 72 dpi (and 4500×5400 px) where normally we would need 300 dpi. Wondering if you upload to Merch with files at 72 dpi and would you also use these 72 dpi files for POD as well? Thank you so much!😃

  125. Do people actually buy those type of merch tshirts? I guess I’m having a hard time believing it, since I would never buy it myself.

    1. Thank you- that means a lot! Happy to be able to share all this information with people like you 🙂

  126. Greg, can I have quotes on a t-shirt, by famous writers or playwrights? I want to do an attribution (crediting of the source) with smaller letters on the bottom of the design (such as: “George Bernard Shaw”, or “Mark Twain”, or “derived from Oscar Wilde”). Why nobody does attributions on t-shirts, though a lot of the t-shirts quotes are obviously derivations of famous quotes by famous people? Of course I wouldn’t touch modern celebrities, to avoid trademark violations, plus their “quotes” are usually devoid of any wisdom, just vacuous, patented garbage. Thanks!

  127. Does it hurt your store to post a bunch of similar designs? Like where the only difference is a font change or a word?

    1. @Greg Gottfried Thanks for the clarifying this Greg. I think it’s better to play safe in the long run.

  128. Hi Greg! Is your Merch Informer Coupon still valid? I’m getting the same links and prices as w/o it. Also, is this 20% Off for one month?

    1. Yes it should be valid for lifetime. You may need to enter the code greg20 manually for the discount to apply. I hope that helps!

  129. Hey Greg! 😃

    Thanks for this info. I started doing POD last month due to your POD Tutorial I saw.

    So, I just checked all of the shirt designs I made so far due to this vid. One of the designs that was an ‘A’ in Merch Informer and that I used to make a design is marked ‘Unsafe’ in the Trademark Alert area.

    That’s the design I used to make the accompanying IG account to get my first sales (no sales yet btw).

    Are you telling my that I have to delete the design (it was the 1st design I made actually!) and it’s IG page? Because I’ve been working hard on building that IG account (and it’s growing fast). I’m pretty frustrated tbh. Did you mention the info in this vid in your full POD tutorial…. because I don’t recall seeing that info.



  130. When I do instagram marketing should I include engagement post Like memes. other channels say do them so you dont seem salesy but They dont seem to do much my Shirt and design post actual get more likes and views.

  131. Hey Greg! Thank you for the amazing video. I looked up the trademarks / copyrights but questioning a few things. Keep it simple was clear to use according to your video. If had Keeps it simple would you still be able to use the phrase because that “S” was no longer there for your shirts? Also, would you get your idea (phrase) trademarked or once you print the shirts, it automatically becomes trademarked?

  132. Hey Greg, I’ve made about 250 designs all of them optimized and in a decent to good niche. I out them on both teespring and redbubble. I have a goal of 500$ a month and I was wondering how many more designs you think I should aim to make for that short term goal and also does it take time for old designs to start selling?

  133. Hii greg!! Please make a full tutorial on redbubble. How to post and what are the steps to post stuff on it

  134. Hey hon. So I just applied for Merch By Amazon and unlike most ppl I actually read the fine print… then I saw section 4c… and I’m thinking! Huh?? Are they saying once I upload my designs are theirs and their 3rd party partner can further use it, make money, and not need to pay me??? Cuz hmmm…

    1. Awesome to hear! I wish you nothing but success! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions along your way!👍🏼👍🏼

  135. Hi !
    love the content 👍
    How do i rename images and save them to a specific folder from placeit?

  136. You always talked about niche storefront. What about if some is going after trends? How can they make store front? Suppose thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, festivals they come and go how can anyone approach that as a beginner? I think going after trends which is happening around world is an great idea. How do you approach that case?

  137. Greg pls can u make a video especially for indian users. Also which would be acceptable payment modes for indian users. Like paypal. What else is acceptable???

  138. Hey Greg you have said in one video that we can upload our same designs on multiple websites like merch by Amazon, teespring etc. But if I’m uploading a t-shirt on teespring will I have to change the quote on it or not before uploading the same on Amazon?

  139. Greg i got a question about instagram pages; Using your example with the Van Life niche I assume the next step would be creating the instagram page and start publishing, I was wondering two things:
    would you say its better to have an instagram page for every niche that you have or maybe have a couple ig t shirt stores that contain maybe related niches in between them ?
    My second question is:
    i’ve been uploading all of my teespring listings on the same teespring store, would you recommend it or create different stores to the different niches? The advantage i have on uploading all of them to the same store is that i only need one teespring link on my instagram page so the traffic coming through has a simpler way of checking the store out, but maybe the more designs I upload the harder is gonna get for them to find the design they want, so i’ve been debating on it for a bit and would like your insight on it before I continue doing this, hope you can answer this or maybe upload a yt vide on the subject would be also great for the people wondering similar things. Finally wanted to add to keep up the awesome content Greg and stay safe!

  140. Hi Greg, I love your chanel. I’m Frank from from South Africa and 68 years of age. I’m on the verge of starting POD and you’re great help. Thank you so much.

    1. Great to hear Frank- you got this! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your support & for watching 😊

  141. Greg, can we upload jpeg designs to Placeit and change the background to transparent or does that feature only work for their own templates? Thanks.

    1. @Greg Gottfried thanks! So if I have jpeg images I would need to get Canva Pro to create transparent pngs. BTW, I think Placeit pricing has changed and it is now $14.99/mo instead of $29 as mentioned in your videos. Your hard work producing all this value for us through your tutorials is very inspiring and appreciated. Thank you!

    2. Hey Ana, thanks for asking! It only works for their designs. I hope that helps save you some time!

  142. Any advice on working with graphic designers? I just started investing in a few designs and it could be going better. One design turned out great. One design was really bad and I’m basically having it entirely redone. The last one involves detailed illustrations and I haven’t seen it, yet.

  143. Hey Greg. It’s 1:29 AM in Croatia and I’m researching niches. Quick note, be sure to use Greg’s code: greg20 if you want the discount on merch informer. I have 9 niches rated A and 3 rated B so far. I’ve been in the engineer niche by now and just found out it’s an F… So tomorrow is a new day, going to do some more research and create some designs and instagram pages. Wish me luck

    1. Excellent question Denis! I started with POD and then Affiliate. From hat experience, I would recommend doing it the same way. POD is easy to scale up quickly and 100% passive once you get your trust score on Teespring. Once you feel that you’ve done enough designs, then you can switch over to Affiliate and build that side up. You can always switch back to POD after you’ve built out an affiliate site 🙂

    1. @Greg Gottfried that was very inspirational, thank you.
      going through high school and starting a POD business is not easy, but I am trying to focus and be as time effitient as possible.

    2. Trust me- a lot of time & hard work had gone into everything that I have done & created. It was definitely not always rainbows & butterflies, but I always persevered and kept my eye on the big picture! 👍🏼

  144. Hi Greg, this video is good, one more thing have to clarify from you, that in Instagram we can only put one website ryt… In the other videos you says so many different storefront have to use for particular design then… if customer wants our previous uploaded Tees means how can they buy from insta website..
    If I updated into next present t-shirt storefront website…

    1. Great question! Each storefront will have as many niche designs in it as you’d like. Then each storefront will get it’s own Instagram page. Each will be separated by niche. I hope that helps answer your question!

  145. I was wondering if we could use the temlplate as it is from Placeit if we think it’s exactly what we need? Thanks for your videos Greg, very generous from you a true gentleman’s gesture!!

    1. Great question! Yes and No… Yes you technically can if you are the first person to upload it to the print on demand website. If someone has uploaded it exactly as is before you, then yours will be taken down as a duplicate. It’s a risk to do (whether you are going to be the first one to upload it or if someone already has) so I definitely recommend editing it at least moderately to make it ‘your own’ before uploading. I hope that helps!

  146. Hi Greg. This is ur follower from india.
    Can we use images from websites which asks for attribution?

    1. Hey thanks for asking! I don’t recommend using these because it’s not always clear if they want attribution on the actual design on just on the description. I stay away from this to be safe, and that’s my recommendation for you 🙂 I hope that helps!

  147. A note on copyright inftingement
    I had a couple of my designs copied
    on Redbubble by several people infact
    straight copy without even trying
    to modify them in any way shape or form
    I issued more than 10 DMCA Takedowns
    to people just this week.
    Just be cautious on that
    When u know ur design is good
    looks good and sells good
    its almost guaranteed that someone
    out there will try to steal or copy
    ur design and then Lower the Price
    so when people are searching
    for that design they tend to go
    for the cheaper price even though
    the quality will not be as good as urs
    due to the fact what most do is
    they take a screen shot and crop it.
    So just have that in mind
    Its easy to just not wanting to bother
    writing to RB to take them down
    but if u dont then it will spread
    to more people to copy and re upload
    and u will eventually get phased out
    it will hurt ur profit in a major way.
    Always protect ur investments.
    You want ur original designs
    to stay original and stand out alone.
    So if u see one of ur designs
    used by someone else,
    issue a Dmca takedown immediately.
    And activate the Watermark feature
    RedBubble has,
    but even that is not 100% safe
    but at least it works most of the time.

  148. Greg, do you know what would happen if you create a shirt for example using “Keep it Simple”, then someone else trademarks the phrase? Would you need to take down your listings that uses that phrase?

  149. Decided to just build a huge list of niches then start a designing blitz. Since I like doing something over and over until I get it more or less perfected, I have already arrived at about 300 nice 2-4 word niches that rate A with more than 2 and less than 1000 items and many with at least a 2 or more BSR . Next plan on intensive designing, again plenty of opportunity to ‘get it perfected’. Not so much the design but the most efficient ways of inventorying the designs and getting them uploaded to each platform. Then it’s uploading to at least 5 different sites (I have had content on one site you never mentioned since probably 2008 or so). For me, I found that I can come up with tons of great niches if I just keep adding variations to each until I’ve exhausted my thoughts on one before moving onto another. I check each one on MI and record the # of products as well as BSR for each word group and add one through 5 exclamation marks to designate what chances I feel how a word group would compete. The actual time spent on that list was maybe 3 evenings. It’s much easier to generate the niches when that is all your thinking about. Someone had posted that they went through tons of searches and was having a very hard time getting A graded results. The method I used resulted in maybe 90+% grade A and very few of less. Makes for a great way to train my brain to think niches and better words to use . Just a couple thought that may help someone find the “A” graded niches.. Another great informative video!

  150. I was looking to start at a Save The World type niche, not interested in it but it looked like a decent niche from what I seen. With it being like a campaign type topic would you touch that kind of thing? Really hope you answer this, im aching to get started 😀

    Also, would I be able to use an image of ET? got a great design in mind but it can easily be change to an astronaut.

  151. Greg thank u, thank u, thank u! Your tutorials r amazingly informative, easy to follow and NOT long winded. I so appreciate that u get right to the point. This is becoming a lifestyle change for me at 52 and satisfies all of my desires for true happiness and what I consider success in life. God bless u!!

    1. Wow Raven- thank you so much for your kind comment & your support! I’m happy you are liking my videos & the way I do them 👍🏼 I wish you nothing but success along your journey! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way! 🙂

  152. Thanks Greg. I have been missing the trademark step. Oops. Going to start doing that for my next designs. I am slow out of the gates as I only have 20 designs on Teespring. Question about redbubble. Do you create niche stores in red bubble as well? If so, do you create a new signon each time then?

  153. If I do pod shirts on Etsy using Printful, are those designs ok to use on Tee Spring & Red Bubble too?

  154. At 3:11 I’m sure Greg meant to say quotation marks not parentheses. Thank you for another great video, Greg! 👍

  155. Greg, you have me feeling like I can do this for real! Thank you for sharing all this with us!

    1. Hi- yes, you definitely can! You got this- take it day by day & step by step 🙂 Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way!

  156. When designing on Teespring should I add similar products and have them grouped with a generic description or should I individually create a tee, sweatshirt, tote bag etc. By doing this, wouldn’t I be able to describe the product instead of the design?
    Thanks in advance

  157. Hi Greg 🍾🎊
    I have sold 4 stickers on redbubble! No traffic on teespring and still keep applying for merch and try to get accepted!

    I have a quick question, do you recommend that we create some discount or sales campaigns for teespring?

    Have a wonderful awesome week and be safe always!

  158. I’m starting to see rabid growth in my Redbubble store but not the case with Teespring and I can’t figure why that is, it’s frustrating

  159. Hey Greg this is like the 5th time I try reaching out to you. I’m really confused and frustrated about my blog not getting any organic search and I’m on the 9th month is there anything i might be doing wrong ?!

    1. Greg Gottfried , yes i did the 30 posts and every step you mentioned but what worries me is 0 organic search Can i pass you the link to my blog so you can check it out ?

    2. Hey sorry for not getting you an answer right away (hundreds of people to help daily). If you did the 30 posts and your posts are at least 1000 words long, I wouldn’t be worried. If not, then I’d finish out the 30 posts and add content to them if you need to make them 1000 words or longer. I wouldn’t sweat it but I would also double check that your niche is not too competitive and that the niche selection was done properly in the beginning. I hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for asking! It’s average about $1/per active listing/per month (and that goes for Teespring, Merch by Amazon, and RedBubble). Hope that makes sense, for example 100 shirts on each site is about $300/mo total (or $100/mo from each site). Every time I make a sale, I get between $2-$10 depending on how big the margin is set on that product. The $1 I’m talking about is to give you a best average on my entire accounts earnings per month. You may have 100 designs live, but only make 20 sales that month. Not every design will sell every month. So if we are averaging between $2-10 per sale (and we got 20 per month) that averages $100 profit that month. With 100 designs, that comes out to about $1 per active design on the account. I hope that helps!

  160. Hey thank you for this tool! I searched up my school on trademarkia and the results said clothing, namely, shirts, sweaters, etc. What is ‘namely’ in this case? Does it mean I cannot use that phrase anywhere at all?

  161. Thanks for the info. Does merch informer collect information globally about copyright or is it applicable for the US trademarks only.

  162. Is it okay to use the same quotes with different text style while designing new shirt? Any one please do reply.

  163. Nice haircut Greg, I hope in the future, I can pay my haircut out of my affiliate commission LOL

    1. Great question! LLC if income is below $200,000 and S-Corp if income is above $200,000 (roughly speaking, and I’m not a tax advisor). I hope that helps!

  164. Hi Greg, big fan of your channel! I made a design on Placeit and tried uploading it to Merch by Amazon but it was rejected. Since the graphics are commercial free maybe it was the words in the description that had a problem? Any tips?

  165. I didn’t know we can change sizes in Placeit, thanks for the tip 😃 It will really help me a lot.

  166. Hey Greg, I am new to Merch by Amazon, just uploaded my first 10 designs. Do trademarks have to be exact, for example what if there were clothing trademarks for “Keeping It Simple” or “Keep It Simple!” with an exclamation point, etc., would “Keep It Simple” be considered different?
    Does Merch have a certain number of strikes before they close our account? We already got one rejected for trademark and another one rejected for a different reason. I’m very worried now.

  167. Looking at your videos really makes me pumped to start doing this myself! Thank you for the positive impact you’ve been doing to many people.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m happy these videos are helpful to you! I wish you nothing but success along your journey!

  168. Wow Greg you’re awesome and your content is so amazing😍
    I have a question: should we put our designs on 5 items only on RedBubble too? I know other youtubers recommend putting them on all items available…
    Thank you for your hard work and please keep it up we need it😂

  169. Hey, Greg thank you for all your great videos. Can you please make a video about niche research? I know that not everybody will give the treasure of their work free for everybody. But maybe it is possible that you can give us some parts of it. I would really appreciate it. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

    1. Hey, the link should include it but if not I believe you can type in greg20 in the coupon box manually. I hope that works!

  170. For the “Keep it simple” example, how many designs would you do with this phrase? One with the van, one with text only,… but what else?

    1. Great question! I typically make a few with the same saying but different graphics. Not very precise of an answer but it changes every time for me. Sometimes you can make a bunch from a single phrase, sometimes only one. The key is to use as many of the phrases from pinterest that you think are the best, with the different design templates on Placeit (basically assign 1 phrase to 1 template so there is not duplication). Try to get as many designs as you can out of the niche and then move on to the next niche 🙂

  171. Some golden nuggets here. I’m planning to start print on demand in a few days. And you have literally been my compass. Thank you

    1. That’s awesome! I wish you nothing but success & feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way! Thank you for watching 🙂

  172. Hi Greg, I like your videos! Very helpful and clear. If I go to Teespring, I can not see your shop name and link to see everything you sell in your store?

  173. Very helpful, even with using my own designs, I can check the phrases out easily. Thanks! 🎨💓🎨

  174. Hi Greg , Can you start talking about growing on Instagram & Pinterest , Or any recommendations for free traffic for beginners !

    1. Hey Jerry, check out some of the Instagram videos on the channel 🙂 There’s some solid info on growth in them.

  175. How do I need to deal with t-shirt sizes..?
    What should I mention about sizes..?
    I saw some t-shirts
    Smaller than original..Larger than original..etc

    Help me out..!😅

  176. Thank you, am learning so much from you. I did purchase the placeit yearly subscription. Its awesome. Am starting from scratch not knowing anything so i slowly but surely implement all that am learning😁

    1. That’s awesome – I’m excited for you! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way! Thank you for your comment 👍🏼

  177. I have 10k (niche dogs) followers on instagram should I try print on demand thank you for your answear .

    1. Best of luck to you! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way 👍🏼👍🏼

  178. Hello Sir, I hope you are doing well. I like to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for making such priceless videos. Sir, I like to ask one question which I am unable to find the answer, the question is, I like to work on occasions like the biggest occasions season is coming “CHRISTMAS”, and I have some dedicated Facebook fan page on different occasions and when that specific occasion hits I do post my designs on different mockups and get some sales also but after that, I have nothing to post until next year and for this problem, I lose some of the fans on regular intervals, so will you please tell me how can I manage my specific occasion based Facebook page or Instagram profile throughout the year and get lots of permanent engaging fans so that my sales will not cut off? Thank you in advance for your patient reading.

  179. May I know what books did you keep at the background ?
    And btw thanks for this video.. You just summarised so many things…!!

  180. Can you also make video on etsy design. Many design are available for commercial use ther how we use them and sell them

  181. HI Greg! it’s been a while.
    Life and all… but I’m back at it again.
    It’s amazing to see how much the channel has grown, not that I’m surprised. You so deserve it.
    Great video as always.❤

    1. Thank you so much Ada- that means a lot! Happy I’m able to share everything that I’ve learned with people like you😊

  182. What’s ur view on photopea as a design tool for POD? And one more question is it good time to start affiliate marketing now ?

  183. Your content is always positive and informative…. and I have learned a lot from following your channel!

    You really are a great teacher!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment- that means a lot. I’m so happy you are enjoying the videos! I wish you nothing but the best 👍🏼

    1. Oh great question! The keyword you will want to use if “van life” because Merch Informer said that one was good. You would want to use “van life” and “keep it simple” in the title and description of this specific listing. I hope that helps and thanks for asking!

  184. Merch informer Okey…

    Go to etsy and look voor a nich ‘t shirt and look the rates/stars/comments. Free way👌

    1. @Gooner B copyright don’t copy it. Be smart and give your own twist with your designs. Also try Google trends. You can basically see the trends about everything and also select a state. It’s more target way to design somting with a high tag/seo rate. That’s a way to make profit. What also works a lot. Cross to niches. Like boo bee’s example. Bee’s with ghost mask voor Halloween. You can find it on etsy. Hope you can go with this tips. Have a nice day👊🏻

    2. Did this today, one seller’s top shirt is a Christmas theme with friends show logo in it and the other has star wars character! Copyright does’t work in etsy or what?

  185. Hey Greg amazing video as usual <3 I Have now 400 designs online both in Teespring and Redbubble and have only 2 sales in Teespring and 0 in Redbubble. What is your suggestion what I can do to not suck..?

  186. Question: when using Merch Informer to check trademarks, it comes up “not checked yet” under the safe column 
    does this mean it is free to use?

    1. Great question! Just click “Check” and then refresh your page. It will have a check mark or an x. 🙂

  187. Nice! The Van Life niche is becoming REALLY popular. I know first hand. I have been living in my van for over 5 years. I’m currently on a road trip and have been away from my hometown of Houston TX since January 2020. I run POD biz from my van on my iPad Pro using Affinity Designer and I make YouTube videos using LumaFusion. It’s a fun, interesting, always changing lifestyle. 😁✌️

  188. This brings up a couple of questions. At what point would you want to trademark your own phrases? And what prevents the design you make with PlaceIt or other design tool being used by 100s of others? Personally, I think it would be better to work with a graphic designer to produce unique designs not easily copied. Quality rather than quantity.

    1. Yes people will use same graphics and some even use the placeit template and won’t modify them at all lol, zero creativity. The thing is that many t-shirts may have same graphics or elements but are still different and ok to use. You can’t punish all the other placeit subs for creating something completely different with the same graphic as someone else.

  189. Hi Greg. I opened a new shop on Teepublic and it got deactivated right after adding the first design. I got an email noticing IP infringement. I added the same design on Etsy, redbubble and teespring. Do these platforms allow to add the same designs? For example, can I add the same design on teepublic and redbubble?

  190. Thanks for sharing such wonderful info Greg👍
    I am really enjoying my POD journey and got a few sales in past couple of months. But I was not accepted on MBA. So if I keep uploading on teespring and redbubble, can I still make $1 per listing per month?

    1. @Greg Gottfried I understand. However, I find hard to believe that you can make decent money from POD. You have stated to make 40k a month on passive income. If I recall with 4k followers from your Yoga Clothing store I find that very hard. Could you shows us in a way where your designs and personal information is not shown?

    2. Do you think you would be able to recreate an account from scratch and still reach your level of success with POD? Others like you are teaching ways to be successful with POD and I’d imagine it’s getting extremely competitive and saturated. It’s so hard to commit heart and soul into something that sounds too good to be true. Do you think you could get up to 100K a year in a years time following all your instruction? Hoping you can give some kind of concrete numbers to go by. Thank you Greg…all the best 🤙🏻

    3. I actually used to show my accounts, sales, listings, and storefronts but it quickly lead to people trying to hack into my accounts and my designs being copied exactly.. Maybe it was naive of me to show all of my personal accounts, but that’s why I no longer do it. I just share the information that will help, without the hype of the numbers. I hope that helps explain!

  191. Hi Greg, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated! I’m working with TeeSpring at the moment putting up designs… I’m having some difficult “issues” with them that I didn’t expect. Here’s the first issue… I tried to go back and change some words on a T-shirt and discovered that I couldn’t do that. I sent them an email to inquire about how to do that…. NO RESPONSE!
    I sent a second email…. NO RESPONSE! Then a week or so ago they introduced a new feature allowing you to go back and access your file… interesting 🤔

    There are a handful of other issues that are going on that I’m trying to work through as they as they switch over to their new store front design.

  192. Sorry i forgot to ask one question.
    I dont have laptop or pc
    Can you tell me any free mobile app
    for designing t-shirts.(free because i dont have any money now).

  193. Do you prefer Teespring,Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon over “Shopify”. What are your thoughts on Shopify? I have uploaded a lot of my designs to my Shopify for over one year but I have no sales on Shopify but I have sales on all other platforms. TIA brother!

    1. It can be if you narrow it down to a specific niche of quotes, but quotes in general will be far too general to get targeted viewers.

  194. All this time and I didn’t realize it was so easy to resize my PlaceIt designs. As always, thank you, Greg 😊🍂

  195. Cool video as always. The search for trademark and copyright covers the US only or worldwide too? Thanks

    1. You can choose the region it searches but since the POD companies sell from the US, the US region is best for our case 🙂

  196. Rock on! Nice! If everyone uses placeit it’s possible two or more may use the same van and phrase. So in a way you can’t claim it as ur own, right? Or someone else may have put up already. Or is that too much worrying ?
    Thx again love the videos

    1. @Greg Gottfried just to add my 2 cents… sometimes I change the colors in the graphics to keep it unique. Great video Thankd

    2. Hey Rick, Great question! I’ve never run into that issue before so I wouldn’t spend any energy worrying about it. In the event that it did actually happen, the first person to upload it would get the spot on the POD site and the second person’s would be taken down as a duplicate. No harm no foul because of the circumstances, but I hope that helps explain!

  197. I love your content I have been following you for a while, but I am starting to think you are a Marketer much more than a POD seller. You never ever show your sales. You are a very likable guy which I enjoy, but I think you need to be more transparent.

    1. @Greg Gottfried Fair enough, but for someone who has been following you since your channel was less than 60k and now 300k I think it would be nice to find a way just to be a little more transparent. Please this is not a nock on you, and again love your content and your personality. Thanks

    2. Thanks for the comment! It seems like it could be easy to think that, no worries. I actually used to show my accounts, sales, listings, and storefronts but it quickly lead to people trying to hack into my accounts and my designs being copied exactly.. Maybe i was naive of me to show all of my personal accounts, but that’s why I no longer do it. I just share the information that will help, without the hype of the numbers. I hope that helps explain!

  198. Thanks for these videos. Love your channel. I have over 700 designs on 5 storefronts. I have sold 13 products(myself). Almost a year and teespring still hasn’t promoted my shirts. I guess slowly gets the prize. Thanks again Greg.

    1. Congratulations on the sales! And yes, stick with it, keep creating & staying positive- you got this! 🙂

  199. Hey Greg I typed in van life without the parenthesis quotes what have you, and it came up the same with the B rating…do you really need to do that?

    1. @Greg Gottfried thanks yea i figured just wanted to make sure it wasn’t that important. Thanks for the video is really helped a lot

    2. It’s a habit I use for safe measure to make sure the words don’t get searched separately. Up to you if you get the same results without them 🙂

  200. Another amazing POD video Greg! You really do put out the best print on demand information on YouTube. I have a question for you regarding Teespring. I have nearly 1,000 designs up on Redbubble and Teespring currently. On Redbubble I am getting sales almost daily and seeing some real success. However, on Teespring I am getting almost no views or sales. As of mid October, I have made 10 sales on Teespring by getting help from family and friends to drive those first sales. I have 0 real sales from Teespring. Do you have any insight on what is causing this?


    1. Great going man.. I am also going at great pace, got 200 already, wanna hit 1000 by the end of the year.. what principle do you follow for niche research?

    2. if I recall correctly, Greg said elsewhere that it can take 2-4 weeks for your trust score to kick in—so give it this month before you conclude you have a problem.

  201. Guys Keep working hard! I have made 52 sales in 3 months with $400+ profit. Greg has helped a lot and i encourage you to keep working on POD and eventually you will see sales.If you have any questions let me know!

    1. @Brawl Star Hello! So I started back 3 months ago and my first sale came in a week later. What I did was, create a brand on IG and post my stuff there. Now My IG has 1300 followers (organic) and helped me get 52 sales. I use Canva and sometimes placeit for the mockups and design

    2. How many designs do you have up for sale? And how long did it take to start getting sales. Also, do you create your designs yourself. Are you an artist or graphic designer?

  202. Another great video! Love your videos so much.

    Super excited for the next 2 months in Print on demand!!
    Not just for me but for all of the people starting POD 🙂

  203. Sir I live in India ..I want to open a store in redbubble and teespring..
    Do I need to pay taxes for the payments I’ll receive , because of I don’t live in US and I don’t have a US bank account (even if I use Payoneer or PayPal)
    What type of taxes do I need to pay .and to who ( US or to INDIA ).?
    As I have gone through redbubble help centre it said ‘no need to pay sales tax, it is included in purchase rate ‘ but I’m still confused about any other taxes …plz help me to get out of this..
    I’ve been postponing days to start a store..

    1. @Abhiramsai Nagireddy brother I am an Indian too and I have already started POD since two months I wanted to contact via any means so that we can get more. information together on POD as an Indians is there any way I can contact you ?

  204. Thank you so much for your efforts! Keep up the good work!!
    Also, do you have any other methods of finding good niches?

    1. Thanks Alex! Merch Informer is hands down the best.. Getting creative with the niches you search is the best piece of advice I can give. I hope that helps!

  205. *So much value in this video Greg* ✅✅

    Who else is going to level up their Print On Demand 👋👋

  206. As always love your content. Can I use designs which are licensed only for personal use and non commercial use in my teespring account for tees??

  207. This is awesome, thanks for sharing your insights! ❤️ I have to up my Print On Demand game again 😋

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