1. Wow you just need some time. Then you will get your logo. They are 100% trusted. Love you so much😍😍😍😍

  2. Absolutely amazing and genuine , So happy with my logo’s and he done it while he was unwell , A true gentleman , Thanks again !!

  3. At saka ano po mangyayari kapag nagdownload sa place it yung get it for free with watermark ano po mangyayari?

  4. I have a question If I download a custom intro from placeit with watermark is it free and what happens?

    1. tanong ko Lang po pag dinownload ko po yung inedit ko na intro o kahit po ano gamit po yung link na get it for free with low res and with watermark sa placeit viniolate ko po ba yung mgaa rules nila?

  5. Thank you so much bro for making and sent me placeit high def. video…thank you very much..👍👍

  6. This guys is legit thank you for sending my stream overlay I just need to wait for my stream ending and video

  7. Hey it’s really awesome…..thanks a lot bro guys who need to remove watermark follow he’s steps he really helped to meee thanks a lot…… broo 😍😍😍

  8. He is super legit he does what he promises , i sent him the link in the next moment he texted he will send it in a while and actually he sent it . Huge support

    1. @UNKILLABLE HLEPER i probably didn’t see your message. But if you don’t believe me, then it’s oky. I don’t need to render it. I just probably made up all the other comments. 😂

  9. i don’t care about the watermark.. i know how to remove completely. However.. i want to know how to remove those logo gaming title? Both of them. Each logo has team name right? So i don’t want those name. Did you know how?

    1. hi!! I have just discovered how to take out the text on the logo, by editing the HTML address. I’ll make a video about this soon.

    2. You will not be able to take out the text. It will require you to put one text. One turn around is to put the smallest text character and have it colored the same with the background.

  10. Let’s see if this works I sent you message with the link and waiting for my design to render, let’s see that these comments are real or fake!

    For those who want there Placeit Logo and Designs to be rendered then please follow the instructions below.
    1. I will only render maximum of 3 designs per person. (FOR FREE – No Charge)
    2. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, like the video and follow our FB page.
    3. Send you’re screenshot for proof.
    4. I will only render designs who can follow the above instructions.
    5. If you have more than 3 designs then I will charge $1.00 per design.

    1. @bilel of course i can’t respond. You sent it early in the morning here in our time. Sorry we don’t work 24hrs bro.

  12. Thanks, bro, for helping me and others. really you are really great and supporting 😍😍😍

    1. Your welcome brother. 😁 Just message me if you need more designs to render. 😁😁😁

    1. You welcome brother 😁 just drop me a message on my page if you want more designs to render.

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