1. Thanks…. Can u told us what is the name of the application that edit photos in your desk. The one that is a circle grey with red, i love to download

  2. Thank you Bootstrap Biz Advice. I watched your videos and I got inspired by this. Now, I made my First Ever Channel in Youtube focusing on tutorials also using Canva. If you want some videos that show how to craft ideas and logo. I owe you this Mate. 🙂

    1. There’s not a way currently to create a vectorized logo using Canva. The best you can do is create a Print Ready PDF

  3. omg ! first time i saw something that actually work from you tube videos
    thanks man u r genius

  4. Oh my God.thanks I have a company that trust me to make a logo and I am starting to search for it. My laptop crashes if I used photoshop. So I will try this. And how much I charge for it?

    1. @Bootstrap Biz Advice i have already an account. Is it possible that a company can use lifetime logo? Using canva? Cause I will push it. 🙂

  5. I had no idea you could make a biz logo in Canva, that’s awesome! I am going to give it a shot this weekend. Thank you

  6. Wow! You have it so well put together and even thought Canva has changed a bit since the video was published, it was easy to make a logo. I Subscribed and did something I almost never do…I turned on notifications!!! Great Video! I look forward to watching your channel.

    1. Oh that’s a huge compliment! Hoping to post a new video next week so stay tuned 😀

  7. Awesome video. Can you copy your logo design and sell on marketplace. ? I have Canva and appreciate the potential of it but dont want to land myself in hot water lol

  8. Hey I have a question, so I want to make Printable Art, but I want to use their free graphics so I can sell that on ETSY, but I’ve seen other videos that say you will need to buy on creative market and use that, but I really don’t have the money to do so, what can I do about it ?

    1. Here is the free media license agreement directly from Canva. https://about.canva.com/license-agreements/free-media/ If you have more questions contact Canva directly.

      All free media on Canva can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use.
      If a photo, icon, music track, video or other media contains an identifiable person, place, logo or trademark, please ensure you check the source or contact us if you’re unsure. We can’t guarantee that any free media have the appropriate releases for commercial use.

  9. U can also download Background eraser and use Auto put the target on the white background and it will delete it so u can have the transparent background

  10. Great tutorial fast and easy to follow I like that, Thank you. I’m starting to build my website and this was my next step. I will now go and check out your other videos.
    Thank you and stay awesome

    1. You have a couple options. You can export your logos as high res PNGS or you can resize them after they are designed using a template. Look in the top left, double the size using resize to get a larger file size.

  11. Thank you, LaShonda; I followed this along with this this evening, whilst designing my logo on Canva and now it’s done: thanks! 🙂

  12. I previously hired a designer to create my logo for my site and now I’m interested in changing it, but the same designer wants to charge me a lot of money to revise it. I know that I can do this with Canva but didn’t know exactly how to do it. Thank you for this video. Now, I’m confident that I can create my own logo. /

    1. What an amazing testimonial! Thank you! Be sure to subscribe. I’ll be doing more Canva videos in the future.

  13. I’m not sure if anyone will reply but is there any copyright regulations on using Canva to design a logo?

    1. FROM CANVA:
      Logos are small, usually simple, graphics which are sometimes legally registered or established, that form part of the identity of a business.
      Canva’s pre-made logo layouts and elements are used by many people, so your logo will not be exclusive to you if you don’t heavily modify the design and elements.

      Non-exclusive logos cannot be trademarked. If you intend to trademark your logo, use only elements that you’ve created yourself or commissioned directly.

      Logos cannot contain elements from Canva’s image library, either free or paid, as per section 4i of our license agreements. However, basic shapes, lines, free fonts and our pre-made logo layouts and the elements contained in those layouts may be used in logos. You’re also welcome to use your own elements that you upload to Canva to create your logo.

      Note: Images found online belong to their copyright holders, and cannot be used without their permission.
      Also be aware that logos are most useful when in a vector format so that they can be scaled to any size without losing resolution. Canva doesn’t yet support exporting in any vector formats, so we recommend making your logo as large as possible and exporting in print quality PDF format (300 dpi).

  14. I downloaded a cougar photo on the internet to use as my icon. How do I make it more like a professional icon for my logo?

    1. Great question. The biggest thing to make sure of before you create a logo is that you have the rights to that image. If you purchased it via a site like Creative Market, Shutterstock etc. you’re good. If you just found it in the Google search it could be copyrighted and you don’t to use that as a logo. You could use the logo template on Canva and put the photo inside a frame to give it more design. The Circle shape works great for logos. Hope this helps!

    1. Thank for the feedback. This video has made a year ago so the interface has changed a lot since then

  15. Hi LaShonda! Thank you so so much for teaching us how to make a Logo on Canva for free!. I was looking for something to design for a friend that has a dessert business (going well) but she doesn’t have a logo. Cheers!!

  16. I’ve never subscribed to a channel so fast! I’ll do anything to support a smart, hustling sista! I’m so glad I found your videos!

  17. I’ve been struggling with starting my business for a while but your channel has helped me so much! Thank you…Subscribed!!

  18. I have spent months trying to fix my logo. You fixed this problem in seconds! Thank you Lashonda!

  19. Hello, how much do you charge for simplistic logos? I already have been playing around with photoshop with what I have in mind and just really need it vectorized in illustrator.

  20. I downloaded the app yesterday to create a logo for my business … Thank you for the video very helpful… Subscribed!

  21. I just subscribed!!! This video was so professional and helpful. I’m starting my business and I’ll be binge watching your channel to get it up and running. Thank you so much.

    1. @Bootstrap Biz Advice Hey there, This is Rimigha. I think there are so many apps or websites available that are alternative to Canva. why don’t you review them? like XARA and PHOTOADKING. I am personally using PhotoADKing. And it is also too good for business users. I think you should have to aware your audience to them both.

  22. I just found your channel and I love your videos. Thank you so much for clear concise instructions. Could you please tell me the website you used for the hex codes though? I could not quite understand the web address. Thanks!

  23. Great video!!! At the beginning of the video, you suggested creating a larger logo on another template. Can you suggest one ?

    1. The desktop wallpaper template is huge in comparison to the logo template. I would create a version of your logo on that template if you want to print the logo on something larger than letterhead

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