1. What I made to male my documents is making: 16*4 and 16*3 because the scratch Layout ist 4:3 and I like 16*16 sprites.

  2. I have got one question, maybe I missed something but, how do I convert this. Because it’s way too small…

  3. lmao, ive tried pixel art in illustrator and its a pain in the ass. luckily i found your tutorial even though in photoshop! thanks

  4. I have a question.. if i´m making a logo… how can i save the text in high quality so i could use it for a flyer of something?

  5. As someone who is starting out as a graphic designer on youtube, have you got any tips?? Also love your vids!!!!!

  6. I hate the fact that people buy adobe illustrator to create pixel art, and I’m just like nigga you can just use paint.net ffs

  7. Hey, when I export this as a PNG at the sizes you said in the video, it is very blurry. Any way to fix this?

  8. Hey, I was just wondering, what version of Photoshop is this? Your Photoshop UI looks really clean cut, and sharp, I’d love to know how to get it this way!

  9. Hey Julian, I’ve made the text art but I am having trouble converting it into a banner, if you could reply with a solution that would be great, Thanks 😀

  10. i just followed this along , but its no good , because i wanted to use this for the thumbnail of my pack , but when i scale it up to 1280×720 its superrrrrr blurry and low quality 🙁 please help

    1. When you scale up the pixel art, make sure the interpolation option is set to “nearest neighbour”, I have a recent tutorial on how to scale up pixel art on my channel 🙂

  11. Hey ^^ Im learning photoshop and i really like your tutorials, can you please say me how you lauched this windows (for the Hue/Saturation… at 1:38) without creating new layers ? Thanks =)

    1. all you have to do is hit command or control U. This will bring up the hue and saturation menu you’re talking about. ^-^

  12. Hey Julian. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been watching every video of yours for about a year now & your content on both channels is truly amazing! I’d love it if you could make a FlowTalk about getting into Photography & buying the things you need to get started. Have a nice day! =)

  13. flow graphics you are awesome can you make video about making sprite sheets for games or animating in photoshop

  14. I liked the tutorial but I got a question

    What if I want to make a header with this style?When ever I make the pixelated bigger,its just bad quality

    1. Whoops I actually forgot to show how to scale it, just make sure you set the interpolation while in the transform mode to “nearest neighbour” and it won’t get blurry 🙂

    1. Just make sure you set the interpolation while in the transform mode to “nearest neighbour” and it won’t get blurry 🙂

    1. I also got 363636, I went back to the start of his video at 1:40 where he darkens a pure white by – 79. I also used the same color profile as flow. So this number sould be the original gray. So this removed error of the screen capture, discoloration of youtube’s playback and the recording software/editing software on Julian’s end. No idea why I spent so much time to work this out XD But yes it’s a dank gray. ^-^

  15. I love the new style you went with your channel, I’ve been a huge fan for a long time and I really like where your channel went.

    1. It’s cc, I have creative cloud so my Photoshop is always the most up-to-date cc version. I like all of the versions to be honest, there’s not a huge difference. Though I’ve had no problems with cc so far.

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