How To Make T-Shirt Designs Using Placeit

You can as well start your cool T-shirt design for free using Canva. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design.
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I Come With Peace and Love Pullover Hoodie

Remember Safety – A campaign Safety Officers Slogan T-Shirt

Be Safe Always! – Safety Campaign Slogan Wear T-Shirt

Be Careful Carelessness Can Hurt You – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan Sweatshirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Safety First – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

I’m a Safety Champion – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Follow Proper Work Procedures Sweatshirt

Safety Is My Goal, What’s Yours? – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

No Racism, No Terrorism, No Islamophobia T-Shirt

Kiss me I’m Pretending To Be Holy Sweatshirt

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Womens Jumpsuit

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Women’s Jumpsuit

Simenual Women's Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Women's Casual Large Size Fashion Long sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

New Fashion Women's Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. On the logos, if I like one of the existing variations can I just choose the variation that I like or is this not an option? I clicked on the variation that I liked but it keeps giving me the original one. Thanks in advance.

  2. ✪ Wow, thanks for the information guys!
    this is very, very helpful and inspiring. Are you a design person? must be very much of your work, ask please … hehe !!! kidding.
    Wait for the next content! Make designs for Christmas and New Year, but it’s free.

  3. If multiple people choose same design, how does it work? Is there any legal issue in that case? How do someone protect it’s design with this?

    1. Great question! Firstly, anything you create on Placeit comes with full commercial usage rights (so you can upload it and sell it on any print on-demand sites). However, to your point, if you upload a duplicate design that is already on the print on-demand website, yours will be removed because someone already uploaded it. So, as long as you are customizing the templates, and not just downloading the templates as-is from Placeit, you won’t have any issues.

  4. hi Greg! Thank you for this valuable information. I bought subscription to Placeit and Merch informer because of you. Everything is ok, but I’m afraid of adding some words because of trademarks. It’s ok to use english idioms as they are or I have to change them? Please clarify me how to make sure that the words that I’m using in the designs are ok “Thank you a lot

  5. One question, I understand that all designs are copyright free. But would if someone chooses a design or logo and uses that for redbubble and teespring etc. And would if some else uses that same design from placeit? I understand that we have to customize it so it is different. But the image will still look the same, so are we still safe from copyright issues? And In other words can a placeit design be used twice or does placeit delete that design after a placeit member downloads it in order to avoid this kind of situation? Please let me know. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  6. I wanted to know how can we increase the dpi of placeit designs to 300 because that’s required for printing. Currently I see no option there.

    1. Great question! 72dpi is actually perfectly fine for printing. I’ve been using it for years for print on demand. I confirmed the print quality by ordering samples 🙂

  7. Can you edit the graphics after you put it on the design? I mean more than just changing the color and size. Thanks!

  8. So I’ve gotten Familiar with Canva and Now am getting Familiar with Placeit for Designing T-Shirts. My Only Question, on Canva I’m able to set the px size but I don’t see the option on placeit, so I guess I’ll have to go to the website you’ve mentioned to resize for when I’m ready to use for Amazon Merch. Canva spoiled me I didn’t think I’d need to use the resizing site, now I’m going to have to find the vid you mentioned the site to get it. I guess I answered my own question as I was thinking abt it as I wrote it Lol

  9. Greg – I’m doing my best to follow the steps laid out in your videos to create both t-shirt designs, as well as mockups, through the use of Placeit’s “Freebies”. Unfortunately; upon downloading both designs and mockups, the clear background checkerboard is still visible. Am I missing a step? (On the upside, there is no “Placeit” watermark.) – Thanks again Greg. As always, you are much appreciated.

  10. You have opened a whole new world for me! Sad thing is I’ve had a Placeit account and did not realize I could do this! As soon as I watched your video I logged into Placeit and designed my first shirt! I had six new designs in an hour! Working on posting them now! Your videos are becoming popular because you give clear, concise advice that really helps the newbies. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

  11. Hi when I do this and upload on Merch amazon my design is in a square, which does not look good. How do I change this thanks

    1. Hi, you forgot to supress the background. Go to background and then choose the empty square, and finally download your design !

  12. Hi Gregg, I bougth Placeit, because of your recomendation, I’ve design tshirt for Teespring, the only thing is that I can’t find the way to upload the mockups in to Teespring, can you please help me find out how? Thank you very much

    1. Hey Angelica, thanks for asking! The mockups are actually for our own marketing use (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.). The mockups are to be posted on these social media sites to get people interested in our print on demand items. With that said, we are not able to upload the mockups directly to the print on demand sites. I hope that helps clear it up!

  13. Hi Greg, Could you please tell me how is the print quality of tshirt designs from Placeit? I noticed the designs are just 72 dpi and very small file size less than 2 MB.. Have you ordered any sample prints of tshirt designs from Placeit? Please reply because i can’t find any print provider are just so unprofessional they just say it is not good if size is less than 2 MB but Placeit says size doesn’t matter..

    1. Thanks for asking! Yes, I personally use 72dpi after ordering samples to confirm the quality 🙂

  14. Hi thanks for the info, I have a question. “How do I upload the mockup from place it onto my Teespring store”? After I have created my design and put it on a place it mockup how do I get that onto Teespring now?

    1. @Coreece Edwards No problem! Keep in mind the niche storefront is just to be used in the beginning phases for Teespring to get some of your own sales on your account, to get the Trust Score kickstarted, and all the free marketing started. Once you get a few sales on your Teespring account, you no longer need to use storefronts or Instagram at all and you can just upload all types of designs without niches in mind. Merch by Amazon and RedBubble start doing marketing for you from day 1, so you don’t need to drive your own traffic to get a trust score or anything with them. With that said, I think you really only need 1 niche storefront and 1 niche Instagram page to drive traffic to Teespring, but you can have multiple if you’d like.

    2. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg thanks for answering my question, I have one more question, Should I set up a different social media account for each Neich?

    1. And i have found out another design website named as Freepik.

      Which one is better according to you sir, placeit or freepik?

      I am actually confused which one to go for, many different people saying different things regarding to these platforms. Some says u can’t use freepik graphics for pod.

      And some says placeit designs are 72dpi not 300 so the end result is awful.

      I don’t know which platform is good to go for.

      I really wish i was a good graphic designer so i wouldn’t be needing such platforms lol

  15. Hi, I’m using my iPad to get around. I subscribed to Placeit, when I downloaded and upload to teespring it said my resolution was too low. Now, I use Procreate to play around … how can I beef up my resolution?

  16. This video mentioned the px size of designs but it wasn’t the sizes you recommended for Amazon merch. Is there a way to get the proper size needed when downloading design?

  17. Hey Greg ! Do a vdo about the design which was made on placeit is removed from any POD site then what can we do?

  18. Great info. Thanks. I have a question. I’ve been using placeit for a few months now. I love it. When you use the logo templet can you adjust size to use on Merch by amazon. 4500 x 5400. Thanks for you assistance.

  19. Very helpful, thanks. The designs you created were 4,000 by 4,800 pixels. Since Amazon requires it to be 4,500 by 5,400 pixels, how do I change that?

    1. @Omar Herrera Excellent! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions as you’re making more!

  20. Hey Greg. Subbed to Placeit today. Question: I’ve used some of their templates and removed the images so I just have the text. How do I size the remaining text for Amazon? Anything I’ve sized 4500 x 5400 are HUGE when I view actual size; even the ones that still have an image are MASSIVE. I’m thinking I have a setting wrong or something. Thanks for your help. And thanks for this channel!

  21. When I download my designs, I don’t get the pop up with “commercial use ok”. Does that mean my design can’t be sold?

    1. Hey Dani, Great question! No worries! Everything with your subscription is fully commercially usable and re-sellable. They have been changing some of the looks of their site recently so it doesn’t say it on all the items anymore. Still good to go 🙂

  22. I avoided this channel at first, thinking it was just someone else compiling Greg’s videos from his main channel, but imagine my surprise. Good thing I got curious enough to click on the video. Subscribed immediately.

    1. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg I usually check out the content creators’ playlists for specific tutorials when I need them, but it may just be me. I see you already have playlists in your main channel, which is why I was wary of this second one. I don’t know how YouTube savvy other people are, but to those like me who are aware that reuploders and impersonators exist, you could name it something with “second channel” or possibly give a shout-out about it on your main one so we know that it exists. I still think playlists are a viable solution, though. The topic doesn’t exactly deviate from the gist of your main channel. Or is there some other reason why you think you need a separate channel for them?

    2. lol right on! Yes… I haven’t really come up with a good way to format this channel but it’s purpose is to put the really specific Placeit tutorials on this channel instead of the main one (I’m not sure all the non-placeit users would appreciate all the videos if they were on the main channel). I hope that helps explain! Do you have any suggestions on how to name this channel to make more sense? Thank you!

  23. @placeit tutorials by Greg In that free version can we only download one item? As it is showing in mine that you are going to download this one design for free

  24. Can you add additional text and graphics to every design or is it based on if you have a yearly subscription? I’m working on a graphic that doesn’t have either option or the option to just get rid of the text. Thanks for all that you do!

  25. Hi Gregg, I ´v Justo buy the plan, I créate some mockups, then I try to up loud them in to Placeit, but I can ´t find the way to do it. Can you please help me to figure it out how to do it. Thank you very much

  26. Thanks for these tutorials Greg, in this video at download it said 4000 by 4800 pxls. Does this have to be changed before uploading to Merch to be 4500 by 5400? Thanks in advance and for all you do for us.

  27. the first word uttered, the voice really sounds familiar. as i went along a few words, no doubt. it’s gonna be Greg. Then sub right away.

  28. OK…here is my conundrum, I understand this is a great tool for those
    who have no design experience. However I actually AM a
    designer/illustrator and it hurts my soul to just use a template and
    change some words and colours then sell it. Pretty much every YouTuber
    I’ve been watching give advise on making substantial money with POD all
    mention they have no design background (as an encouragement to others
    showing anyone can do it) But now I find my actual design experience to
    be holding me back greatly from putting enough out there to make real
    money. I have been on Redbubble/Teepublic/Society6/Threadless for about 6
    years and have only put out about 60 designs total in that time
    (granted it was always just something I would do very much in the
    background…never really making it a focus) But Do I just need to
    drastically lower my standards? Am I being too picky? I heard you say
    you have posted up to 50 designs a day?! that is insane to me!! HOW!!
    Maybe I’m trying too hard? who are providing these designs for placeit? I
    dunno man I’m confused. Sorry for the rant! love your videos!

  29. Hi Greg. How do you put your graphics or text to the background of your design? I’ve been adding multiple graphics to some of my designs but, in some cases, I can’t achieve the layering that I would like. Sometimes the graphics cover the text and I don’t know how to switch it around. Thanks for your help!

  30. I payed for the full version and I don’t have the add text button on any of the templates nor do I have the ability to click and drag anything on the canvas it wont allow me to do that. what is going on here!?

    1. I have the same issue! Were you able to solve it? I’m frustrated I paid for placeit and can’t move anything around like Greg is showing

  31. biggest issue ive got , isn’t the designer per se, but lack of ability to amend the defaults, for instance – i found a lovely design that i wanted, but due to fact you couldn’t change the standard text from straight to circular it was useless, but also you can only use certain artefacts on each design and not mix the 2 designs 🙁 and lastly fact you can only down PNG / JPG makes amending hard, why they dont allow ai download is beyond me (or at very least give you option)
    Personally the mockups is biggest reason i use it

  32. Can we resize the pixels size to match a required size for a POD platform? For example 4500×5400? Sound familiar? Seriously though I’ve been trying to figure this out

    1. Yes you can 🙂 One you have the design ready, click download, then go to your downloads page in a new tab. Then click resize, and set the size, and then download 🙂

  33. Is this channel by Greg Gottfried? Sounds very much like him. Check out his channel. He has some great videos!

    1. @SEEK TRUTH Thanks for asking about this! I totally see your doubts here but rest assured, this channel was just made to upload very specific Placeit tutorials that wouldn’t fit right on the main channel. This channel is for a very specific audience, more specific than the main channel 🙂

    2. @Bianca Young Thanks for the support! I’ll take your recommendation too and change the name to Placeit Tutorials by Greg 🙂 You’re right too: This channel needed to be made for Placeit specific videos that would not fit cohesively on the main channel 🙂

    3. I don’t think it is unethical for Greg to have this dedicated tutorial for Placeit because he is providing a needed service and he’s clearly not hiding his identity. Plus he is upfront about his affiliation with Placeit in his other channel, which is a more personal brand where his identity is very clear. However, I agree about the name seeming like an official Placeit account. I guess this channel could be called Placeit Tutorials by Greg???

    4. Yes I agree with this comment. It does feel a bit unethical and it does seem like it is an official placeit account by the name of the channel.

    5. Hey Mike, It is! This channel is for some of the more specific tutorials for Placeit that wouldn’t fit on the main channel.

    1. They sell like hot cakes 😉 In the big picture, only few POD sellers know about Placeit. Also, there are new templates added daily 🙂

  34. Ok. I understand that place it allows designing but you guys don’t produce actual shirts & it to us. Is this correct?

    1. Correct, if you upload the design made from Placeit to a POD site like Teespring, Redbubble, or Merch by Amazon they will do the actual printing.

  35. Good Evening Sir, i wanted to know if these designs can be used (in terms of pixels, size & quality of print) with Heat Transfer printing on T-shirts for my online print t-shirts sales business

    1. Once you have the design ready, click download, then go to your downloads page in a new tab. Then click resize, and set the size, and then download 🙂

  36. I had a photo that was 4500 x 5400. After placing the image on a tee, it downloaded at 1400 x 2150. Why is that? Thanks for all the great content. Awesome stuff.

    1. Hey great question. It’s just due to some of the pod website infrastructure. No worries though it wont affect printing quality. I hope that helps clarify!

  37. Great features. But is there any way to play with the texts in Placeit? Like, if I want to give my text a round shape, is it possible?

  38. Hi there! I just started using placeit. I wanted to know if the t-shirt designs we download are already 300 dpi? please let me know I am really confused.. My print provider says they require Png files with minimum 300 dpi. I am really wondering if the t-shirt designs i am downloading from placeit are 300 dpi indeed..

    1. I think you can download pdf version of your design from placeit and open it with your vector design software such as adobe illustrator or inkscape. you can change to 300 dpi because it’s pdf vector.

    2. Great question! They are mostly 72dpi, however that is fine for print on demand. Merch by Amazon (and other pod sites) suggest 300dpi but it is not required. I’ve bought samples at 72dpi and the print is perfect 🙂

  39. I want to see how the T-shirt design’s actually look after a print. Have you ordered any samples? I subscribed for a one month subscription and I’m ready to start creating.

    1. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg thanks mate, I’m on placeit now downloaded like a 100 t-shirt designs for my business 😂 game changer

    2. @simon anthony weir Thanks for asking! No you actually do not need to. You can upload directly to POD sites with the image you downloaded from Placeit. No need to change anything. The only situation this could be true is for Merch by Amazon (they have a specific size they require, no matter what design tool you use, you will still need to resize). However this can be done for free 🙂 If you need to upload to Merch by Amazon, they have a pixel size requirement (the only site with one) so all you have to do is upload your designs to and change scale to 100%, exact size on the left side to 4500 x 5400, expert mode down below, change JPEG to PNG, then resize 🙂

    3. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg I keep hearing you have to change size of design by buying another app to use design on t-shirt. That’s disappointing

    4. Absolutely! I upload my designs to Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon. I’ve ordered many samples to see the quality. These companies use top of the line printers so the print quality is commercial grade.

  40. Is there a way to just upload designs and people can choose which t shirts they would like them to go on? So far I have created a few designs and prior to upload I have to pick shirts myself. Really great info by the way!

    1. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg do you still need to download app to change sizing? Heard designs don’t work for t-shirts anymore unless you change sizing.

    2. Hey Patrick, great question. Unfortunately this is not something I am aware of. Sites like Teespring, Merch by Amazon, and Redbubble are great sites to sell your designs on tshirts but you have to choose the shirts before creating the listing.

  41. I have watch many of your videos and find them very informative. I have a serious Design issue and would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise. Please PM me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

  42. Thank you! I have learned so much from you. I am taking your advice for making the most of this time we have been provided. Designing today!

    1. Hey Gina, Thanks for the great comment and nice job spending this time wisely! As always, if you have any questions let me know anytime!

    1. @Placeit Tutorials by Greg I just started Tshirt designing 2 days before… Looking forward for some passive income from this business model

    2. Hahaha Gokul you are good! Yes it is, I’m just putting together this channel to get out shorter, task oriented, tutorials for you guys 🙂 You are quick too! I just started this the other day! Anyways, great to see your name in the comments and as always that you and let me know if you need anything at all Gokul!

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