How To Make Your First Shirt Design In Photoshop For Free

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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. I absolutely love this video! I love how you give us step by step at a very medium pace. I have come across a ton of videos and all of the youtubers speak extremely fast and it’s so hard to understand or follow along. Thank you! I look forward to more videos on this topic! 🙂

    1. @Charley Pangus Thanks alot bro…I’m now going in to the t-shirt business and your videos are very helpful..💯

  2. shirt design for printing…RGB file format….get the fuck out of here. I’m writing an article about amateurs teaching on youtube. All you did was mess around in photoshop for a few minutes, not to mention used other people’s art in the process, no credits or links to the photographer, but you didn’t forget to add your sponsors and your “masterclass”.

    You just taught young impressionable minds how to steal, you didn’t even teach them how to set up the image for printing. Shame on you. This video is monetized for god’s sake.

  3. can someone help me understand how he got the photo to merge with the background? I followed his steps but it doesn’t work so is it something that am missing

    1. try click “alt” while moving mouse pointing to the between layer photo and background. you’ll see like turn icon or something i don’t know how to call it ,lol.

  4. About to purchase equipment for hot press shirts and vinyl/stickers any input would help . I have 0 design experience. Ty

  5. What i want to know is how do you get rid of the box effect if i make my own design? Like if i make a circle design, i want it to be a circle on the shirt, not the canvas that my circle was done inside of.

  6. How did you get the tape without the png background when you pasted it ? When I did it it came with the whole background and it’s so hard to take off

  7. I’d say just start from the rip vectoring it in Illustrator. Much more versatile printing options such as EPS and in general it just prints better than doing it in photoshop.

  8. here’s a quicky for you
    When I’m searching for pictures/photos. I type in EXAMPLE: “free pictures of a strawberry free for commercial use”
    And then it shows pictures you can use for making money.

    1. @No Rules No Cheat one doubt please,,,,, that in Pixlr can we use at any quantity of pixel levels we want
      In canva we can use only up to 5000×5000 pixels only
      in case if you can refer me any app that has free to use at any pixel levels that would be great help 😊,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Amazing! Just found you while looking for some Photoshop help. I have subscribed and so happy you are here!!!!!

  10. I’m kinda stuck please help after designing the t-shirt how do you make it come to life do you find a designer to design it for or what??

  11. QUESTION,, I’m not sure if your familiar with the silhouette software, but I’m having trouble importing a design I made there to photoshop.. it’s saying something about the file can’t open .. help please

  12. I’ll start my first project hopefully tomorrow. One will say TABLE TIPPER with the T’s at a slant, and another with a beautiful surgical mask saying “THE MASK! New & Improved Solution to Everlasting Life” I think they both will speak volumes.

  13. New to photoshop so please forgive the basic question but how did you remove the background from the tape when you copied it into photoshop 🙂

  14. The only youtuber ever to aknowlege that there may be workspace differences and how to solve them thank god

  15. What I’ve been looking for in the past hour is just sizing of artboards and settings, I’m trying these out on Illustrator – my go-to software. Wish me luck!

  16. Great video my friend, just became a subscriber. I have a question though, On a desktop or laptop how much RAM do you suggest for graphics designing???.. Thank you in advance.

  17. Got Confuse at to add photo to background..i m using mac..i tries but…can you plz..tell me brother..🙏

  18. Thank your so much for this free lesson. I did it with inspiration from the town Chicago, am I allowed to print this?

  19. Probably a stupid question: But when I put the design on a black shirt blank (printful) it has the black background because the blacks are different shades.. Is it possible to put the design on a transparent background. As we can see I’m not the most efficient in photoshop lmao

  20. If you’re image isn’t forcing I tried clicking the Eye next to effects (hide I guess) and it worked. So hold ALT hover in between to merge them. then click the eye next to effects. Newbie helping another newbie. Be blessed.

  21. If any of you are good at using photoshop for clothes designs drop me your email, Ill pay you to do a design for me. Thank!

  22. Mate why am I finding it so hard to fucking add the pic in the grunge background 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. So i’ve been looking to get my shirts printed but no one can do a complicated design like this. do you know who usually prints this?

    1. Have you found anything out? I have the same issue, all I’ve heard about is screen print and heat press and that heat press doesn’t Last long


  25. For Windows, when you want to force the image into the grunge background; over your mouse in between the photo and the background and hold alt.

    1. Side note if you’re still having trouble, make sure you have selected rasterize layer Style instead of just rasterize layer

  26. I can’t see to get the photo into the gradiant background. I have tried hitting option on the Mac and either copies it. What could I be doing wrong? I have Photoshop 20. I am straight out the womb when it comes to my experience with photoshop

  27. When I clicked to option and tap the photo the photo disappeared, how can I make the photo reveal it’s self on grunge background

  28. Does anyone know some great websites to get none copyrighted images that are free and legal to use for commercial purposes please ✨💕 ?

  29. For the “Blend if” part for splitting the icon, for windows, hold down the “alt” key. For MAC, its options.

  30. Is it safe and okay to use photos from that unsplash site for shirts? Doesn’t it put me in jail? Just asking, Thanks, I want to start a clothing line

  31. Hey CP, do you know how to make a background blend with a shirt to lose that box look. I want to make the image one with the shirt. If that makes sense.

  32. What a great video thanks. Do you save as a png? Also, If I created a design that I want to print on any colour t shirt (without the black square background) should I simply delete my first, original layer? Would that work?
    Thank you so much

  33. I have question When designing tshirts is it legal to use cliparts or pictures from google? Like disney cartoons or quotes from the internet?

  34. Thank for this. I have to ask, how do you get round copy right for taking back rounds off google. Propbably a silly question but I had to ask.

  35. i am from Bangladesh. i want a t shirt Mockup, please give me. please don’t ignore as a foreign subscriber

  36. @Charley Pangus Hey man so I know I’m a little late here but I tried using the PS for Windows and it looks like its not working for me or at least it’s not the right program? Any tips?

    1. you need to make the street and the paint roll into a smart object by right clicking and then choosing clipping mask on both the images

  37. @CharleyPangus, the image does not merge with the grunge for me, holding ALT or CMD is not making it happen is there another way to make this happen?

  38. Make youre first shirt design in PS for free were did you got hit from sins when is PS free stop with this dam bullshit
    And no i did not watch the vid

  39. Why I download the PNG photo and then I dragging it into my document I still had to delete the background! A little confused man

  40. Hi when I try to force my image it doesn’t seem to do anything as it just switches to the other layer can anyone help

    1. Or you just go with the mouse pointer on the line between the layers, press alt and the cursor will change to a down pointing arrow, just click and it. S done.

    2. He’s doing a Clipping Mask… Select the top image, Right click on it and select clipping mask and that will place the top image inside the shape/area below it.

  41. Wow, followed your tutorial, and have come up with some amazing designs for t shirts. Thanks so much, this has helped so so much.

  42. Can we use unsplash to sell designs, you didn’t mention that website. All I’m trying to find is where I can find stuff to use without getting in trouble for selling it on canvases :c

  43. Hey buddy, i have some graffiti, logo that look so fire on clothing, if you gonna make this kind of another videos then I recommend you to take those designs and make your work more easier nd also tag a brand name. If you’re interested @rl0rd this is my instagram id. see you there Ps.:R-Lord

  44. I got only oneee badass cool shirt lol…the apartment 9 container shirt lol. I lost a couple WhiteChapel shirts etc Lol.

  45. Ayyyyeee Charley i wanted to get a custom cartoon character created for a tshirt use but i wanted it good quality clear nice colors which should the resolution or dpi set on if u could what should the resolution or dpi be set on please assist me i would highly appreciate you

  46. I like the vedio you are one best I want to start that business and I really need your gurd thanks. I’m from Ghana contact +233540447287

  47. Everytime I copy the tape pictures,when I paste them they appear with the transparent background,can somebody help ?

  48. This is a great tutorial and the shirt looks awesome… however, will that actually print? I mean I know if using sites like Printful to print your shirts people always say not to use grunge/speckled effects (especially on black/dark shirts) because that won’t print well. So yeah just curious about that…

    1. @Charley Pangus Cool. I have a few grunge ideas but been holding off cause I was worried about print quality. Thanks for the clarification and for such a quick response dude. Cheers.

    1. search for DTG in whatever city your in, “direct to garment” printer, it’s a easy process & usually very quick 15-20 mins. Good Luck

  49. here’s a few ideas about which features of Photoshop to learn first
    The selection feature
    Removal of unwanted objects
    (I learned about these and more on Trevs photo blueprint site )

  50. hey charlie, when printing tshirts does it have to be vector based to look right or can u print a psd file? pls help

  51. new to this and still learning but can i ask what you pressed on the keyboard to have the little menu pop up when it asked if u wanted to copy the image ?

  52. Hello I followed your video but for some reason the tapes are 2 different colors even though they are the same Image just duplicated any idea on how to fix it

  53. Hey boss, i want to learn ilustrador throw your videos but i love this design can you do it in your channel to in ilustrador?
    By the way if i want to add design to the sleeves how i do it? How i know the dimensions?
    You have a video about it?

    1. Put a background of color that your shirt/hoodie will be for better understanding of what the design will look like on that color. For example if your hoodie is of red color than pick a red background.

  54. With the background being black, you aren’t concerned that it would be a different black than the shirt it’s printed on?

  55. Why u didn’t make it in CMYK ? Bcz we are printing so we should CMYK right ? Is there any reason to not choose CMYK


    1. Bcz its not png. Find another tape that is actual png without background. Or just type on YouTube ” How to remove background in Photoshop” so u can learn that trick too

  57. I’m on a PC and everytime I try to force the image into the texture while holding option [ALT] and it just creates a copy of image.

    1. You need to hover between two layers. Dont click until u see that sign of box and arrow. When u hover ur cursor pressing alt between two layers then u can see that sign nd then click

  58. Everything was pretty solid but the only recommendation that I have is either delete the black layer when exporting or turn in the .PSD file so we can remove the black background before printing. If you leave the black then it will create a black box that isn’t so attractive. Instead when creating the file use a transparent background or export with the black layer hidden so the text will free float on the shirt.

    1. nbr_matt908 yeah just select the layer and right click. then press clip layer or layer clipping. something along those lines. it should create a down arrow to the layer below it. if that doesn’t help then make sure the layers are in the correct order and select the top one, drag it in between the top and middle layer, and that should do it.

  59. Oh Hi Charley! Your video is so helpful especially for me. Your explanation are clear, thankyou for making this video and do sharing to us. Have a nice day!

  60. is it legally the use the pictures from unsplash even if it includes making money of the shirt that you are selling ? 🙂

  61. Problem: If I alt and drag the image underneath the grunge texture, the image doesn’t add up instead it still shows white grunge texture

    1. ​@OG Rebel I kinda forgot, try rasterizing and if you added any white color or layer try merging if that makes sense

  62. Hi charley . Thank you very much for your tutorial ,I use the old version of Photoshop and i am new of this program after i do it same your VDO step by step i can’t force the photo inside of the grunge background.
    So, can you please more explain for more of this thing to me. thank you very much

    1. In your layers panel, make sure that the picture is on the top most layer to show over the background. You can also use a mask to non destructively remove parts of the picture you don’t want to show to make it come through.

    2. @ismoyo danurwindo Hi, did somebody found a solution for this problem? I have it too and couldnt solve it yet

  63. Dude this video gave me so much confidence on my design. Now i know for the fact that mine is also relevant , just like your designs. Thanks

  64. please if you say “holding an option” which one is that??….And please I’m subscribing but can you please add the command in a form of a text in your video if you don’t mind..Thanks so much

  65. Thanks for the video, it’d be helpful if you can link some relevant videos (from your channel) in your description. I was trying to find the video about what you can and cannot use for commercial purposes on the internet. Thanks!

    1. yeah, he said “option” i dont know that is either…it does look like is for beginner eventhough i was able to do the middle

  66. I heard when it’s printed the setting should be CMYK, so colour will match properly when it’s printed, is it correct?

    1. You should definitely set your color mode to CMYK. RGB mode is for graphics shown on a TV or other types of screens etc.

  67. thank for your video so much ,but why can’t i upload this file on merch by amazon,they just have a warm that” Please upload a file matching the artwork dimensions below.”

  68. the only thing confusing is upon following theses steps your ink roller is white and after following what you said mine is dark and black

  69. How do you know if a photo is not safe to use?

    Edit: thanks for the like !! I really wanna build a brand and make apparel so I look forward to your videos ! I made my profile picture myself it’s pretty amateur but I’m happy with how it turned out. 🤘

  70. I appreciate you taking time for a step-by-step tutorial, and also i learned a new shortcut, thank you for that… 🙂 the one where you need to like a masked image over the texture.

  71. really like your stuff dude! i just started my own line of printed Tshirts and i have to say your channel and videos really helped! would love it if you chucked me a message on my new venture! its called House103_official on instagram! best of luck with every thing dude! and please would love to see more videos like this!

  72. But I still don’t understand you copied that photo so how is that not copyright cause I know I’ve been copy righted for doing that

  73. Your an awesome influence bro… Your tips helped me make some cool stuff that alot of ppl at the tshirt shop i work at love

    1. Make sure the photo’s layer is above the bg layer, then right click the photo and click on create clipping mask. 🙂

  74. Hey Charley,
    do I have to safe the file in a .png without the black background. Or just as an normal .jpg with the black background in it. Thanks for your help!

    1. The short answer is yes, save as a PNG without a black background.

      The long answer is, that the color of the shirt itself provides the background for your art. For printing on white shirts, if you want a black area to print framing your image, then supply it — but if you’re printing on a black shirt, supply your image WITHOUT a black background.

      The shirt itself will be the background. No need to print black on black. Same goes for any black in your artwork: make all black clear so the black of the shirt will show through.

      Leave the black in your art for printing on any other color.

  75. Hey man, youre awsome, ive just subscribe to you cuz your tutorial are very useful for me, im trying to design a shirt for my team club, i have few things to ask,
    1. does using photoshop affects the quality of design on my shirt printing bcuz what i heard is that adobe Ps use bitmap/raster and Ai use vector image.
    2. Does my background needs to be black
    3. my shirt design consist of a small club logo and team name, how big will the image lose quality, i would like to know the recommended image size.


  76. I have a sincere question. What all you did here in photoshop, is it possible to do in procreate(ipad)? I only have procreate in my hand and I want to design t-shirts.

    1. @Charley Pangus Yes but what about adding sufficient value to the image isn’t it necessary? Can I just put free stock pictures on Tees without changing anything?

  77. Everytime I try to merge the grunge background pic with the NewYork pic it doesn’t merge, instead it just makes a copy of the New York pic.. plz help!!!

  78. Hey Charley – I appreciate the video but I have a question. I have a png transparent image of the tape but the background is showing how do you get rid of it? I even tried the one you have and not only is the background showing but it won’t let me delete the pink logo from the image. Can you help??

    1. You know you can get it for free. Watch “how to get photoshop cs6 or cc for free”. It doesn’t have any virus and it’s safe. You simply pirate it which isn’t the best option but if you can’t afford it,you don’t have another option.

  79. Anyone know why he converted the grudge background into a smart object and then rasterized it? Won’t that make the image blur if you shrink it and then make it big again?

  80. when you print it on a shirt… does the black background get onto the shirt? lol, what if i wanted a white shirt, or a grey shirt, or a pink shirt

    1. Just delete the black background layer, click export, choose png, and check the box “transparancy”; There you go 😉

  81. This is the best tutorial I’ve found thus far trying to build my own t-shirt brand very simple straight to the point I guess I don’t need illustrator

    1. Balein Studio i can’t figure out how to do it even as i’m watching the video, has a recent update made the technique for forcing photos different?

  82. Dude please help me am on windows the problem is i don’t know the equivalent in windows of the option button thatt you have used to grab the new York city image into the background grunge image! i noticed you have a MAC please dude help me!!!

    1. Merge all the layers but the backgrounds, copy the new merged layer and paste it on a t shirt image. Use the Transforms tool to fit it on the shirt. done ( very simplified way of doing it, to make it look real is a lot harder and cant be typed out in a comment)

  83. This is great! I’m an art student and I love to design shirts/stickers in my free time. I use photoshop a lot, and I learned some new stuff so thanks!

    1. @That GUY Me I have a redbubble shop called KatsZen. I don’t make very much money, however I don’t update my shop as much as I could.

  84. this was dope video i actually designed a tshir similar to this but i didnt use the grundge effect wish i did it would of added to the design

  85. I don’t understand im really new to photoshop so a-lot of things said I didn’t know what to do like the layer style how do I hold an option. And the ground image don’t know how to resize it … please help me .

    1. For mac users, some of the keys have different names
      Option = Alt
      Command = Control
      Not sure if there’s more. Your keyboard probably has an alt key instead of an option key. Hold that.

  86. what did you click for you to be able to free transform the first layer im having trouble re sizing images like that

  87. i enjoyed the video.. thanks for sharing keep up the good work.. really appreciate you showing us these things and helping me improve my work thanks a lot… hope all is well..

  88. Hi first of all thank you very much for helpfull video…But i have some questions…I am a newbie designer wannabe and i can do some nice designs but i dont know how to share with in professionall necessaries my works ? What clients will ask for ? For example Size ? File Formats and How we will be sure it can be printable etc please make a video and inform me about it or just answer me…Thank you very much from now Charley

  89. Dope tutorial…I am familiar with photoshop and watching this helped with inspiration to try new things and think more outside the box….preciate you and your channel!

  90. I have been designing my own shirts for years, and I take it very seriously and treat it with extraordinary care. However, I suck at marketing, and have never even sold a single design. (I just make them for myself.)
    Any tips on getting around this? It’s pretty much like a second job to me but I have never made a penny doing it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  91. 6:38 when I click the photo while holding option, I don’t see the “box and downward” pointing symbol you have, I’m seeing it at all.
    not sure how to force the photo into the grunge background.

    1. @Antony Ekirapa please dude do you have an idea of what is the equivalent of the option button in windows i noticed that @charley pangus used a MAC so am confuse about witch button or command i must use

  92. Hi Charley ; in another of your documents published jul31,2017 you precised to set to CMYK for printing Tshirts etc ; and here in this video you choose RGB color for the color mode !!! Thanks to clarify ; as it is confusing .
    However i’am a great follower ; and thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

    1. I am assuming he is doing this simply for mocking purposes. CMYK would be ideal for dtg printing. RGB is usually only for digital applications (monitor, phone, tablet, web, etc)

  93. I’m new to illustrator and I’m having problems with the eraser tool. the eraser tool leaves a black outline shape and I don’t know how to fix this. any Idea why this is happening?

    1. In Illustrator, the eraser doesn’t work as in other software as Photoshop. Think that Illustrator is made to work with vectors, so what eraser does is CHANGE the shape you created by deleting a part of it. So, for example, if you have a square and you try to delete with the eraser one of the corners, it wont get rid of the outline the square has on that corner, since you’re not deleting it but changing its shape, so this new shape will generate the outline around it.

      I hope you understood ^^

  94. hello Charley …nice video as always …why dont you make challenges for us and show the winners designs …just for fun

  95. Simple, and Cool ! That is what is all about. great video Charlie, keep ’em coming….would love to see it on DTG printing, i hope there will be that type of videos also. Keep up the good work.

  96. I use printful to print. When I set my PPI to 300 it says the DPI is 100. So, I took it into AI and set the DPI and it worked. But not sure if this is the right way. How do I get the DPI and PPI to match?

    1. @Charley Pangus You Welcomed Me Thanks Charley Pangus, My Man Can You Help To Tell Me What You Know About The Business Of Designing T-shirts. inspire Me My Man Charley Pangus.

  97. Did you do a Street Dwellers preview there on the document set up????? lol I love tut though, excellent work as always!

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