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  2. How to I make images appear?Like in google slides it’s “add animation ” but i can’t figure it out on Canva. I want a picture to appear when I click the space. Thanks!

    1. Hey! That’s a great question. I am not sure if Canva has that capability. They do have the animate feature and you can set a timer. That might help!

  3. Hi Nancy! I just discovered you last night and subscribed immediately! I am a true beginner, so please keep doing these great tutorials. I have a question for you…I couldn’t find the answer on Canva. Am I free to use the free clip art and designs in canva for items I may sell in the future?

    1. Hey! Welcome to the channel. Yes, some you can. I wound make sure to read the use of terms it gives you the do and donts. 😀

  4. Extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing. I ran across something similar called Snappa, are you familiar with it?

  5. I am no longer interested to see any other tutorial without yours…..trust me…your videos are sooo on point and so helpful…I take your advice and start using pinterest….now I get 50% visit from pinterest to my etsy account…..
    Love you and bless you…..

  6. Your videos are great thank you so much, Do you have a video where you tell us what sizes can we use or are the mos common to sell please 🙂

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