1. This was an amazing video. Even though, I have been using Canva for a while, I learned new things from your video. Thank you!

  2. To Seb i am new subscriber and i like your videos about the canva and i wanted to ask you quick question. I was trying to use different size words on the same line, i wanted to select a word on the line just one word and make it bigger size then the others first it was working and now i don’t know what happen it ain’t working. Hope you help your brother out

  3. Great great great!! Many thanks to you!! How do you safe/download the design you just created here that the video plays?

  4. Hey Seb, Great video as usual.
    Can you do a video on the Canva app? For some reason, I just can’t get the hang of it and always end up having to log into the main site on my laptop when I want to create or edit anything. Thanks!

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