How To Use Canva – Tutorial!

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using or Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design.

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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


    1. I want to use canva to made a photo larger to post as a cover photo on offer up. I think that involves making the resolution bigger? How do I go about making a bigger photo?

    2. Hi, I’ve tried to do the download for transparency of an imported photo but cannot get it to work. What am I missing?

  1. I don’t like it that if you use canva to make a video and then you want to post it to social media, they make you agree to: If I make a video on Canva and then post it on my twitter account, it has my permission to: Canva can see tweets from my timeline, including protected ones as well as my lists and collections, see my profile info and account settings, see accounts I follow, mute and block, follow and unfollow accounts for me, update my profile and account settings, post and delete tweets for me, and engage with tweets posted by others including like, unlike, reply to a tweet, retweet for me, create, manage and delete lists and collections for me and mute, block and report accounts for me.

  2. Hey dude. I liked the video. You have to put out more work. Your picture most def is like Oli Mueller. His stuff really reminds me of Draw with Jazza mixed with a bit of Andy Warhol. He is the sickest graphic designer in the world and he always goes off in every drawing.

    Go see his YT out and give the painter a subscribe! 👉 #OliMueller

  3. Great tutorial… Is there a way to change the color of an uploaded image. Ex the Instagram glyph is colored, but I want it to be just white or just one of my custom colors… same goes for my logo, it has sort of a gradient, and for putting it on colored backgrounds I want to create a white only version. TIA

  4. I can tell this is a good tutorial, but it sure does move fast! Love the ability to freeze, rewind, and rewatch. Thanks!

  5. Can I please ask what version of canva is this or perhaps give me the link so I can download it
    Thank you so much

  6. I have made a newsletter in Canva. How do I now send it to a few email ids? I need to send the design on email to close to 50 ppl. I am using my laptop to do this

  7. Currently using this app, it really works in terms of Making Presentations, Social media posts, Logos for my clients and Even YouTube videos. Is this app available globally or only limited countries?

  8. This video did so well on your channel but its what over 4 years old, why don’t you create a updated version of it? 💡

  9. Can you tell me how a 15 digit password made up of characters I can’t even remember is “common” and “easy to guess”?

    I’ll wait..

  10. Hi Marley Thankyou so much for this simple but informative tutorial! You know at the end you created the transparent shape with “I love social media!” , when I save these pngs can I edit the text to use in different posts please?

  11. Hello Marley…..thanks a bunch!!! I am a total novice and just starting using Canva Design Website (a couple days ago) in learning to become a Freelance Virtual Assistant in the near future. Thanks for your helpful tutorial. Please be safe in your hometown. 🙂

  12. Hi Marley, very informative tutorial. I have a question. I have designed a greeting card fr my friend and downloaded it as mp4 video because it had some background music as well. Before sending it to my friend, I tried to check it and sent it t my brother on his apple phone. He said he couldn’t view it. On the other hand, I can see it on my android. Do you think there is any specific reason for that?

    1. Hi, Laila. Thanks for watching my video. Try reaching out to Canva customer support. They’d be much better at giving you advice on this.

  13. Hey great video. Helped me out a lot. Thanks.🙏 By the way the link to your Facebook is wrong in the description, just wanted to let you know so you can fix it. Just followed you on Instagram though. 💜

  14. I would like to suggest that you make your pointer larger and be more deliberate in where you put it. I would also suggest you find a way to modulate your voice as it lacks consistency throughout the recording. Thank you!

    1. I’d like to know how Canva works for a facebook ; banner or other SM; I’ve tried-but still feel clueless!

  15. Too fast. Slow down if you really want to engage your audience. Not everyone moves at warp speed. Try, again.

  16. Hey 👋🏼 – I’m struggling to find how to shorten the page duration when doing a video with still pictures? Each page is set to 6 seconds at the moment.

  17. beautiful girl. I will be design my eco friendly flyer. How can we save it as PDF for printing?is this better than WORD?

    1. When you save your designs you can select how you’d like to save it. So JPEG, PDF etc. Canva has a great article on their website on how you can do this.

  18. Thank you Marley for this tutorial. Very helpful. I recently subscribed CANVA the free version, worked on my class yearbook for my students, paid $2 and downloaded. But it could not be found anywhere on my device which I used for the download. What could be the issue do you know?

  19. What if I already have a word doc or pdf done how do I put it in Canva so it looks the way it is? And will that new page be printable the the ebook buyer? Or would I have to recreate it word for word?

  20. Marley Hello .Your tutorials are great and inspiring .Can I ask you 2 questions about uploading photos.
    1- Is there a low res and high res of pictures kept in your up loads or if you directly drag pics across from your photoshop file uploads

    2 My pictures can sometimes be soft or out of focus due to low res images .What is the best way to maintain quality for up loading to Instagram without causing your site to lag or not load instantly when being viewed.(I’ve noted some peoples stories don’t load immediatelyon In.
    the screen is blank )

  21. Thank you so much dear, u shared in such a wonderful way, I wish to learn about Social Media marketing how ?can u give me any of your video or links related to that?
    Stay blessed

  22. Hi Marley, could you tell me if the transparent image can be made on Canva using a photo? You used a star in your demo, but if you have a photo (say the photo of you sitting on a chair) can you use Canva on this to make it transparent?
    Thank you so much for the tutorial, it’s so helpful.

  23. Very well explained, thanks for that. I think you have sound issues, unless it was my headphone. Please stay safe. Regards.

    1. I found a very good software that creates stunning ebooks in minutes you can download this software over here

  24. Very good explanation of How To Use Canva. I am just starting off with this new software and needed a tutorial. Thank You!

  25. Marley, Canva doesn’t allow me to save my flyers in a new folder. It moves my design to another folder. It’s so frustrating. I’ve tried this on Firefox and on Chrome, but I’ve been at this for 2 weeks. Am I doing something wrong? Some of my files don’t even show up on Chrome! Please help, Romy

  26. i am using canva and it really helps me in making my thumbnails considering that i don’t have experience in raphic designing. it is very easy to use i swear.

  27. HI Marley, love your review – awesome work. We have and I was watching this and wondering why you did not mention us but guessing you have not come across us yet so thought I would drop you a personal note from me, the co-founder. We have 10 million users and a lot of the things you have to pay for in Canva are free on Desygner across the web and the apps including millions of photos and 1000’s of templates. We are also about to launch a full PDF editor in the next couple of weeks to import PDFs from anywhere 😉 Would love you to review that in the coming weeks when it is ready. And perhaps even do a comparison so we can see what you would like to improve?

  28. Hello! can you bring your own fundal picture and to adjust it? I want to make my wedding invitation in it. Please let me know.

  29. Does anyone have problems with canva answering your emails, in trying to solve a problem?..I am brand new to it, and had taken the 30 day free trial, on Jan. 16, 2020, so I have until Feb., 20…I have been successfully designing, and uploading to Placeit, then keeping them on file until I join Tee Spring and Red Bubble this month..However, on the 6th, when attempting to download a new design I got a drop down telling me there was a problem with my account..I emailed them (got notification that they received it) telling them I do not yet have an account..I’m on the 30 day free trial..I’ve since tried again, but nothing..Any help would be appreciated.

  30. Thank you so much I had no idea how to do this or I would do it and it would be too small but this is just the right size thank you so much!!

  31. Marley, I uploaded my logo and it has the white square around it but I could not figure out how to get the square off. Perhaps you could tell me what I am doing wrong?

  32. Very helpful Canva tutorial for this beginner! I love your desk/table set up – any sources you can share? Thanks!

  33. Thanks. I have been using canva for some months now and still learning so many awesome parts of it. This was very helpful and informative.

  34. PsA- canva got hacked and usernames/ emails have been leaked on Dark web seller posts Nov 9th 2019. Check your security and change password and security info for both your canva and person email you used for it.

  35. Hello! I am a high school teacher and use Canva for all of my flyers I create at school. I was watching your tutorial and was wondering if the transparent feature is on your paid account? I didn’t know you could create an image without a background!

  36. Hi Marley, I need a canva 101 class. Do you offer that? I need ability to use my workout photos to make social media content and my logo etc…

    1. Hi Julie – I don’t currently offer that, but I have a few videos on my channel that are all about Canva! If you head to my channel and type “Canva” in the search bar, they should come up!

  37. Hello Marley. A very helpful video. I was wondering if it is possible to trim a song and add it to a Canava video. Thank you in advance

  38. I just want to change my YouTube banner using my painting from my photos. Can’t find out why it won’t work . I downloaded Canva pixel lab picsart and imgur no luck

  39. Hello Marley,

    Thank you for your video. I am beginner and wanted to help my dad for his new coffee shop business.
    Is it possible that I upload a photo and manipulate the background for let’s say, a black color.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. you can change the background of the whole project, but I don’t think there an option to manipulate the background withing the picture.

  40. Just updated all my thumbnails using canva, ended up getting almost 30 subscribers and a few hundred extra views. FYI: I’m super new to making videos and only have 7 up lol so anything I get is very exciting! I dont think many people read these but any feedback on my thumbnails would be appreciated!

    1. @Marley Jaxx thanks a lot! I’ve been meaning to upgrade one more because I’m guessing it’s the reason it has the least amount of views of my videos..

  41. Too good Marley nice to understand Canva for a naive person like me . Thanks a ton . you are awesome teacher ….

    1. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. You’ll see you’ll get better and better at using Canva 🙂

  42. Marley, thanks for this video. It was quick but informative. It gave me the confidence I can too use this tool for my business. I will be following you!!

  43. I’ve been using the free version of Canva for years and believe it to be one of the best free options out there when it comes to creating your own graphic designs. In these videos, you’ll learn how to create almost any type of graphic design for free and watch over my shoulder as I create an infographic and eCover using Canvahere is your traning right on this link

  44. What do you do about the text boxes jumping up the page when you download Marley? I’ve had this from when they launched and they haven’t fixed it. Happens about 25% of the time.

  45. How do you use a design you’ve already created, and copy it into a label or other kind of design without starting over?

  46. Great tutorial on using Canva, Marley! 🙌
    I just released a video on my new Chrome Extension for Canva that makes it very easy to create 1 design and scale it with as many variations as you like and automate the download process. 🙂

  47. so when you upgrade to the paid version, can you use their icons, drawings, element, etc. in your youtube videos? Or is that crossing legal boundaries?

  48. OMG Transparent tool!! That’s what I was looking for but didn’t know what that was exactly. THANKS SO SO MUCH!!
    oh…it’s a paid service. Anyhoo, thanks for the tip!! :))

  49. Thanks, Marley. This reminds me what I have at hand in my Canva subscription. I’m feeling newly empowered, which has caused me to subscribe. Your teaching is well organized and articulate. Very clear.

  50. Thank you! Love your vids! They’re fast paced for folks who might be beginners with brains. A potential client asked me about Canva recently and – embarrassingly – I had never heard of it (I’m rejoining the workforce after an extended absence). Your intro makes me excited to give it a go. Thanks.

  51. I use the free version of canva. Can u pls suggest how to add designs to the folder? Somehow i can make the folder, but am unable to add designs to it.

    1. Go into ‘All your designs’ and click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the design. There should be a drop down menu with the option ‘Move to folder’. From there, you can move that design to the folder of your choice 🙂 Hope that helps!

  52. Hi How are you i love your tutorials on canva it has helped me learn allot in just a few minutes because i just had started working at home as an administrative assistant and I am in the training process thanks allot God Bless

  53. Canva! OMG you have to be kidding, I tried their search, it didn’t work well, do they really think I am going to look through thousands of pages to find the pic I want? Waste of time!

  54. It is awesome,
    I just create some banners, I can’t believe my self, because I finished a banner within 5 minutes..
    My creation-

    1. Hi, Zana. I personally prefer Canva as it has deeper customizable options than Spark. I like the option to have custom image dimensions on Canva rather than a pre-set resize option on Spark’s templates. I also like the little details on Canva, like the Undo/Redo option and the ability to upload multiple images for a single project. I hope this helps!

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  56. Do you have a video showing how I can place my logo on top of a photo. I.e. a logo with a transparent background. Also what kind of file do I need from a Fiverr Logo gig to be able to do this ?  Thank-you.

  57. Bro I want to make a long infographic. I have made it but it is in multiple pages. How can I join them? Thanks

    1. In canva you can design multiple pages in one project. Or if you have multiple PDFs use a site like

  58. I’m an active user of Photoshop elements, and iv used it to make several Facebook banners. do you prefer Canva over Photoshop or do you use them to complement each other?

  59. Question: I am creating my own product line. Do you know if I can use one of the pics on Canva as the label on my products?

  60. This video is one of the best I have ever watched here on YouTube. You are amazing mate! If you need help with your designing skills or an eye-catching book cover design, here is your guy👉

  61. Hi Marley! Your video was the first and only one I watched to start using Canva successfully right away! Thank you so much! Since then I have made a lot of super appealing worksheets for my language classes. However, I seem to be running into a problem of getting sides of my worksheets cut off when I print them :(. I use a flyer format. People say to use power point instead but I am so in love with Canva. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you!

    1. YouTube thumbnail dimension is a 1280×720 pixel. You can create a design in Canva using a custom dimension, or you can use their pre-made sizes too. 🙂

  62. Thankyou 🙂 Very Helpful !! Never knew Canva could create a transparent Image.

  63. Very helpful and easy to follow tutorial. Ive been struggling with categorising my uploads though- I have put my competed images into folders but dont know how to do this for uploads of the left side?

    1. If you create a new design and go into your categorized folders, you’ll see an option to upload images in that folder. I hope this helps. 🙂

    1. There’s a shape element oval under the elements folder. If you can’t find one you can also search in the search bar “oval”. It might give you tons of choices. 😊

  64. As a designer, at first I really resisted using Canva but that’s because I felt like you should use other tools over one like this. But that’s the advantage really of using Canva…anyone can use it! Now I steer all my clients towards it because it’s easy and accessible for everyone. Love that you mention that you don’t have to be a designer. Kinda bummed that the folders aren’t available for the free version, though.

    1. Yes, if you want to create something that doesn’t require you to be a designer Canva can help you with that. 🙂

  65. Hey Marley I have a question I need help making a collage for my business I know you make this video on how to use canva I just need help to promote

  66. Hi Marley, just want to thank you for this video it has helped me so much. You are amazing at explaining in easy steps. Thank you once again.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Anne! I really love helping and teaching others. I’m happy I am able to help you. 🙂

  67. hello there , your video was awesome … I have a simple question can I use presentations or animated videos from canva on my youtube channel and monetize my videos , are there issues with copyright strikes on anything ? I hope to get a reply from you 🙂 stay blessed .

    1. Marley Baird Media ohhhh thanks for your reply and giving me the answer.. yes I get it now….also if we make presentation in canva and then apply animation in PowerPoint coz there is no animation option in canva… will it be fine..?

  68. Just subbed! Im so happy to see your channel, I think more everyday people are searing for design and media resources. 👍

  69. Hi Marley I need to make a video or slide show of 3 pictures that I want to use on a Facebook add. How do I do this.?

  70. This is a great video BUT, I have for TWO HOURS been trying to find a way to change the LAYOUT for my YouTube thumbnail image by using MY OWN image and NOT the ones provided WITH the free layouts. Is that possible? (Sigh!!) For example, i don’t want to upload an image then just add my text (or title) for my video and just have a plain title on my photo! How do I maybe add a box around my title or just anything to make it look good and not boring! There’s many layouts where I can put my text on the left of thumbnail and my image I choose on the right in layouts. However, if I click on a free layout designed with text on left and an image on right, the layout has its OWN IMAGE and will REPLACE my image with THEIRS! I want to use MY own image yet create a nice layout!!! Can you HELP ME! EVERY video I watch here so far for layouts, you all CHOOSE canvas layout with the image THEY HAVE – No one has shown how to make different layouts using your OWN uploaded images. I’m losing hope I can do this with my own image!!! Any advice will greatly HELP ME!!! Thanks a million!

  71. Thank you so much, this tutorial was so helpful.i have a few questions
    – How can I know if my products have been used and how can I receive/make money out of that ?
    – Can I upload a PSD file or should everything be done using canva?

    Thank you once again <3

  72. This appears to be a demonstration of the paid version, she doesn’t say it, but I am on canva as I am watching her. I am on the free version it doesn’t provide any of this. Free is extremely limited.Cool..It is a nice site.

    1. I actually mention right in the first minute the difference between free and paid. The only difference I’ve really needed to upgrade to the paid version for was for making images with a transparent background, but otherwise you have all the templates, images, shapes, etc!

  73. Greetings Marley. I have 2 question

    1. I created a new Pinterest template in Canva
    2. I then go to Elements and then Frames
    3. I drag one of the frame unto the white Layout
    4. How can I get the Frame to snap into place and cover 100% of the Layout?

    How can I set the background color within Frame ? I’d like to make it all white for example.

    Thank you

  74. Hi Marley, Thank you for your informative tutorial, very helpful!Just with transparent images if I upload my very own JPG image but it already has a white background, can I remove that white background?  Appreciate your input. Thank you . Sarah

    1. I’m stuck on this too. How do you create a transparent image like you had of yourself? I can’t find it anywhere online. Thanks!

  75. Hello, how can I create an invitation to a makeup party and have it be double sided ? I am able to make the front but not sure if I am adding a second invitation when clicking the + or really making it double sided ? Have only downloaded the app on iPhone .Thanks !

  76. I know your busy I still need help designing a design for my business and how can I fix the background on a logo I made from somewhere else with white box around it

  77. It’s embarressing how much I’ve struggled with Canva, but uou make it look easy breezy, Marley. I’m going to give it a nother shot!

    1. Not currently – at the moment Canva only does images, not video so we can’t add music… yet! Maybe it will be added in the future.

  78. hmm everytime I try to put another image on top of the background the background keeps on being replaced with a different image? What do I do?>

    1. Logos are a bit more extensive to create and a lot of factors go into it but you could start with picking a font, colours, and an icon!

  79. I saw someone on a video doing freeform resizing in canva and I cannot remember the trick for doing that. Everything I try to resize just scales and I cant figure it out. What’s the trick?

    1. Were you able to figure out the secret to make an uploaded image wider or oblong? I’ve been messing around with this for 2 days.

    2. Marley Baird Media That’s not what I mean. I mean resize and image within the project but not have the scale fixed. If I want to make something more oblong or wider than the original format.

    3. Do you mean to resize the canva image? If you click file on the top left you can choose dimensions or a template for size!

  80. I’m just getting into editing and all this with no background in Knowing what I’m doing lol so thanks for this video it helps so much super simple to fallow 💖

  81. For beginners, like me, you went way too fast explaining. Almost like too much info at once, too. I know you know where to click click click. Then there are those of us who have a hard time grasping technology. One step at a time with clearer visuals. I couldn’t take notes to keep up with you, lol. But it is a lovely video. I wish I was more adept with computers. Unfortunately, this just got me confused and flustered. Thank you for sharing, though! 🙂

    1. You just have to play around with it, its the only way anyone learns on these platforms. We spend hours and hours and hours fiddling around with it until we discover how it all works and then it just becomes a habit, And just like any habit, it becomes easier.

    2. me too what I have trouble with is getting what I created on Canva over to other sites like Poshmark using it as a background for my covershot on Poshmark.

  82. Hello, thanks for sharing your knowledge about Canva. I just started using it and your tips were very helpful. One question, I designed a flyer using a Canva template called “Real Estate” I gave it a new name. However, when I upload to FaceBook, it shows the name as Real Estate LOL Women’s Conference. Is there any way to change the name? I tried to rename it that didn’t work.

    1. Marley Baird Media – Thanks for your response. So what I experienced in Canva, is when you use a template such as “real estate,” I’m having trouble deleting the template name. I understand how to give it a new file name, but when I uploaded it to social Media it keeps the “real estate” title and then my file name. Hope this makes sense.

    2. +Doris Young is it the name of the file is called real estate? You can edit the name of the file either in canva or in your documents before you upload it! I hope that helps!

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  83. Thanks for your encouragement, I’m new to this and just starting out to volunteer with a NFP (not for profit) Sewing Guild. This is amazing and I can see how useful it will be, especially as you can “team” with other members. Can you suggest a Facebook etiquette “go to” I usually only upload my own information but now it has to be on the guilds Facebook and we have to work as a team

  84. Hi Marley! You showed in your tutorial how to make a transparent with a shape you chose from Canva….Can you do the same thing with things like…my logo to the left and product bottles, etc. ???

  85. hello, I have never seen your channel, like this tutorial, sorry, I mean I loved it, I’m subscribing right now! could you maybe check out my thumbnails, I’m making all my vids have thumbnails now, this helped me so I just know what I’m doing thanks!

    1. Cool! Enjoy doing your YouTube Art on Canva, Martine! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter, Facebook, or here on YouTube. 🙂

  86. Thanks for this! I’m terrible at the graphic design side of things, so this should definitely help me out 🙂

  87. Thank you for this tutorial! I found this very helpful. I love my business and I want to learn every way possible to make it successful. I to began to panic after setting up my fb business page. But like you said one step at a time. I’m looking forward to watching more videos!

    1. Hi, Selena! Glad that it helped you! Yes, one step at a time and you’ll be surprised. Best of luck to you and your business. 🙂

  88. Hello Marley
    I followed your instruction to create a transparent shape unfortunately it didn’t work. My background is showing up black. Very weird. And I was sure to click transparent background. I am using the paid version of Canva.
    I have used Canva before and I love it. But this isn’t working. Please help

    1. Hi Connie!! Glad we were able to connect about this on Facebook – did you hear back from Canva to see if it was a glitch or anything?

  89. I love Canva! Great video! I really enjoyed your explanation of the brand tab and how you can save pre-configured colors, fonts and logos. Very helpful!

  90. Thanks so much for making this video! I just started using the free version and I picked ‘Facebook’ design to work with but it’s for my blog that I am editing the picture, question is – the pics that we edit using any design can be used anywhere, for instance, this Facebook design picture, after editing can be used in a blog or even Instagram even though I am editing it using the Facebook design template?

    1. Hey there! Absolutely the pics can be used anywhere, and once the design is finished you can also click File > change dimensions or File > magic resize to make it in other sizes for other platforms!

  91. I am making a book, making pages on Canva. Once I type something on a page, I don’t know how to make corrections in the wording. Also, the page shows up as 17%, but when I make it a bigger percentage, it is off the screen.

    1. Thanks, Marley, I figured it out. Now, can I tint a document of words on a page after I upload it? I want the document to look like it has a sepia background.

    2. Hi Jeannie, are you typing right in Canva? It should be just like any word processing program that you can go back and delete, edit, etc. Maybe try to restart your browser, let me know if that helps!

  92. Thank you so much for helping me out. I was trying to figure out how to make thumbnails for my YouTube channel. I just Subscribed to your channel. Can’t wait to learn some more stuff on your channel.

  93. Hey Marley, Great video, very informative, do you think you can explain how exactly can you get a business logo downloaded and upload it to Canva??

    Thank you in advance =)

    1. Hey Jahsiah, if you already have your logo created you can upload it into canva by clicking upload or even drag and drop the file into canva!

  94. I got a business card set up and Designed, but everytime I want to print it, It looks blurry. And my pic is on PDG

  95. Great video thanks – really helpful, especially as I am so new to Canva. I love that you get straight to the point, and that you move at a quick pace but jam packed with info. You are very easy to follow – no messing about! I am self employed and learn everything I need for my businesses from YouTube. Oftentimes I find the pace of tutorials to be slow and I end up trying to skip bits to move it along a bit. It’s really refreshing – thanks! I will be following lots 🙂

  96. Hi are you using the premium version here, as it seems different to the version I have for example I don’t seem to have as many options on my canva

  97. TY Marley Baird, been using photoshop and GIMP for years and found this confusing lol, before your video.  Just  a different set of tools.   You answered most of my questions in this quick tutorial I appreciate it!

    1. Hi! You can either use photoshop to remove the background from your picture or there are also paid programs online – one of my favorites is – I think I pay $5/month for it

  98. I’ve been on so many channels On YouTube . Thank you so clear and precise. Now I can go ahead and do my flyers .

    1. +Fortune Fortune totally! One step at a time and take advantage of videos like these to help you map out your strategy and be less overwhelmed by knowing what tools you can use 🙂

    2. As I’m new at the whole social media and starting business it was so helpful . Starting out it does get a bit overwhelming and one start procrastinating due to lack of experience and capital to hire someone. Thank you so much I’ll go through all your videos and check out more videos to help . E.g. Editing video on mac and what software to use .

      Thank you .

      God bless

  99. well done Marley! Just the facts while demonstrating how, I wish everyone had your skill at getting to the point!
    I’m your new #1 fan

    1. This is such great encouragement for me to keep creating these videos to provide value. You have really touched my heart, thank you!

    2. No seriously, THANK YOU! it’s such a huge time sink when you have a very specific objective and you’re stuck trying to skim through 60-70% yada yada fluff! I often wonder why these other people don’t just “do it” and skip all the narrative?
      You’re VERY good at passing on valuable information in a succinct, meaningful manner! I see big things in your teaching future if you choose to go that path. Skillshare, Pluralsight, Udemy,, You should consider! Not just anyone can do this stuff…
      and you’re really pretty 😉

    1. +isabella cairess Favaro thanks for the compliment! I actually don’t whiten my teeth at all but I used to be a dental hygienist 🙂

  100. Thanks Marley! This is perfect! I’m going to refer my clients to your video, so they can learn how to make their own custom cover for the planners I sell.

    1. +Evelyn Onbas I really like using – super easy to make transparent images. It’s a paid program, but well priced!

  101. Thank you very much for this Tutorial, very nice 😉 I learnt a lot in 10 minutes. And Best regards from Germany / Berlin, from Alireza, the Storyteller 😉

  102. Amazing video! I just started using Canva few days ago. I used to use Pic Monkey, but Canva seems to be wayyy easier! 😘

    1. +Sabrina Pack figuring out how to make the transparent images was the thing that was so important for me! Had to share the knowledge!

  103. I am so OLD school–you can no doubt tell that by my little photo there. I really want to learn this–looks to be so much quicker, would save me a lot of time. thanks for this tutorial!

  104. I absolutely love the value your videos have provided!!! Thank you & please keep up all the amazing supportive work… <3

    1. +Melissa Badine thank you so much, the encouragement is so fulfilling to hear. Can’t wait to give you more value every week!

  105. Thank you Marley I needed to make a poster that had a bit of a WOW factor. Now I can do it.

  106. Hey Marley, just a quick question where do you get your lovely background picture for the tutorial? was it canva as well?Thanks, Claire

    1. +Love to Style Hi!! Yes I made it in canva! There is a template for “youtube thumbnail” so you have the exact dimensions you need! 🙂

  107. Super useful Marley. It’s the first time I go to Canva. It would be good to get more tutorial from you on it 🙂

    1. Hi Marley as a facebook post. Should I have created it as an ad? if so is it easy to reuse the picture I bought and set it up as an ad? I don’t see in the free version a way of filing the posts I’m doing like you did show in your video 🙁 Sorry to be a pain. Claire

    2. Hi Marley, I created my first Canva Facebook post but because I couldn’t create a link to my opt in page I feel really disappointed. How do people do it? Thanks for your help. Claire

    3. +Love to Style thanks for watching! If there’s anything specific you would like more instruction on with canva I’d be happy to make a video! Let me know! 🙂

  108. Hi Marley. I really enjoyed your video. Quick question. I am using the free version of Canva and used a not free image. I am willing to pay for it but want to know what’s the best way to download or save the logo? Thanks!

    1. +Addy R I Hi!! Thanks for watching! 🙂
      If you used a stock image, you’ll have to pay for it, and I’d recommend downloading it as a png, they’re always the highest quality. If you want it with a transparent background it will have to be a png and make sure to check off “transparent background” before you hit download! I hope that answers your question!

    1. +Team Dolinsky thanks for watching!! And thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to take my time next time. If there is something specific you’d like me to go over I’d be happy to make another video to address any of your questions!

  109. Thank you Marley!! You have been very helpful as I got stuck on setting up a Facebook page, so I put it aside because I didn’t feel quite ready offering services such as Mediumship because I’m just starting. But it has been bothering me not doing it and questioning and doubting myself isn’t helping any. My next problem was I’m a rookie at this and I got so confused when I tried to set up a Facebook page that i literally hit a road block so I let it go and I’m feeling the vibes again and my energy is picking up again and thanks to your Tutorial I think I can do this as a matter of fact , I Can Do This!!!! 🤗 I Got This!!!✨🌟Thankyou again for your help it couldn’t of come at a better time🤗

    1. That makes me so happy Shelly!! So proud of you! I know there is so much to consider when starting your social media pages that it can feel overwhelming, but just one step at a time, you can do this!!! I’m here for you if you have any questions along the way 🙂 Proud of you!!

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