1. Hi Paul, thanks for THE video. I want to ask, It is all THE logo & design on place IT is commerical licences?

  2. HI; question for you-

    I use Printful as my POD partner for my tee shirts. I love the Placeit MOCKUPS…however I am having issues with the finalized MOCKUP will not be accepted by ETSY. ETSY says the size is wrong. Also…using the PLACEIT mockup tee color choices doesn’t match the Printful colors. DO you just choose white every time?? I don’t want to have my customers upset because the colors don’t match.

    thanks!! : )

    1. Hello. I don’t sell merch so I don’t know. Go with basic colours I guess. Just crop your images to keep etsy happy.

  3. Hey Paul, Is it possible to choose the same brand that we are using? FOr example, I will create a Unisex Zip Up Hoodie Gildan 18600, so is it possible to create a mock up with the same model of hoodie?

    1. Sorry I can’t. But just create your design download it and upload to teespring. Should be simple enough and plenty of videos on how to do that.

  4. Hi Paul – can you tell me if it’s possible to just design your own text where you want it on a plain T-shirt on Placeit? I’ve just signed up for a year on but don’t find it very user friendly and I can’t figure out how to just design a T with text on it.

  5. I just started on Placeit and found a design where I wanted to move the text on top of the image, but it remains behind it. Unlike Canva, I see no way of bringing the text forward. I’m hoping your video will tell me. (You did say stop the video and reply, so if you answer that question here, carry on. :^D )

    1. Cool. Sorry what do you mean material? These are picture mockups you’re not getting any products from placeit.

  6. I need to see what i can do for FREE on placeit… why do people only make videos about this site if theyre getting paid for it? Is it that bad???

    1. I’ve been paid $9 so far from Placeit. The membership cost me $90 so I’m not getting paid. People make videos about the paid version as that’s what people usually want to see what they will get when they pay. If you want to check out the free version just go and login and play around with it it’s FREE.

  7. Thank you for sharing this video I learned so much by watching this video and also a way to improve my business.

  8. Thanks for video Paul!
    Can I print my own brand(
    not official) on the inside label in the t-shirt designs I made from place it?

  9. Who do you use for print on demand and how do you connect the two. Do you do the mock up, download it and then send to pod, add to your online store for sale. What does the average shirt sell for?

    1. I use Printful they are great. https://pnuk.co/printful
      You don’t send a mockup to pod you send the logo or whatever they are making for you. No idea on prices, depends on what you are selling, as in do people want what is on the t-shirt.

  10. When I want to create a you tube intro, the label “place it” was still on the video which takes away from my design..If I sign up will the “place it” label still be shown?

  11. I’m interested in getting the Placeit subscription, so I wanted to see a bit more of what you can do with it…especially when it comes to t-shirt design. I was happy to see that you can also do the youtube video intros and outros, which I didn’t know Placeit did, so thanks for showing that too! Very helpful video 🙂

  12. I’m looking for info on saving a placeit creation so I can print it on my Epson sublimation printer… curious how to choose the size of a design I’m wanting to print… thanks

  13. Hello Paul,

    I am looking for a cheap program that I can use for making slide shows out of text. I want to create content but only text-based and then create a slide show out of it. Placeit seems nice but I only see slide shows made from pictures.

    What other programs are out there to help me.

    1. @Nii Nii you can check out Canva (they have a presentation feature that allows you to download the slideshow as a video in mp4 format)

    2. @Paul Nicholson I used Google slides to create a version of PowerPoint presentation but it doesn’t have the “create slideshow” feature to turn it into a video.

      Do you have any suggestions on something else?


    3. Sorry not sure. I’ve used Google Slides that’s really easy. And I think there’s a Linkedin slideshow option.

  14. I was doing a search for Placeit tutorial comparing to Canva. I was hoping the designs could be downloaded without the background. Great video! So far it appears Placeit is more user friendly and it gives you the model for tshirts. Who do you use for your print on demand? Thanks!

    1. Yeah different apps really. Plaecit is for mockups and canva for original designs really although they give you templates. Not like placeit where you can add your design to multiple dynamic images.

  15. My Placeit partner link: https://pnuk.co/placeit
    Chapter Playlist
    0:00 Introduction Say Hello Why Are You Here
    1:38 Placeit Pricing Explained
    3:06 Placeit Walkaround What Is Placeit
    6:00 Create Custom T-Shirt And Mockup Example
    12:04 Video Mockup Examples
    16:45 Examples Where I Have Used Placeit And Conclusion

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