Placeit: T-Shirt Design

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design, or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some products.

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I Come With Peace and Love Pullover Hoodie

Remember Safety – A campaign Safety Officers Slogan T-Shirt

Be Safe Always! – Safety Campaign Slogan Wear T-Shirt

Be Careful Carelessness Can Hurt You – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan Sweatshirt

Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Safety First – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

I’m a Safety Champion – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

Follow Proper Work Procedures Sweatshirt

Safety Is My Goal, What’s Yours? – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

No Racism, No Terrorism, No Islamophobia T-Shirt

Kiss me I’m Pretending To Be Holy Sweatshirt

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Womens Jumpsuit

Simenual Bandage Tie Dye Hollow Out Rompers Women’s Jumpsuit

Simenual Women's Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Women High Waist Fitness Workout Push Up Leggings

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

Women's Casual Large Size Fashion Long sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

New Fashion Women's Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

Please don't forget to share this on your social media platforms and bookmark this website for future tutorials! You can also join us on Telegram at


  1. Lol, no wonder why you were so excited, they reached out to you. Wow this is pretty dam sweet. I might just give it a try. Thanks bud. 👍🏾😊

  2. 3:00 Hello Greg, do you have any idea how to use the different variations available when hovering a t-shirt design template? I don’t really get why they make a variations if they not letting us to use the variations.

  3. I have just created account in teespring account and I was create design on canva and also using an app but I didn’t. Finally I found this video. Thanks for this wonderful and very helpful video. I’ll create all design and upload on teespring. Thanks once again. God bless you.

    1. Wow, thank you so much!! I’m glad you found the video helpful! If you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to ask! All the best 🙂

  4. Thanks 🙂 I signed up for a yearly subscription using your affiliate link, hope it helps out as I really appreciate all the great information you share, thank you.

    1. Thank you! I’m excited for you to get started using it! So much packed into it compared to Canva, I think you’ll love it! As always, if you have any questions as you’re using it just let me know!

    1. After you download the image, you can click downloads in the top right corner, then the dropdown on the design, then resize. I hope that helps!

  5. Hi, thanks for the infos. One question tough. Can the design of the logos and co. really be used within the law on your own shirts to sell?
    It seems obvious since you did a whole video about it, but it surprises me, that PlaceIt gives one so much for so little.

  6. glad I found your channel Greg, all steps and info is explained with details , thanks for sharing your entrepreneur skills and knowlegde

    1. Thank you Jose! I’m happy to hear you have found my videos helpful and easy to understand 👍🏼 I wish you nothing but success along your journey! Thank you for your support 🙂

    1. Wait! It’s actually fine for printing on tshirts! I thought you needed 300dpi but it’s just a ‘recommendation’. I’ve personally been using 72dpi for years after confirming the print quality is great by purchasing samples. I hope you see this before canceling!

  7. How many styles of T-shirts are there? Can I see the styles before getting started? Are hoodies included? What is the fabric content?

    1. Great question! Keep in mind the niche storefront is just to be used in the beginning phases for Teespring to get some of your own sales on your account, to get the Trust Score kickstarted, and all the free marketing started. Once you get a few sales on your Teespring account, you no longer need to use storefronts or Instagram at all and you can just upload all types of designs without niches in mind. Merch by Amazon and RedBubble start doing marketing for you from day 1, so you don’t need to drive your own traffic to get a trust score or anything with them. With that said, I think you really only need 1 niche storefront and 1 niche Instagram page to drive traffic to Teespring, but you can have multiple if you’d like.

  8. Can you clarify PlaceIt vs Canva for commercial POD. I’m just realising some canva elements I’ve used need to be purchased for commercial use. I’m a newby, please explain 🙂

    1. Right on! Glad you started watching them! As always, let me know if you have any questions as you’re going along!

    1. Yes Placeit is for the designing, then I recommend uploading those designs to Teespring, Merch by Amazon, and Redbubble to make money from them.

  9. Hi Greg,
    Your courses and videos have been of great value to us! We can tell you speak from the heart:) We’re new to
    Print On Demand & Affiliate Marketing, but with you leading the way we have no doubt we will be successful over time. Thank you so much for choosing to share your knowledge & experience!

    1. Happy to share it with people like you Mike! Thank you so much for you nice comment & for your support! I will continue to share all the valuable information that I have learned along the way- so keep an eye out! 👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Want to get started. Curious about sizing in order to upload to other platforms that have a size requirement. I think you mentioned Amazon Merch has one. How would I create it initially to meet The requirement so I can upload to multiple platforms?

    1. Great question! For Teespring and Redbubble, you dont need to do anything extra. For Merch by Amazon, click download on the design, then click on downloads in the top right corner, then click the dropdown on the design, then resize. I hope that helps!

  11. So, if everyone is going to be using this, isn’t that going to cause issues with shirts with similar graphics? I’m pretty sure you can’t have the same image as another shirt… so, you’d really have to do some research, correct?

    1. I was thinking about this issue as well. I think that there is a lot of competition, but that’s with everything you do nowadays. Like name something or search it up on Google and someone is already doing it. Finding a good niche is something to reduce that to an extend because there still will be competition. The point is to make something that’s unique, and this won’t come overnight. The majority of people watching this video won’t take action or overtime quit. That being said. If you’re really serious about design, learn graphic design and make your own designs. Takes some time but in the long run I think this will be more succesful. Best of luck! 👌

  12. Hi Greg, hope all is well. Quick question, is your 15% off Placeit promo (using it with an Annual plan) for as long as you keep your account active, or does it expire when the Annual plan renews? I apologize if you’ve already answered this, but I couldn’t find the info. Thanks again. -Ryan

    1. Hey Ryan, I hope all is well. Great question, I should have specified. It’s lifetime 🙂 I hope that helps!

  13. Hi Greg
    Thanks for all this useful content I have started my own POD journey thanks to you. But am stuck somewhere I have some questions is there away I can reach you?

  14. Greg have you ever used smart mockups? I used this in the past for other graphic art work I have done. Any thoughts on this one?

    1. Great question Derek! Yes I have. They are more limited compared to Placeit. You get a lot more for your money by using Placeit. I hope that helps!

    1. Wow- thank you so much! I’m happy to be able to share all of this as well as my excitement with people like you! 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. Ok man I finally watched it, after being on my ads for like three months. Please God make it dissapear now!!

    1. @Greg Gottfried that’s great man. Don’t take it he wrong way it’s a great video but I’m just never going to print T-shirts.

      I appreciate your effort man, just that despite using youtube vanced the ad just kept coming up again and again

    2. Sorry about that Victor! I made a mistake causing this to be shown to people over and over again…! It should be fixed now 🙂

    1. Awesome to hear!! I’m glad you’re able to watch this video as you’re getting started! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions🙂 You got this!! Best of luck to you 👍🏼👍🏼

  16. i used place it design but teespring deactivated it saying content owned by 3rd party. Anyone having same issue? please share – how to fix it?

  17. i just sign up and i try to sell a shirt for 20$,but the profit that i will get is 1$, is that right? on teespring

  18. GREG IS THE MANN!!! I’ve taken all of Investors advise, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make a million. I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress.
    I would love some support/feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  19. Thank you so much this is a massive ga.e changer for my new business. One problem tho, how do i print in reverse for sublimation. Thanks so much

    1. The model mockups are actually just for our own social media and marketing. The pod sites (teespring etc.) dont allow us to upload our own images for safety reasons.

  20. আমি আপনার ভিডিও দেখে লাইক কমেন্ট ও সাবস্ক্রাইব করে বন্ধু বানিয়ে নিলাম আপনি ও আমার ভিডিও দেখে লাইক কমেন্ট করে বন্ধু বানিয়ে নাও🔔🙋🙋💖👈

  21. How does one create social media posts with this Greg? It’s probably obvious to someone with at least one eye and half a brain; however…

  22. This really interesting. I think would also work for tashigi since she always been relying on smoker to get a chance to really be on her own. Oda also madeirpointto show that g5 listen to tashigi and take order from her no problem. She has similar character conflict as smoker but she handle it from the inside of the marine while smoker goes from the outside

  23. HI sir i am free lancer garment designer i am good T.Shirt can you tell me a website link in which i can design i can also create and earning on the marketplace my Company is closed due to knockdown and sitting at home and don,t a job right now send me a video that will make me a source of income

  24. For me.. you got one of the most beautiful face in the show business..then and now….u havent still look the same as you were dear heart time…

  25. Hi Greg i must say your the best online for help in starting a print demand business, i have no trouble coming up with ideas ,but i have trouble with computer skills., so should help me, thx again. dave

  26. hey greg,
    i just wanted to ask that if i use a t-shirt template on placeit to create a shirt and some other person has already used the same template, would that be copyright infringement?

  27. Increíble… Pongo en el buscador “Vicky Dávila habla de Lalis” y me aparece ésta MIEERRRDAAAAAAAA
    YouTube has caído bajo…. Muy bajooooooo 😡😡😡😡

  28. Hi Greg, one question, since these logo templates are so easily accessible, wouldn’t it be easy to encounter copyright issues ?

  29. “your designs” that’s someone else’s design dude…. you pick someones design and make it your own or what? isn’t this copyright?

    1. @Angel I think that if y have all your problems solved and y are just spending time around everything could look bad or a problem

    2. @Greg Gottfried Thanks, but what you did, is okay? you just picked a logo design from placeit and you sold it as your own.
      Aren’t those designs protected, or are they part of the 25$ subscription? That would kinda explain the cost of the subscription.

    3. Thanks for asking about this! If you copy someones design, then yes it is copyright. However, if you look at other peoples designs to get inspiration, and make your own design, then it is yours. I hope that helps clarify! A good rule of thumb is: if it feels wrong, then you are copying.

  30. My experience with teespring has not been positive. Although I do have a large following there are not much sells to be made. Would not recommend.

  31. Thank you Greg, you rock. I did Merch by Amazon for awhile and had a few designs take off. I had 0 design experience, and worked with Gimp (a free graphic design software) but it was not easy to learn. With only 20 designs & quickly ranked up to tier 1000. My highest month was december with over $800 in royalties. nice side gig. You definetly get out what you put in, but the process does take time, and consistency. Joining Place it today, and will do a 30 day trial. If I like it, I’ll end up buying the Yearly option. Looks like a great option for those just starting out designing to get the creative juices flowing, and to learn the Print-on-Demand processes. I’d recommend Udemy and Adobe illustrator for those looking to take design to the next level. – Thanks again Greg, keep up the content, im newly subscribed, and glad i found your channel. Have a great day

    1. This is awesome! Congratulations to you & keep it up! I am so happy you found me as well👍🏼 Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support 🙂

  32. Hello, Thank you Greg for excellent tutorials.
    I need some help. No matter how I try, I can’t publish listings with active pet hoodie. I get errors – Oops, something went wrong! Please try again. The preview of the mockup of the pet hoodie (front or back, never both) is missing and there is the error instead. “can’t generate mockup”.

  33. Hi. I just uploaded a design to TeeSpring. Instead of only showing the t-shirt design in the storefront, it shows all of the products with that same design, i.e. kids tee, coffee mug, tote bag, etc. How do I adjust the listing so that only one of the items with that design is shown in the storefront?

  34. Hi Greg thank you for your videos. I have a question tho, when I design a t-shirt for redbubble on placeit, do you know what the pixel size is because it only shows the size on the mockup models?

    1. Great question! The standard 72ppi that Placeit comes with is perfectly goof for all of POD (model photos and designs). I hope that helps!

  35. WOW!!! Awesome Training Video, DEFINITELY worth the small investment for sure gonna use this site!!!! Thanks man!!! Do you know is that promo code still good today, Aug.2020?

    1. Greg Gottfried
      Thanks. I had a real question. I know you’ll be honest about it. ……. But is this really a lucrative business??

    2. Agreed! Yes sir, it should still be active! I hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions as you’re getting into it!

  36. I’m gonna sell a couple mugs or tees and come back here to use your affiliate link when I buy the pro version. EVERYBODY DO THE SAME PLEASE – SUPPORT THIS GUY FOR HELPING US OUT WITH GREAT ADVICE!

  37. Great stuff, bro!! I stopped halfway through the video, signed up, worked up a few designs and sent them off to a few friends right away. One guy said he’ll buy one…I don’t know if it will be the tee, hoodie or mugs yet – but I don’t care…it’s great to see that the results will capture people’s interest and convert without effort. ..placeit DOES have some great ready-to-go designs, but I switched things up and put my own touch on each. I really like their mockups…

  38. please please Sir Answer My Question, SIR I Love to CREATE YOGA LEGGINGS FOR PRINT ON DEMAND WHAT WEBSITE ARE BEST FOR BEGINNER ? Sir Please Answer Me …. please please

  39. This has probably already been asked, but I was just wondering with so many people doing this, how can you be sure someone hasn’t already added a shirt with the same design you just made? Hope that makes sense. Anyway, Thank you again for all your helpful information. ☺👍👏.

  40. Loving all your advice Greg and well on my way to getting some sales (hopefully soon!) Question on Placeit, once I have created a design and downloaded it is there a way to reuse that created design in placeit to tweak it to make a similar design? i.e. change graphic color, change text, etc.?? I have looked and looked and cannot figure out a way

  41. Hi Greg I have been watching your POD videos like it’s a religion. I am hoping to start my business soon. The only problem is I don’t have a computer my first few hundred in profits will go towards that. I’m not looking to make 10k a month from this I simply want to supplement my income with maybe 3-400 dollars a week but I’d be happy with 200 a week from this. Basically what I’m saying is thank you for your videos. They have encouraged me to be better my financial situation.

  42. Is Placeit designs free to use commercially after purchasing their monthly plans? If it is not than how much it cost?

  43. Hi Greg, I signed up to placeit but when I download my own designs they will not work because I cannot change the pix size. could you please help me out with this. Thanks. the newbie


  45. Holy Smoks!! i’m about to venture into a shirt design and this is exactly what I needed to see. This is an amazing service. I’m glad I saw this video. I subscribed to your channel. This is a game changer.

  46. i m getting trouble in publish listing of my desgin ,, nd i dont know why is it happening but the publish listing isnt working even its not shining with red light , which usually is always there

  47. Greg, thanks for all the tips u share with us, I’ve Been wondering Can I still sell the Designs I downloaded from placeit even after my monthly subscription ended or do i have to remove them because the monthly subscription ended? I’m talking about the designs that r already made by the site.. thank u so much

  48. Okay! I don’t know if anyone else can see it or hear it in his tone, but he is very excited to share this tool with all of us. 😀

  49. do you think it’s good if I’m just starting this venture ? or should I go for other unpaid options. I have the money for the subscription but I’m worried it won’t be up to my expectations. Another question i have, you said it’s 25 dollars in the video, yet in the description, it says 15$/month. which is right?

  50. Greg, your doing good work giving back to the community, have one doubt the design what we create and upload in Teeprint,
    1. The rates we mention say 10$, does website will take care of T-shirt , printing cost and our share of income?
    2. Is it possible for you to give all these tutorial starting from designing to the end of the cycle through webinar ?
    3. Please share your e-mail ID to be in touch with you .

  51. Hi Greg, I want to sell to India….I am an indian. Does Teespring or any other sell T-shirts on Mersch dropshipping model in India

  52. Curious about this and other design apps and programs – are there any copyright issues with building off of these preset design templates? Do I need to credit Placeit or Canva in my product description? I am interested in trying out t-shirt design, but I DON’T want to get sued …

  53. Hi Greg. I’ve got two questions. 1. How do I resize to exact Merch standard on Placeit? 2. Is it advisable to make 50 or more similar designs with the only distinctive element in each design being the name of cities?

  54. Hi Greg,
    Is there a way to start out with just a blank template in Placeit like in Canva? I can’t find one and sad to say, the people at the help desk aren’t very helpful when it comes to this. Unfortunately I subscribed to it and I’m wishing I hadn’t. I just wanted to use it for text designs.

  55. Hi Greg, are their color block options? Example: Making the shoulder sleeves black and keeping the rest of the shirt white.

  56. This is all good and well, but how well is this really going to work when everyone just use these tools and the market just gets flooded by similar looking tshirts…

    1. Great question! I thought the same thing until I saw how well they sell. It’s due to the amount of traffic these sites get each month browsing through the designs. Teespring gets about 17 million visitors per month, RedBubble gets about 19 million, and amazon gets about 2 billion. This means plenty of people looking for items to buy 🙂

  57. Greg, I just came across this video and it’s really great. Do you feel like this is still a great way to make t-shirts fast? I know a year has gone by since you posted so I was looking for an update. I just started with t-shirt designs using canva and I love it but my free 30 day trial has ended and I was thinking about paying the $75 for 1 year. Is it worth it for a newbie?

    1. Thanks for asking Mary! Great question! Yes, I still use it to this day.. It’s become my favorite tool by a big lead because of the speed I can make great designs with the templates. Highly recommended! PS, that price is a steal of a deal! If you do get signed up, dont forget about the mockups feature too!

  58. For those designs, its a-ok that we could redesign the picture? Like replace a face of the grim reaper, keeping the cape and font, with a meatball or something?

  59. Hi Greg! I am wondering how do you resize a design in Placeit for Merch by Amazon Requirements (4500px X 5400px)? Is it possible or I should just do it somewhere else?

    1. Great question! Click download on the design, then click on downloads in the top right corner, then click the dropdown on the design, then resize. I hope that helps!

  60. I really appreciate the honest, genuinely excited way you shared this. I followed your link and they are still honoring the discount mentioned in the video. I’m thrilled. Thank you!

  61. Hey Greg! I had a question. If two people were to upload two different designs (different colors and text) but with the same photo (ie the santa on the skis) would they be considered two different designs or would one get taken down for being a duplicate? Thanks!

  62. Gregg I am puzzled. I am interested in using Placeit for t designs. I want to create text only designs. Please advise how I can accomplish this.

  63. When working with the logo option. Is it considered copyright if you just change the wording? I recall you saying in another video about Teespan that you can get a lower rating or something if you copy someone else’s design.

    1. Great question! The mockups are for social media and marketing (the POD sites dont allow us to upload our own images).

  64. Hey Greg! I hope you’re doing well. I had a question. When I posted my first design on redbubble, they showed my design on different models. Can I screenshot those and use them on insta? Or would that be copyright?.

  65. I was hoping more that my designs would take up the the entire tshirt for prints … but in this website only creates a rectangular images in the middle of it

  66. Thanks a ton for the amazing info.
    I am a resident of India,
    My question is that can I start a website having all the links to teespring products/gallery which I made or should I make it an exclusive print on demand site.

  67. Not a bad tool but if you take the subscription cost in mind – broken down per design, factoring in the cost of the actual garment, the time cost of creating my original artwork (at an even discounted rate) and the associated subscription costs of the design software, the website and marketing costs, the costs of the printing software and papers and machinery or if outsourced the printing costs, and finally the logistics/shipping costs you end up with a T-shirt that you would have to list for more than the most desirable and expensive designer brand types that can nowadays be bought at discounted prices in retail around the world! In effect, all the subscription is providing for a designer like me is a mockup library! If you are getting into the t-shirt game with no designs in mind and no design ability (I didn’t know people actually did that) and need all the help you can get, and are willing to pay a premium and hope that the price tag on your finished item doesn’t scare customers away, then this tool is for you.

    I have an established brand that has been trading for more than 20 years to a very focused market with a large following here and abroad and I worked out the viability of using a subscription service like this at this price, with all the costs mentioned above factored in, given that I design my own artwork… and what resulted was a t-shirt that would have to sell for nearly R60.00 excl shipping to make me any profit at all!! No right-minded business person would give up their target market or profit just for the convenience of having a line up of modelled mockups – to take it one step further, we determined that paying a mid-level photographer (let’s face it shooting t-shirt models is not Pulitzer calibre photography) for a half-day shoot of 50 designs, where you have creative control, still works out cheaper than subscribing to a site that limits the shoot to what’s in their library. I don’t want to be the naysayer but its high pricing like this that makes it so incredibly difficult to break into the T-shirt space and make a worthwhile living from it. T-shirts should be a right, they are one of the most effective means of expression and have the power to change lives, but unscrupulous suppliers feed off this opportunity for creatives and effectively dumb it down to random, thoughtless, designer label monopolized industry leaving the real genius creatives voiceless.

    I made it without all the fancy subscriptions save for my software costs but in my day to day design and illustration work the software has paid for itself and is an absolutely vital tool in my trade, preshot modelled mockups at $29 a month is not!

  68. This site is insane with the design tools. I’ve been using Photoshop and it’s taken about 10 hours to get about 10 designs and some are not to the standard I’m completely pleases with or lack a certain punch. The great thing is you can sign up for free (which I have done) and play around until you feel comfortable with paying for something you created. I’m going to take time getting to know this site and will then start smashing it. Now that Covid19 destroyed my job and it’s proving impossible to get a new one it looks like I have all the time to play with this now.

  69. Can we use logos,designs templates downloaded from placeit in other Websites selling T-shirts and other Goods???

  70. I have loved your videos. My question after looking at this latest one is when does the sizing take place. I thought it would happen before it was downloaded

    1. Great question! For Merch By Amazon’s 4500x5400px, Click download on the design, then click on downloads in the top right corner, then click the dropdown on the design, then resize.

  71. Greg really does give quality advice for free. It’s really helping people to to get into this, and unlike the rest, he’s not asking for anything in return. Thanks Greg!..

  72. it’s actually 12.99 a month now with your link and 89.00 a year which is 6.99, i got the year long one. thanks for your video’s Greg

    1. Right on!! That’s such a good deal on the annual plan…It’s practically stealing compared to what the price used to be! I hope you love it and as always if you have any questions as you’re going along just let me know!

  73. hey im having an issue with Merch by amazon, im trying to publish my design but the button is greyed out and I can’t figure out why. any suggestions ?

  74. Thank you so much! I have had your video downloaded several months and only watch it now😅 my joy, your tutorial is so easy to follow! God bless you!

  75. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Actually i am about to start the tshirt business,but my problem is the design part,but i believe that by studying this properly,i would be able to start

  76. @Greg you know what I struggle with? The description text and tags on the print on demand sites. Could you maybe do a video on how to write funky descriptions and use tags that convert? That would be cool.

  77. dude you’re legit the ONLY person on YouTube giving FREE valuable information on making money 🥺💜 love and light from South Africa 🙏🏾💜

  78. Sir please speak in hindi tan after your following is big and understand your language and your plan that’s it place it application
    I hope you understand
    Your faithfully

  79. I signed up with your affiliate link. I’ve made some great designs, but it appears they download at only 72 dpi. Do you know if you can get 300dpi?

    1. Thanks for asking! The 72dpi is standard and they dont offer an up-resolution feature. I’ve personally been using 72dpi on all of my designs for years and confirmed that they print with great quality by ordering samples. No need to do 300dpi if you dont want to spend extra time converting your designs.

  80. Thanks for such a fantastic tip! Just signed up using your affiliate link and can’t wait to create my first design!

  81. Great video Greg,thanks! 2 questions: 1)Can I download designs and logos to my computer from Placeit and create product on POD sites like Teespring? 2) will I have copyright concerns using Placeit Designs and Logos?

  82. Hey Greg- first of all, I LOVE your channel. Thank you for all of the invaluable help and information!!! I had a quick question I was hoping maybe you (or someone in the community) knew how to help with: I’m VERY new to this, and have had a blast playing around with Teespring so far. I’ve made a few simple text designs, but I’ve noticed once I save my designs and push everything so it’s “live”, the placing of the words has changed. Words and lettering are now overlapping or in different spots. Have you ever had this happen? How can I prevent it? Thanks so much again!!!!

  83. Hey Greg, great content. Thank you for all the info and value you provide. Quick question. Do you know of any platforms that will allow us to print on demand on mask 😷?

    Thanks in advance…

  84. Anyone knows how to get good resolution images from Typorama. Teespring is not accepting the images we created in Typorama.

  85. Please explain how does this website helps sell your designs. Does it shares it’s designed products to Amazon and eBay or people buy it from there website only.

    1. Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon all do marketing for us by adding our items to their marketplace (which get millions of views per month), email marketing, retargeting ads, display ads, premium display ads, boosted network marketing, and more. I hope that helps!

  86. Hi Greg,
    If I’m using a site like TeeSpring are designs like these going to lower my trust score or have copyright issues? If someone else on TeeSpring uses the same image with different text won’t there be an issue?

    1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Right now this video is almost at 900k views. So let’s say that 450k use this site, make it onto a shirt and sell it, and I go to the site and pick an image someone else already has, won’t it hurt me instead of help?

      I don’t know though. After watching a few of his videos, it seems like he has a “Throw 1000 things at the wall and one will stick” type of approach. Not sure if I agree with that or not, but hey, if it works it works.

  87. master Greg Gottfried I`m nice to write to you &I`m happy from your perfect and extra content which you make it and I would like to take some tips from you.
    1-Is the Tespring site reliable and safe, and the profit from it is real and reliable for the purpose of earning and profiting from it as a source of income for individuals?
    2-Are on-demand printing websites secure, highly reliable, and can be taken as a primary source of income?
    3-Does all of the above – really give money and payments to designers and send them to their different e-wallets, whether it is Paypal or Pioneer …. Do they really send money and profits to the wallets?

  88. Thanks for the videos, Greg! I just started print on demand this weekend and I scrapped all my “pre-canva” designs once I discovered the free trial. I may have to scrap my canva designs now because this is NEXT LEVEL! All day I’ve been contemplating starting a placeit account for the mock ups but now that I know they have a design editor I am for sure getting a subscription. Instagram @paw.printz if you would like to see how far you and Sarah Chrisp got me in only 4 days. No sales yet, but I am proud of my 12 strong designs (I have made at least 30 in total).

    P.S. Not trying to promote on here or look for free advice….would have sent this via email if you didn’t have “business inquires only”.

  89. I was trying to find a way to move text so it was over the image instead of behind it, but (unlike Canva) I see no way to do that unless the text was already in front of the image. Any idea if this is possible with Placeit?

  90. Hi greg, thanks again for all the details, i really appreciate it. I have a few questions though..(1) using placeit, the downloaded design has a lower resolution compared to merch by amazon’s requirement. Does that mean i have to resize the pixels by using the app that you recommended in a previous video? (2) since placeit appears to be a more efficient app for POD work, shall i cancel my membership with canva?

  91. I’m a beginner at designing I hardly know any thing about dealing with sites or computer what do you advice me of? I really need to work

  92. Hi Greg, yet another superb video as usual, I have a question, in your download items in place it, there is a resize and crop option, do you know if there’s any differences compared to bulk resize? Thanks again

  93. What about the copyright or patents on all these elements and fonts? Are the designs created on the site really ok to use for profit without any legal restrictions?

  94. Thank you so much for this detailed presentation! I’m literally starting my designs today and this site is amazing!

  95. Can i start with monthly subscription first? please it difficult paying from Nigeria cos of zip code can you help

    1. Yes absolutely 🙂 You can do just 1 month and cancel anytime. This will still give you unlimited downloads during that month. Once those designs have made you enough, you can get another month, or year, and create a ton more 🙂

  96. I joined “Place It” by clicking on your link to help you a little bit since you produce so much great content for free. Keep up the superb work!

  97. I can’t find any of my downloads from placeit, any idea where they might be going LOL I know it’s a strange question but I swear I can’t find them! I appreciate your help is always!

  98. Hi Greg your Content is amazing, I want to ask is Teespring still a viable platform to join since the market is saturated with lots of sellers and competition is very high. And can I join it from Pakistan?

  99. i like this side hustle, you have inspired me to give it a go. turning designs into a passive income (over time) would be fantastic.

    1. Right on! It’s a great side hustle that grows as big as you want it to (all passive apart from making the design). Good stuff!

  100. Hi Greg, I have been watching your videos non stop for a few days now. Some more than once. I am very excited to get started. If I use a design from Placeit, Do I need to change the picture at all or just the words? So what I’m asking is, I can’t use it as is, I need to manipulate it a little to make my own, correct. I do plan on getting a subscription. I want it to be legal. Also is Teespring the only site I can use the mock-ups in. I have to watch the mock-up video again. Little confused. Thanks Donna

  101. Hi Gregg, I watched many of ur videos, they are all great. I created my first storefront and wanna upload my first file ( text) to see, unfortunately, it says that I can only upload/add published listenings to my storefront, and I can create directly from Teespring. How to upload my file on to my storefront, thanks.

  102. Thank you for the DISCOUNT! I’ve been watching several YouTube Placeit tutorials and came back to your link to sign up for the year for the best deal. Can’t go wrong at less than $77 (with your 15% off!) and you’re already saving me some bucks! And hey, you’re the best teacher on here! “Thanks!” from a grateful teacher hunkered down in Southeast Asia during the CoViD pandemic! Keep safe.

  103. What if someone had used those images and I unknowingly upload the exact ones. Wouldn’t that be copyright infringement because it’s hard to know which ones are already uploaded to the trading sites so that I can avoid them

    1. Great question! In short, no you won’t have any issues. As long as you are customizing the templates, and not just downloading the templates as-is from Placeit, you won’t have any issues (speaking from a lot of experience). Simple things like changing the colors, the fonts, the words, the graphics, or anything else to make the template “customized” is all you need to do 🙂

    2. I copied this from placeit website (When you purchase from Placeit, you acquire the right to use your designs on any platform you choose for commercial, marketing, or advertising purposes.)

  104. Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered – Tarbbatigan Vintage Sales Tip (google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for finding government and police auctions for cars trucks and SUVs without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy finally got amazing results with it.

  105. Hello, thank you for this video. It is amazing. One question, if you use a logo, the image is smaller. How can you resize it without losing quality? I tried a few but when I make it bigger it goes from great to good. Thank you in advance.

  106. Thank you for this playlist and all your help. DO you have a video covering the tax aspects of doing business with teespring

  107. Too bad Placeit doesn’t just go ahead and do the printing on a chosen T Shirt and then send it out to your customer.

  108. I really like the idea of this, but I do have a question. You’re essentially creating t-shirts from other people’s original designs. How is that legal?

    1. Great question! Anything you create on Placeit comes with full commercial usage rights (so you can upload it and sell it on any print on-demand sites). As long as you are customizing the templates, and not just downloading the templates as-is from Placeit, you won’t have any issues (speaking from a lot of experience). Simple things like changing the colors, the fonts, the words, the graphics, or anything else to make the template “customized” is all you need to do 🙂

    2. the suscription to the page is actually in part a digital contract, which permits you to make money using the page’s designs

  109. Why does Teespring customer service never answer questions and get back to you when you need their help with issues?

  110. Thank you so much for this video! I am brand new to Teespring and have been using Canva (and I do love it) but being able to put my shirts on models and the logo tool looks so amazing! Since your video, the yearly price has dropped to $79! Thanks again!

  111. Hi Greg, I was wondering if the images in the middle like the santa are copyrighted. Can we get in trouble for using them? I need to make sure in order to not have problems later (god forbid, legal ones). Cheers.

    1. 10. Important Note: Certain components of the Content Template will be sourced from a third party and different license terms may apply to such components, such as someone else’s license or an open source or creative commons license. That other license will apply to that other component. The Placeit License Agreement will apply to the rest of the Content Template, or Product as applicable. The notices required by those licenses are available here. The Placeit Service uses images and names of third party products. Intellectual property rights in relation to those products (including registered trademarks) belong to their respective owners. We are not affiliated or associated with, or authorised or endorsed by, the owners of the products.

      This message from their terms of use really makes it seem like if you use their designs to sell stuff you would be committing copyright infringement.

  112. I am new to your channel and I’m glad I found your videos. I have a question.. does Teespring work in the Philippines? do they post Peso currency or in dollars? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  113. If you think about it you actually only have to sell three t-shirts on Teespring to cover the monthly cost, it’s definitely worth a hundred bucks a year to me! I look forward to seeing what I can make in a year using this tool and pod t-shirts, I really appreciate all your help!

    1. I’m so glad you understand it that way.. I do too and once you see it that way it becomes a game changing tool!

  114. I have to say out of all the videos I’ve watched I’m the most excited about this as well, I was put off at the monthly subscription at first but after watching the video I’m throwing my money at them! I can see huge improvements in my business strategies and profit margins in the future, thanks as always!

    1. Hey Shawn, sure! Check out the 2 videos on the channel comparing Shopify to Teespring (other POD sites). I hope that helps!

  115. thanks Greg. I just first make Print of demand. i don’t have knowledge about it. Sometime i weak never design T-shirt. Afraid about rule and law it. If should copyright correct it. Just first how to know it? u explain with me?

  116. Is this special discount still applicable?
    Can you use android phone or normal computer in conjunction with place it. net, or do you need a iPhone?

  117. The problem ive found with place it is that they dont have shirt specific mockups. If you use Gildan or Bella Canvas for you pod products, good luck finding a model wearing these shirts.

    1. They do.. But you can stop your subscription anytime. It’s unlimited so you can download 1000+ designs/mockups in the first month, for $12.70 🙂

  118. Hi Greg, do you think that with so many designers using place it to design shirts and up loading them to TeeSpring and other sites that there might end up being copy wright issues?

  119. “2:18”
    if you all needed a bunch of R💲 consider this *𝗥𝗕𝗨𝗫.𝗡𝗘𝗧*
    πραγματικά απίστευτη λύση για όλους 👊

  120. Hey Greg – I’m really enjoying your videos and have been watching for a while! When I hover my mouse on PlaceIt, it shows different colour combinations. Do you know how to get those colour combinations without manually doing them yourself?

  121. Very beautiful design,well done ✅great job 😍thanks for sharing it 👍💐🌸💐🌸

  122. Hi , First of all really thank you ,second i want to know can i sell that same design which i download from Placeit no editing i just searched in Design -> T-Shirt Tab and found the best design and downloaded on my subscription ,so can i sell that downloaded design on Etsy,eBay,Teespring ?,is it legal is there any copyrigh issue it’s a really important thing i subscribed on placeit but i’m not uploding any of design because i don’t know do uploading this designs will leads to Account’s Termination, Kindly help in this situation,Thank You.

  123. I’m from India. I loved your videos! Can I still get the payment without any issues? It would be helpful if you can help me here.

  124. I have a small question/concern. When using a certain image, what would make it standout if a lot of different designers use the same image? Wouldn’t consumers notice the same image from another design?

  125. Hey Greg, You are just amazing..I’ve gone through almost all your fundamental videos on Print- on – demand, one after the another…this is really a game-changing tool you are sharing..I’ve bookmarked and started studying almost all the essential websites mentioned by you and now giving a positive start to it…Hope everything turns out to be great… Thank you so much for your inspirational approach..I really appreciate the way you are sharing your skills 🙂 (y)

  126. If I have a shirt, sweatshirt and tanktop of the same design, how do I add them all to my store under one name? They’re uploading as separate items

  127. Bro thanks for saving my life I just bought one year subscription by using your code. I’ll comment here again after making my first sale. Just wait.

  128. I thought you can’t simply copy any image from internet. Well in this website we are copying the image exactly. Isn’t any copyright issue here?

  129. IS there a way to crop the image that is stock from them? I would like to use PART of one but does not appear to be a way to crop the part of the image i want.

  130. This truely enables all of us to be in the prospects buying region cart by tomorrow…or by Monday….or by next Wedmsday…etc. Truely game changing wrt time too money! All I know have to shout out is wow! Of course, all IMHO

  131. So… basically, I can just copy their design and input my print on demand shop directly?

    Would I be in trouble by doing it without editing..?

    1. I do not recommend copying anyones designs. You will get flagged for that.. I recommend using them for inspiration and making your own unique designs. I hope that helps!

  132. I’m so glad I was lead to watching this video. This is what 80% research has done for me. You have encouraged me even more to grind harder! Your energy level is immaculate! Thanks for the great advice and I’m following your lead!

  133. Greg….you are showing us first hand that creating income for the long run is easier than we think !! Thank you so much for your videos.

  134. Thanks for your videos; they’re super. About using Placeit for POD mockups – can the mockups be used on the actual POD sites or just the social media links? E.g. I go to put my designs on Teespring but the only option I can see is to use their own basic images. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  135. Do you run into copyright and Trademark Issues when you just take the logo or picture from this website?

  136. Every time I have a question about how to proceed, I come across a video of yours answering exactly that!

    It’s like you and YouTube are reading my mind.

  137. Hello Greg,
    I recently bought a hot press, vinyl and t shirts but having a hard time coming up with designs. Just wondering if I sign up with Placeit or Canvas, can I go ahead create designs for online sales and can I use those designs I create to actually place on ETSY and print myself? I want to do things right and not get in trouble. I really need some help and dont know where to get help. Your videos are amazing!

  138. Hi Greg. Can you please quell my concerns with copyright issues for this Placeit method? Since these are pre-designed images, how does changing the colors and words make these our own?

    1. Hey great question! Yes absolutely! Anything you create on Placeit comes with full commercial usage rights (so you can upload it and sell it on any print on-demand sites). However, if you upload a duplicate design that is already on the print on-demand website, yours will be removed because someone already uploaded it. As long as you are customizing the templates and not just downloading the templates as-is from Placeit, you won’t have any issues 🙂

    1. @Greg Gottfried – do you find that both Text Art & PlaceIt are useful for different designs or are you strictly using 1?

  139. Hiya Gregg, great video. One question, teespring requires a PayPal account with a legal business name and so forth. Does this mean that I need to register a bussines name to start with teespring. PayPal does have the personal and business account. What is the way forward?

    1. Hi Diana! It’s actually just a personal PayPal with your first and last name as the name on the account 🙂

  140. Greg, are the possibility to meet the same design get more bigger if we use that? (refer to the mummies design) what about the copyright?

  141. I had thought of making t-shirts about two years ago, but doing it the old fashioned way. Making the design, screenprinting onto t-shirts, selling them from home. After exploring that, but not pulling the trigger, I ditched it because it took too much of my already squeezed out time, and space we don’t have.
    Then comes you, two years later, with your channel and the ideas you are putting into my head. This video especially, with the enthusiasm you have.
    Do I see potential?
    Am I going the print on demand route?
    You betcha!
    Got my niche picked out already and started doing designs before I saw this video. Now I will be exploring Placeit and designs from that aspect as well. Thank you for the content and sharing like you have.

    1. That is so awesome to hear! Technology and these new business models online are making it pretty amazing! Thanks for taking the time to write this comment Nick! Let me know if you have any questions as you’re going along!

  142. Thank you and it is very very helpful. How ever my questions is can I change the fonts? I want to do the slogans with other languages and I can easy do it in good but don’t know how to use it on place it.

  143. Even though I do plan to use designs, right now my focus is on the lettering for my logo. I’m hoping there is the option for this – lettering only with choices of fonts, and being able to arrange/overlap/and remove color from different parts of the letters? I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Thank you!

  144. Thank you Greg for such wonderful content. I wish to know one thing, suppose if we use Place-it to select existing designs from the website, how can we make sure such design that we selected has not been used previously by other seller on Teespring, how can we make sure that this does not happens.

  145. Hi Greg, I noticed T-Spring have removed a few of my design from my store. I can still see them in the analytics overview but they are not in my store. Your help would be deeply appreciated.

    1. Hey Albert, good to hear from you, I hope you’ve been well. That’s strange.. Can you add them back to your storefront manually? (to see if they were accidentally removed). If not, I’d shoot an email to to see what’s going on.

  146. Hi Greg,
    Your video is very helpful to me , One question
    Can i use these custom log designs on Teespring T-Shirts ? and sell ?
    Please Reply me .

  147. Heya Greg thanks for this upload, are you saying that this site is more so for designs for you to then print on shirts otherwise?

    1. Yes exactly! Placeit is the site you use to make your designs. Then you upload those designs to Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon. I hope that helps!

  148. I’m completely new to this, and I wanna make a skateboarding t shirt brand. but I find google draw to be the best to make designs COMPLETELY from scratch. But it takes a bit of time and creativity. So far everyone likes the designs I’ve made and I think they look pretty sick.

  149. Does anyone know if you can hide, delete or edit a product inside a listing? So far I can only find info or videos that only shows you how to edit a listing but I can’t find any info on editing, hiding or deleting a product!

  150. Hey!
    I commented on your other video and I followed as you said. But I think maybe I picked the wrong niche. Can you make a video about niche to choose this time?
    Humble Request from one of your Greatest Fan

    1. Yes you can 🙂 Click download on the design, then click on downloads in the top right corner, then click the dropdown on the design, then resize, and you can make it 4500 x 5400 for MBA.

  151. Really glad I watched this video Makes me excited as well to go out and create more Tshirts!!! Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  152. I used to use this with my old POD business, you can also upload a different design to a different model in the same picture so it looks like 5 people are wearing multiple designs

  153. Hey Greg I am Pavithra from India.
    I opened my account in teespring.
    Is it okay to move on with work..Or anyother websites can you recommend me to do print on demand. Please

  154. Hi,Greg,amazing video. What about the size of those desings? For amazon we need 4500 by 5500. Can we make them the size that we need or is needed? Thank you.

  155. You mention putting the background on transparent do it can be changed later. I may have missed it, but how do you change the background of the image to match the shirt so it’s not a white background with a colored shirt?

  156. Is this safe to use without getting hit by someone’s copyright for using the same character or anything like that?

  157. Great stuff! Thanks for the short and sweet video! WAY too many online entrepreneur channels drag out their videos, but this video and you’re “How to Get IG Followers” video was succinct and helpful.

    Keep it up, man! Keep killing it. 😉

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    9 months ago:no
    8 months ago:no
    7 months ago:no
    6 months ago:no
    5 months ago:no
    4 months ago:no
    3 months ago:no
    2 months ago:no
    1 month ago:no
    Now: *S H O W S U P*

  159. selling tshirts is not that easy i’ve spent more than $1000 got 0 sales
    that’s why I’ve trust issues with YouTubers having a course as a sidechick

    1. @Greg Gottfried yeah but I’m not a beginner, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2017 with FB ads & got success but teespring business is not getting that much profit, I mean whenever i search for teespring in google it shows search result related to the seller not from any buyer
      I doubt that is this company is still interested in doing business properly
      in teespring there is an extreme rise in seller and extreme fall in buyers, i think no one is interested in POD products anymore. there was a trend in around 2016 but that got fade away. and there is another company redbubble which just absorb the efficiency of the artists as much it can
      people just became bored with POD products they want something new & exciting

    2. I agree. I’ve spent over $1,000 on ads too. Ads dont work for beginners unfortunately. You need the right strategy. High volume of great designs on the top 3 POD sites. They do marketing for you. I recommend watching the videos on my channel for more information.

  160. Loved your review about this website….do they upload new set of mockups or designs over a certain period of time or it’d remain the same??? Waiting for your reply…..

  161. Thank you soo much for this video it has opened up so much for my business. Please keep up the gr8 work😎

  162. Question, if I’m trying to create a set of shirts, how would I be able to that? My shirts will always be in a set of 2 but the design software creates one at a time. Any suggestions for this? Thank you!

  163. Hello Greg, thank you so much for all that you do for all of us who are struggling to succeed. I have a question. I am an artist and I design my own illustrations. I scan them into my computer, I create the wording, I then transport them to Gimp where I clean them up and put on a transparent background. My question is what DPI or Pixel mm or Pixel in do I use to create my tshirts!

  164. Which is the best print on demand plateforms that you recommend as per your experience and knowledge please let us know, plz reply or you can also make video on it…we are waiting for your answer.

  165. Hi Mr Greg you’re the best. I have a question: what about the resolution of the img (99) it’s less than what recommanded (300).the same prob in canva.what Can we do for that?! Thank’s for all.

    1. I’m dealing with the same issue. I’m an artist and I create my own illustrations so how do I know what DPI, pixel mm, pixel in to use?

  166. Please help..i just listed two item on Teespring however when i search for them as a buyer they are never displayed.

    Your helpful videos have encouraged me to have a go,

    Thank you

    1. From what I‘ve learnt, teespring has an internal trust score. This score is a metric, that is not publicly available. Once you hit a certain amount of sales, you get promoted by teespring. I‘ve also just started out and can‘t find my stuff on the store. Greg also has a video on this topic!
      All the best and hope you soon get promoted!

  167. Hi Greg, thank you so much for your videos, much appreciated. I have followed your process in the video above to create images for t-shirts for Redbubble and Teespring. However I am doing something wrong. Even though I change the backgrounds into transparent backgrounds, when I download onto Redbubble, there is a background present. Is there a step that I am missing? Thanks Renee

  168. Hi greg I just subbed. This is quite interesting but as an inspiration if you can let us know how much you personally make with this business. ❤️

    1. Thanks! I’ve shared income in the past but it attracted the wrong attention. Hackers and spammers.. It’s the top 1% of income bracket however 🙂

  169. Hello i have 2 questions. after i design a logo or just a text and im ready to download it how much do they charge for each logo or text i want to keepor are the downloads included in the subscription? and can i print these logos or text onto my own heat transfer sheets to heat pess at my home?

  170. Hi Greg, thanks for sharing very informative tips regarding Tshirts design and the Teespring.
    Just want to ask you that can I sell the same tee design on multiple websites that offer the same services as Teespring. One design and multiple sites selling it.

  171. Hello, do I have to be a permanent member of this site or can I cancel my membership after making my designs in 1 month?

  172. If I create more than 1 store for the same designs on teespring is it OK or will I get problem with there copyright policy. Let’s say I uploade 100 designs in a specific niche. With these 100 designs I create a store only for men. And then with the same designs I create another store for women. And yet I create, always with the same designs, another store for kids. And another store for accessories, etc

  173. I’d like to say sorry before saying this but t shirt I’m going to sell has a “fart” word on it and another t shirt has a “pee” word on it. Do you think Facebook will allow this ad or not? If not, do you have any tactics ? Thanks.

  174. Greg, love your content! How will tee spring handle designs coming in that may have similar design concepts/elements due to multiple users uploading from palceit? Do you have any advice?

  175. Hi Greg, Awsome videos!!! Can we do thisTeespring TShirt business from anywhere in the world as it only shows US/UK/DM?

  176. are there any free design websites apart from place it where i can get these templates ? i am a student and it is kind of hard to arrange that money for the subscription

    1. I’ve always had the best results with a mockup photo. However, I dont recommend paid ads to many people because it takes a lot of money to test and optimize before seeing a ROI

    1. You only need something like 8 to start a storefront and make it look full. You could go up to 50 or so for a storefront before it gets too packed. Once you get the trust score from sales in your niche storefront, you no longer need to focus on niches at all, you can design freely as they will be marketed individually.

    1. @Greg Gottfried thank you sir, sir my thinking is similar like you I’m 17yrs old I really want to become financial independent so I’ve start watching your amazing course videos 💗

  177. Hey Greg I was very excited with this way before I got this video. But I am facing a terrible challenge here. In placeit we can export it in 96dpi which is pretty low. Normally we need a 300dpi in tshirt to contain the quality of print. Please help!

    1. @Greg Gottfried Thanks for your reply. Even if I use a vector images sometimes in teespring, I see in DESIGN view everything looks Great, but in PREVIEW mode some are appearing pixelated. Any idea? Thanks again.

    2. No worries! Great question! I go as low as 72dpi and have no issues with the print quality (ordered samples to confirm). The 300dpi is a “recommendation” and not actually required.

    1. Hey Kenzie, thanks for asking! I haven’t tried it before however I imagine it won’t allow you to leave the box blank.. I’d recommend shooting an email to and they should be able to sort it for you. I hope that’s helpful!

  178. Hi Greg, do Placeit have a claim on any products you sell using their designs or logos? Even though a design wasn’t your own creation, can you legally sell something featuring it? Thanks 🙂

  179. Man – TeeSpring Tech support is terrible. It’s to bad because everything else about them has been great. Getting server errors and can’t get into storefronts or listings.. Anyone else have this problem?

  180. Sorry to sound dim Greg, but are you just allowed to download and sell these on T-Shirts, there’s no copyright or legal repercussion?

  181. Hi Greg, just found your channel and I am interested in getting started in TeeSpring and see this playlist of 73 videos. Is there any order I should watch them or just go from top to bottom??? Thank you

  182. I really enjoying your videos, you are great at communicating clearly and to the point. Your videos from start to finish are full of really good content, not just filler or blah, blah, blah. I just came across your channel yesterday and I plan to catch up on all the videos by the end of the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing and for the good information. Very helpful!

  183. Greg, thank you so VERY MUCH 🥺😭. I’ve watched a handful of your videos already as I have been searching for a way to make some extra income. I’m a small business owner and was forced to shutdown my business because of COVID-19. So thankful to God that I found your channel I just want to jump into the screen and give you a big hug for all the content you’ve provided and it’s just straight to the point with no fluff. Please keep the videos coming. Thank you so very much. May God blessings pour over you forever.

  184. You’re work is amazing, so useful. I’m so happy I’ve found your channel. Thank for making it, I like how you explain and how you talk. Do you think is it possible that someone can create the same design if using one of this templates? I mean how do I know that someone else choose the same template?

  185. What do you do with the mock up models from place it ?? Can we use them to Teespring or other similar websites ?

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    1. @Greg Gottfried Thank you ,do you have any tutorials on how to market the Tshirt design to a larger audience

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    1. Great question! For Teespring and Redbubble, you do not have to do any resizing at all. Merch by Amazon is more ‘specific’ and they require 4500 x 5400 pixels. To do this on Placeit, you just lick download on the design, then click on downloads in the top right corner, then click the dropdown on the design, then resize. I hope that helps!

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    2. Hey Jay, thanks for asking! Yes unfortunately that would be copyright violation.. Glad you asked first though!

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    3. Good question! It’s actually not an issue 🙂 When you buy a Placeit subscription, everything you make comes with full commercial usage rights. With that said, if you upload a design template, without customizing it, to a POD site and someone has already uploaded it before you, yours will be removed as a duplicate. As long as you are customizing the designs on Placeit (changing colors, fonts, words, graphics, or anything else) you now have your own custom design that will not be copyrighted or have any duplicate issues 🙂

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    1. @Greg Gottfried thank you Greg, can you create multiple storefront on teespring? Or just concentrate on one niche at a time?🙂

    2. Thanks for the comment! It’s actually not only $12.70/month with the coupon link in the description of the video. It’s valid anywhere in the world 🙂

  202. I know I’m late to the awesomeness of Placeit but while signing up, I read their terms and conditions and it said, “the copyright subsisting in all of the content templates made available to you as part of the Placeit Service; and the Placeit trademark and all other trademarks used on or in connection with the Placeit site.” Is it still okay to do this strategy? Many thanks mate!

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    1. No worries 🙂 You have to have a subscription to placeit to download items (it’s not a free website). If you have a plan that you signed up for a few months ago and you are trying to download a logo, you have to email them to have your plan updated to the unlimited plan that includes logos (no additional charge, just a few months ago the plans didn’t include logos).