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You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design, or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some products.

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Before You Start Be Safety Smart – Safety Slogan T-Shirt

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Simenual Women’s Workout Ribbed Rompers Jumpsuit Active Wear

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Laamei Winter Loose Denim Women Oversized Fur Collar Plus Velvet Padded Jacket

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Women’s Casual Large Size Fashion Long Sleeve Sexy Turn-Down Collar V-Neck Print Loose Zipper T-Shirt

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New Fashion Women’s Sexy Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Solid Color T-Shirt

You can start your cool T-shirt design for free using either Canva or Placeit or even Envato Elelements. Alternatively, if you prefer using a stand alone software you can download to your computer without eating up your wallet, then, my favorite is Art Text Design for Mac, though you may still use softwares like WordArt or simply check out Envato Marketplace for some cool and affordable products that may be used for the same purpose. You may also use free print-on-demand websites like Teepublic to sell items with your artwork designs printed on them and make some cool money from that.

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  2. I worked at an electronics plant where the screen printed circuit patterns on layers of circuit board before they were bonded togather and hardened.

  3. Dear sir/madame
    i have 7 years experience on printing to make color pigment, rubber, glitter by following TCX,TC,TPX,SWATCH properly.
    i want to join in your company in printing section.
    i am also worked in CLIFTON GROUP BANGLADESH
    please reply me.
    thank you

  4. Anyone interested in screen printing equipment? I bought a load of kit to start screen printing but never actually used it, it’s all brand new never used. Willing to sell for decent price

    UK based, can deliver or post.

  5. I have been screen printing for 40 years. So many things wrong with this way of doing things. Mainly: that crappy dual cure emulsion, NEVER use a brush when rinsing out your image, not mentioning inks specific for cotton vs polyester vs. metal (no clear coating needed when you use the correct inks!) and ZERO talk of drying and curing.

  6. I know this is a really old video, but… is the exposure time really that variable for you?? I keep hearing people talk about margins of error being so slim with light exposure, but 30-45 minutes is a huge range of time.

  7. Casper also has a really great warranty, purchased mines when they first started and there was some wear and tear, they replaced the wholeeee mattress, free of charge.

  8. It seems this only works if you only plan to use one color for your prints. What if I want to make full color shirts?

  9. welcome to 2020 where you dont need to do any of these steps!! lol Just wanted to see my options but thank god we have come a long way

  10. hello. Please tell me how to wash the color left inside the stencil and how to make the right color for printing clothes?

  11. Really? You are throwing in a Casper Ad in the middle of your tutorial, i will not continue to watch any of your videos, just wrong!

  12. jeez too much stuff, special ink, buying screens it’s just too much…i think it works out cheaper to have your shirt printed. not worth the hassle.

  13. Nice tutorial… For beginners… amateurs and hobbyist I have wooden screen printing devices I want to share.. feel free to drop by my channel!!! See you.

  14. Hello! I am getting taught by Mr.Girolamo in NY, who you seem yo have contact with, so I am here to drop a hello!

  15. its crazy how this video help me realize i needed to change the way i dress and was a way for me to find my style

  16. The screen you attached is not available. I’ve seen 110, 160, 230, etc. what do those numbers mean, which is best to use?

  17. So after using speedball ink on my screen, can I just rinse off the screen after and it just comes off? I’m worried about ruining my screen from washing off the ink improperly.

    Additionally, I bought 110 mesh and I have frames but I’m very new at this. Does anyone know how to properly attach the mesh taut to the frames? I guess I could just youtube it, but a lot of videos are just advertising their special adhesives.

    1. In case anyone is wondering, wash it off immediately or it dries onto your screen and squeegee (speedball ink).

  18. My first foray in silk screening was over 40 years ago and we had to use a two-layer green plastic sheet an Exacto blade and tons of patience. This is so much simpler …

  19. Some other tips:
    If you want multi colored designs you’ll want to add registration marks around the design for easy alignment. They can be taped off later.
    Also, if you want to have nice bright colors you’ll want to put an underlay of white ink down on that area and let it dry before you do the final color. Especially on very dark clothes like black.
    And also, ink spreads a little. Just like marker on paper. Good thing to keep in mind if you have a small intricate design. It may fill in and get messy. Especially on sweatshirts.

  20. I need some help. I’ve been attempting this. It’s not working. Is the design supposed to wash off to a light green or completely come off as the screen colour

  21. Does anyone know why you have to put the shirt in the drier? Does that make it more permanent or something? Very confused

    1. You don’t have the emulsion either. You obviously have to get them first in order to do this

      Edit: and I don’t think he said “how to screen print using stuff lying around your house”

  22. I will be the best testimonial you will ever have cuz if I can do it anybody can all things are possible if you beleave ,if you beleave.

  23. Thank you for the video. It was a very nice video.
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    Don’t you want to wear only your clothes? To look at our specially designed clothes, you can visit our site and choose the one you like.

    1. Jo A it didn’t work 😭 I recently got the proper screen and some new emulsion so I’m gonna try it again

  24. This video was exactly what I needed to learn what I need to get started. You gave enough information without dragging it out and links on equipment and further information to help out further. I wish every “how to guide” was mirrored to this format. Thanks man, keep up the great work and I look forward to the rest of your content xD

  25. Very simple he says… *starts showing the bunch of complex tools that I dont have.* Overall, great video. I’ll leave you a thumbs up👍

  26. This video is old, but hoping someone can tell me if the printer needs to be a laser printer? 🙂 ta for vid well explained!

  27. Hi! This is great! Thanks to YouTube for this vid in recomendation. Can anyone tell me what is this perfect music in this video? Thanks. 🙂 Great video.

  28. Random question!!! Would you video chat with me and walk me through the process? Im a newbie and soo anxious! your video is so helpful

  29. I just wanted to say a big thank you for making this video. It was clear and very easy to understand.

  30. As a professional screen printer who does work for major colleges and big corporations, it’s nice to see a small do it yourself set up. The printer I work on is worth over 80k and the dryer is 14k so seeing you do this on a homemade printer is cool. Only gripe I have with your method is you can’t flash the white ink on dark shirts and that’s why the white looks so faded and not vibrant. That white on the navy shirt will literally fade in less then 10 washes is my best guess. Also your limited to one one color not being able to flash.

  31. What do I print my design on? What sort of transfer paper is that? I’m now about to get into screen printing… I hope someone can help me.

  32. Question: mixed emulsion with sensitizer and dried screen in garage with lights off. I went and exposed the stencil for a while under a 120v light at 10 inch and for 20 min. Theres a large circle from where the lgiht was exposed. Might buy a new screen because it looks f*%ked up… what would you say I need to get the same result as you? thanks.

    1. @MOST FEARLESS Also when he said you only need to leave the emulsion remover on for a few minutes. If you leave it on for a few minutes it’ll dry and you’ll have screen lock to deal with, not going to be reclaiming that screen

    2. @The Hard Angle Barn …. I know right … I also thought it was funny when he coated the screen and let it dry in a totally lit room. Then scrubbed it with a hard brush when he washed it out….lol🤣🤣. Done correctly you can just rinse it out with a water hose

    3. When he threw it in the dryer to cure the ink I was like what?!?! That ink is going to get ink everywhere on the shirt and the inside of the dryer, and plastisol is a pain to clean

  33. Hey I’m sandip from India what you did in video is only 5 be present in screen printing. So if you wanna learn more about screen printing and know about different different inks and creativity in printing pleas call me we’ll talk on call

  34. I was printing T-shirts back in 1963. Making my own photo-sensitive emulsions and having a similar 4 colour machine that I worked out myself. Nothings new under the sun, execpt for the screen exposures

  35. Hello everyone, I come from TTK VietNam Trading-Service Co., Ltd, one of the biggest industrial chemical suppliers in Vietnam. Especially, in the field of printing ink on fabric, we are exploring new markets to develop. Have you had offline!

  36. Do you know anyone who could use a rap song text on his t shirt print,becouse i have a nice rap song for the t shirt.

  37. As someone who has printed professionally for 14 years, there are so many no no’s in this video it hurts my bones.

  38. after you toss the shirts in the dryer for a couple minutes the ink should be all dried up and ready to wash? I keep getting my shirts faded after I wash them, what can I do to prevent this?

  39. I can’t get it! I’m not good at this! If I ordered the screens, emulsion and sent you my logo and paid you would you make it for me? LOL just the screens I can do the logo on the shirt (I think) I just can’t get the screen done!

  40. I would like to try things, Make, build, glue, bond, it’s so hard to do in a small apartment. Any ideas?

  41. Made some of these in school and they turned out perfectly… until I washed them. No one told me to heat set. The printing ink spread all over the print. You can see the print, but there are particles of the ink EVERYWHERE. I can’t express how upset I am. I put so much time into these prints, and they looked beautiful before washing. Besides heat setting… where did I go wrong?

  42. Отличное видео! Было бы очень приятно получить чертёж данной карусели, ну или хотя-бы подробные фото

  43. Is there some kind of treatment or laminate you can apply over the finished T-shirt to make it more resistant to wear and repeated washings?

    I’d like to do this some day, designing shirts for area businesses. I used to deliver for a home business that did this and it seemed to be quite profitable—took 6-8 hours a day just to deliver boxes of shirts to all the clients.

  44. Can you reuse the same emulsion for the same artwork repeatedly instead of having to remove and recoat the emulsion? I do note that you mentioned that dark coloured inks may be hard to wash off the screens so that could be an issue.

    1. I’d guess no more than $100-200 if you go the DIY route and build all of your own equipment like this guy did.

  45. Because of this video, i was inspired, I started printing shirts as a hobby. I started by opening an Ebay shop and copied popular iconic brand names. I became financially independent and was living the high life. I had multiple houses in several countries and I even had a private jet. Then one day I had a knock at the door. “You are served”. It was subpoena to attend court. It was alleged that I had infringed copyrights of multiple companies when I designed my T shirts. It cost me millions to defend myself and I was ultimately found to be liable for the infringements. I was left bankrupt. In desperation I designed some T shirts with the slogan “Judge XXXXX is an asshole”. Apparently the judge was shopping for a Christmas present for his gay lover and happened to see my T shirt auction. I was charged with slander and contempt of the court and sentenced to jail. I tried to keep my head down and do my time but not being very street wise, I accepted the offer of a guy called Bubba to be my “body guard”. One night Bubba came into my cell and asked for payment for his body guard services. I told him I didn’t have any money, to which he replied “Daddy doesn’t want money honey, Daddy wants some sugar”. It was the first time I have had anal sex, but thankfully Bubba said as I was a backdoor virgin, and he liked me, he would use spit, thank god for that. Luckily the warden found out about my past and he asked me to screen print the inmates numbers on their shirts. I wanted nothing to do with it but he mentioned he may be able to have Bubba moved to a different jail if I agreed. So here i am in jail screen printing T shirts with a sphincter that has almost healed. I wished I had never watched this fucking video….

  46. One tip, use a de-greaser after removing the old emulsion. Your better half unusually has this under the kitchen sink. Dawn dish soap is the best for this process. The reason to de-grease the screen is oils from your body will effect the new emulsion when it is applied. if you noticed “pinholes” in the newly applied emulsion, the is from grease and oils contaminating the screen. With your four position printing press, try experimenting with four color process printing. The four colors you need are the same as the colors found in any color computer printer.

  47. This video is next step in my t-shirt game I think. I´ve been doing it for a while with thick paper stencils to make one or 2 custom shirts. So for people who don´t want to make a series of t-shirts that could be an option. I´ve published a video about my own low-key version of this process.

  48. If you are someone that doesn’t have a garage or space at home to do all this, what would you suggest? is it cheap to rent out garage space?

  49. I remember the Skate 3 intro where the skater (forgot who I was like 8) was screen printing skateboards then ate the white stuff

  50. Himdillys on etsy or himdilly at redbubble I’ve been trying, but I think it’s about time to quit. Or at least figure out a way to do what I do and not cost a bunch, hopefully etsy will take off and earn me enough to get a dtg printer

  51. Nice video. I’ve been a screenprinter for almost 30 years now professionally. Longer if you count schooling! All the basics are here!

  52. If I want a thicker layer of the ink do I wait until the ink dries and do it again or put it in the dryer and do it again?

  53. Omg! Thank you for posting. I have been wanting to know this but would always forget to look it up and suddenly your video just popped up in my recommendations 🙂

  54. Cool video, that’s really awesome! This is the first time I’ve Watched your video and I did subscribe to your channel

  55. This is rad. I’ve been going hard on my art. I’m trying to find a away to turn my art into profit. I think making graphic t shirts might be that Avenue.

  56. I did not yet subscribe. Can i ask first. What kind of materials u use for making screen all amterial. Pls share to me those materials

  57. Great video. Do you recommend an all-inclusive kit (all materials in the box) for someone who is just trying their hand at making t-shirts? Looking for a reputable starter kit to gauge my interest and patience before buying more advanced materials. Thanks again!

  58. Bro, this video was super motivating for me to try something new! Thanks for making it interesting and easy to follow. My only suggestion is to slow it down just a tad bc your high intensity and how quickly it runs through the process makes it a bit overwhelming. I might have to watch it several times to feel comfortable with doing it. That being said– I love that it’s a short and to the point video.

  59. First try, today. The transparency sheet tried to melt onto the screen. …Failed horribly. I Put way too much emulsion on the silk.

  60. Wow… I really want to try it… How do i know if i let light on for long enough… Or too long. Can the screen stay or does it need cleaned after use

  61. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I want a way to trademark mine, like sewing some emblem into the inside something that some knock off Chinese company can’t do because I know for sure I’m gunna get ripped off.

  62. Can you bypass the transparencies by simply using a projector as the lightsource and show the negative image directly onto the silk screen ?

  63. Hi Bob, do you have a sort of class where we can take a class to learn first hand Bob?, please reply I want to take one of your classes, thank you bob

  64. It’s so easy to make it at home. I am planning to do one like this, sitting at home ….because all the things are so available🤣🤣

    1. Alexander Common honestly true, but if you do it on your own it makes you feel proud of yourself that you did that to a shirt or pants. It’s a cool feeling.

  65. Hello sir, my shirt have unwanted adhesive table stick after i remove it from shirt pad. So, what the best way to remove it?

  66. Learn screen printing and uv printing with high density new technology subscribe m tech smart print ideas

  67. This is really cool. I did this in high school graphic arts class in the late 70s. We did photo screens as well as hand cut. Pretty sure the chemicals we used back then are outlawed by now. I’m looking forward to putting this together.

  68. Eu mim inscrevi porque você colocou legenda em português, continue assim com todos os vídeos.
    Obrigado 👍🏽

  69. Well made video. The most of DIY video’s are so poor in information. You showed in the beginning the end result and that’s a good thing, not many are doing this. Mostly I have to go to the end of the video first to see the result so I can understand every step much better. I did not had to do that with your video. Also you gave good information. So thumbs up, great work!

  70. You need to make a video called, “HOW TO MAKE YOU TUBE VIDEOS”, because you are very good at it. You can get much better sponsors, also.

  71. Hey how long does it take to heat set in the dryer? What temperature setting? Is it possible to heat set multiple shirts at a time? And does any of the ink stick to different parts of the shirt/dryer machine when tumbling around? And thanks for the inspiration and simplification I’ve got all the materials to start now except for the bright light. Am also wondering if you can use the sun. Thanks and hope anyone in the comments can help!

  72. When you print a shirt, is it better to clean the screen before you do another or just lay down another shirt and go?

  73. this the first vid i watched with no knowledge on this topic and am so confused lmao. here we goooo gotta learn this

  74. Can you use the printed art again on a different screen, or is it a one time use only? Thanks for your video…

  75. hello
    which type of light best , i could say warm light or day ligh? you mentioned as bright light. so what is best?

  76. Your intro reminds me of a tv show from a few years ago where the guy would open with “Hi, I’m Bob, and I’m curious about everything. Why things are the way they are and not something different. Why, for instance….”

  77. FUNNY!!!!!! YOU NEED THE MATTRESS to sleep ion the shop because you will be living there if you print shirts this slow and this much time per order.

  78. thanks friend im only making a few shirts .you have helped me save money vs iron on transfers as they are 5.00 each these I can get out for 1.00 each I have experience with speedball and thanks for all the screen training,,

  79. Which white paint you use for permanent and clear results ? And after 5 washes the color fade or remains the same i wanted to know that urgently

  80. So..anybody have the items required as a list, with the light included? & I’m not tryna buy a mf mattress either

  81. I am textile designer and I love to do screen printing I did my final project using screen printing completely just love this technique……. ❤❤

  82. Furthermore, you should not be directly taping over areas with images that you are covering so you can print them in another color. You should be putting paper under them, as tape can mess us the image and make it hard for certain inks to pass through.

  83. Also, if you want to make many shirts and this is not just a one, two, or three time thing, you should use an exposure unit. They make it so the emulsion hardens at the correct spots with more accuracy, less blurry images, and a quick amount of time.

  84. You should use a scoop coated instead of a squeegee to put the emulsion on the screen. It works better and makes a little bit thicker emulsion layer.

  85. Liked the video, it was intetesting, but the designs people will buy like a ford logo for example would be copyrighted as almost everything is anyway. It is doubtful you could make money legally, and if you have to buy licences for each product you probably wont make any money at all.

  86. The link for the aluminium screen and pallet knife are no longer available. Is the any other site you would recomend for purchasing a screen? Thanks and we love the content!

  87. Hand print is to much like work i printed on a fillbar for 30 years n they are work horses n they cost like 25 hundred bucks n you can make millions of dollars ..

  88. I know a guys got to get paid but that mattress ad couldn’t have felt more forced or more cringe if your life depended on it. Had to force skip past it.

  89. Say once you get the screen design completed, from beginning to end how long does it take to set up the shirt, apply the paint and clean things for ONE t-shirt?

  90. Learn screen printing & uv printing with high density technology subscribe m tech smart print ideas

  91. This helps a lot! I’m currently animating a character to print on to t-shirts as my friend who’s younger wants to make t-shirts of a bear she has to start her own shop for the bear LOL!!

    1. @John Real Its emulsion, should only take a few hours to dry but a good idea is to let it dry overnight. Drying times varry based on temperature, humidity, and airflow you can reduce drying time by putting a dehumidifier and fan blowing over your screens in your dark room.

    1. Well it depend what are you printing. If you print with white ink (and flash it) don’t use screen under 160. If you do, the second layer of white will make the tiny detail dissapear. I print with a manual screen press and i use 150 / 180 for 90 % of the time

  92. Are we supposed to scrub until the yellowish color is gone and it’s only white? Or are we supposed to scrub until we see the mesh?

  93. Wow your emulsion isn’t light sensitive like stuff I’ve used in the past. I’ve only used it in a dark room under a red light …then exposed it in there also under the white light. This is a great set up!! Is that a particular emulsion different to the stuff I’ve been using do you think?

  94. A DRYERRRRR?! Wait, 😂😂. The way you threw the shirt in the dryer the ink will not stay. It will spread.

    This is not an idea way print for business. Maybe a DIY and just for fun.

  95. I remember first getting started and washing out screens with a toothbrush, he makes it look so easy 😂😂
    I couldn’t handle it and went to home depot after a week and bought a power washer to push the emulsion out

    1. Jonathan Prizant when I worked in screen printing we always used a power washer. I feel like a toothbrush is just asking for trouble in messing up the emulsion

  96. Great video! Not one of those ‘I’m all about hearing myself speak’ videos. Thanks for the efficient video! This may be a new hobby of mine 🙂

  97. Bless you for putting the entire project in the description! I watched all the way through, hope to help students make school logos, I just appreciate content creators who aren’t all “if I put it in the description no one would watch me.”

    1. Do you know anyone who could use a rap song text on his t shirt print,becouse i have a nice rap song for the t shirt print.

  98. Awesome video, Bob.
    I’ve always liked printing, I learned from my father. However, I was taught the old way, with paper screens and hand made models, which can take a lot of time and the results are not as professional.
    As soon as I have the money to buy these materials, I’ll try it with this technique.

  99. so this is just straight up sorcery right?……….watched the video 3 times and still dont get how the white ink makes the pattern

  100. I would recommend when printing, pull the ink across the image (flood it), then push the ink through the screen, this is will help make the image sharper and it will also give better color. Also when choosing a screen think about what image you intend to print, if it is very complex get a screen with a high mesh count, if it is rather simple a lower mesh count will suffice.

  101. you make it a bit too professional which is expensive and complicated, thought u mite have an easier cheaper way for poor homeless bums going nowhere doing nothing…but you do a good job

  102. Very good video. Cut dry information no filler that’s what I like .great job I’ll be watching more thanks!!

  103. Great video! A+! Great, direct info, seem less advertisement for the sponser, professional production quality, and a host who wasn’t nervous or over the top!
    Well done.

  104. Hi I’m Kenny, I too liked your video on screen printing and want to thank you very much for your informative video. I would like to do wood carved, screen printed signs.

  105. Wtf are you a wizard? I wouldn’t have 1% of the competence you demonstrate there. Guess I’m gonna have to keep on buying t-shirts.

  106. I really wish there was a company that made emulsion that you could mix just a little of. When doing a design only once and a while I waste so much emulation because it doesn’t last forever after mixed. 😢 Or at least a company that made an even smaller jar. 😀

  107. i just messaged you but there’s a line through all my words, so i don’t know if they are going to send to you? I was hoping for a more in depth instruction…do you have one?

  108. i have questioned several printers and haven’t gotten replies—i am sure people are just way busy…so ima see if you reply…cuz i think i have all the supplies now and i am ready to try it- im just a lil nervous–i am an oil painter and not used to printing (except from wood block and linoleum so far)-so I really wish i had a person to just show me, i am a visual person and was hoping watching you tube would work- but i’m still unsure….i gez i am just going to experiment– i am just a bit jittery about it

  109. Hi, when you print the design onto the clear transparency do you need to use a laser printer or can you just use an inkjet printer? Thanks!

  110. i’m having an issue, once my emultion has dried in the dark I let it sit under a bright box light for about 45 mins, but no image ever gets burned on?

  111. My daughter in law and I love crafting together and finding cool things to make. I wish I found this a month ago because there are many Christmas gifts that could have been made, probably too late now to purchase everything, practice and get good at it.
    I’ll check out more of your videos…I’d like to do t’s with my granddaughter s impression for her parents and uncles. That would surprise them…

  112. Nice video and also thank you for the link which states the required items along with instructions. Thanks mate,

    1. What’s the difference in quality of the print, if any, from the ones that companies make? Are there paints of different levels of quality for that (What are the best ones?) ?

  113. I did a silkscreen printing in highschool. I didn’t have all that stuff. it wasn’t for commercial use either.

  114. Hey man thanks! I did this in a High School art class and i wanted to remember what i did.

    Now to spend ? ? On tools

  115. how did the ink not get all over the shirt when you throw it in the dryer?? the ink usually isn’t dry right off the press, so you’d think it would smudge your design and get everywhere

  116. Interesting. I used to work for a tshirt company up north. They went with Gilden for all their work too.
    They used a lot of very large expensive carousels, did all sorts of things like embroidery, glitter, and sublimation.
    They made their own screens with screen fabric and some sort of plumbing pipes (presumably for easier maintenance)
    They also printed their design directly OVER the emulsion before taking them to large UV boxes.
    They had one machine for 305 mesh (soft designs) but used 150’s for everything else.

    I do want to start doing this at home. Namely, i intend on creating a desk with a grid/ruler screenprinted on
    So this was helpful. Start up supplies look like they’re gonna cost a bit but Ill do it.

  117. Cool video, just subscribed to your channel. I’d like to ask you something, in photography once red lights were used to stay in the Lightroom without risking to expose films or papers, does the photo emulsion you’re using works the same way, so instead of staying in the dark, or speeding to apply the arts on the screen, you just switch on the red light and do the preparations without hurrying – see what i mean?

  118. But how do you clean the screen after you print? Is there a specific way to take the paint off the screen after printing

  119. I am really concerned about rinsing all those toxic chemicals into the ground and the water we drink. That’s why I haven’t been screen printing at home.

  120. I’ve been contemplating making my own t-shirts for a while just as hobby or part-time start up business. I was originally thinking of using heat press vinyl but after watching this, I think I’ll go with screen printing instead. The instructions you gave made it easy for me to understand and the additional tips in the comments are also very helpful as well. Your video is still helpful 3 1/2 years later. Thank you!

  121. This video has been in my to watch list for some time now, can’t believe I didn’t watch it earlier. Its such a cool project to try once.

    1. Screens will last forever if you wash out with pressure washer, you will start getting build up if you use a regular hose to wash out

  122. Hola Muy buenos tus videos tutoriales!!! Existe la probabilidad de traducirlo al Castellano para latinoamerica??? ya que son aportes muy interesantes gracias. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  123. Please bro. I’m at a crucial juncture where I’ve got to make a decision based on budget.
    What machine(s) would you recommend for a small scale/low budget nylon (poly shopping bag) printing business? Thanks bro.

  124. lost me at 0:15 “you’re gonna need a screen, a squeegee and some photo emulsion…”
    It’s like saying “go onto google and spend a few hours researching, and sourcing all the materials you will need to follow the rest of this video”.

    1. The best emulsion to use is ulano orange, it comes pre mixed and have a higher variable time than a emulsion that you would add sensitizer